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ISO shops with reasonable NFA transfer fees near Louisville

Looking for places in/near Louisville that have reasonable NFA fees.

Kygunco charged $85 - $50 for the NFA transfer and $35 for silencershop kiosk fees.

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Rights violations and next steps (theoretical)

I'm contemplating attending a baseball game at slugger field, their website says that "pursuant to KY law, no person shall be permitted to knowingly be in possession........blah blah blah". So under the law in KY it is lawful to concealed carry firearms on public property. Slugger field is owned by the city and leased to the team, the only exceptions to that "public place/property" rule are places where the government functions or other areas where carry is prohibited federally, schools etc. Sporting events and arenas are not specified.

I found out that the stadium has security screening prior to entry and that persons lawfully possessing firearms will be denied entry. My question is two fold, isn't this a violation of both my state and federal firearms rights? What actions are available to me if I tried to concealed carry at the stadium which is legal under state law and was then denied?

Let's be honest downtown. Louisville is a shit show, hell the current mayor had an assassination attempt on his life during the campaign at his campaign headquarters near downtown.

Curious how this hypothetical might play out.

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Pikeville Gun Range

I’m moving to Pikeville soon from Pennsylvania and looking for any information about gun ranges? I tried to look on google and didn’t find much besides the East Kentucky Sportsman Club, but I’ll be a grad student with not a lot of money to spend on dues. Anyone know of ranges/places to shoot around Pikeville?

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I'm looking at relocating from my anti 2A state to Kentucky. Anything ridiculous laws or AWB/ mag capacity laws I should be aware of?

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If I lose my ccdw license because I lost my wallet but it is still active can I still conceal carry?

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Gun ranges and shops near Bullitt Co. KY

We've decided to relocate outside of Louisville (Bullitt County) and would love some recommendations on places to shoot and the best shops in the area. I'm really looking forward to moving to this great Commonwealth and appreciate any responses. Thanks in advance.

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An SBS Case in the 6th Circuit!

The case name is US v. Brooks, which involves an SBS and 18 USC § 922(g)(1). Dalton Brooks became a “prohibited person” under 922(g)(1) because he had 2 Ohio felony convictions for failing to comply with an order or signal of a police officer and aggravated drug trafficking. Brooks tried to get the charges dismissed as applied to him by citing to cases like US v. Bullock and Range v. Garland, and said that because of his felony convictions, it was impossible for him to comply with gun registration. He also points out that there’s no tradition of requiring arms registration. Brooks in his reply also points out the reading from Heller below is erroneous:

We therefore read Miller to say only that the Second Amendment does not protect those not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes, such as short-barreled shotguns.

Here, Scalia in Heller is basically trying to “translate” the words in Miller to the words we understand today, or apply the Miller holding from the militia to the “people”. In reality, the words “typically possessed” and “in common use” are rather a historical description of arms that the militiamen would bring to militia musters at the time when they existed. In reality, Miller said this:

The Court cannot take judicial notice that a shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches has today any reasonable relation to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia, and cannot therefore say that the Second Amendment guarantees to the citizens the right to keep and bear such a weapon.

In the absence of any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a "shotgun having a barrel of less than eighteen inches in length" at this time has some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia, we cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear such an instrument. Certainly it is not within judicial notice that this weapon is any part of the ordinary military equipment, or that its use could contribute to the common defense. Aymette v. State, 2 Humphreys (Tenn.) 154, 158.

This implies that the Miller Court is unable to determine if the SBS would be an effective weapon of war, which according to case law actually receive more explicit protection than others like butterfly knives and stun guns.

Brooks actually gives evidence that SBSs are used for lawful purposes:

Historically the short barreled shotgun was used for legitimate lawful purposes. In the 1920’s and 1930’s commercial weapons like the Ithaca “Auto and Burglar” gun being manufactured, marketed and sold. These were pistol grip shotguns with barrels less than 18”. They were legal at the time and meant for civilian defensive purposes. Approximately 2,500 were manufactured from 1921 to 1925. A double barrel version was available in 1925. Wikipedia, Ithaca Auto and Burglar

Furthermore, short barreled shotguns were favored by law enforcement on stage coaches. Historically the short barreled shotguns have been referred to as “coach guns”. They were also utilized in mariner warfare in naval battles.

Finally, Brooks actually points out the emphases of both Heller and Miller: Miller focuses mainly on the militia, its definition, and whether SBS’s are “typically possessed” and “commonly used” by militiamen at musters, while Heller mainly focuses on the “people” because Petitioners like Heller wanted to keep handguns irrespective of militia service.

The judge denies Brooks’s MTD for the following reasons:

  1. 922(g)(1): He cites decisions upholding that statute in the district courts within the 6th Circuit, as well as US v. Jackson from the 8th. He doesn’t buy the Range case because Range merely made false statements on a food stamp application, while he cites US v. Torres-Rosario to say that drug offenses like trafficking are inherently violent offenses.
  2. SBS: The judge cherry-picks quotes from Miller, Heller, and Bruen in upholding the NFA as applied to SBS’s, which he deems “unusual OR dangerous” and “unusual AND dangerous” (mainly the former). He also notes that judges in every criminal case that had to consider the constitutionality of the NFA upheld it. He agrees with the US that the plain text doesn’t guarantee the right to keep an SBS because it’s “dangerous and unusual.” The judge hereby conflated the textual and the historical thresholds altogether with very scant evidence on why SBS’s are “dangerous and unusual” when being carried in such a way to terrify the public.

Personally speaking, there can be violent instances when trafficking drugs, but apparently, I don’t see any factual findings of him exhibiting any acts of violence. If anything, Brooks, who grew up in a fatherless home, is non-virtuous at the very least. See docket entry.

