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Out with the old…

I know people love to hate the RPR but I picked it up in 2017 because 1.) it was cheap, 2.) tacticool (at the time) and 3.) someone stole my .308 and a lot of other shit and I needed something to shoot. I agree that there are probably better options out there but this gun served me well. I stopped keeping track of rounds at 1500 a few years ago. Barrel is slowing down and chasing the lands has me over max COAL. Still holds sub MOA but it’s becoming a challenge at 1200 plus. I don’t think it’s worth a new barrel. Scope is getting reused. The rest of the rifle will sit in the safe as a backup. Might gift it to a friend, who knows. New gun testing tomorrow…

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Anyone have a similar mount/reflex set up? Looking for inspiration 😄

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Apparently I have a type

My ever changing rifle lineup apparently has a tendency to end up being painted green. Just added a HMR in 300 PRC to fill the role of magnum thumper.

There's a few changes coming to the Bergara but so far it's lived up to the standard they've set.

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Solus Bravo Review

If you plan on getting McMillan stock or other custom stock in general read the related paragraph.

I started shooting scoped rifles this year when I purchased a used savage 110 tactical in 6.5 creedmoor. Pretty soon I realized it never would feed or eject properly, literally a 50/50 on feeding from the mag. The stock was also too low of a comb height to see through my vortex venom without floating my head. Because of this is decided I wanted to upgrade to a more comfortable rifle that I could shoot at the range, and take deer hunting.

A lot of people have asked for opinions on the solus, and the responses either are speculation, owners of $6000 setups, or a few people who absolutely love theirs. I figured I’d chime in as someone who has only ever had experience behind extremely low end or mil surp bolt actions.

Another thing I want to note is that some people call this a custom action, and I disagree. I think this is just a production rifle made by aero precision that you can buy in pieces. And if it is looked at in that way, it is high quality. Once you consider it a custom is when things look worse for it, but again it isn’t really custom considering they make the solus rifle in many configurations but just happen to sell actions separately.

I am not an exceptional shot, but I am quite good at garand matches shooting with a sling as a support. Because of this and my lack of experience I can’t say whether this action/ barrel is more accurate by 1/4 moa than another one that you want to buy, so if that’s what you’re looking for I couldn’t tell you.

First off, I bought the solus barreled action for 30% off on Memorial Day. The price was around $900 shipped, which is phenomenal. Some of the competition to the solus, and actions I considered myself, are $900 without the barrel. Because of the price difference I went with the solus. My other options were the ARC coupe de grace and the zermatt origin. Other than price, I think I would not like the origin as much because of the 90° bolt lift compared to the Solus’s 60°. The arc has a 70° lift, but would end up costing me 1500 for a barreled action instead of $900. If you’re on the fence between these actions, I’d really consider your use and experience. For me, I just casually shoot and hunt. I can’t imagine a time where I absolutely NEED something top of the line, so I was ok with saving a bit of money instead.

Unboxing fit and finish

When I got the barreled action, I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t thrilled either. I was expecting it to not be noticeably less smooth than a tikka action, but it for sure was. Before I get much further I do want to point out that now that it’s in a stock and has 25 rounds through it, it’s as smooth as I want and need. The bolt lift out of the box was somewhat gritty until the very top where it needed an extra push to be clicked up and unlocked. Once unlocked the bolt slid fairly smoothly and had minimal play. The lockup was extremely crisp, it pretty much snapped right into place. Once the action is cocked, it does not hang up anywhere and feels very smooth. Not other worldly but it is very smooth and crisp.

Once I got the action into the KRG bravo, with my triggertech special, most of the hang up and grittiness was less noticeable because I could leverage the bolt against the chassis instead of holding it in my hand. The 60° bolt lift was also noticeable, and I don’t think I could ever go back to 90 now. For my personal preferences this feels amazing to cycle.

After shooting

I only have 25 rounds through the setup, and the action already feels much smoother than it did out of the box. It’s bordering on tikka, but definitely not there because of the click right before it unlocks. When you run the action fast, you don’t notice anything and it feels perfect, at least to me.

It’s important that I mention it has fed and ejected all of the rounds I put through it flawlessly through the magazine, in addition to my snap caps.

Other problem

I originally wanted to get a McMillan stock for this rifle because I want the part that I hole to feel very high quality and look nice. I also appreciate craftsmanship, and enjoy looking at a nice stock. So although some would say I’d be violating a McMillan by putting an aero action in it, I wanted it anyway. This is where the problem came up, they told me there was no way to bed the stock for a solus because it is “pear shaped” and will not be able to be removed once the bedding is set. They told me to call back in a year when they might have an inletting program finished for it. I called back a few weeks later and asked them if there was an option for me to not bed it, as I am under the impression this is not needed for a McMillan. They pointed me to the U series tactical stocks, and when I called to make my order I was again advised against doing this. They told me that the action was “low quality” and they would be unable to garuntee accuracy. They also again mentioned the “pear shape” of the action and how that caused problems bedding the action. They told me this action was designed to be put in a chassis, not a stock. Their customer service was great as we all know, and I thank them for steering me in what they feel was the right direction.

