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Window screen/privacy film for rental that doesn’t cover blinds?


I live in an apartment complex where my bedroom window is located directly next to the front door. It makes it nearly impossible to have the blinds open to let any natural light in as anyone who passes/comes to the door can immediately see inside my room (I’ve already made eye contact with one Amazon delivery guy and a set of Jehovah witnesses who then immediately knocked on the door).

I need something that will cover the window but still allow light in. The only issue: our apartments require everyone’s blinds to be visible in the window, no “privacy” coverings that block the blinds.

Does anyone know of something I could put around the window pane to where it doesn’t cover the blinds?

Thank you in advance!

13:57 UTC


Wall racks?

I'm looking for a wall mounted storage rack that is both a display and secure. Any recommendations? Would be great if it didn't break the bank but quality is way better than saving a few schekles

08:27 UTC


CloudEdge camera history

Does the CloudEdge camera SD card delete after a certain time period? I cannot find this info online. I was able to access early May up until a day or so ago. I have an incident I’d like to keep access to. Please help! I was not paying for the “Cloud” but I am, now. Any advice helpful, thinking I can maybe take the card out and check it on my computer?

08:14 UTC


I screwed up by letting our neighbors know we have guns, how do I fix it?

My husband and I live in a 3-flat apartment building in a large city and often leave our back door open with just a screen in the summer. From time to time, one neighbor's toddler runs into our place. It's cute, but my husband doesn't feel comfortable with a kid running through the house because we have a few guns (including a shot gun, which is in a side room unloaded, but not locked), so we try to keep him out.

Today both neighbors came over to coordinate stuff, and the toddler's mom was pretty emotional because she's going through stuff. She started tearing up apologizing to me about him running into our place and I was like, "Oh no, it's no big deal! We just try to keep him out because we have guns." (Context: Her boyfriend was also there and he's an abusive jerk)

I wanted to make her feel better and know that we don't mind her kiddo, we just try to keep him out for safety reasons. In my head I also thought, "It's good they know that now because they are aware of the risk!"

My husband just explained that I shouldn't have said that, and I do get his point now, but can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Any suggestions how to fix it to minimize the risk of being a target?

16:19 UTC


I need advice for the best wired Doorbell Camera and smart lock that integrate well together and with Apple HomeKit

Price isn’t an issue, I just want the best wired Doorbell camera and the best smart lock, they don’t have to be the same brand, they just need to work well together and also with Apple HomeKit.

Subscriptions would be nice to avoid but I’m starting to realize it’s unavoidable in this space, or if you do then you lose feature rich services.

Eventually I also want outdoor camera and security lights that would play nice with these components.

Thanks for any help you can give on this.

12:21 UTC


How to secure first floor bedroom windows?

I’m concerned about securing my children’s bedroom windows from intruders. I’ve seen the window locks but are those an issue in case of a fire? Besides an alarm system, is there single alarms to put on the window if it’s opened? Thanks

1 Comment
01:33 UTC


Someone is banging on our door every night

My wife and I live in a apartment near Tacoma, and for the past month almost every night someone has been banging on our door. It isn't normal knocking, it's loud aggressive banging the likes of which I haven't heard since basic training. After the third time, I called the police but they have refused to help us or even point us in a direction. I can't even confront whoever it is since by the time I get to the door, they're long gone. People around us claim to have heard it, but they haven't seen anything. I thought they would stop if we just ignored it but clearly that's not the case. I want to install a camera somewhere, but I don't know how to go about that since we cant have doorbells. Any tips?

04:53 UTC


Dodgy vehicle

About 5 days ago we saw a man walking up and down the street that we had never seen before. We didn’t think much of it until the next day, when a pickup truck was parked quite close to the house with five people in it. It was parked there for a while before it left. It has been doing this now for a few days at varied times. There is a couple small holiday cottages near (about 5 minutes) so we assumed they were in the area because of that and where parked there for various different reasons. Today though it has driven up and down the street a couple times until finally one of men got out and started walking (it is almost midnight) this raised alarm bells because of the time of the day and just the general odd behaviour. Bearing in mind this street is very quiet and rarely has people drive through it. Also it is always parking quite close to us. Is this a genuine concern or our we just slightly paranoid?

