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Shooting is fun. Shooting is MORE fun for prizes, trophies, or just bragging rights. Whether you run and gun in practical shooting, grind birds in skeet/trap, or punch dime-sized holes in benchrest, this is a place for you.

Shooting is fun. Shooting is MORE fun for prizes, trophies, or just bragging rights. Whether you run and gun in practical shooting, grind birds in skeet/trap, or punch dime-sized holes in benchrest, this is a place for you.


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Magazines in jeans pockets?

I wanted to know if competitive shooting matches allow you to just carry mags in your pockets or even carry some mags on a belt and some mags in your pockets.

Thinking for specifically USPSA and IDPA and 3 gun matches.

02:34 UTC


First time shooting Argentinian FN FAL 150m, 5 shots.

02:33 UTC


Shops in the Henderson/Las Vegas area

For those of you who live in the Henderson/Las Vegas area, what shops in the area have the best selection of USPSA type of guns and gear?

I bought my Limcat from JJ at Magnus Sports when it was around back in 2019. I'm hoping for something similar.

00:27 UTC


Anyone using a laser on their PCC for angled shots

I know some top shooters have used lasers in the past. Can anyone recommend one that can be visible in bright daylight out to competition distances? I have tried the secondary angled red dot but I think laser works better for me.

23:24 UTC


Building my first rig for local SC

I got a scorpion two belt and am trying different mag holders… not looking to spend a ton until I know for sure it’s something I will pursue. Would this set of 4 mag holders and magnet for $78 do the job for now?

22:43 UTC


Ever change fundamentals based on using a different pistol?

I’m working on dry fire and range time to improve some of my basic skills.

I noticed a difference in accuracy with my striker fired pistol vs my 2011 based on placement of my trigger finger.

The striker pistol is most accurate for me when my trigger finger is on the trigger close to the first knuckle. The 2011 is better with just the pad of my trigger finger.

My assumption is that the 2011 trigger is “better” but also, maybe more importantly, I probably just need more practice/education with my skills.

Anyone experience something similar?


Edit: Thanks for the replies and the explanations. Makes a lot of sense and glad to know I’m not crazy!

20:56 UTC


Steel Challenge near Dallas/Ft. Worth

I'm just starting to try Steel Challenge. On Practiscore I cannot find any "real" steel challenge matches anywhere close to DFW. It looks like it's around 3 hours driving to get to them. There are local steel challenge STYLE matches but they are not SCSA matches and the scores don't get reported. I learned the same from a match director for one of the steel challenge "style" matches. As a newbie, I'm going to shoot the local steel challenge "style" matches for experience and training but it would be nice to get classified wherever my skill level qualifies me. So I'm puzzled as to why no real steel challenge matches in the DFW area?

19:18 UTC


Daughter wants to start shooting USPSA Limited Optics

She is just starting her pistol education. Very interested, very motivated. But plenty to learn before she shoots her first match. She very much wants to start in LO. My question is, with budget of say around $1500 for just the gun, optic, and improvements, what would you start her on? She is an athletic 27-year old just getting into shooting sports.

Thought about a Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS. I have a Holoson Red Dot already I could throw on there. Timney trigger? Tungsten rod and change the springs to reduce recoil. Reduce trigger pull & travel. Mags.

What would you guys suggest if it was your daughter?

02:43 UTC


Dewalt Toughsystem or Milwaukee Packout for competitive shooters?

Hey all, have been seeming more folks using these modular tool systems at matches to haul their gear around. Thought it was a good idea and I am thinking about doing it myself. Was at a match last weekend that had a ton of sand and my cart was a PAIN to drag around. Are you using the box itself as a chair? Are you using multiple stacked boxes or getting everything into one? Options for mounting an umbrella or your fan? Any insight would be appreciated.

13:04 UTC


FANGER now available from Lok Grips!

The release of the Coyled Cobra Signature Series FANGER is official! Its now live on Lok Grips website.

You can save 10% off everything with discount code COBRA


01:33 UTC


Pistol help shooting with red dot

I'm running a Sig p365x and recently threw on a Holosun 407k red dot sight. It has a partial cowitness and I am trying to zero it. It is to my understanding that I line the red dot with the dot on my front post (and the rear) and should be on. Yes, it is on with that exact sight picture: the rear aligned with the front and the red dot on the dot of the front post. No issues. This is how the instructor taught me to shoot the red dot.

Now to me that doesn't make sense. Why would you want to have to line up all three references to take a shot? At that point might as well take off the red dot and run just the irons.

