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Thoughtforms, god and creation: is a tulpa responsible for our existence?

Tulpas are beings formed from will and thought linked to ancient Buddhist beliefs. I’ve done a lot of research into equivalents in various different faiths and belief systems and the science behind them (yes, it does exist) and it seems to lead to some dramatic conclusions about the nature of existence. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sfOSEqMPC1I

03:39 UTC


Does anybody have any hardcore “insight into your own feelings” kind of spells?

Does anybody know of a good ritual to gain insight into one’s feelings? I messed up with some friends and I need to understand why I felt the way that I did so what I did, which was blow up on them because I bottled up my feelings, doesn’t happen again the future.

Except I don’t know why I feel the way that I do. So if anybody’s got any useful insight spells then I’d like to have them.

And no, doing psychedelics and weed’s not an option because weed’s illegal here and idk where I’d get any of that stuff.

03:34 UTC


Look what just came on my doorstep today!

It’s been pretty fun to read. Also much more plausible imo

03:14 UTC


Hey everyone! Any idea what it could be or symbolizes?

22:30 UTC


Seeking Guidance on Initiating into Santeria in Europe as a White Individual Cost, Rituals, and Practitioner Connections

Hello Reddit,

I have recently developed a keen interest in Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion that fascinates me with its rich traditions and unique spiritual practices. As someone from Europe and with a white background, I understand that Santeria is deeply rooted in African culture and primarily practiced in the Caribbean. However, I am genuinely interested in exploring this path and would appreciate some guidance on how to get initiated, the associated costs, and how to connect with practitioners in Europe.

I have done some research online, but the information I found is often limited or contradictory. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to reach out to this diverse community for any insights or personal experiences you might be able to share.

Here are a few specific questions I have:

  1. Initiation Process: What are the typical steps involved in getting initiated into Santeria? Are there any particular prerequisites or preparations I should be aware of?
  2. Financial Considerations: While I understand that costs can vary, it would be helpful to get a general idea of the expenses associated with initiation. Are there any ongoing financial commitments involved?
  3. Finding Practitioners: Are there any known communities, temples, or practitioners in Europe who practice Santeria and are open to accepting new initiates? How can I reach out to them respectfully and make connections?
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: As an outsider to the Afro-Caribbean culture, I want to ensure that I approach Santeria with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Are there any specific cultural norms or practices I should familiarize myself with before reaching out to practitioners?
  5. Resources: Could you recommend any books, websites, or other resources that provide reliable and accurate information about Santeria, its rituals, beliefs, and practices?

Please note that I am genuinely interested in learning about Santeria and its spiritual aspects, and my intention is to approach this path with respect and reverence.

22:18 UTC


Does cardio exercide outdoors without music count as meditación?

Im planning on running 20km and cycling 40km afterwards every weekend Id like to also do yoga

21:36 UTC


Any Vampire Occultists?

If you are into vampirism add me and send me a message.

20:28 UTC


Has anybody had any experience with contacting Interdimensional beings?

I figured this would be the subreddit to ask. I am curious about making contact with the dead/Interdimensional beings and was wondering if anybody on here had any advice as to how to do so? Thanks

18:43 UTC


Any money spells? Feeling desperate

Anyone know any money spells which are quick and effective for even £50? I am in a really rough spot and short on rent after recently losing my job due to depression after the death of a close friend. I'm starting to do better now and wanting to live again and start a new job soon, but I dwindled all my savings during this time and have no money left to even buy food this week. I'm just really desperate, anyone got any ideas?

I have tried various mundane means, family can't help as I only have my mom who is disabled and on benefits and who I don't want to worry with this :/

18:25 UTC


What is a "shamka"?

Hello all!

I come with a tricky question: my gf went to a tarot card reading session and her reader told her she has a "shamka" attached to her. The tarot reader gave her some measure to enact at home for getting rid of it but we're curious if we could also read some more about it, see its actual name, etc. .

We can't really contact the tarot reader right now since she's both fully booked and done for the day. The reader mentioned that the "shamka" is attached to her, it feeds on fear (and if it feeds enough it can even cause physical harm), and it makes household items disappear.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Have a great day! :)

17:36 UTC


An “evil” piece of decor I’ve been working on

17:32 UTC


Advice please

I know this probably isn't the best place but I don't know where to go. I've been practicing the Occult since I was in middle school and I've had this friend now girlfriend since elementary. I didn't tell her until recently that I was a part of an Occult group and that I practiced it though prior she had some idea of what I was doing. Since I told her she's been distancing herself and eventually gave me the option of her or my studies. With her comes some of my Christian friends or all the friends that have become like family in the group I'm in. I just want some advice of what you guys would do if you were in my situation?

16:12 UTC


14:53 UTC


strange piece of paper found in the resort i was staying in

14:52 UTC


On the latest episode of Noctivagant, we launch into the life and times one of the occults most notorious luminaries as we break down Gary Lachman's 'Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and the Wickedest Man in the World.' Join us as we discuss his outlandish life, Thelema, and cultural impact.

14:41 UTC


Book with Seal/sigil of Samael

Hi I remember reading a modern book that contained seal/sigil of Samael, book was about 150-200 pages long, the entire page of this book was dedicated to this seal, it talked also about other spirits I think and discussed the entire tree of life do anyone have idea about the name of it? I remember it had long title and was written by 1 author.

