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    Where should I start with gun building and getting pretty specific parts

    I wanna make a bit of a troll build as my first AR build because my friend has been telling me to get an AK for a while. What I wanna do just to mess with him is build an AR chambered in either 5.45x39 or 7.62x39. Then I also wanna give it a side charging handle instead of using the traditional rear chargin handle for an AR. Bonus if any of the parts can actually look like an AK but mostly when he tells me to get an AK I essentially wanna hit him with a we have AK at home meme

    15:08 UTC


    This ok here?

    Century/ptr c93

    14:44 UTC


    Magpul 10/30 conversion

    Hey all,

    I recently moved from a non-free state to Alabama and I have a ton of Magpul AR 10/30’s, is there a way to turn these into 30 rounders? I’d hate to waste them but I just don’t have a use for 10 rounders anymore.

    14:26 UTC


    Question on Varmint Rifle Safety

    I’ve recently purchased a 117 year old farm, and with that, a few family’s of groundhogs. I’ve been using a .22 rifle to get them, and I normally have some sort of brush pile behind where I’m shooting, but I do have other houses down the road (about 500 yards with sparse trees in between) and neighbors across the street. I know basic gun safety, like not shooting directly towards the houses and what not.

    My question is, would a high-end air rifle (CO2 or Breakbarrell) be a better option for safety, and would it be powerful enough to kill them?

    13:38 UTC


    Torn between three choices

    As the title implies, I'm torn between my next purchase. The three I'm looking at are a Springfield hellcat pro, Sig Sauer p365 xMacro, or a S&W M&P 5.7. I've done my research, and I've rented and shot all 3. But, the more I try to make a decision, the more torn I am. Any advice, or information would be helpful in making my decision.

    13:05 UTC


    Have there been attempts with liquid gun "powder"?

    Like have there been guns that use a liquid instead of solid powder?

    Could you build a gun with a tank for the "powder" and the ammunition is just the bullet?

    Or are liquid explosives just too volatile?

    10:53 UTC


    Cleaning time - Custom BUL SAS II Shorty

    09:58 UTC


    Is it me or the gun?

    I’ve been a gun guy for a long time now, owned almost every platform imaginable but recently I decided to make my first foray into revolvers. I bought a new ruger SP101 3” .357 from a buddy at the local pawn shop that I traded some old power tools for. I got around to shooting it for the first time and while it wasn’t a bad experience, I can’t say I had an amazing time with it. It was perfectly accurate and reliable and obviously had enough power to have some fun with but the experience just felt kinda clunky, mostly on account of the super heavy double action trigger but also due to the feeling of limitation having only 5 rounds at a time.

    I really don’t know much about revolvers, so my question is did I just not buy a great one and most revolvers are better or are revolvers just not my thing? It’s a silly question, I know, but I just don’t have much of a frame of reference.

    09:35 UTC


    Standard Co USA Review

    Wanted to leave a little review about the Standard Co USA triggers. I’ve got about 5 of these triggers in my various Glocks and I absolutely love them. They feel super solid, look great, and I’ve given them out as gifts to a few friends to put into their guns. The installation process is really simply thanks to a punch which comes with the trigger itself and only takes 10 or so minutes. 10/10 recommend to other gun enthusiasts that want to upgrade.

    (Forgive my clutter)

    07:54 UTC


    Does age of revolver relate to expansion of HP's?

    Hi, I have a 4 inch 68' colt python from my dad and his 66. It will sling the heaviest of magnums. It won't do it accurately and I'll never do it again, and the gun is no longer like new. I just wanted to see if it was an antique, it's not buts it's not even close to designed for modern pressures it can't even handle 1300fps.

    I'm mostly wondering about my 70'a snub 66. Does age of revolver relate to expansion with modern ammo?

    I also spilled an entire bottle of gun lube through the case of my 66 and it was soaking wet for days. I havent been to the range yet. Should I be concerned about that?

    Thanks for any info.

    05:45 UTC


    Barrel twist and bullet stabilization question

    So I have a sako .30-06 and I dropped it out of the stand while hunting and I need to re-zero it. I was going to take the chance to find the perfect ammo since I have to find zero again.

    This bring me to my question. I’m fairly certain most .3006 barrels are 1 in 10 twist. My model of sako is 1 in 11 twist. Does more twist stabilize larger or lighter bullets? And how does that work why would more twist stabilize lighter or heavier bullets?

    05:38 UTC


    Springfield Armory misfiring

    My SA XD9 regularly misfires. I’d say that approximately every 8th round or so won’t fire. When it happens, I’ll drop the mag and eject the round that didn’t fire. The bullet always shows that it has been struck. I’ll put that round back in the mag and rack it. Sometimes it will fire on the 2nd or 3rd attempt and sometimes it won’t fire at all.

    This has never happened to my Glock 19 (of course) and it has never happened to my wife’s XD9.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this to happen?

    Thanks in advance.

