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This subreddit is for discussions about prepping, with the primary focuses being on:

Food & Water: (disinfecting, storage, growing, harvesting, hunting, etc)

Survival Strategies: (long and/or short term)

Off-grid energy: (wind, solar, hydro)

Gear Question's: requests/reviews of your actions/ideas/gear

Other: Use common sense here please, and read the rules below

This subreddit is for discussions about prepping, with the primary focuses being on:

  • Food & Water (disinfecting, storage, growing, harvesting, hunting, etc)

  • Survival Strategies (long and/or short term)

  • Off-grid energy (wind, solar, hydro)

  • Gear Question's requests/reviews of your actions/ideas/gear

  • Other Use common sense here please, and read the rules below


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Staying Frosty without AC

I've tried this, it does cool you down, it works better with a fan blowing on you

19:46 UTC


Does anyone have the Materials safety data sheet for a Pecron power station?

Bought a new system however the company I’m using is refusing to ship it via ocean without the MSDS. Reached out to pecron to no avail. Can anyone help?

17:21 UTC


Mountain house food

Hey. Just got a question. I looked this up. It showed that it was good for like 40 years. I'm not going to use them (they came from my dads). I'm going to place them in plastic tubs and keep it in the basement I guess. I have about 140 of them out of the sealed box along with the ones in the box. Do I need to worry about anything. My basement is dry.

07:10 UTC


A MUST HAVE FOR A PREPPER | Retevis Ailunce HD1 Review in 5 points | Communication

I have been a HAM radio operator for many years and i just love playing with all of the new radio’s that come out. I have used everything from Kenwood, to Yaesu and have one of each, and multiple of others. Then i ran into a situation that I needed to get a DMR radio for a project. That is when I chose to jump on the Retevis Ailunce HD1 train. I was skeptical thinking i was going to end up with another cheap radio that I would use for a day or two, for the project then it would go on the shelf forever. Well was I ever wrong about that. So Let’s get into the review

  1. Quality of the radio itself - this Radio is ROCK solid. It is built very rugged. I don't feel like i could break it even if i tired. It is waterproof (Yes I have tested it) and kept on ticking. Although it is a little heavier that is because it is built to withstand the beating that we sometimes give our equipment. I feel I could drop this thing, and it would not notice. When you are holding this radio in your hand, you feel like you have something that is going to last.

  2. Sound Quality - the sound is crystal clear. On FM its the best radio i own. On DMR, the sound is not as nice as on the FM but that's just the DMR part of DMR… it is the best you can get.

  3. Versatility - OK this radio will talk on my EMS emergency channels, the Business Channels i need, PMR, and HAM repeaters all over. It hits all of the 70cm and 2m repeaters in the area. I have had NO problems communicating with anyone I need to communicate with. One thing that I'm missing is the Air Band receive, but I have other radios for that.

  4. EASE OF USE - People sometimes are afraid of Code Plugs and configuring DMR radio’s. I downloaded the software from the Ailunce.com website, watched a few YouTube videos and had this radio up and running in no time. DMR was a new challenge, but that was me learning the technology. Once i had this down it was easy to configure.

  5. Display - you can customize the display on this radio to be personalized by just creating a new graphic. How cool is that. One of the coolest tings i have ever done. But once you get by the geek factor and amazement, the display is very easy to read and provides all of the information you need to tell you what your radio is doing and how to make it work. The DMR information works great once you download the contacts or put in your own contact list.

Negatives - Accessories. This radio is not a widely popular as some of the other radios. So accessories are not all that available. But a good speaker mike is all you really need. So order the Ailunce one. It is the best.

Conclusion - So i started out thinking i was going to get a cheap radio… in stead I got my NEW Main radio. The rest of my radio’s are now in the box and this one is my go to unit…. I ordered 2 more for my brother and father. It is waterproof, sturdy, lasts for days on a single charge. Transmits at 10w and can really kick it out of a dead zone. I love this radio… I recommend it to any and everyone that needs a strong, reliable unit for events, emergency responses, and the tough spots. This thing will really work for you. I love this Radio… if you buy one, you will not be disappointed.