Although I’m happy with McMillan helping me not waste my money, I would have liked to be able to use one of their stocks on my rifle. So if you’re hoping to get a McMillan, don’t get this. I would assume manners would give a similar answer, but please make sure you call to make sure whatever stock you want will inlet for the solus before you buy it.

Overall, shooting the solus bravo is a great experience for me. Coming from old guns and a savage, everything feels super smooth, crisp and solid. It’s just a generally good experience and if anyone is looking for an easy entry point to long range, and doesn’t want a custom stock, I think this is a good option if bought on sale. Just know that what you’re getting is not going to be mind blowing and amazing to people that have nice rifles, this is the bottom of the barrel of what I would consider nice rifles. For me, this is far more than enough and I absolutely love the thing.

For the $1450 I have into the rifle itself, it was very worth it. I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t available at this price point.

I’m sure there’s things I’ve forgotten or where unclear, so feel free to ask questions.

16:17 UTC


My Frankenstein SR25 project.

12:02 UTC


MIL vs MOA in practice - please help me not be dumb

My understanding is as follows:


  • Mil is base 10
  • .1 MIL = .36" = 1 click
  • 1 MIL at 100 yards = 3.6" = 10 clicks

So if my shot is 4 inches left at 100 yards...:

  • For MIL, that would be 4" / .36" (.1 MIL) = 11.11111 repeating, round down to 11
  • 11 x .1 MIL = 1.1 MIL, which equates to 3.96" at 100 yards
  • So I would adjust 11 clicks or 1.1 MIL left, which is 3.96" at 100 yards, so I would still be .04" off still but as close as can possibly be done with MIL.


  • MOA is done in quarters/fractions
  • 1/4 MOA = .26175" = 1 click
  • 1 MOA at 100 yards = 1.047" = 4 clicks

So if my shot is 4 inches left at 100 yards...:

  • For MOA, that would mean 4" / .26175" (1/4 MOA) = 15.2817, round down to 15
  • 15 / 4 = 3.75, or 3 3/4 MOA, which equates to 3.926" at 100 yards
  • So I would adjust 15 clicks or 3 3/4 MOA left, which is 3.92" at 100 yards, so I would still be .08" off but as close as can possibly be done with MOA.

Am I doing this right? Any other general insight or knowledge you can give me to help me better understand how to apply MIL / MOA in practice would be helpful. I'm trying to decide if I should get a MOA or MIL scope. I'm hoping the concept is easier to grasp when you're actually looking at the reticle in MOA / MIL rather than doing it straight up on paper?

This is my first foray into long range shooting, I'm a complete novice.

09:46 UTC


Today was sight-in day. Confirmation target was at 575yrds. Tomorrow I shoot my first PRS match. Wish me luck.

Made my way from southern Ontario to southwest Alberta to shoot my first proper PRS match. I am way out of my depth but damned if I'm not having a good time.

05:38 UTC


How did I do on a .223 LR build?

01:19 UTC


MPA vs Proof

I have an MPA MAtrix PMR pro rifle coming in, in 6GT. With Proof today announcing they are making CDG Prefit barrels(which the PMR Pro uses) would it be a bad idea to use a proof prefit as my replacement or just stick with the same barrel from the same manufacturer?

22:44 UTC


Update on my sub $2k AWP Clone

21:31 UTC


Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Bolt action with MARK 5HD 3.6-18X44 M5C3 ILLUM. FFP TREMOR 3?

Allocating a large budget on the scope for this trainer rifle as I plan to move the scope to a high powered rifle later down the line.

Primary use is as a trainer to shoot 100-300 yards. I want a good illuminated FFP scope.

Secondary use is for shooting ground hogs tearing up the back yard and barn floor at 20-60 yards.

I wanted a suppressor ready, bolt action for fun and reliability, easy rails for furniture like scope/bipod, adjustable LOP and cheek riser, and a good trigger. At frst I thought of a MDT XRS Chassis + CZ457. But then I found the Ruger precision rimfire seems to check all these boxes at just $500. Seems like the best deal for me and I can put the money I save on the rimfire rifle towards the scope. Thoughts or suggestions?

20:49 UTC


What Spotting Scope?

I am curious to learn what spotting scope do most of you find a good value for the price. The scope i have works fine out to 400-500 yds, but looses image quality after that. Its time to upgrade, looking at the Vortex Vipers. What do you think works great.

No , I dont have $4-5K for a Swarovski.

20:25 UTC


6.5 cm bergara build

I am currently diving into the prs/nrlhunter world and am looking for advice with my dilemma.

