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A suppressor, sound suppressor or silencer is a device attached to or part of the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated by firing. Suppressors are typically constructed of a metal cylinder with internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of firing by slowing the escaping propellant gas.


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Suppressor cover question/recommendation

For some context, I’m building a 13.9 AR that will be my sort of SHTF/bug out/do all, rifle. It will be sporting an ACOG, and used mostly suppressed. I’m just wondering if I should consider buying a suppressor cover for the purposes of this rifle, and if so, what covers would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your opinions and experiences.

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First suppressor - suggestions

Hello all, I am in the market for my first can, and I’d very much appreciate your kind advice, since I am new to cans. Below are the details of what I’m looking to pair it to and what I am looking for. Thanks!

Intended purpose:

  • competition shooting (PCSL, 2/3 gun)
  • HD


  • ADM UIC 15 .223 wylde (with 11.5” upper)
  • no adjustable gas block
  • not married to any particular muzzle device, etc.
  • do have another upper, 14.5” p&w with a warcomp

Desired qualities:

  • low back pressure (ideally, I don’t want to mess with tuning the gas system; I’d like to attach it and go!)
  • decent sound suppression (will mostly see competitive shooting, but should be quiet enough in a proverbial pinch)
  • no/little loss of accuracy

Short list:

  • Hux flow 556k
  • PTR Vent 3

Price is not a huge deal breaker for the right can. Also, I don’t shoot other rifle calibers at the moment.

Any other cans I should be considering? Thank you all!

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Silencer hybrid 46

I currently have a Silencerco hybrid 46 that I inherited. I know it takes a wide range of calibers. I’m looking for a tikka with a threaded barrel in 7mm-08 Remington caliber. Would it be safe to shoot that caliber through the hybrid 46?

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LWRC IC DI 5.56 16” Barrel & YMH Fat Cat

Thank you in advance for all your help and consideration. I’m relatively new to being a gun owner. I’ve gone from gun owner to gun enthusiast to obsessed with this shyt very quickly. The more I lean the more I realize how much I don’t know. I’m wide open to all feedback including forum etiquette and of course any/everything firearm related. In other words feel free to help me answer questions I may not even know I have.

I’m curious to know if anyone has some insight on whether or not it is possible to tuck the Fat Cat into the LWRC 14” M-Loc handguard/rail extension? If not then am I safe to assume I will have enough clearance to mount the fat cat using the LWRC 13.2” M-Loc handguard/rail extension?

I have found plenty of info and measurements on the overall width of the M-Lok rail and Fat Cat. But I’m unable to find the width of the concave (more narrow) part of the Fat Cat.

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Sig 365

What’s the best can for a Sig 365? About to buy my 2nd can. TIA

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Magnetic buffer for suppressed subs

So I have a Miculek magnetic buffer system sitting around. Won it at a local shoot but never really needed it for anything. I’m building a suppressed sub 300 blk and I want thinking maybe this is the place to tinker with it.

My question is, what buffer weights do you usually run on that build. I can tweak it to that and adjust and see if the thing cycles with subs. Running a polonium 30 when it gets out of jail if that matters.

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Mounting systems

I’m new to mounting systems. I have one can (direct thread), have an omega 9k in jail and plan to purchase more. I’d like the ability to swap cans among my guns but having trouble figuring out which route to go. Hux looks great but that’s a lot of money equipping multiple guns and cans. I was also looking at Q but one rifle will be a 14.5 p&w and the cherry bomb isn’t recommended for that.

Any recommendations? What works for you?

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Should I switch my muzzle device on my 13.7 that is currently a pin and weld keymo host to a ASR silencerco muzzle device instead?

I hear the keymo system is very finicky and this is coming from my coworker who works on other customer's rifles all the time (we work at a gun shop). He says that the ASR mount is his favorite HUB mount but is it worth unpinning my muzzle device, getting a new one, and pinning that one to my 13.7?

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.300BLK Subs and Supers

So to start off, I am building a budget .300BLK pistol and plan to put a standard non-flow through suppressor on the end. What I am wondering is if you typically need the extra back pressure to reliably cycle subs, is it any issue to run supers on the same setup without reducing gas or increasing buffer weight?

Also if I do need adjustment, what is the class favorite method of providing it? AGB? Swap buffers? Something I'm not familiar with?

Context on build:

PSA lower with HBPDW brace Aero 8" M4E1 barreled upper (fixed gas block) Toolcraft BGC

Appreciate any and all advice as this will be my first "built" AR and first suppressed gun. My .308 already has an AGB with suppressor settings but my wallet needs to cool before I do any upgrades to the parts currently in the mail.. 😂

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45-70 GOV and Obsidian 45

Has anyone run an Obsidian 45 on a .45-70 GOV? I've got a Marlin 45-70 and thinking about getting a can for it. Looked at the Dead Air Primal and SilencerCo Hybrid 46 but they're all out of stock. I've run a 9mm can on 300 BLK and understand that pistol cans aren't always the best on rifles. However, would be nice to have a can to run on a 45 pistol and then switch to a lever gun. Thanks for the feedback.

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Cleaning Q Erector .22 and Erector 9 suppressors inside and out

Hello all!

I was curious about what any Q Erector owners use to clean them with? The suppressor is almost all aluminum from what I've seen.

Was considering using a nylon brush with Balistol after each range visit.

Any thoughts?

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Alignment rod

Any problem with getting a 223 rod and using it on 6.5 and .30? Don't want to necessarily want to buy 3

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Thank you to my congresswoman.

Michigan representing.
I'm happy to announce that I got my final approval, responded next day to my email and no coincidence after being "delayed" for so long that it got pushed less than a week later.

Cant wait to shoot my Silencerco OMEGA36M and Warlock 22

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556 can

New to this sub so I’m sure this has been asked/discussed ad nauseam but looking for a flow/LBP for a second can. This will be dedicated to different length (11.5-16) 556. Other than HUX or SiCo LBP what are other good options out there? Or are those two pretty much the 2 main choices? Appreciate the help 🤙

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B&T suppressor info

Silencer Syndicate released that B&T has a new silencer coming out that is similar to the SRBS as it is also low back pressure. Looking to see if anyone has any details on what the difference is or if it’s worth waiting for? I’m very close to just picking up a SRBS to try as I feel it has a very good value for what you get and has some high praise from people with a good bit of experience with silencers.

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Two stamp Tuesday.


Finally got a can for my .300 black SBR. Rockset got set just as I got sick so have not shot it yet. Thunder chicken with burn proof cover. Home defense and hogs. Now do I run glass, red dot or iron sights. Still figuring out what light as well.

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AAC sdn 6 and klash usa ka103

Have an sdn6 in jail currently is there any muzzle devices that would work with the 103?

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Best entry point into learning about suppressors as a first time buyer.

I'm thinking of the r/AK buyers guide or something along those lines.

I'm ready to pull the trigger on a can, but there is a lot of options & price points. Is there a good overview video or resource for comparing and contrasting different suppressors, price points, accesories, etc.

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