I read that you should be able to disregard the iron sights completely and shoot with just the dot. I read that you just put the dot on target you're good. With that being said, are there limitations to that statement? Would there be a point of impact change from shooting with the sight picture of the dot on the bottom left of the glass versus having it on the top right versus completely center of the glass (all of which appears center of target) ?

Is there a specific sight picture that is desirable to have when shooting a partial cowitness sight?

I can't seem to find any information on this specific question that I had anywhere. Can any firearms professionals answer this? Or long time red dot shooters? Thank you

00:27 UTC


SG Timer - anyone know where to get support?

The SG Timer Reddit has zero activity. Can't find anything on FB either. Anyone know where one can go to get help figuring the thing out since there is now manual either.


20:05 UTC


BDS Carnivore holster

Can anyone tell me what material is used for the hanger? I'm looking a these for a Shadow 2 and a Canik Rival-S. I like my metal BSG hanger I've been using. My friend has the Hydra P+ and doesn't like the flex that comes with it. Can anyone attest to there being any flex or not with a steel framed gun on it?

15:44 UTC


Selling a Versa Max and picking up the Stoeger M3K?

I'm trying to get things put together to start competing in shotgun 3-gun style stuff that one of my local ranges does in the summer. I've had an old 28" bbl Versa Max that I have used for hunting (but never quite stopped being annoyed by my thumb being bitten by the lifter). And looking for parts and such now, I'm realizing it's a discontinued model, since the new remington semi-auto (V3?) uses a different system.

I'm considering selling the versa max and picking up a stoeger m3k, since they're about the same price on the secondary market. Any issues with the M3k that I should be aware of? The main appeal seems to be larger controls and a bigger loading port, which would certainly be nice to have. They also say it's an "inertial" system, so is that long-recoil operation? Would that create more felt recoil than the Versa Max's gas system?

14:19 UTC


Tonight's warmup: 50 shots on a blank target in 17 minutes. 10 meter distance.

03:12 UTC


Why no SAO guns in SSP division of IDPA?

21:20 UTC


New Range bag?

Looking at new range bags and I really like the Savior Equipment bags. I’m looking at the specialist as I have an ammo can already and don’t think I really need the bigger duffle style. My question is: based on the rules of no ammo at the safe area am I still good to use the smaller bag given that the mags are in the same zipper compartment as the gun. My concern is that I open the case to holster my gun and since I usually show up with my mags already loaded that it’s a violation. Or is it fine as long as I don’t touch the mags? Anyone else use the bag?

18:50 UTC


Once you meet/exceed a goal how do you “move on” and when do you revisit that goal?

Say you’re going for a six second El Prez at 10 yards. You start out way past that, work it down, and before long you can hit six seconds or better 90+ percent of the time. It probably wasn’t the only thing you were working on, but it was a short term goal that got a decent share of attention/training time.

Cool. Now what? El Prez isn’t the only drill in the world. Are you working on something completely different now? Are you coming back to X drill every now and then to make sure you still have it?

Just curious how you guys might go about this or other training goals. TIA.

04:25 UTC


I went and shot some stuff

18:20 UTC


Sight In Distance- IDPA

What distance do you zero your dot for, and what's your rationale for doing so?

15:36 UTC


Are PCC's worth it?

This post is meant for opinionated people and responses! I like to hear others thoughts in the gun community whether it is the good, the bad, or the ugly.


I bought my first gun in March of this year, and let's just say I might have a problem now lol. I have 4 pistols and have recently gotten into competition shooting. Of course, I am not that good, but enjoy the sport. I have mostly used my Canik Mete SFX Pro for steel challenges and would recommend it to anyone, especially new shooters. My first competition was a 2 gun match at a local gun club. Luckily everyone was cool and really helped me learn a lot. They even let me shoot although I only had a pistol and no PCC.

Since this match, getting some sort of rifle has always been in the back of my mind. I am leaning to a PCC chambered in 9mm because of its ability as a home defense option, it would be fun to use at the range/ local competitions and the price of ammo. Some people have recommended getting something chambered in .22LR, which I love the price, but do not see much practical use outside of competitions and the gun range.


What would you recommend for the rifle platform and why?

If you are into PCC's what would you recommend? I am looking into the S&W FPC, a few of the Ruger variants, possibly the S&W response, and I am still flirting with the idea of getting a Keltec but think these other options interest me more.

Lastly, if you are not into PCC's what would you recommend instead?