I have had this 6.5 cm bergara 24” barreled action sitting around for quite some time so I think I’m just going to build around this and having a fair amount of 6.5 match ammo also pushes me to just build around this action. I also just purchased a Magnus sr as well if this plays into advice at all.

I understand that this is definitely a starter build, however I would like this to still have a purpose I even once I build out a 6 dasher or whatever caliber is king of prs in about a year or two.

what kind of chassis would you guys go for with this information? I really like the manners stocks that have the arca rail and I am also a fan of the whiskey3/c4 chassis. I just want the ability to be able to take this rifle to classes/competitions and have the ability to learn. I am fully aware I will not be winning the ag cup with this setup and with my knowledge, I am literally just looking to learn and honestly could care less about competing at this point in time.

Optic wise, I am really digging the razor 4.5-27. I also love the zco with the mpct2/3x but I feel like putting it on this rifle would almost be a sin considering the bergara action and would be a better idea to save that for a real prs dedicated competition rifle. the kahles is also another one I dig but feel it is to pricey for this.

I am also going to go with a 5700x kestrel,two vets tripod, xero c1 and a ckye-pod cause I feel like these are items that are purchased once and should definitely not skimp out on.

I currently have just the action and a Magnus sr in jail so if you guys have advise on what I should buy first please feel free to let me know.

20:24 UTC


20 MOA base and 20 MOA scope mount for long distances

I am fairly new to long range and in the process of building a rifle.

I am building a 6.5 creedmoor rifle with a Razor Gen III 6-36x56 MRAD. If I have it correct the scope has elevation range of 36.1 MRAD, 18.05 MRAD up and down? So would it make sense to get 20 MOA base and 20 MOA scope mount for additional 11.63 mil. Which will allow 29.63 up and down total, for long range 1000 yard plus? More that I heard this helps with clarity viewing beyond 1000 yards?

Or what would be best combo for optimal long range 1000 yard plus with my setup?


18:20 UTC


Ammo on hand

For a “precision rifle” how much ammo does everyone keep on hand? For my 5.56 and 9mm I keep quite a bit and replenish whatever I use at the range after I get done shooting to keep the stash high. Wondering how much match ammo people keep around for normal use/plinking…not a heavy PRS competitor. Also not reloading.

*Edit: sounds like I need to look into reloading from the responses.

18:15 UTC


AI mags sit too low in DBM

So I have a Badger M5 DBM with the butterfly style mag catch and as it sits the aiaw mags sit way too low for the bolt to catch a round when attempting to feed. Does anyone have any experience with extending the mag latch and if so what was the process or where did you send it? There is enough vertical play in the magazine when Inserted that adjusting the feed lips will not solve the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

17:53 UTC


New Solus 223 bolt action……but pistol

New bolt actions in 8.6, 300, and 223 I’m not the excited for the pistol platform but hopefully it means the 223 bolt face will be available soon!

17:49 UTC


MDT ACC Premier Gen 2 Vs. ACC Elite Review

Disclaimer: Im an MDT fan boi and like 95% of my LR shooting rig is MDT because they just get me.

Tl;dr: IMO, the ACC Elite is the best chassis on the market. The ACC Premier Gen 2 is a close second and $600 less. The Gen 1 Premier is no longer worth buying unless you're paying WAY under MSRP because it is used/blem (~$800 or less). The Gen 2 is likely NOT worth buying to replace the Gen 1. The Elite might be worth buying to replace your Gen 1 if you're into that kind of thing. The Gen 2 is what most people need for most applications.


The Gen 2 Premier is $1,000 and the Elite is $1,600. Elite is available for Tikka T3x, Rem 700 SA, and LA. Gen 2 is only for Rem 700 SA for now.

The Elite is a better chassis, period. More modular, stiffer, heavier, 4" longer forend, way better buttstock that is toolless and adjustable, thumb shelf is adjustable, and the little extras like grip tape and a shipping box that makes shooty sounds when you open it are cherries on top.

However, one thing I don't think the Elite does is shoot better mechanically. Your 1 MOA rifle isn't going to become a 3/4 MOA rifle because you move from the Premier to the Elite. Once you're in a great chassis, that's as good as it gets.

##Why Pay More For Elite?

Partly, it's a flex. Like half the gear in this game, it's just cool to have the best. The Premier isn't the best and everyone on your squad knows it and is judging you for being poor. /s

For me the two big things I notice are the longer forend and the thumb shelf. Longer forend means heavier, means my bipod is out more, means I can add more weights, means I can reach some support positions that are otherwise hard to reach.

Thumb shelf just fits nicer and I feel a little more relaxed and dialed in. This matters less on the clock, but it's really nice for bench shooting and such.

