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Best places to shoot black powder muzzle loaders near Milwaukee

Hi people! I have a few flintlock muzzle loaders that I'd very much love to put some balls through, but my understanding is that very few ranges will let you put black powder down range, mostly because of it smoky a f. Does anybody know the nearest preferably public range that a person could pop off a flintlock pistol or Kentucky long rifle?

Is there anything else that I'd need to do permit-wise to just do some gun testing and at best target shooting?


Edit to add: I'm not 100% sure these things will actually fire, but I have no idea how to even test that. Like is putting powder in the pan a problem just to see if it'll light? Running blank charges in city limits seems like something that the local constabulary would object to, so I don't want to run afoul of the law.

Tally ho, lads!

(edit again to add, this is a serious question. I really do have flintlock muskets I really want to make go boom)

04:13 UTC


Out of state Massachusetts Resident (living in WI for 18 months) looking to purchase AR.

I have my class A large capacity license in Massachusetts, but curious if I would be able to use a FFL dealer to purchase a rifle while living out here.

17:37 UTC


Seeking Range Lease within 45 min of Verona, WI

Looking to lease land for 5 adults (no kids) to shoot steel and paper (no trash), ideally within 30 minutes of Verona, WI. Min 50 y, longer better. Daylight only. 22LR to .308.

I know about Yellowstone, and Argyle, and Green Co, Stoughton, Deerfield, Bristol. We draw and fire, and I'm sick of fuds and fool-run-clubs and steel core punching holes in range targets.

I know it's what everyone wants, but doesn't hurt to ask. Have a safe day at the range, y'all.

15:19 UTC


Shooting in eau Claire area

Where can I go practice shooting a pistol without joining a club or paying an outrageous price? Some kind of public land for free would be the best.

03:37 UTC


Looking for a place to sell S&W bodyguard .380

Have a Smith & Wesson .380 bodyguard I no longer use looking for a place to sell it in the appleton area. 3 mags, case, pocket holster and some ammo for it.

17:31 UTC


Premium Shotguns

In the market for a Beretta 694 but want to be able to hold it and shoulder it before I purchase it. Cabela’s and Scheels both carry the gun just not in store and I’d really like to see and hold it in person.

Are there any guns stores in WI that carry premium shotguns for trap/sporting clay? Wouldn’t mind checking out some other brands/models too.

02:03 UTC


Maybe simple question, but its unclear

I understand if I carry a hand gun in my vehicle as I am travelling through WI, if its loaded it needs to be above the window line and in plain sight. But what about if it is unloaded? First time travelling with an RV across country and ending for a few days in WI. Every state is pretty clear on the way there, that I can just keep my gun in a lock box, unloaded, and we are fine, but with WI, it only really seems to talk about a conceal carry law or it being left out on the open in plain sight if its loaded. Thanks.

13:40 UTC


What's the best place to sell a shotgun I own for money?

Haven't found anything I'm 100% sure of using to list the gun. I've heard some people give guns to sell at auction and get a percentage as well but have no idea of this is the best way of doing it or where to do this. Apparently I'm terrible at using google for this.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

00:53 UTC


Transferable Machine Gun Question

I've come across some information suggesting that in Wisconsin, private individuals are prohibited from owning machine guns unless authorized by the Chief of Police or Sheriff, as outlined in statute 941.26. Its my understanding that the ATF will want a letter from a CLEO that says you are allowed to own a Machine Gun when submitting your forms to the ATF for the item. The law also mentions pistol caliber machine guns, but I've heard that the ATF will want a letter attached regardless of the machine gun's caliber. Has anyone recently received one of these letters recently? Even more specifically in Dane county?

The law is pretty clear and says that the letter can come from a CLEO of any city or county. However, whenever I'd contact a CLEO in another city or county, they redirected me to my local PD. The Madison PD does not appear to be open to this idea. They redirected me to the ATF, which doesn't make sense its a state statute. Does anyone know of a department that is open to working with someone outside of their jurisdiction? I've contacted the Waukesha Sheriff's office about this and they confirmed that they sign these letters, but they won't work with anyone outside of their county.

TL;DR: Has anyone recently received one of these letters authorizing them to own a machine gun recently? Even more specifically in Dane county? Does anyone know of a department that is open to working with someone outside of their jurisdiction?

