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Gemtech abyss base diameter?

Looking to get a gemtech abyss, found a good deal. Curious about the diameter. I know officially it says 1.64in diameter, my hand guard covers the bottom 1/2 of the threads of my barrel (7in handguard on 7.5in barrel), and has an ID of 1.5in. The base of the abyss seems a bit smaller than the rest of the body, just curious if anybody with calipers would mind measuring the diameter of the base of the suppressor as well as maybe the length of that initial narrower section?

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07:20 UTC


My latest Form 4 signature

The latest version of seeing what the ATF will accept for a signature on a Form 4...

07:12 UTC


Help, am regarded, I have a 30 cal can question.

I have a 300 BO Sig Rattler that I just filed a Form 1 for, now I’m looking for a tapered direct thread 30 cal can for it. From what I’ve seen the Hyperion K would work, but I’m wanting to know what my other options are. I was initially thinking of going with the OCL Polonium 30, but if I understand correctly it doesn’t have the taper. Is there something that could make that work on a taper mount?

06:57 UTC


PWS MK109 Won’t Cycle Subs w/ SOCOM300 SPS

After a 9 month wait on 2 tax stamps, I took my PWS MK109 (300BLK) and Surefire SOCOM300 SPS to the range for the first time today. Could not get it to cycle with 3 different types of subsonic ammo. Tried all three gas settings. The range staff even helped swap in an H1 buffer to try (H2 was stock). Could not get it to cycle in any of those configurations. I’ve sent PWS an email to see what they say but any tips?

04:42 UTC


Current SBS lineup. I feel like I need an A5/Model 11 whippet to round it out.

04:12 UTC


Private sale rifle to SBR

Hi all, I bought an Sig Virtus through private sale and I was wondering if I would still be able to SBR it via form 1 or do I have to have it transferred via an FFL. thanks!!

04:11 UTC


9mm suppressor

What's a good suppressor for a 9mm PCC as well as a 9mm pistol?

03:44 UTC


When is the tax stamp paid when purchased through SS or capital armory?

So I generally buy tax stamps through silencer shop or paid the atf directly in the case of my form 1. Recently I decided to get a suppressor from griffin armament which utilizes capital armory. I ended purchasing the wrong suppressor model and didn’t notice until I was certifying the form 4 (I paid capital for the tax stamp already). I didn’t end up filling the form 4 and griffin was nice enough to offer to swap out the suppressor for the model I wanted. When I talked to Capitol armory about it, they said they wouldn’t go through the refund process with the atf and that it can’t be used for a different suppressor.

It was my understanding that the tax stamp was not paid until an actual form was submitted through eforms. So does Capitol armory or silencer shop prepay the atf before a form 4 is filed?

02:51 UTC


Good budget 9mm suppressor

I am looking to save up some money and eventually get a suppressor for my CZ Scorpion in 9mm, does anyone have some good recommendations for budget options?

01:57 UTC


What brace / stock is this

01:53 UTC


First can. Super pumped!

Ordered from Capitol armory 6 weeks ago yesterday. Delivered today!

Saker 556K on a geissele receiver set with JP guts.

00:25 UTC


First Can Approved in 4 days.

So I got in on the Rex Silentium BOGO deal they were having and ended up with 2 mg22 suppressors, original plan was to get the mg7 358 bore and get the mg22 for free but the mg7 never came in stock in a timely manner at my local dealer and I didn't want to miss out on the deal. Submitted my form 4 on a Saturday morning got my approval back on Tuesday afternoon on the first can, the 2nd free one got approved in 3 days after submission. For your viewing pleasure : Ruger 10/22 charger 8in barrel, Rex MG22 can, and Franklin Armory Freedom Seed Accelerator and Remington subs.

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00:13 UTC



If I purchase a complete ar15 pistol lower do I need to do a form 1 to finish completing the pistol? In Pennsylvania can’t find a clear answer

23:55 UTC


Ported/threaded barrel and suppressor combo?

