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New here, best place to sell a few guns?

I’m new here to Casper, but I’m headed back overseas this year and I’m looking to thin out my guns for some photography equipment I’ll need overseas. Where’s the best place to advertise or sell locally? I have an AR10, Glock 17 race gun, ar9 stripped lower, maybe two ar stripped lowers.

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18:30 UTC


DeWilde v. Attorney General: Appellant’s Reply Brief

Reply brief here.

Long story short, DeWilde points out the government’s weak logic in upholding the Hughes Amendment. DeWilde points out the Heller’s mere desire to own a handgun in DC satisfies standing, and the individual Bruen plaintiffs’ desire to carry handguns outside for self-defense satisfies standing, so his own desire to acquire a full auto (which, in reality, he has one) also satisfies. DeWilde points out that the government uses Heller’s dicta in upholding the Hughes Amendment, but Heller said that “[i]t is inconceivable that [the Supreme Court] would rest [its] interpretation of the basic meaning of any guarantee of the Bill of Rights upon… dict[a] in a case where the point was not at issue and was not argued.” DeWilde says that “common use” should be a sufficient condition for any arm, not a necessary condition for arms owned by the civilians. In fact, he cites US v. Miller’s comment regarding able-bodied men bringing weapons “in common use at the time” for militia service. Here, DeWilde says that arms used for militia service were also used by the military. He also says that the “common use” test is based on the “historical tradition of carrying ‘dangerous and unusual’ weapons” (here, the Hughes Amendment proscribes the private possession of posties), and elucidates the meaning of D&U, which refers to affrays, not a class of arms. DeWilde also points out that the governments’ other analogues fail to suffice the justification of the Hughes Amendment, and he even points out that when the NFA was debated, the full auto ban would raise constitutional questions, so the tax was implemented so as to be “easily within the law” (in reality, infringe means to hinder or destroy, and the mere tax and other NFA requirements by definition hinder on one’s ability to exercise 2A rights, despite being previously upheld in Sonzinsky under the Taxing Power). DeWilde also cites The Federalist No. 46 in support of striking down the Hughes Amendment.

DeWilde, however, makes one error: while he points out that the government has been conflating the historical (second) and textual (first) prongs in the Bruen analysis, he cites a passage regarding Thomas’s comment on how the courts would use the second step for the means-end scrutiny test.

01:29 UTC


Thinking of moving to WY

WY is one of the states where I’m looking at properties. Either WY, NH, MT, or ME. Need a cold area with good gun laws, bonus if it has no income tax.

Say I buy an acre of land with a house on it. No houses or buildings within a mile or two. Would I be able to target practice on my own property? I currently live in the Mid East coast and being able to plink in my back yard is a wild concept to me.

If I’m able to shoot on my property with the above conditions, how close would my neighbors have to be before it becomes a legal issue? Or does it depend on local ordinances?

11:23 UTC


August Course Schedule | Colorado Firearm Academy

We have a handful of openings on most of our courses running next month. Let us know if you have any questions. All courses are $100 (except the Utah Standalone course) and all courses are taught at our private range in Dacono Colorado.


7th - Basic Pistol I | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

8th - Defensive Pistol I | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

14th - Basic Rifle AR15 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

15th - Tactical Rifle | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

21st - Defensive Pistol II | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

22nd - Defensive Pistol I | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm**

22nd - Utah CFP Course | 3:00pm - 5:00pm ($50)

More details here, register here

19:10 UTC


Introducing Colorado Firearm Academy

Good Afternoon, I am the owner and lead instructor at Colorado Firearm Academy. We are located a little over an hour south of Cheyenne on the I-25 corridor and a little over 1.5 hours from Laramie. Over the last few years, we have had numerous students make the trek from Cheyenne or Laramie to train with us.

We offer 4 levels of Pistol Courses, 3 rifle courses, 2 shotgun courses, an RSO course, Tactical First Aid, and a Utah Non-resident Permit course. All of our courses are $100 (unless specified otherwise) and are taught on a spacious private range. Most courses are capped at 6 students so you will receive dedicated time with an instructor.

We have also created a discount code for you guys to save 15% off any of our scheduled courses with code "wyguns".

You can view details about our courses here, upcoming course schedule here, and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments or email us at info@ColoradoFirearmAcademy.com

19:48 UTC


Visitor Questions

I will be visiting your great state this summer. I am from IL (yeah, I know) and my conceal carry permit is not honored in Wyoming. I read that open carry is okay for non-residents. Will I get any weird looks roaming around Sheridan area while open carrying? Do some towns or businesses (bars) not allow open carry? Its just a small Sig 365 not some 454 casull revolver.

00:39 UTC


FFL that charges per 4473 in Laramie or Cheyenne?

Probably a pipe dream, but next time I can find stripped lowers in stock I'm going to buy like 10.

Is there an FFL around that will charge me a flat rate for this and not per gun?


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00:40 UTC


This post contains the most comprehensive list of Reddit gun subs available.

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Anybody know about the gun club in Gillette?

I checked out their website, but it looks like it hasn't been updated in a hot minute. Mostly just wanting to know about how much a membership costs.

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04:43 UTC


Had a little fun south of Cheyenne with my new revolver.

18:19 UTC


Free Shooting Near Cheyenne

I was thinking of heading up to Cheyenne from Denver and go shooting with some friends. I looked online and they mentioned something about a place by the Otis gun club but I am unsure if that place is open still or if there is another place close to Cheyenne to shoot?

Also I was maybe looking for some parts that I can't find in Colorado for my Marlin 795. Where would there be a good place to find one?

I am planning on bringing a tarp to catch brass and a few trash bags for trash.

21:25 UTC


Shooting on public land?

Is it legal to shoot on public land like it is in Utah?

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08:00 UTC


Where to shoot guns near Laramie?

I recently purchased an SAR-1 AK-47, and while I have been able to fire it a little, I don't really know where to go in order to have a good, long firing session. The indoor range at the fairgrounds only takes .22 caliber rifles, so I'm out of luck with the 7.62 rounds. Does anyone know of some good public land that's not terribly far out of Laramie for shooting?

04:18 UTC


Sound Off!

What's your approx location and willingness for a Wyogunnit range day?

Casper area here, where you guys at?

21:15 UTC


Wyoming HB 114 needs your help!

Please contact your local (or all) Senators and let them know you are in favor of HB 114 which eliminates gun free zones and allows CCW holders to carry on campuses in Wyoming!

Do not let this bill die for the 3rd time in the Senate!

List of Wyoming Senators

14:20 UTC

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