22:55 UTC


Looking for a POE system with an app with good user experience.

I’m building a new house and want to install security cameras and run POE Ethernet cables.

What system has an app with good user experience?

My old Lorex is an absolutely nightmare. It’s nearly impossible to retrieve recordings and review old footage through the app.

The Ring app has been solid for me but I’m looking for a POE system.

20:47 UTC


Very affordable home video setup.

In general, I find that Reolink equipment is substandard. The most useful camera they have is the 510 -A for about $46 on Amazon. Those have a decent picture in the price range, and they've been compatible with other NVRs. All in all, I think Reolink totally sucks. Their NVR is absolute trash. I can buy an NVR off Amazon for under $100 with 16 channels, and it will work with almost any IP camera. The Reolinks will not. Tech support for Reolink advises you not to do it. It doesn't work with a wireless mouse, either. Their more expensive cameras are awful. Basically, you're hoping their camera system works if you ever need it. In a few years, 2 of my 7 Reolink cameras have died. This vs maybe 2 of the 30 other cameras I have. Plus a rat's nest of compatibility issues. I will spend zero $$ on anything with Reolink's label on it going forward.

All in all, the best deal for me is the Anpviz 4MP PoE IP Camera from Amazon for $38. The picture is AMAZING, much better than the Reolink 5 MP camera. If you pair that with a $79 NVR (HiseeU on Amazon) and POE hubs (I buy them 4 POE ports plus 2 upliink ports for $17. This will be a very reliable, inexpensive way to have security equipment. I wouldn't get too caught up in 4 MP vs 8MP. You will be able to easily identify intruders with either. You can get a 12TB hard drive from Amazon (refurb) for $99. You can also run all these cameras on Blue Iris. and record in 2 places. NO PROBLEMS with compatibility or connectivity.

I did buy some cameras off Ali Express for around $22 each (5MP POE). People say that are excellent. We'll see how they work. The most important thing is reliability and compatibility. That cannot be overstated.

Don't mess around with SD cards in your cameras. Just get a copy of Blue Iris or a second NVR if you want backup. The SD cards are problematic and unreliable. So, to recap. and 8 camera POE system would cost you about $600 total. That's 38 x 8 = 324 for cameras, $79 for NVR, $35 for 2 POE hubs, $100 for a security hard drive, mouse and cheap monitor for $70). It's easily expandable up to 32 cameras. I don't like POE ports on NVR's because I've had much better luck sharing to multiple NVR's when I use separate hubs. Having separate POE hubs will save you a lot of cabling hassle. You can run one cable from your router to a hub and then 4 cameras from that with short cables.

I am running 40 cameras on my property. Everything is recorded on 2 NVR's and Blue Iris. I find the NVR's to be more reliable than Blue Iris. Otherwise, you could just get cameras and a copy of Blue Iris.

This is what I'd do if I could do it all over again :).

17:30 UTC


Affordable indoor security camera with a cloud service - I'm totally lost

I'm lost. The summer vacations are coming and I feel defenseless, as I've been using the Alfred app on old phones for years but recently they stopped the free cloud, so if a burglar steals the old phone I won't have any video evidence. Thus, I need to buy an indoor security camera with a cloud service but I'm totally lost and tired of searching, to be honest. I'd like an affordable camera, €50-€100, with a battery because there's no electrical plug near the front door where I'd like to put it. The problems are: 1) They all look like cheap Chinese cameras with old apps; 2) They conveniently hide what the cloud cost is (ieGeek, for example). It also seems like they record up to 30 seconds when motion is detected and can't record longer.

We had burglars once so this is a serious matter for me. Please help me with recommendations?

09:56 UTC


Need to update Ademco Vista 15 system to no longer need a landline.