15:20 UTC


What should I prepare for war? (Affordable cos I’m poor)

I’m kinda paranoid about war and no one around me is serious about it and I thought I gotta prepare for it

13:19 UTC


Prepping for Pets (for floods)

So this might sound weird, but if you’re an animal lover you’ll get it. I’m curious if anyone has come across any flotation devices for cats/cat carriers? My area is prone to flooding and while I’ve got a life-vest harness for my dog, and a canoe stationed by the back door (just in case) I’m at a bit of a loss of what to do for my cats. My youngest cat is indoor only, with the exception of a few harnessed walks here and there. He’s a tripod (missing one back leg). Do I put a life vest on a cat? Will his claws pop it? Do I attempt to add some type of flotation device to the bottoms of their carriers (just in case)? I’m just curious if anyone has put any thought into this? I know in a SHTF situation animals are often left behind, and I honestly don’t know if I could live with myself if I didn’t do everything possible to help my fur babies survive. I guess that’s part of why we prep, to make doing everything possible a little easier. Any and all suggestions welcome.

20:21 UTC


Could use some guidance concerning respirator PPE

tl;dr looking for a budget oriented bit of PPE that offers more protection than a N95 mask

Potential applications for respiration PPE: -working outside for prolonged periods of time either in close or distant proximity to a wildfire (any substantial fire I suppose) -pepper spray/cs gas exposure reduction -unforeseen sources of hazardous air quality exposure reduction

Parameters: Im looking for a ~$80-$180 ish piece of equipment that can substantially reduce the harmful effects of the stuff listed above. I have seen (alleged) Wildland firefighters say that Honeywell p100 masks are fairly common for that line of work, if the consensus is that something along the lines of a respirator like this is a solid 80% solution to most of these uses, I'm happy with it, but if there is something better for a bit more money I'd be happy to pay the premium. I don't want to get paralysis by analysis on this and go down a rabbit hole of minor differences between models, I'd like to hear some thoughts and experiences from those who have experience with this sort of equipment to prevent that if possible. Any and all help is appreciated

04:40 UTC


Water storage in wine box bags

I'm curious if I can reuse my empty wine boxes for emergency water storage. Has anyone done this?

04:14 UTC


I’ve been watching and taking advice for a while now but are there any prepper stories from Ukraine or any active war zones. Where you can see how they did or anything they regret prepping more for?

I was driving home thinking about this sub Reddit today and was wondering if there are any stories of a prepper in any war such as Ukraine for example. I’m curious how they made out with readiness and if there is anything they wish they did more of. I like to feel I’m relatively prepped but If I know this sub there is always something more to improve on

01:40 UTC


Wilderness first aid

Pepper but I spend more time in the wilderness than I do in my underground lair.

What are your thoughts on my travel/wilderness first aid kit?

I have a lot more items than what’s pictured but I’m wanting to but together a solid fanny pack style first aid kit for backpacking/wilderness exploration.

What am I missing?

What are some things you absolutely would not leave home without?


Not pictured: -550 cord -medical tape -emergency blanket -bic lighter

16:22 UTC


Ecoflo products? Recommend for power backup?

They're quite expensive tho.. debating if I should invest in their new $3K battery. Thanks!

07:33 UTC


I failed and learned a valuable lesson today

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17:39 UTC


Is this really the biggest threat to humans?

I completely understand the rationale behind gear and skills but it seems like AI is a threat that most people can't prepare for. I am also seeing more experts in the tech fields speaking against the development of learning robotics. Is this a problem that the prepping community takes seriously? If so, what have you done around this concept?

14:57 UTC


Texas Garden

What would be the ultimate central texas garden for a shtf situation? What plants and herbs last and grow well in the 2 seasons of central texas? My grandparents used to garden and I've wanted to start one up but what are some good plants that grow well in the climate and are easy to grow and store that taste good aswell for a light veggie eater. I love garlic and peppers and potatoes along with most seasoning herbs my favorite way to eat veggies it roasted/grilled ( especially grilled squash and zucchini) carrots and celery are best stewed to me. But realistically what veggies herbs and even fruit trees would be best to have and grow in a shtf situation in dfw area texas?

Edit: I also love peppers grains and peanuts but I've never seen nuts or grains grown in a garden I know peanuts thrive in the sandy soil since my town used to be a massive peanut farm but are they difficult to grow?

01:08 UTC


Cool post I found, using your analog watch as a compass

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02:34 UTC


Square cans an option for food storage?

I have a freeze drier and make a bunch of food for longterm storage. I bag it in mylar, vacuum sealed in a chamber sealer. I then add these bags to a plastic crate and place them on a shelf.