    05:32 UTC


    cerakote job - would you send it back?

    Hey guys. Won't name where I sent this to but I had my Smith and Wesson Shield slide cerakoted and just noticed these small spots where it looks like the finish didn't take.

    I don't want to be a Karen. Are these just visual blemishes (which I don't care about) or is it raw metal and will subsequently rust?

    I got the cerakote done because my nitride slide kept rusting during the summer when I carried. Don't want to have it keep happening... Thanks guys

    Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Lka9xYj

    Edit: circled in red the spots https://imgur.com/a/M18yfPQ

    05:32 UTC


    Walker Digital Recon vs Xcel 500

    I can’t figure out if the new digital recon are actually any different/better? Do they have true omnidirectional sound (from my understanding the xcel don’t). If not what’s the best Ear Pro under $100, don’t need music, would like to be able to hear people talking and WHERE they are taking from.

    Edit: and if that doesn’t exist, any thoughts on this BOGO:


    04:33 UTC


    Tumbling rounds

    04:25 UTC


    Putting it in perspective

    You vs the guy she told you not to worry about

    04:17 UTC


    Tell me why this atf knife has a dog on it, aren’t they notorious for killing them?

    03:51 UTC


    Rodent death-squad. This is what two small apex predators look like.

    03:46 UTC


    Need help identifying

    Can’t really figure out what this is other than a Oviedo 1928, which doesn’t tell me a lot considering there’s lots of variants. It also does not have a bolt.

    03:42 UTC


    BCA 458 socom, what's the worst that can happen.

    Have been looking at getting a 458 socom mostly for shits n giggles but also thinking about using one for hog hunting just to see what kind of damage it can cause. This brings me to my current issue regarding the caliber. I could spend 1200-2400 on a nice 458 socom rifle but I see Bear Creek Armory is selling theirs for $400. I know BCA has severe issues with their quality control with things such as not rifling a barrel or sending out a gun that can't cycle a round, but I'm wondering how shitty this would be for my use-case. I won't be shooting at anything past 30-50 yards so when you really think about it a smooth bore isn't that much of a problem and I dont exactly think I'll need quick follow up shots when the round is as big as it is. Essentially I'm trying to figure out from you guys if this idea of mine is too retarded or if I should just say fuck it and YOLO it.

    Any advice or reccomendations for stupid shit I haven't thought of yet is greatly apreciated.

    03:12 UTC


    Who else likes unusual calibers?

    The AK is a 12 gauge and the AR is a 6.8 SPC

    02:56 UTC


    Eotech G33 durability

    So I recently picked up an Eotech G33 to go along with my EXPS3. I love it so far, but my only question is how durable is this thing. I have full faith that my holo will survive being dropped and kicked any whatever else could feasibly happen to it short of shooting the thing, but what about the magnifier? I really can’t find any durability testing on this thing and am curious just how careful I need to be with it.

    Note: I have no intention on abusing my optics, but it’s nice to know that if I were to drop it it would survive functionally without issue.

    02:15 UTC


    Am I cool now?

    02:09 UTC


    Double Tax Stamp MK18

    01:06 UTC


    Black Hawk Down Sanderson Model 727 build

    1 Comment
    00:59 UTC


    Hanyang Type 88

    I was given a 1940 Hanyang Type 88 rifle recently. Unfortunately someone had decided to sand a foot at the end of the barrel. How easy can I unscrew the barrel and replace? Are German G88 barrels compatible? TIA.

    00:24 UTC


    Found vintage double barrel shotgun - L. PARKES - 12047

    I recently brought a house in the central north island of New Zealand, the house didn’t have any insulation in the roof. So we decided to install some as it gets particularly cold here. While the insulation guys were installing the pink bats in the roof, they discovered this old double barrel shotgun. I have been quite curious over it and have spoken to the last 4 owners of the property to see if it had belonged to them. The timeframe of the last 4 owners spans over the 40-50 years and no one knew about this rifle. I’ve done some research online but found no information. It’s a bit rusted over and one of the hammers is broken. Can anyone help me out with any information?

    00:14 UTC


    G26 Upper and Comp + G19 Frame?

    wondering if anyone's tried this, or if anyone has the parts to throw something together and post a picture.

    i've noticed that pistols with flush non-extending compensators seem to be a new trend. i've also heard that G19 and G26 slides are similar enough to be interchanged and can still function. so i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to put a comp on a G26 threaded barrel, and then stick that G26 comp'd upper on a G19 frame to make it flush with the frame.

    and when I say comp on a G26 I mean one of the comps that take the shape of the slide before it (not one of the cheapo cylindrical comps), so it all basically looks flush throughout

    00:11 UTC


    what's this magazine?


    looks like a


    but the mags for that have a hole/window on the right side, while the on i posted doesn't

    23:57 UTC


    Cleaning time.

    Going to clean these two .22s (yes I have a mat for the table and a tarp for under my chair) and then clean the patio furniture. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    23:53 UTC

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