We have an 12 year old Ademco Vista 15 alarm system monitored by ADT with hardwired window sensors, motion detector (basement), and smoke detectors. The device came with the house when we purchased it (new build).

The problem that I'm REALLY trying to solve for is that I'd like to switch internet suppliers; however, our alarm system still monitors using a landline. We don't have any problems with it, but if I'm changing "cable" suppliers, I would like to get rid of the landline and switch to cellular monitoring.

*I'm looking for options to upgrade the current panel to remove the need for the landline, so I assume accommodate cellular monitoring, without creating problems since nothing is currently wrong. What is the right combination of alarm carrier (can be self monitored or professionally monitored) + internet supplier (we don't need cable).*

Other info:
Currently also have Ring doorbell and outside Ring (garage) camera and Verizon Wireless for cellphones only.

23:10 UTC


Seeking Advice: Can Home Security Cameras Deter Resident Crime?

Hello everyone,

With recent news about illegal trespassing incidents involving our nearby neighbor, I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the security of our property. Do you think a home security camera would be effective in deterring crimes like resident burglary?

I'd appreciate any advice or experiences you can share.


19:01 UTC


Searching for a camera to catch my neighbour putting screws in my tires

My neighbour put a screw in my tire but i cant prove it. Its the second time he does this, so i want to install a camera on my balcony that records the parking space in the backyard, where my car is parked. It should have a good person detection and good night vision. Is there anything around 50€ that would work?

17:18 UTC


Camera placement recommendations


We have recently purchased a new home, and the electrician has offered us the option to request extra network cables in any locations we choose. I thought it would be a good idea to request network cables for future installation of IP cameras.

Could anyone advise on the best positions to install the cameras? We are already planning to have a doorbell camera at the main entrance.

Note: Most of the windows are floor-to-ceiling

Thank you!



12:04 UTC


Honeywell Vista Panel Can't Clear Code

Was testing out some components on my Honeywell Vista 21P panel. I have (3) System Sensor i3 2WT-B smoke sensors. Tested the first one by pressing test button. Worked OK, red LED stayed on, indicating alarm. Went to the next one, pressed test button. Red LED stayed on, but did not trigger alarm.

Both red LEDs stay on, indicating alarm. "Fault 01 Smoke" stays on alpha keypad. Won't clear with "Code+Off."

Tried, "Installer Code+800", then get "20" (programing mode). At that point or after I exit programming with *99, the smoke alarm triggers. I was no longer in test mode so got the call from the central station.

A while back, I had some other code that wouldn't go away. I think the way I got rid of it was "Installer Code+800, at 20, *99 " and that cleared it, I think. Can't remember for sure.

Right now, have to bypass smokes (I think all 3 are on same zone) to set alarm. How do I clear code? Thanks.

23:09 UTC


Anyone know what these are called? Can I not open my windows fully all the way to the top because of it? Any way to remove it? Would love to open the window all the way up for some fresh air. Thanks!

06:04 UTC


Cheap Ethernet cam for Synology - not WiFi - not Reolink


I'm looking for a "cheap" camera with ethernet cable connection (not wifi) for Synology surveillance station (SSS). I used the SSS compatibility tool, but it's somehow unusable for this task. Also most cams only have WiFi connection.

Any recommendations?

Other features:
-IR night vision
-Indoor, small cam
-<150€, if possible <100€

Dont want:
-no reolink
I read that they like to communicate home, and I don't want to set up an extra router/LAN just for my cameras. So probably same for other chinese cams
-no Netatmo.
I had the Netatmo welcome and its only usable when its connected to Netatmo servers. It fails as soon as there is no internet connection. Also super slow, kind of unreliable.

Don't need/care

16:40 UTC


Theft prevention help?

