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Discuss firearms, politics, 2nd amendment news. We value freedom of speech as much as we do the right to keep and bear arms. Posts must be somewhat related to firearms and must comply with the Global Reddit Rules.

Discuss firearms, politics, 2nd amendment news. We value freedom of speech as much as we do the right to keep and bear arms. Posts must be somewhat related to firearms and must comply with the Global Reddit Rules.

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Praying the wife funds my hobby with the same enthusiasm.

17:00 UTC


Any idea for a 300 black out

I want some thing that not too cheap but something that not too expensive but I mean it’s already gonna be expensive because it’s 300 blackout

16:08 UTC


You gotta give it that hawk tuah and spit on that thang!

16:08 UTC


How do you find the powder load for a muzzle loading conversion on a shotgun?

I have seen people use these, and I am curious about how they find the proper powder load. I am assuming that 1/3 an ounce of smokeless powder in a 3in BBB is not the same as 1/3 an ounce of black stuffed in a barrel with BBB and wadding. Is there a chart somewhere?

14:23 UTC


KG99 (tec9)

New toy that showed up at the shop!

14:13 UTC


Pdp 5” selling

I’m looking to sell a Pdp full size 5” with floyds magwell and 2 mag extensions. I submitted it to guns.com and they came back with an offer of $455. Do you think that’s a fair price to sell? Just wondering if I can get advice from people who have sold used guns with accessories and if it’s worth it to sell to them or if I should sell to my LGS? Thanks in advance.

10:18 UTC


Mannlicher reloading

Is it possibile to reload a mannlicher rifle without clip by inserting ammos one by one?

09:00 UTC


Henry classic awkwardness

I don’t know if it’s the model I got (24” frontier) but the rifle seems super awkward. Like I’m super uncomfortable to shoulder it and look down sights. Is this something you get used to? First rifle so not sure if I should’ve just ordered the regular/shorter model or if this is like this on all of them.

05:55 UTC


Any recommendations on pistol laser/light combo?

I want to get a pic-rail mounted laser/light module for my pistol.

I kinda want something a bit bulkier and squared off similar to how the LAM looks on the MK23 is there any modules that somewhat match the look?

04:50 UTC


First time shooting a pistol

My son is 8 1/2 and we’ve been to the range 4 times since he turned 8. We started in the backyard with a Red Ryder when he was 5 to teach gun safety, operation and range etiquette. The first three trips were all about the ruger 10/22 and once he was comfy with it and could load it and operate the rifle all on his own I asked him if he wanted to shoot a handgun that shoots the same bullets. Of course he said yes so after 15/20 minutes of instruction with the cold weapon (sig mosquito) as well as prepping him in the case a hot shell flys back and hits his arms or face or lands in his shirt a to not freak out but put the gun down and deal with it calmly. I then told him to put his hands around mine while I fired it a couple of times so he can feel what he’s about to do. So then he shot his first mag with my hands on his. Then the second mag with my hands on his elbows then the third with my hands on his shoulders. He then told me I’m good dad I don’t need you to touch me at all anymore so I put my buddy behind him and shot the video. I’m a super proud dad today everyone. It’s all about starting with safety and whatever the kiddo is comfortable with, he’s got his whole life to shoot all the cannons out there. I think the foundation set about firearms in the beginning is key. I’ve just been super pumped all day. Be well everyone and take care.

04:39 UTC


Favorite 45 ACP PCCs/pistols (not handguns)

Looking to build out a home defense .45 ACP PCC and will be suppressing it. Was thinking the vector. Any other recommendations?

04:20 UTC


Converting duty holsters?

Is there a way to convert a level 2 duty holster to a level 3 or 4?

Is it possible to change the strap mechanism that makes a duty holster a level 2 holster?

Is it possible to add the type of locking mechanism where you press your thumb into it to unlock it within the holster.

I am looking to upgrade my level 2 clam shell holster

1 Comment
01:31 UTC


VP9 Tactical OR or Standard VP9 and Mill Slide For Optic

I’m buying this gun as a suppressor host, but I do not want to buy a new tactical because I don’t want to use optics plates. I know what optic I like and want to mill for a direct mount.

My LGS has a used, VP9 Tactical Non-optics ready for $825. TBH, I didn’t even know that they made these.

Or, I buy a new VP9 and add a threaded barrel and thread protector. This would cost me around $892.

What would you do? Am I being ridiculous with not wanting OR? I could just buy a new tactical OR model from Family Firearms for $825 and be done lol.

23:39 UTC


Glen Courson suicide/homicide weapon?

My wife is listening to a book by former officer / private detective / journalist Bill Dear about the OJ Simpson case.

In the opening chapter, he claims to have bested the Irving, Texas police by recognizing a murder in a death they had ruled a suicide. I’ll put up an excerpt of the book so you can see it in full (tho brief) context.

Something sounded weird about this to me, so I tried to find out what sort of weapon was involved in Glen Courson’s 1986 death, only to have the damnedest time finding anything about the case at all.

So, here’s the challenge. Is there a “moving breech block” type gun that can be used for a suicide, but that also isn’t an auto-reloader?

If not, what gun was used in this death and does Bill Dear’s analysis of ‘not suicide because dead men can’t cycle spent ammo’ hold water?

22:18 UTC


What upper is this?

22:14 UTC


Should I get my buffer tube replaced? Please note this AR was given to me as a gift. Yes it's the ati.

22:11 UTC


What brands make the best carry handles for ARs?

I just ordered an FN M16a4 military collector ar and I really want to slap a carry handle on it. Who makes the best? Sure, I could buy a military surplus but I was wondering if there were any brands that made top tier stuff.

22:05 UTC


UPS “Lost” my pistol

Ordered this Mustang off of Gun Broker. It was supposed to be delivered today. I decided to check if it had been delivered to my FFL. When I checked it said it never left the UPS hub in Kentucky. That was on 6/21. I called supposedly they are “checking” for it but is there anything I can do? The Seller on Gun Broker mentioned he will most likely have to reach out to the ATF, but sounds like a waste of time to me. This ever happen to anyone? Thanks!

21:41 UTC


Need Help Customazing

I want to put a binary trigger on my Mossberg 715t .22lr . Does anybody know how to do this and if I should buy a kit or make it homemade. Thanks. #2Ajunky

1 Comment
21:08 UTC


Picture (using it to link to)

1 Comment
21:01 UTC


Probably the most useful gun I own, and the most frequently used. My go to varmint rifle, Marlin Model 60 stainless .22LR

20:42 UTC


Ruger 10/22 question.

I have a 10/22 that is ten years old, I've only shot it twice since I've owned it. I had the original ten shot magazine that came with it and then I had a 25rd extended mag I had purchased, the times I've shot this rifle I've had feeding issues with both magazines, I had kept them loaded for years without thinking about it and then taken them to the range when the issues happened, would you guys lean towards getting new mags or taking the gun to a shop to be looked over?

20:25 UTC

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