14:52 UTC


My contribution to the face planting

14:34 UTC


I ran a Fanny Pack with a P365 last night.

It’s 100 at night already in Texas , and I didn’t want to rock a big vest or change my shorts out for a pair with a belt. So I brought this up and cleared it with the RSO first. It is my first time using it , other than dry fire at home , and honestly not much of that either. So they only ask that I took my time getting it out of the bag , and don’t shoot myself. Fair enough. This was a spiritus Fanny sack with a mini holster inside on a retention cord. This keeps the holster in when you draw. I just had to be very careful when reholstering not to flag my support hand. It was fun, I normally shoot an Atlas Titan, I’m totally spoiled by that fun , but I warmed up to the 365 after a couple of stages.

12:39 UTC


NEW! BUL Armory Tac Pro 5” first IDPA shoot. Super flat - buy one. Full shoot video. 3 down.

3 Down for the Match. Super flat. Great pistol. 507Comp is also amazing

04:31 UTC


Want to get into competition shooting

As the title says, I'd like to give it a go. How welcoming is the community / other competitors to newbies?

03:08 UTC


Looking for spare parts (Holster, Double AA)

Hey, does anyone know where I can buy these metal holders/clips for the belt? Don´t even know how to call them in english....


19:50 UTC


PCC Aiming Tip for Height Over Bore Hold Overs

I've looked online for an answer, but everyone seems to have a different one. Do you guys just visualize aiming 2 inches above a head box or partial target and hard focus on your imaginary 2 inches above the target spot. Or do you use the bottom circle of your Holosun/Eotech reticle as the aiming reference? I believe I heard Max Leograndis uses the latter method, but I can't find confirmation anywhere online regarding what the pros do when dealing with 7 yard and in targets that require a headbox or partials.

17:20 UTC


Help me choose a competition pistol

Hello all,

Looking to get into competitive shooting, but want a pistol that I need to do as little tinkering as possible so I can just start going to matches. Considering a few options, but happy for some input.

  1. CZ P10F with SCS

Pros: cheap, good trigger, comes with 3 mags. Cons: small optic, don’t love the ergos

  1. Bul Armory Hatchet FS (no ports so I can compete in more categories)

Pros: well priced, Glock aftermarket, essentially has most of the competition mods and is RMR cut Cons: No optic included, not well known/newer pistol

  1. Walther PDP pro w/ Acro

Pro: great trigger, 3 mags, Acro from the factory, great ergos Cons: pricey

  1. Sig 226/229 legion

Pro: all metal construction, I like DA/SA, like the egos of the 226, it’s a vibe Cons: priciest, ?

I carry a shield plus so I’m also open to an M&P variant. I have some trigger time behind a P10sc, but didn’t love the ergos. LGS has a 226 no optic and another one has 229 with an RMR already on it. Looking to save as much coin as possible so I can spend the rest on ammo and things like base plates, holster, belt etc…

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thank you all for the great comments and insights. After some thought and research, I'm going to pursue an M&P variant to maintain battery of arms with my current carry piece. I am also going to look into maybe competing with the shield plus in IDPA or limited USPSA while I get everything together with the full size. I fully expect that I will eventually transition to something more competetition focused in the future like a Rival-S, but for now, I'm excited about the idea of an M&P!

As an aside, thoughts on the 507C ACSS as a competition optic?

16:33 UTC


Open Guns

Context: I (36m) shoot steel challenge obsessively, and focus on RFPO. I have a number of quite expensive guns - including an Atlas Athena and an Alien - but not a “true” open gun.

This past week, my major rival / friend who is a retired doctor but has started shooting SC around the same time as myself and is ranking in RFPO at the same rate and working with the same coach revealed that he has been shooting USPSA Open for years and is an A.

He brought his open gun, a Brazos custom in 38 super out and let me mess with it. Less recoil than my Athena and it makes my chest thump with every shot with a massive four point flame out the front.

More fun than should be legal. I want one, no wait… I need one lol.

I’m seeing a lot of conflicting info though, I don’t know any other serious money Open gun owners in SC - there are a bunch of guys at the club that do USPSA but most the open SC shooters have much much much cheaper rigs and don’t bother with Major pf for obvious SC reasons.

Is there any general consensus on where to start there? Brazos? SVI? I love Atlas but I’ve never seen a Chaos v2 in person and they haven’t made any in like a year… should I just wait for a Chaos v2 and focus on getting my GM in RFPO/Limited?

12:35 UTC

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