I don’t have a security background, have a set schedule so I’m predictable. Have a POE 4 camera setup that’s currently unplugged due to bedroom renovation. Plan to upgrade to 8 cams when the renovation is complete. I’ve had a problem with property theft at my house spanning a few years. Mainly Amazon packages, vehicle gas and now car parts last night. Also have a problem with the house adjacent to mine has been transformed into a trap house. Elderly lady left it to a middle aged junky son, city has little interest in the issue. Typical middle class neighborhood that’s pre HOA era. Im sure other neighbors have had problems, I’ve spoken with the nearest neighbors to the drug dealers. They’ve only experienced drug paraphernalia discarded near their home. May or may not be related to my current situation. I’m also a landlord that’s had problems with tenants within the past couple of years so can’t rule this out either. Backyard is fenced in with a German Shepard so problem is limited to the front yard. City police say trailer cams, anyone offer insight on how it can be prevented instead of documented? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

16:43 UTC


Do all Reolink cameras require a central recording/POE hub? Or can you just use them as individual IP wifi cameras with a corded power supply?

I'm trying to help my parents out, and they're looking at getting 2 outdoor cameras. They can wire the power no problem, and just need wifi connectivity for video.

They have an alarm system, but it's the old school local alarm company their friend owns that just monitors doors and windows. They want something they can check when they're out of town and the alarm goes off to make sure that it's a false alarm and not an actual break-in. Because of course, buddy's alarm company is so-so at best, but they would rather you have 30 false alarms than miss the real deal. So they get false alarms all the time.

It looks like Reolink cameras would be a durable option, and I think should have have corded power options as best as I can tell.

Can you just set up a couple in the app on wifi as an IP camera setup, install SD cards and off you go? Also trying to make this as user-friendly as possible, otherwise I'll have to just install the thing myself and that won't be for a while.

05:31 UTC


What is slimy greasy sticky that will ruin fence jumpers clothes?

I got some aholes that keep coming on my property. It’s far from my home itself and i doubt it’s to rob.

I think they are kids, not sure what age, i found 2 empty beer bottles last week.

I want to literally cover the chain link fence with something that will ruin their clothes.

Any idea?


01:27 UTC


Door motion camera

I have a space that has a door but there is no wifi. I want to be able to record when someone enters showing date and time. I assume that I need a system with a NVR. Any suggestions?

1 Comment
22:30 UTC


reconfigure alarm.com camera for personal use without service?

Previous owners left some ADC-VC726 cameras hooked up to some POE cables which I found in a closet. I've had two minor thefts recently and that motivated me to get these set up, so I connected them to a POE network switch I am using for my unifi network.

They are showing up with local IP addresses on my network when I run nmap on my linux machine, but apparently they cannot be accessed directly; I tried connecting both to their IP addresses and rtsp via vlc. According to this, I need an alarm.com account to use them? I'm definitely not interested in connecting my home cameras to some 3rd party.

I found this old post from 7 years ago suggesting to use iSpy, but this model isn't listed in their alarm.com page so I'm worried that this will not work.

I have a couple questions here:

  1. Is there some way to "jailbreak" these? Can I flash some kind of open source firmware onto them or something? Or can I get them connected to iSpy?

  2. If not, can I sell them and buy some less-user-hostile PoE cameras that will fit in the same spots that these are installed?

21:58 UTC


Windows App for Samsung Wisenet SDH-B74041

Hello, I bought this system 7 years ago and love the system but the browser plugin is god awful. To make it worse I now have to pay a subscription for IE Tab just to get it to work at all.

Are there any decent Windows apps that work with a system like this? The cameras are hardwired to a control box which I then connect to via WiFi. Most of the apps I see are for IP based cameras.


17:28 UTC


Home made pepper spray

Recently a number of Times I've had to use any pepper spray for self-defense application I've been disappointed by the results. They seem to have been incredibly weak unconcentrated brands that have failed to create any kind of incapacitation or deterrence and have rather just seem to kind of piss off in mildly harm the subject. I want to overcome this by making my own product utilizing my own delivery method, oriented around maximum efficiency rather than limiting maximum efficiency in favor of the safety of those exposed to it and meeting various state regulatory and industrial production regulation guidelines designed to limit harm in the subject and shield the manufacturer from liability. Please go over my methodology and assist me in a couple of matters as well as offer any possible contributive input on the subject and my intended production means.