I've got a dumb question, what would happen if you threw a suppressor on a ported barrel pistol, would it negate the point of the suppressor, meaning when running both in tandem the can would increase the back pressure, and throw more sound and flash through the ports? Or would the net effect be like an mp5SD sorta thing? Disregarding a surpressed gas seal revolver like the nagant m1895, I'm just curious.... I tried to Google it and got 10 different answers. And I really don't feel like buying 2 separate barrels, cause most likely the g17 is gonna rock the ported barrel everyday and the suppressor is gonna stay on the Ruger charger in 9mm most* of the time but if I wanted to run the suppressor on the g17 with the ported and threaded barrel on occasion.... I would prefer if anyone who's actually tried what I'm describing would answer and not the internet commandos who hit you with the, "Well I don't have any experience but in theory the ports would cause a massive decrease in velocity and it would be pointless anyway cause rusted exhaust before a muffler ect ect" Appreciate it guys looking forward to the answers.

23:35 UTC


I showed you my P, plz respond

Staccato P with a SilencerCo Octane 9. It’s a pretty fun suppressor host.

22:27 UTC



Noob can guy here. The ODB Hub came in stock and I got one. Looking to get a rearden atlas system going. What's the best Muzzle device from them?

22:07 UTC


Any updates on SilencerCo Omega 300 BOGO

Reached out to them earlier this month and received the same standard reply that everyone else has been getting. Nearing one year from submitting the BOGO.

Curious if anyone has had theirs fulfilled recently. Trying to be patient, but a year wait is a bit long in my opinion.

21:57 UTC


Updated wait time reddit user wait time graph

21:53 UTC


A very weird baffle strike

Hi all. I recently had a baffle strike on my MG7. Rex is taking care of it. However, I made a few curious observations. Only the first baffle got struck, none of the other baffles showed any damage when we put a bore scope through the can. Alignment was good and checked before shooting, mount was torqued to spec and loctited.

Do we think it could be ammo? I know it doesn’t much matter, but I am curious.

21:37 UTC


Conjugal visit with my OCL Titanium

Zerod a new optic for Steel Challenge and wanted to see how much POI shift I'd have. Almost none at 25yrds shooting Federal Automatch.

Really impressed with the level of suppression with super sonic sounds. It wasn't kicking on the active noise canceling on my ear pro. With subs it's Hollywood quiet.

20:57 UTC


Surprise surprise…another CAT lives up to the hype post

Just took my new inconel Alleycat 5.56 out today, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Host was an 11.5 DI with a Criterion Core barrel, SA AGB, A5H2 with a Vltor rifle spring. First time shooting this upper so I broke it in without the can, and dialed the AGB down to see how low I could choke the gas down and still get it to run reliably. Ended up at setting 7, which was surprising given that Core barrels seem to be conservatively gassed.

Threw the can on and the AGB setting stayed the same as unsuppressed to get BHO. Barely any gas to the face. Extremely soft shooting. I literally smiled when I shot it for the first time, it was so quiet. CAT must be using some black magic bullshit in their tech.

Took out my 14.5 with a Criterion Core and SA AGB with a Polonium K just for comparison. The sound wasn’t unpleasant, but definitely higher pitched with a sharper tone than the Alleycat. Seemed slightly louder to me without ears on too. Also significantly gassier even with the gas choked down with the AGB.

All in all, I was always excited about 🐱 , but experiencing it in person definitely makes me a true believer now. u/the_CAT_official knocked it out of the park. Also shoutout u/PieceOfMindGuns for the hookup. Ordered 5/16, and in my hands 6/17. Even let me use a free shipping code I forgot I had.

20:43 UTC


Picked up a couple cans

YHM R9 & Sparrow.

I was on the motorcycle so no steering wheel to prop them up on.

20:08 UTC


Not my first two stamp setup, but one of my favorites.

It definitely makes the older guys cringe at the range, but it's my "beater" Miroku made SA 22. Morgan at Class 3 did the barrel chop and thread, great service, quality and price as usual. Just need my Rucker dot mount to show up so I can do more than mag (tube?) dump in to berms.

19:36 UTC

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