Also, judges including Republican appointees (like this one) jump the upholding bandwagon for the NFA every time someone tries to throw it out on 2A grounds. If we are not vigilant enough, more judges will keep on upholding them, and we will eventually get anti-gun or anti-constitutional circuit precedents in even the more conservative circuits like the 5th. For example, in US v. Seekins, which challenged 922(g)(1) on the Commerce clause grounds, the 5th refused to rehear en banc. Enough is enough! It’s time that we call our pro-2A groups to file amicus briefs! No more games!

Note: There’s an as-applied 922(g)(1) case on appeal named US v. Goins that has been orally argued on 3/21/2024 in front of Julia Gibbons (GWB), John Bush (Trump), and Eric Murphy (Trump). I have yet to listen to that oral arguments. There’s another 922(g)(1) case named US v. Taylor that has been fully briefed, but not argued yet.

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Ammo collection

Starting up an ammo collection for display and wondering if anyone knows of any shops that have old and hard to find stuff. Loose ammo is fine. I’ve had some luck at the Louisville gun show, but not much in Lexington or Cave city.

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Stuck with ammo that is no loner needed.

The title kinda says it all. I just recently sold all of my fire arms. (My wife and I just had a child, and we agreed to not have anything like that in the house to be safe.) So now my problem is that I have a lot of ammo that is unused and is taking up too much space. The problem is that because of where I'm located (Mount Eden area) there isn't any place that lm aware of that'll buy ammo. I really would prefer to not use anything online like gunbroker or another of those cites. Would any of y'all have any suggestions or ideas as to where I can sell it? Thanks.

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Ccw insurance here in ky

Our gun laws are pretty nice here. Castle doctrine. Stand your ground. Immunity from criminal and civil action in self defense case. No duty to retreat.

I'm considering US law Shield, Right to Bear, or CCW Safe. Anybody have these or yall think it's a scam like many many others?

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Question from a Californian (with a CCW permit) travelling to Kentucky

I'm going to be attending a conference at the university of Kentucky during the summer and had some questions about concealed carry laws in KY. I have a CCW permit within California and after reading information from the KY State Police, it seems that I do not need a permit from KY to carry a concealed weapon. Is this correct? Also, after looking at the university of KY's website it appears that I can only conceal carry on the campus if the weapon remains in the car. Is this correct as well? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

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Ammo storage

Anybody have a good system for ammo storage? I have been using sealed cases but at this point that is getting to be a pain. I have a carbon monoxide wash packaging machine, would this be a good method as it would eliminate o2? The sealed cases seem to work fine but I would rather spend money on more ammo than cases and the cases take up so much space. I have been shooting around 5k a year and buying way more than that.

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Straw sale

Could an 18 year old give a 21+ year old money to purchase a pistol since it is legal to buy through a private seller would this be a straw sale?

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Can someone 18 years of age open carry a handgun in a car? Every where I check besides actual laws say something about “it needs to be in a glove box” aka how to get shot.

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Ky night vision

Any ranges here in KY doing a night vision event? I haven’t been able to come across anything with a google search.

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Looking for Shooting partners in Georgetown area

Hello, I live in Georgetown, I am looking for others in the area that enjoy shooting.

I am disabled, and I no longer drive so I would need someone willing to pick me up. I have lots of shooting toys, handguns, rifles and I really enjoy shooting.

If you would like to even chat about shooting, I would be interested.

I also used to reload and can talk about that as well.

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Any good training classes in Lexington? Mainly Handgun/CCW

Louisville and elsewhere is fine too, but I'd prefer it if there were others in Lexington that are worth it. Thanks yall

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Good Ranges near Louisville

With OpenRange closing, I am needing to find a new range not far from NE Louisville. Range USA is there, and I have thought about Southern Indiana CMP, but how are the other options?

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18 year old open carry

I have gotten different answers from all various different sources if it it’s okay for me to legally open carry my g42 in public

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19 carrying handgun in car.

I’ve gotten so many mixed answers to this it’s unreal this seems like the proper place to ask. I know you have to be 21 to conceal a Handgun in the state of kentucky. Is it legal to keep a handgun in my glove box as a 19 year old. Clearly not in my name because I cannot legally purchase one. I’ve been gifted said handguns over the years. Also anything particular I need to know. Thanks!

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Another fun match @KPDL

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How to sell ammo

I got rid of a few firearms and have a bunch of ammo in 9mm, 223, 12GA, 22LR and 308 that I need to get rid of. What’s the best way to sell them?

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Gun shops and Ranges near Bowling Green.

Hello. After a recent trip to Kentucky, I'm considering a move to the Bowling Green area. What are the best gun shops and places to shoot in the area? Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Range day?

Anyone up for a range day or have suggestions for an outdoor range in Northern Kentucky (Kenton County)?

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Does anyone here know of restrictions about setting up a range on your own property?

I have heard of rules like needing an ungodly amount of land between residences near you, but that might have been for other states. I’m just looking to see what sort of things I’d need to think about before I start looking for a permanent home where I’d like the freedom to shoot in my back yard.

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Out of curiosity does anyone know of a flat/outdoor range that isn’t knob creek?

I live in Louisville and am not a fan of the indoor range I wish I knew someone who was willing to let me go shoot on their property but sadly I don’t have that connection I would really love to get out and shoot at some distance 100-200 yards I’m just new to the gun world and don’t know where I can make that happen

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Concealed Carry Class in Louisville Area

Looking to get my concealed carry license soon. Anybody have recommendations for an affordable and good-quality class in the Louisville area?

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