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Eotech vs. Vortex Huey vs. Sig Romeo 4t, which one and why?

Looking into optics, generally narrowed it down to those three units.

General purpose optic use, mainly plinking and training and learning, going on a 13.7” Jakl, most likely adding a magnifier eventually.

No need for NV compatability. Not real worried about battery life. Would like absolute or 1/3 cowitness options. No plans for risers. I’d like fde but can also paint it up.

Vortex Huey Eotech, probably an EXPS2 or XPS2 Sig Romeo 4T (only non holo of these 3)

What’s your pick out of those three? I’d consider a T2 but they are $$$. Most likely starting with something used, that’s most likely the plan outside of the Vortex which I can get a good deal on.

They’re all good optics, much of it will come down to personal preference. I’ve seen the specs and common talking points of each, just want to hear from real world folks directly using them instead of their marketing schtick.

What would you all pick out of these three options?


17:47 UTC


Roast me

17:29 UTC


Upgrade from Sig Romeo 5?

My COVID battle pistol has served me well, and the Sig Romeo 5 has been a great little dot for my first build but I’m getting a small amount parallax and I’m ready for an upgrade.

I have a Juliet 4 magnifier, and wanted to get a new dot that will work with it.

Looking at the Aimpoint PRO. Any thoughts on combining it with the Juliet?

1 Comment
17:08 UTC


Where to check what states are AR pistols legal

I tried googling but still unclear. From what I can tell CA is the only state where AR pistols are illegal because CA has a designated handgun/pistol roster and ARs aren’t on that roster. I move around a lot for my job so I just want to make sure I’m all good before building an AR pistol.

17:03 UTC


7.5" buck hunting build

Going for size compaction and weight reduction with this build. The net is a brass catcher as I don't like to litter. Buffer tube is not comfortable to shoot but it fits snugly is my hiking bag and I usually only take one shot.

Initially was shooting a cheaper .223 XP round that didn't like to expand consistently under 10yds. Haven't had any issues with these so far.

I'll usually bag one on a night hike and move it off-trail. By day time I'll bring some binoculars and/or a magnifying lense and it's as if I have created my own personal nature documentary. I'll see all sorts of rare animals visit the scene. It's very interesting. I see it as a gift to the decomposers of surrounding the ecosystem.

Be mindful of what what's beyond your target and happy 'hunting' to you all!

16:27 UTC


Monday quad rail takeover?

15:46 UTC


Light setup for key mod suggestions?

Not a huge fan of keymod but that’s what came on the rifle. I’m Wanting to do a surefire scout light setup but out the box they only have Mlok and picatinny mounting options. I’m leaning towards just buying a new handguard since I’m not too fond of keymod anyways.

15:13 UTC


Hand guard Help

I really wanted this hand guard for a build I’m doing but it says it is only compatible with triangle hand guard caps but I have the round .750 on my AR. Are the hand guard caps relatively cheap/easy to install?

15:08 UTC


Cloud defense Rein 3 issues

Seems that the tailcap is always somehow coming loose and not allowing the flashlight to turn on 100 percent. Anyone have any of these issues?

14:53 UTC


Next build?

I’m looking into a another build. I currently have a 10.3 300blk Home Defense and a 16” “SHTF” build that’s running a lpvo with an offset dot. I have some parts laying around but unsure on next barrel length. I’m stuck between 12.5 with RD and magnifier or an 18” Dmr build. Both options would be suppressed and would be 5.56. Appreciate all input!

1 Comment
14:09 UTC


High speed, low drag or whatever.

FCD x SOLGW lower , FCD parts kit, FCD buffer tube, Geissele h1 buffer and spring, LaRue MBT2s B5 grip LMT SOPMOD STOCK FCD upper Radian BCG FCD EJPC BCM gas system CRITERION BARREL NOX muzzle device BCM MCMR Aimpoint comp m5 Unity FAST SUREFIRE M600 body + plhv2 head+DS tail cap+modbutton

13:57 UTC


Paint stripped | LMT 11.5”

Aervoe was no match for the Citristrip gel + powerwasher combo

13:03 UTC


Piggyback v Offset if your Right handed shooter, Left eye dominant ?

