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Seen lots of guns in cars at work. Never seen one cocked before.

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Open carry on a class 2 Ebike without CPL (Michigan)

I've been getting conflicting answers online about this, I have a class 2 ebike and I'm an avid open carry activist and I am wanting to carry my pistol with me on the bike but I'm not sure if the bike is classified as a "motor vehicle" under michigan law, can someone help with the answer?

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How is my holster placement?

I think it’s too high but I really don’t know for sure. It’s comfortable to draw this high but it might be better to lower it. Thoughts?

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Looking for advice on OC.

I want to know if there's any concerns. I should be aware of OC in North Carolina. I've decided to take full time residency in a overseas country for work mostly.

But my significant other would like to visit and due to their ethnicity/religion would for sure be a possibe target in some areas. I've never open carried before in public in a non official status.

But I have thousands of hours in repetition and training with a Beretta m9 and a USMC thigh holster and I prefer a thigh holster/strap anyways. My daily attire is always professional but tactical. Tan boots tan 5.11 pants tactical belt. And a black shirt tucked in.

I just wanted to hear any advice on OC in general. I'm extremely well trained and I'm leaning towards open carrying with a Girsan Regard MC 9mm no bells or whistles. (A high quality Beretta m9 clone) I prefer the larger slide cutouts. And the nicer trigger. And 18 round mags.

And a BLACKHAWK Serpa Level 2 Tactical Holster USMC with the extra magazine holder I prefer to thigh carry because I have alot of muscle memory with that exact holster. Nor does it impede getting in or out of a vehicle.

With a retention cord/lanyard/retention cable that's comfortable enough for my draw length and no more.

I'm not a fan of level 3 retention holsters and I feel through my training and some experience if someone is close enough to go for a grab I could definitely do something about it. I keep my distance already as it is.

I'm concerned about appearing as some kind of threat or something or causing panic. Because again my daily attire for my job is very professional wear/tactical wear.

Please share your thoughts and concerns. I think I should be fine. I'm not totally sure what I'm getting myself into. I haven't ever carried out in public only in war or training type of setting.

I would also like to hear concerns open carrying like that 5er across the country. Places it wouldn't be allowed etc etc. From NC - Midwest and back.

Thank you in advance.

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Drop Leg Holster - Yes or No?

I'm not a skinny guy, and carrying on my belt is just plain uncomfortable, sitting or standing or walking. I wear hoodies or big jackets, and I don't own a shoulder holster, and CC just puts clothing between me and my weapon. A DLH puts it at my fingertips, and I don't see how this could count against me.

OC is legal here in Albuquerque, why do some folks say that a DLH attracts negative attention? Does anyone have any examples of this happening?

As far as retention, other than actively observing my surroundings and acting accordingly, what can be done to keep others from trying to steal my firearm?

edit: daily OC is a SA45xds

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Concealed carry as a service plumber

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First time OC in North Carolina

I was traveling to Murphy NC from Georgia, I normally CC but I don't have a permit so I didn't have a choice. It didn't feel all that strange and I didn't get any unwanted attention. For those wondering I carried a Glock 22 in a Safariland ALS 7377 holster.

Edit: I also had a knife in a sheath on my belt cause for whatever reason knives must be open carried

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Attorney CJ Grisham explaining how the 5th Circuit eviscerated Open Carry

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5th circuit has nullified Open Carry in Texas to save Qualified Immunity of bad cops.

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5th circuit has nullified Open Carry in Texas to save Qualified Immunity of bad cops.

Effectively they have declared open season for police to arrest anyone open carrying in Texas.

A 3 judge panel has ruled that if anyone calls 911 on a person for the mere act of Open Carrying a firearm, the police now have probable cause to arrest you for disorderly conduct. The 911 call does not have to allege you are doing anything more than standing on a sidewalk with a slung or holstered firearm. The previous ruling that "merely carrying a firearm" is not disorderly is overturned now if any Karen makes a phone call and says she's nervous. This means police get qualified immunity for arresting you.

There is a special target on the back of any open carry or civil rights activist. EVERY time the police get a 911 call, they can now arrest you at gunpoint. The charges will likely be dismissed, but the police face zero repercussions for coming after you, even if there is abundant evidence the officers targeted you and knew you were not a threat. The same danger faces regular citizens who open carry every day.