Buttstock is better but honestly, once my buttstock is dialed in, I never adjust it so the toolless adjustment isn't that big of a deal to me. Stiffening bar makes it stiffer I guess but I never felt like the Gen 1 flexed either so whatever.

Is that worth $600? Like... eh? Maybe?

##What To Buy

For normal people, I think the Gen 2 is 99% of the performance of the Elite for 62.5% of the cost.

If you're kind of hard core about PRS or you want to be, the Gen 2 is 90-95% of the performance for 62.5% of the cost.

For rimfire the Gen 2 is 99.99% of the performance. Only reason to get the Elite would be because you're super anal about your rimfire being THE SAME as your centerfire.

Bottomline, the Gen 2 Premier procreates like rabbits on rumspringa. The Elite adds a second stripper and film crew.

17:16 UTC


Riflescope for competition shooting

I just completed an AR10 build in 6.5 creedmoor and am now looking to get some glass for it. I got the gas system tuned up and the gun is running great with some cheaper 6.5 ammo. I plan on using it in positional competition shooting (IWI Gas Gun Challenge, Geiselle Gas Gun Challenge). I've been looking around for more information on what ppl are running in those competitions, but I can't seem to find anything too specific on loadouts. Below are the details of what I'm looking for and my current AR10 build.


Budget: 1-2k

Distances: 200-1250 yards

Goal: to be effective in shooting out to distance in a variety of positions.


Muzzle Device: Dead Air Break

Barrel: Proof Research 22inch 6.5 Creedmoor

Receivers: Aero

Trigger: CMC 3.5 Single Stage

Stock: Magpul PRS.

16:53 UTC


Ladder test group

Doing a ladder test with new seating depth. 26 rounds back to back, trying to rush at 9:15 at night losing light.

I don’t think a 1.1” group is too bad for 26 rounds with different charges!

Orange dots are 3/4” for reference

MPA 6.5 Leupold mk5 7-35 Peterson SRP H4350 CCI 450 Sierra 142 smk

16:36 UTC


Load testing at 500 yds

Messing around with seating depths. Shot 5 for zero and data.

Then sent 3 at 500 yds. Was very difficult with tall grass and the mirage from 92° heat in the sun. But so far I’m happy with it. I’ll see how it does this weekend.

MPA 6.5 Leupold mk5 7-35 Peterson SRP H4350 CCI 450 primers Sierra 142 smk

16:31 UTC


Build ideas for HAVAK ph2

Hey, I got a HAVAK PH2 and I would some insight into some idea on builds. I got a C.A.T. O.D.B 30. Cal can. But I would like to get a new trigger and stock. I have a decent scope but maybe in the future I’ll get something better. Let me know some ideas.

15:21 UTC


Thoughts on my beginner Rimfire PRS setup/plan

I got a CZ 457, I'm using it out of the box.
I put CZ 457 25 MOA Picatinny /Weaver Rail so I could mount a scope.
I got a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44mm FFP EBR-2C mrad 30mm scope.


I have easy access to a 100 yard range.

Ammo wise, I wanted to get the SK Rifle Match or SK Match Long Range. But I cannot find that ammo in stock anywhere around me/online or the other recommended ammo (center x, eley). So I decided to get CCI Standard Velocity since I read that tends to perform well in most rifles and is sub-sonic. I recently learned the difference of how sub-sonic will be more accurate consistently so I want to stick with that.

My plan would be to get good at 20 yards -> 50 yards -> 100 yards -> then apply for my first match.

I'd like to get feedback on how my overall setup is for a beginner at this sport or get any recommendations.

For improvement budget on this current setup I'd consider up to $1,000.

I'd also like to ask a couple of questions.

  1. For custom rifles. Is it more cost/beneficial to DIY or buy ready made PRS rifles? I imagine I'll need to get a more custom rifle later on to be more competitive. So wondering on the cost/benefit between DIY and ready made.
  2. I got an MRAD scope. It seemed like it would be easier to use from some reading around based on the fact that I prefer to do 10 based math calculations instead of use fractions, the metric vs imperial thing I guess. I'm wondering if MRAD is fine at the very competitive level or if MOA scopes are used more because most tutorials I find on youtube are MOA based, but that might be because Americans prefer MOA. Even in the "MRAD tutorials" they'll stick MOA in the middle, it gets confusing for me mixing the two together. I'd like to find a good MRAD only tutorial. But if the sport is MOA inclined then it would be easier to convert to MOA.
14:01 UTC


I wanna go hunting

I gonna hunt a deer and I need a rifle to shoot a thousand yards it can't be a creedmoor cuz they too weak and can't be heavy cuz I am 12

Maybe a 223 or somthin

03:28 UTC


Scope mount with reflex mount

Looking to upgrade my scope mount to something with a piggyback or diving board…anyone have mount + optic suggestions?

Currently running an aero precision with a Vortex Viper PST GenII 5-25x50


01:27 UTC

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