02:40 UTC



So if someone over 18 but under 21 buys a pistol through a private sale do you need a bill of sale ? And how does it work taking it to the range/transporting it

22:36 UTC


Southeast hunting question

Im a college student with no mentor or friends that hunt. I have been deer hunting but never turkey hunting. I have my own gear and guns. I was hoping to find someone in my area that could give me some pointers for hunting in/near the kettle moraine area. I have a license for zone 2 time period e(may15-21).

I have an old double barrel 12 gauge, a slate call, and a box call for my gear.

Any advice is appreciated.

20:58 UTC


Suppressor in Western WI

Greetings all,

New to this sub. I live in Western WI and am looking at purchasing a can or two. My local gun shop does not have the best variety, and I'm not entirely confident in making the purchase online. I know of several shops across the border over in MN that have the variety, good pricing, and the kiosks to make it easy.

My questions- if anyone is from the Western WI area (near the twin cities), do you know of any reputable dealers that sell suppressors? A few "find a kiosk" websites show some "companies", but the address looks sketchy as can be, and the websites do not work, and it just screams red flag.

If not, (and apologies if this is a dumb question)- am I able to buy in MN? I know I can purchase long guns over there with my MN permit, but not sure what the rules are on suppressors.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

00:41 UTC


got a question.

So me and a buddy are gonna be going for a hike in a couple days in bayfield wisconsin and I've got a couple worries I wanna see are true. So I'm pretty aware that that's all bear country up there, and was curious if I'd be allowed to carry an encased handgun in my back pack just for some ease of mind. yes I own the firearm legally but I don't not own a concealed carry permit

20:40 UTC


Moving to Wisconsin from Illinois (not Chicago)

I currently reside in the shit state of Illinois and due to circumstances will be moving to Wisconsin. I am curious to the laws regarding my firearm collection I have accumulated and have a few questions.

Is there a AWB? Illinois has one and don't wanna be caught in another one.

Is there any wait time when purchasing a firearm? Illinois has a 72hr wait and can be very annoying when buying out of town.

Are nfa items allowed? (SBRs and suppressors).

What is the process of getting a CCL? Illinois was a 16hr class and a skills test. (Have a IL ccl). It was also very pricey (150 for the class and 150 for the permit). If you can include prices that'd be wonderful.

For the instructors. Would the IL ccl get me any kind of credit towards the class if there is one?

Sorry for the long post but am just wondering if it'll get worse or better for my favorite hobby.

18:37 UTC


Buying a pair of custom firearms as a wedding gift.

Hey all. bit of a complicated one here. I am not a US resident (canuck), a friend of mine (also canuck) is moving down to your fine state to get married and do the whole living the American dream thing i hear about so often (definitely not jealous). I want to get them a pair of his and hers custom engraved pistols as a wedding gift. (i know that both of them are not prohibited persons, once my friend gets their PR of course.)

I know im not going to be able to take possession of the firearms myself as a non resident alien, but im wondering what is going to be my best bet for a store to buy them from/ get the work done on them?

i assume then the best plan would be getting the receipt and having them pick them up or having one of our other USA based friends coming to the wedding to pick them up for me so they can be given the gift along with the rest of them on the day?

regardless, i'd appreciate some form of advise on how to proceed here without running afoul of straw purchasing regulation.

03:09 UTC


Buying a gun as an out of state resident

Are there any restrictions on out of state residents buying guns in WI? I live in a neighboring state and am going to be in Wisconsin for work for a couple days. I'm planning on getting an AR-15, but thought I could save some money on sales tax by buying it there instead of at home. Besides the NICS background check, is there any kind of waiting period or other restrictions?

22:11 UTC


Free Classes in Madison every month

I have a studio in Madison where I teach classes every month, it's always pay what you can (read free, if you can't make rent/etc).

These are for people who just need formal 101 instruction without having to pay money to start accessing their rights.

Spiel below:

Free firearm safety classes hosted by The Forward Initiative!


  • You can watch me to talk about inclusive firearm education on InRangeTV:


Where: By the community gardens off Milwaukee St on the near east side

Schedule for the hosted Liberal Gun Club classes:

  • 4/15 Monday 6:00 PM - Wisconsin Concealed Carry Weapon Licensing

  • 4/29 Monday 6:00 PM - Firearm Familiarization and Safety

  • 5/20 Monday 6:00 PM - Wisconsin Concealed Carry Weapon Licensing

  • 5/27 Monday 6:00 PM - Firearm Familiarization and Safety

Email info@theforwardinitiative.org to sign up and get the address. Please reach out with any questions or if you need a free lock.