Is anyone here right handed shooter but left eye dominant and had to choose between a piggyback or offset red dot ?

If so, may i ask what you chose ?

Thank you

12:00 UTC


Pmag 30 failure to feed

I have problem with two of my pmags. They got quite dirty and started to cause malfunctions - failure to feed on last 1 or 2 rounds. I cleaned them thoroughly, but problem still occurs. When I push follower of empty magazine in with my finger it often "hangs" in specific point as if there was something blocking it. I don't see anything inside magazine shell which could cause that.

Did anyone experienced similar issue?

11:11 UTC


Unknown brands

Looking for lesser known brands with decent products.

08:41 UTC


2020 build

This was my first ar15 build. Thinking about building my next off a radian lower. Any recommendations for parts?

07:45 UTC


Aero upper/lower with better parts??

I dont have a AR yet. But whats the general thought of buying a stripped AP ipper and lower and peicing stuff together,? Basic Ideas: DD bolt carier group Franklin binary flat trigger group Tomohawk charging handle 18" HBAR barrel , some sort of brake H1 Buffer and rifle length gas tube Aluminum Grip and minimalist aluminum stock Not sure on hand guard or optic yet am i missing something? This would be my first AR

06:00 UTC


Balistic advantage 14.5” midlength

Does anyone have experience with this barrel and specifically how was your gassing? I had got this barrel on trade and all the other components to build my upper. I was leaving town for work so dropped it off to a gun smith and figured it would be ready when I got home. Gunsmith said it didn’t properly “cycle” when they function tested it and felt the need to drill out my gas port to 3/32”. They told me this was a common issue with ballistic advantage…I call bs and now my brass ejects completely forward.

04:42 UTC


PWS MK116 Mod 1 vs Mod 2

I’m ready to purchase my first AR and am going to buy a Primary Weapons Systems MK 116, but there is a Mod 1 and Mod 2 both available relatively close to the same in price. Does anyone know the difference between the Mod 1 and Mod 2?

I went to the PWS website and couldn’t determine exactly what the difference is. I know new isn’t always better, and I’m okay to purchase a gun with more basics if that would be better as a first time user for the AR. I will familiarize myself with the gun very well and will shoot regularly, but at this time I probably won’t consider changing anything out (upper, lower, barrel, etc.) and will keep the gun as factory with addition of scope, light, etc.

03:39 UTC


Ultimate lightweight suppressed recce build

What’s the ultimate, light weight suppressed recce build? (In a wooded out Garand thumb world, Is recce still a thing?) I’m talking a light weight rifle that you can hike all day with, engage targets 0-500yds, and trust in a duty role, all without spending Knights money.

This is my idea so far:

CAT WB suppressor (Ti for weight or inconel for less sparking) Rearden R2S flash hider Geissele CHF 13.9 barrel mid length Q adjustable gas block BCM 13in mcmr hand guard BCM mk2 upper Geissele Reliability Enhanced BCG Primary Arms PLX-C 1-8x SFP w/rmr BCM recoil mitigation buffer assembly Stock of choice Lower of choice (I like radian model 1) Geissele SD-E trigger Magpul K2+ grip

I’m thinking the Geissele URGI/Superduty rail is overkill and too heavy. Could ditch the adjustable gas block for a super duty and adjustable bootleg BCG.

The Q Sugar weasel 5.56 13in SBR is probably the closest to this build off the shelf.

What would be your build for this role?

03:38 UTC


Zero Distance For Irons On A Carbine

I have an 11.5” carbine (5.56) and i’m deciding wether to sight my irons at 25yds or 50yds.

These are backup irons, I have a dot optic zeroed at 100.

What do y’all think?

03:20 UTC


Asr mount for banish suppressor??

I got a email that silencer central is waving the tax stamp for all ONX elite members when you buy a Banish suppressor. I'm wondering if you can put it on a asr mount or if someone makes one that will fit it? I can't tell if you can remove the direct thread mount or not.

03:18 UTC

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