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This is the place to discuss all things bullet casting. Tips, tricks, ideas and advice are welcome.

This is the place to discuss all things bullet casting. Tips, tricks, ideas and advice are welcome.

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Just Found Out Mike Venturino Has Passed Away.

Just found out Mike Venturino passed away on June 9th 2024.

Many of you have probably have read and learned from Mike's articles. He was big with the cast bullets community (among other firearms related subjects). He always wrote informative and on point article, and contributed to many reloading manuals.

RIP Mike.

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MP molds 454 Keith 300 grn

Just got this mold- loaded a 45 colt dummy and it’s just bit too long to cycle in the cylinder if I use the crimp groove( totally fine in a 454 casull lever gun). Anyone load this like the Lyman 357 Keith (358429) in a 357? Crimp above the driving band? I don’t know why I’m posting this~ I’m just gonna do it anyway. The 170ish grain Keith in 357 is the most accurate bullet I shoot and it’s crimped wack as hell. I guess I’d like some OAL info for anyone’s who’s run into a similar problem. I’m at 1.69 and anything 1.6ish would be fine.

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Accurate molds

Hi, I went to accuratemolds.com for a certain mold they stock. I have written an email with questions to tom, two weeks ago, then a follow-up a week ago, still haven‘t received any reply. Does anybody know whether he‘s still in business? Thx!

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First time melting went well, a few more questions.

My first time went pretty well, thanks to the advice I got from subreddit members. Here’s a picture of my Pot. I have a few questions about stuff I had trouble with, so I figured I’d just ask here again.

  1. I had trouble with the temperature, at first I wanted to keep the temp as low as I could, but I had issues with some parts of the pot melting quickly, other parts started to solidify again, so I just cranked the gas up and it went a lot smoother. I used a laser thermometer and the temp reading was inconsistent, so I will invest in a lead thermometer like others have said. What exactly is the target temp range? Probably 650-700?
  2. The bottom of my pot has started rust fairly badly, is there a way to prevent this? Or will the higher than normal heat cook off seasoning? And is it even a problem to the longevity of the pan?
  3. I had trouble getting the lead clean, I think part of it is I haven’t gotten rid of the old pan seasoning yet, so I had quite a lot to scrape off. Also what do use to skim? I used a slotted spoon and the stuff fell through, though what I was melting had pretty “fine” dross. I also used a lot of sawdust and it didn’t seem to grab that much stuff when I fluxed. The stuff in peoples videos just looks a lot shinier and nicer than mine did while liquid.
  4. People recommended to leave some lead in the pot so all I melted is sitting in it. It is mainly pure I believe, it was all roofing stuff. I’m not casting round balls or anything needing pure lead, so would it be fine to put range scrap on top of it, or should I avoid mixing?
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Any quick tips for first time melting?

Rainy today but finally got all my stuff, gonna melt down tomorrow morning. I have some roof flashing that I'm gonna do on its own since it's pure, waiting to hear from some ranges to get range scrap. I have some shot, I'm probably not going to put it in since it seems harder than typical.

Gonna wear a cotton long sleeve shirt, respirator, boots, glasses. Bought a cast iron skillet from goodwill, got a turkey fry burner for free. Melt it down, skim it, flux with sawdust, then ladle into muffin molds.

Anything that you forgot or did wrong the first time I can keep an eye out for?

03:06 UTC


Alloying "mystery" lead of different hardness

Through various scrounging off FB Marketplace etc I've ended up with a fair bit of mystery lead sitting around - just weighed and there's about 20lb of 10 hardness, 15lb of 13 hardness and 20lb of 16 hardness. Would it be a fair estimate that if I melted this all in a single batch and threw in some tin for a minimum 2% tin content, I'd likely end up with an average hardness of around 13 which works for most of my needs? Or is the relationship between different hardnesses non-linear when you alloy them>

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Is it hazardous to melt lead with rocks in it?

I've been wanting to mine lead from the pits around me, but they are quite rocky. I don't really want to sit and try to eyeball sort rocks from bullets, so if the rocks go in with the lead will anything happen? They should float since they are less dense than lead correct?