10:51 UTC


Blood of butterflies ink

Does anybody have the original recipe for this ink mentioned in the 6 and 7th books of moses? From what I've uncovered it's of islamic origin but recipes for it are either non existent or have been entirely paganised

07:32 UTC


As above so below

What does that mean ''As above so Below''?

05:06 UTC


I'm not asking for a reading.

Spirit guide help, any and all help is appreciated.

I know who she is, and she was sending all kind of "I'm here" messages yesterday, and today. I don't know what she is trying to tell me. It's my sister. I think its important to try and figure out what she is saying other than "I'm here", but I don't know how to read what she is trying to convey.

Yesterday, while sitting with my spouse, our touch lamp went off by its self, twice, jokingly, he says, "its a ghost, its your sister", and "I was like yeah, because you keep picking on me." Then while driving, 'She talks to angels' comes on- we played that at her funeral and then a country song called 'Come crying to me' with the chorus saying, "I'll leave the living room light on, burning all night, no dont even pack, dont even look back, come crying to me" (I know the song is a love song, but the part about the living room light stood out, also, no my spouse and I havent be going through any problems, and we are very open with each other so I dont think any of this is tied to our relationship.)

Today, while cooking, I told her I know she is with me, I know she is here, but I dont know what she is trying to let me know. I look up at the stove clock and see the time at 4:44 and knew I needed to see that number. And when I googled what it meant. - and it said my connection with the angels, and the angelic realm is powerful, and that I can trust the guidance they are giving me. BUT I dont know what the guidance is!

If anyone is willing to help me understand this a little bit more I would be thankful for any and all input.

05:00 UTC


Need some advise/guidance

Hey all, I'm new to this sub, but I've been fairly interested in the occult for a while now, I just never had time to invest time in it, but now I think I'm in a much better mental position and I am looking for someone's suggestions as to what I should do for my next steps. I do not want to make this post long, so I will try and make it as concise as I can. Back in 2017, I was reading a graphic novel by Alan Moore, who is a ceremonial magician and occultist, I'm sure some people in here might be familiar with his graphic novel, 'From Hell', nonetheless, while I was perusing this book, something rather ineffable happened to me, and I actually felt like I was on the receiving end of his scrying practices which are implicit in the book. My family does not believe in the story that I relate to them, nor do they take seriously the weight of the implications I put forward. To be fair, this has left me estranged from the people I grew up with, and I need to know if someone has any suggestions as to who I should talk to in regards to this mystical/magical experience I was engaged in. I apologize if this is a poor explanation, but the experience literally changed my life and even though I am religious, I feel as though I need to find some environment and some different avenue of spirituality where people may -- if anything be less skeptical of my story than my family. I'm sorry if this is a poor explanation, but any suggestions people may have as to where to go to meet people would be great. I am an avid reader, but just reading books won't necessarily connect me with people I may need to meet that will give me a better understanding of what I experienced as well as the answers I need. This may sound kind of naïve or ignorant, but I considered going to a palm reader for my first steps in the right direction, thinking they might lead me on the right path. Would you think this might be the right first step?

TL;DR: I was on the receiving end of someone's scrying and my family doesn't understand the weight of the implications and I need some guidance for my next steps.

02:22 UTC


Public Praise for Vassago

Vassago came through for me in a big way this week. Seek him out for divination, he does not disappoint!

02:13 UTC


Don't Let Reddit Kill 3rd Party Apps! PSA - In discussion. r/ occult ThOuGhtZ?

01:08 UTC


Why do spirits/angels want anything to do with us?

Hi such a great sub,As my title says Why do spirits/angels want anything to say to us/help us ?

  • jealous we live in the world we are in ?
  • they really want to be connected to us in some way ?

Just confused on why they want contact with us and have a relationship with us

00:12 UTC


Trying to identify the sigils shown in The Lawnmower Man trailer (around 0:51)

23:54 UTC


Does everyone here believe in perennialism?

I’ve seen a good number of posts and comments that ascertain that Mother Mary is basically just Isis/Mother Nature/the moon/, and Jesus is basically just Horus/the Son/the sun. Also ideas like “God is everything” and “the self does not exist”

Is this very typical of this sub? Can someone tell me more about this?

23:06 UTC


Does anyone know anything about these manuscripts copied from Count of St. Germains lodge

22:08 UTC


How would you explain the whole everyone and everything is God idea?

Ive heard this in various systems of spirituality, and Ive been listening to alot of podcasts where well respected Magick practitioners talk about it, that we are all the same person and we are all God, etc. Talking to someone else is just talking to yourself, I CANNOT make sense of it, and I dont know why this is something people talk about so much and it just seems to be perfectly reasonable to them. I however cant wrap my head around it, what does it mean to say that we are all God? (Im in no way trying to claim that this is wrong, whatsoever, im looking for help to understand)

20:41 UTC


A Talisman by me

18:22 UTC


A spooky house cleansing

I was cleansing my house with a blessed candle from Jerusalem and upstairs I was doing just fine. As I got to the basement, it started to have a bit of a black smoke going. As I got to the last part - the closet - the second I turned on the lights, all power went out. Scared the shit out of me. Did this ever happen to anyone, does it mean anything specific or just an accident? P.s. the whole block lost its power.

16:47 UTC

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