To start off with for the delivery technology I have something called a portable oral irrigator, picture included. It's essentially a large capacity water containment glass with attachment on top that shoots the water through a highly concentrated Direct pressurized non aerosolized spray format. I just got it and with just water it seems capable of delivering the product up to maybe 20 to 25 ft although I could likely get more distance than that albeit at Les accurately by arcing my shot. They can contain multitudes more than the standard spray bottle of pepper spray and fire in a continuous burst for about a minute Plus significantly better than any kind of spray on the market. It seems due to the high pressurization of the spray to be significantly more resistant to backfire and wind displacement than most OC defense sprays

I plan on buying the hottest kind of pepper that they have at Safeway, and drying and processing/ grating the peppers the best my abilities although I do not have an oven or blender so if you have any ideas there please chime in. After preparation I plan on using a solvent to soak and submerge the processed chili pulp for an appropriate time to concentrate the capsicum, then run it through a coffee filter to place in a pan or similar container and find an efficient way to evaporate the solvent. Please time in here on what you think the ideal solvent is, out of material I can get reliably at Safeway or another extremely common store, between acetone or rubbing alcohol, thinking surely in terms of efficiency and concentration of finished product although slightly considerate of time and ease of handling as well.

After removing the solvent leaving a concentrated capsicum form, I plan on diluting this concentrate inside of the irrigator device in water to make it sprayable. I hope that by concentrated in it at a much much higher concentration then you can get in self-defense sprays which typically max out at around 10% but can go as high as 15% for law enforcement use, and by utilizing the more powerful spray mechanism of the irrigator, I can create something significantly more incapacitating and harmful than these common sprays, well avoiding the problem posed by bear spray which is that it will literally spray the bejesus out of a very large area making an extremely dangerous to use when there's anyone around in the vicinity other than who you were trying to get. Since capsaican does not dissolve in water at all and is not water soluble I was planning on first dissolving it in some olive oil first until I had a very thick oily substance then scooping it into a syringe and dumping it in the irrigator before mixing with water. Any thoughts on the viability of this method and my concerns that the oil OC product will not mix correctly with the water? Would adding alcohol as well to the olive oil and then mixing in water to make a half alcohol half water composite work better?

Well I want this s*** to be strong punishing and incapacitating Beyond what can be done with a market product, I am in a general sense a compassionate person and not particularly prone to the more extreme fits of vindictiveness. I want this s*** to be a small step below War crime, but not a full-blown human rights atrocity type situation, meaning I want the absolute most efficient product capable of delivering 100% of potential incapacitation and debilitation possible, without them going past the point of Maximum efficiency and simply causing irreparable harm to a person that does not result in any immediate increase in the efficiency of incapacitation and situational dominance. I was thinking of aiming for maybe a 30% OC concentration, which would certainly cause mild to moderate skin tissue abrasions and harm, but should not cause any destruction to tissues in the eye that would last permanently or for longer than Maybe a few days to a week or so at the maximum. My biggest concern would be that it would be too concentrated so as to cause a significant enough respiratory distress that a person would be at risk of fatal suffocation. Anyone have any relevant information relating to the last possibility?