06:25 UTC


Which alloys to use with which bullet

Hello, I’m an admitted novice when it comes to knowledge about casting bullets. The introductory articles I have been reading say that you need pure lead bullets for muzzleloaders and low velocity bullets don’t need gas checks but high velocity bullets do.

But I didn’t see anything about what the ideal alloy ratio is for various bullet uses. For example, would a 95% lead 5% tin ratio be good for low velocity plinking rounds and would a 70% lead 30% tin ratio be good for high velocity rifle rounds?

20:43 UTC


7.62x54mmR mold recommendation

I'm looking to get a mold to load for my Mosin Nagant. I slugged the barrel and it measured .314 groove diameter, so I'm thinking a mold like Lee's C312-185-1R would be appropriate. But I don't really know what other options are out there. Any good suggestions?

I am leaning toward picking up powdercoating and maybe buying a die to punch my own gas checks, if that factors into mold options at all.

03:35 UTC


can i put a 12ga barrel on my H&R sb1 handi-rilfe.

can i put a 12ga barrel (not ultra slug) on my H&R sb1 handi-rilfe.

it's my understanding that the sb1 receiver was used for the 12ga host but just wanted a definite answer before forking the money on a barrel i cant use due to pressure tolerance or fitment

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Does this seem correct? How small is 9mm Luger bore diameter

I ordered a Charter Arms 9mm revolver. I decided to email them and ask what the bore diameter was for this revolver because S&W uses their 38/357 bbls on their 9mm models and was wondering if Charter did the same. Their response was “The bore diameter of the Pitbull 9mm is .350 +/- .001.” That seems pretty small, like the smallest I’ve heard for a 9mm bore. I’m thinking of cancelling my order

15:08 UTC


Does anyone know the Brinell hardness of the Blue Bullets projectiles?

I've used their 9mm 115gr RN and 125gr TC projectiles as well as their 44 cal. 240gr bullets but haven't found BHN data anywhere.

They're the only coated lead projectiles I have used and I don't have a way to test them myself yet. I know how they work for me, so as a reference I want to know what their respective BHN's are and if they are possibly using the same BHN for all their projectiles?

If someone could test some or post any data they have it would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

23:02 UTC


Mold for 8X57 Mauser


I am in search of (and having trouble finding) a good mold for the 8x57 Mauser. My data sources suggest either a 160 or a 165 grain, plain base projectile. No gas checks.

If any one has any suggestions, it would be most helpful in getting my 98 shooting again. Thank you for your time.

16:15 UTC


Lee slugs a bit light.

I have the Lee 7/8 and 1oz molds that I have been learning casting with.

The lead I have came from the walls of an xray room, so in theory it's pretty pure.

The 1oz slugs weigh in at 431 grains, which is 6.5 grains short of an ounce if my math is correct.

The 7/8oz comes in at around 360, which is almost 23 grains short.

Are these numbers typical or do they indicate something iffy is going on?

01:25 UTC


Cast bullets hard to crimp

Hello there !

I’m casting my bullets, 9mm 356 then copper plating. All my tools are Lee + Loadmaster.

I got the factory crimp, it works perfect with manufactured bullets but I can’t really crimp my own bullets. The tool scraps bits of the case but not crimp properly…

I resize them with the Lee tool 356 before reloading.

Do you think my bullets are too hard ?? I mix pure lead from air gun pellets plus 51% linotype then water quench. Is it too much lino ? Or forget the water ? I’m supposed to be around 15Bn but don’t got the hardness tool. Or the factory crimp tool is made for 355 bullets only ? (Don’t have 356 manufactured right now…)

Thanks a lot !

11:52 UTC


Casting rifle bullets from straight pewter

Scouring thrift stores has led to amassing a pile of cheap pewter as a source of tin for alloying with my other lead, wheel weights etc. Got to thinking, has anyone cast rifle bullets with just pewter? It would have a Brinell hardness of about 21-23, and be non-toxic. Anyone ever shot game with one? Did it expand, stay intact or shatter?

Wondering how it would go with a flat meplat bullet like 45-70 where expansion isn't really critical. A 405gr mold would probably drop a 260gr pewter bullet.

16:59 UTC

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