I repeat, open carrying in Texas now puts you in imminent danger of being arrested or killed by police if someone reports you in possession of a firearm.

Video of CJ and Jim arrested for mere open carry. https://youtu.be/GrDAPPiu1QE?si=IvJy0qq_J8rO8DJO

Link to 5th circuit ruling https://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/22/22-50915-CV0.pdf

Link to oral argument in 5th https://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/OralArgRecordings/22/22-50915_10-3-2023.mp3

District Court ruling https://casetext.com/case/grisham-v-valenciano-1

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Weapons are a part of man from the very first men to now projecting evil and fear of others to weapon and hiding from them ultimately does nothing but scare yourself and close your mind and hearts self defense is part of every human down to their very instincts

To deny weapons are a part of a human being very existence and Instincts is to deny yourself

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Weapons are a part of man from the very first men to now projecting evil and fear of others to weapon and hiding from them ultimately does nothing but scare yourself and close your mind and hearts self defense is part of every human down to their very instincts

To deny weapons are a part of a human being very existence and Instincts is to deny yourself

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Got my new holster in yesterday and it's the best one I've had

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Holster recommendations

Have a P365 looking for a OWB holster for open Cary will scouting in the woods

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What's the difference from open carry and brandishing?

Like having a holster in view is okay, but holding a gun is brandishing?

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What counts as "open carry"?

I wear a bit of an oversized sweatshirt and I wear a backpack walking long distances so it sometimes goes over the gun and obscures it from certain sides, and I carry from behind my arm in which I have kind of baggy sleeves so is that open or concealed? Its about a 90 degree angle you can see it, but only when my arm is up

I also have many questions...

  1. If I have a black gun do I have to wear clothing that is a different color than the gun?

  2. Is it okay for it to be behind my arm sometimes?

  3. Do I need a dedicated holster or could I just tuck it under my belt loop or having about 60% visible yet tucked under my pants?

  4. About the school zones thing, how do I know if I am "within 1000 feet of a school zone" as if I were anywhere 1000 feet away I very likely may not even see the sign?

  5. Is open carry even worth doing in constitutional carry states?

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Appendix Open Carry

Anyone ever open carry but in the appendix position? I was messing around with my holster to fond what feels best to me and jokingly put it in appendix and found it very comfortable especially while sitting. I just want to know if any actual carries like that or if it’s even acceptable

14:45 UTC


Is this considered concealed? NC

Recently I’ve been open carrying my handgun when I’ve needed to go out since crime has been getting worse in my area. Usually I keep it in my cup holder but sometimes I have to leave it in the truck since places don’t allow open carry. My question is am I allowed to put it under my seat when I can’t bring it in or would that be breaking the law? the truck would be locked and no one would be inside of it so I didn’t know if that would be considered storage. I plan on getting my ccw permit soon but I’m not sure when that’ll be.

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Dog open carry

Can a dog open carry a firearm? For example if my firearm is attached to my dog’s harness.

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I assume open carry folks typically have bigger irons on their hips, so which one would you pick?

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Carry in the open.7

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Active retention holster for cz75 p01

Looking for an active retention holster preferably with a thumb release lever for carry in an armed security position. Needs to be secure enough that would rip the belt off before the gun would come out. Ive heard of safariland als systems but they dont make one for the cz it appears

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Black powder open Cary, and keeping the peace.

A while ago some people claimed I was Suicidal and I got IVC (involuntarily care) at a hospital where I was contained for a week.

There have been times in my life where suicide seemed like the only reasonable way to avoid greater and unavoidable suffering, but not anymore. Not in a while have I seriously considered suicide.

HOWERVER, due to the 2 inch foresight of the powers that be, I cannot but anything legally classified as a “Firearm”.

HOWEVER part 2, I’m a member of several minority groups, and I’d feel a lot safer if I had even a few shots in a serious situation. So, black powder it is until I get my rights back as black powder is not legally a “firearm” according to the ATF.

I’m planning to open Carry a Colt Navy cap and ball revolver 36caliber. I want to do it in a way that frightens as few people as possible, and does not get me murdered by police, or my six shooter stolen by them.

TLDR: Does anyone have any advice for the open Cary of these black powder guns? I don’t want to cause trouble or anything, I just want to be able to defend myself.

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Can a cop confiscate my gun for the duration of a traffic stop? (North Carolina)

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