Finally I'm interested in anyone's ideas on random tweaks modifications or additions, either to the composition, expected delivery medium, or production process? Any idea on positive additives or additional ingredients to the finished concentrate mixture that would make it more efficient or increase its debilitative or utility potentials? I'm primarily thinking of adding a blue or purple food dye in small quantities so as to mask the nature of the product, so that I can have it readily available without alerting a potential attacker and getting his guard up. I was also thinking of potential additive agents that would increase both the penetration of the spray composition into the skin as well as the longevity by making it bind to the Target and make it harder to remove quickly, like maybe some kind of gelling or thickening agent or something something? I don't know. I'm open to ideas here but unless you have severe doubts as to the penetration and efficiency of a water and alcohol or just water-based delivery mechanism, I don't want to try anything too intensive or that would have to have a chance of potentially f****** off what I'm doing. Also a random idea but if anyone has any relative experience with Camphour, I'm interested in the potential of adding small amounts of it dissolved in a liquid OC composite specifically due to its properties of penetrating through skin and acting as a Delivery Agent capable of getting deep into the skin, potentially increasing the radius of harm caused in the dermis, but experimenting with it is a present just a your pipe dream, more of a hypothetical construct for consideration than a realistic design goal in this fun little project of mine. Let me know of any civilian legal a substances or agents which are not barred to those convicted of felonies and which are readily and easily accessible and affordable from physical retail stores and which are efficient in low enough volume that I could add them to the mix without over diluting it's OC concentration potential, which offer additional and different Avenues of incapacitation and debilitation or in any way increase its efficiency as a combat capable weapon for either offensive or defensive use? CN spray is illegal, and it's illegal to use any known carcinogenic or physically harmful/ caustic substances against a human being, so anything poisonous or acidic or truly damaging to the skin such as bleach is completely out of the question.

For personal context, assume I'm contractually obligated not to share the situation of my employment and details of my specific field circumstances, and assume that I'm in a situation where I might frequently have to defend innocent individuals from physical harm by extremely dangerous and immoral non-state actors, necessitating efficiency being prioritized above subject safety overall, and where due to potential favoritism and hostility by the local law enforcement agencies in my territory causing unfair bias against me, I have to be altered considerate of legal consequences, meaning that I'm in all intents and purposes in a situation where local law enforcement forces are going to be particularly eager to look for ways to prosecute me in any given situations where this s*** has to be applied as they would be for normal people. I have already checked all local legal matters and it is fully legal to carry a Contraption like what I intend as long as it is not specifically marked or designated as a weapon for hostile deployment. If you're uneasy about the potential moral implications, let me assure you that this s*** will only be used against extremely bad people and extremely dangerous situations where no one would give a f*** if they were there, assuming the s*** isn't so dangerous that it causes any real permanent harm or blindness

13:00 UTC


New to Ring Cameras

Bought a house a few months ago and am looking at setting up a Ring system for home security. It’s a 2100 sqft home, two stories.

Was thinking to get: -Ring floodlight cam wired pro (outside garage) -2 indoor cams gen 2 (one for inside garage, one for room on first floor with a lot of windows) -stick up cam battery (for back sliding glass door) -Ring battery doorbell plus (front door)

-not sure if I will need the EERO router also: if so, can someone send me the link of the one I would need? Surprisingly confusing on Amazon to narrow down the one I actually need

Overall, does this seem like a reasonable setup/anything I should do differently? Was hoping to buy at Costco or at Prime Day for deals. Appreciate any advice, TIA!!!!

1 Comment
05:44 UTC


S330 Motion detection test blinking led works at night, but very spotty bad real detection at night. (Not an AI issue)

I have done the motion sensitivity tests of two S330 camera's (in the dark). During this diagnostic mode the red light blinks even with small movements.

But outside of this mode the camera's rarely engage (no infrared light up). It's incredibly spotty to trigger the infrared and recording. Sometimes they picks up small motion but many times I can walk close by or wave my hands and nothing happens, no infrared light, no detection.

How can the motion sensitivity test work well but the actual motion detection in normal use not. I have set the motion sensitivity to high and detection to all motion. And still no detection. It's not about the AI feature, because the camera even fails to trigger at all (no infrared lights).

05:21 UTC


Security System Recommendations

Hi all - I am looking for a security system for the outside of my property.

My house is roughly 4K square feet and has TEN points of entry. All the doors except one are French doors.

For the downstairs, I would like some type of monitoring doorbell, along with motion detecting lights on the back and side of the property.

The upstairs I think it would be helpful to have a camera that can monitor the front and back porch, along with an alarm installed on the doors.

I know it’s a kind of big job based on the logistics of our house layout. Does anybody have a ballpark idea of what a setup like this should go for?

18:41 UTC

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