The problem with this method is that mylar bags are oddly shaped, so when you fill a plastic crate with them, you’re left with a ton of wasted empty space.

I’m wondering if there are square or rectangular food-grade cans that I can load up with freeze dried food, seal for the long haul, and then (most importantly) stack them so as to fit more food in a given amount of space.

Anyone ever canned food in square or rectangular cans? Is that even a thing?

19:16 UTC


EMP hits when you’re in town with your kids…

You have two kids, a baby (not walking) and a 3 year old. You have a large SUV, & you’re in town about 45 minutes (20 miles in the mountains) from your home. What now?

For clarity: -there’s no electricity to homes -90% or more of cars on the road are dead -communications are dead

You can’t call anyone, or drive anywhere.

How do you get home?

What do you keep in your car to help you & the kids get there?

Do you take the main roads?

Do you travel as quickly as possible immediately, or wait until night?

What should your car emergency kit look like if you’re most concerned about this situation?

19:12 UTC


Why does no one carry this?

I'm doing research to build family bags. When building our IFAKs I already have items the average person doesn't and honestly shouldn't because of my medical background. But with that said I think everyone should have a chest seal. What if you are super hairy? Carry a disposable razor. Minimum size and weight. It only takes seconds to make sure your seal has a good seal. with that said a good hyfin chest seal should work fine with chest hair. But to be sure why not?

13:00 UTC


Storing freeze dried food that comes in individual plastic packages

I was looking at harmony house freeze dried and I like that it’s all vegetarian. It is not stored in Mylar and the shelf life is 1-2 years.

If I wanted to extend that life by putting it in Mylar bags, could I put one plastic bag into a Mylar bag and seal it that way or do I have to take the food out and then seal it?

Also with oxygen absorbers, how would those work best? Could I put the plastic bags into a bucket and toss some in, or does one have to be inside each bag of food? Or seal the bag in a Mylar bag with one?

Basically what I don’t want to have to do is unpack each bag 🥴


20:49 UTC


Practice using bag and traveling on foot?

I'm building a 3 tier system.

On Body

Fast bag (sling bag)

Get Home bag.

As I have been researching and slowing building on body first now working on fast bag I had a thought. I use on body stuff every day. the fast bag I will use weekly. But the get home bag when would I ever use that stuff? I think using your gear and being familiar with not only how to use it but how and where it's packed if you need it quickly is important. Has anyone in this group actually put their bag on and hit the road or trail for days to test it? Did it make you change what you carried? should you test your big bag once a year? quarterly? six months? Several items are one or few use so testing them costs. upgrade to better yet heavier options? Once the GHB is complete probably early next year I'm going to head to the nearest major town that we often go to 35 miles away as it is the most likely place, we would be outside our town if things went sideways. I would then eat supper with wife and son and then sent them home while I figure my own way home (on foot). Might have to do some stealth camping on the way. thoughts?

16:00 UTC


Which weapons would you take?

If SHTF today and you had to leave your home within 20 minutes, what weapons will you take? Which ones will you leave? How would you choose what to take and what to leave?

03:21 UTC


Why Don't More Preppers Do This?

When it comes to water storage, all I hear of is always storing water long term in storage containers, whether that be 55 gallon, 7 gallon, 5 gallon, stackables, etc. While I too have some and plan to have more containers of water that I cycle out about 2-3 times a year, why don't more preppers take advantage of bottled water? It's cheap and easy to cycle through because of the convenience of it. While aware of the dangers of plastics and that bottled water shouldn't be your sole source of water, it's easy to grab a bottle or two to go when going about your day which in turn should be plenty enough to cycle through cases of water that you keep in storage. With this being said, do any of you keep stores of bottled water? How do you store it and how much is wise to keep on hand?

05:19 UTC


Extra pair of shoes in the trunk?

I'm not a hiker, outdoorsman or a prepper. I just have a basic get home bag that I bought from Amazon. I have an extra pair of clothes and socks also in my trunk. What I don't have is an extra pair of boots. Or any boots at all. The only old sneakers I have are slick at the bottom.

Should it just be any old shoe or cheap pair of boots? Or this is something you shouldn't cheap out on. If so, any recommended boots or shoes?

I will not be actively wearing them. The use they'll have is sitting in my trunk in case of emergency.

10:14 UTC

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