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What are the rules in WI for stripped lowers?

So my soon to be 20 year old nephew says he wants to build an AR-15, and asked for a lower receiver and help building it for his birthday. I know he can buy a rifle but not a pistol. How are stripped lowers handled, when it could go either way?

09:06 UTC


When buying a handgun, during the background check, does the DOJ include the weekend as business days since they are opened? If Background check was done on a Friday would I have an answer by Wednesday or Friday for the 5 business days? Thanks for the help!

17:12 UTC


If you have a conceal carry permit

What types of guns can carry with ccp?

03:15 UTC


So the woman ordered a handgun online, she did the background check on Friday/yesterday, it is still sitting at a pending status. It is not delayed or denied. She is completely legal to own one. Does anyone know why this would happen or how long we may have to wait?

19:53 UTC


Looking for a reasonable FFL for NFA transfers (silencer) around SE Wisconsin

Does anyone have a good (not $100+/item) FFL they use for NFA transfers? I’m happy to use a home based one and would love to build a relationship over time. I’m just annoyed paying $75-100+ every time I see a good deal on gundeals.

Pic for attention!


23:37 UTC


Best shop to sell shotgun to?

Looking to get the best bang for the buck on my SBE3. What shops are the most fair in the area? Thanks everyone!

14:16 UTC


Different address?

So I got my ccw for wis, I am a wis resident, I moved last year from previous house and never changed my address, do I need to change my address on the ccw to be able to conceal carry yet? And if I do carry without the address change what are the consequences of it?

18:41 UTC


WI handgun laws for under 21

Please help me understand and/or point me somewhere/someone who may have the answer.

First off I want to state I'm well over 21 and have my CCL with the state of WI. However I am trying to understand this completely and thoroughly. My understanding is if someone is UNDER 21 years old they are able to purchase a handgun through a private sale in the state of Wisconsin and they are able to conceal carry ONLY on private property (if it be their or someone else's with their permission). However, I was also wondering if they were hunting and had their hunters license, are they also allow to open carry in the state, as well as open carry in both public and private areas where there are no state or federal restrictions (such as public school property etc.)?

Side note, since conceal carry is a part of this conversation, I want to go ahead and ask to make 100% sure, is it legal to conceal carry on private property without a ccw license, whether you are less or older than 21.

Again, just wanted to make sure that I'm fully understanding what's the law is here and that I am getting properly educated.

Thanks ahead of time.

20:36 UTC


Want to Work at a Gun Shop? We're Hiring in Lannon (Milwaukee Area)!

I hope this kind of post is still allowed. If not, I'll remove it.

We are currently hiring and looking for full sales associates for our shop in Lannon (just outside of Milwaukee). We need people to staff the shop and to go out to gunshows for us. Training is paid and we do our best to take care of our employees.

Pay is competitive and based on your skill level (starts at $15 for zero experience). We also offer a 401(k) with matching contributions and paid time off for all full-time employees.

Available Positions

-Full Time Sales Associate

16:58 UTC


When do you think I'll get my rifle?

I (20M) Bought my first gun (Ruger 10/22) on Monday (03/11) and was told due to the Safer Community Act of 2022, that I'd have to wait for additional background checks to clear before I could take my rifle. I know the standard is 3 days, and with the SCA, it can be delayed up to 10 days, and in some instances, some people don't get their guns for 30 days. Has anyone had this experience and can maybe give insight as to what the average wait time is?

(For the record, I have no criminal history, no instances of poor mental health, I've never even been pulled over. As far as law goes, I'm clean)

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

02:44 UTC


Shadow 2 compact availability

I’m located in SE WI. Anyone know of places with the S2C in stock?

Can’t seem to find them anywhere

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10:26 UTC


Possession charge

I got a possession charge over a year ago i was wondering does that still disqualify me from purchasing a firearm under federal law? i had bought a pistol in November before the year mark of the possession charge would disqualify me and i was denied if i went to buy one again would it be denied still?

23:48 UTC


In the market for a 7.62 alignment rod

Edit: I went ahead and purchased a set of the McMaster Carr rods. Happy shooting all.

Anyone have one lying around that they used?

Got a zpap m70 and a wolverine pbs-1. I've heard that the new chrome barrels are typically pretty good, but more worried about the threading.

I would be willing to pay some money just to use it, going to my local gun store, confirming it's good to go, and then returning it. Or, I'd also just purchase one.


03:44 UTC

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