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Grant Morrison will cast a spell for you



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goetia pathworking

so, i’ve been using pathworking for 4 to 5 months now and had some results, i asked to everything work out fine for me moving in w my boyfriend and i actually moved in, but in 2 months i got back to my city (i only asked for the travel to happen) these days i’ve been asking to go back and asked for a signal to dantalion THEN i had a dream with belial (?) i dreamed a ritual with belial. should i work with him?

18:04 UTC


Vajrayana practitioner here. Much of our work involves visualizing ourselves as deities, which I seem to struggle with. Any advice or resources?

See above.

17:53 UTC


Any Idea where can i find this manuscript?


I found this website , and they provide some page from a book which i could'nt find anything readable

if you guys know something , appreciate to share your ideas


img src

17:44 UTC


How to find Someone using the Occult?

Does anyone know a way or method to find someone using the occult. I’m looking for someone, and the only thing I have to go on is a picture, so I was hoping someone on this sub would know a way for me to find them using the occult. Either it be witchcraft, vodou, or any other occult method, i’m willingly to give it a try.

16:40 UTC


Questions about Sigillum Dei Aemeth

Hey people, I'm currently reading the Sworn Book of Honorius, and I'm early into the work studying everything I can about the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. I'm looking to study more about this book's magick and practice system, and I have a few questions about the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, or otherwise known as the 'Sigil of God'.

  1. Can I trace the design of the book's drawing of the Sigil onto my own paper or parchment? Or do I have to free-draw the sigil based on the instruction? Weird question, I know, but I want to make sure that I properly do the work right and not mess up the details.

  2. Can this sigil be used for jewelry like a necklace or bracelet to be worn, or should it be prepared and used only during magickal works and study?

  3. What is the actual use or purpose of this sigil? I've seen a few answers that more or less say it's decorative, or that it's used to control spirits and angels of all orders, but I want to be extra sure of its use and purpose before I draw it or display it on something.

Thanks for the answers!

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16:03 UTC


How to establish contact with a familial guardian spirit?

This is going to be a bit of a long question, so please bear with me.

I am from a village situated in the south of India, where religion and superstitions still prevail, as I am sure it does in other parts of the world. We are Hindus but we have a lot of pagan gods and demigods that the locals worship. There are also instances where many families have their own deities or spirits that have guarded over their families for centuries. My family also have spoken of a spirit guardian for whom they used to offer prayers and offerings, but these used to happen years back. I think it has been more than a decade since anyone in my household has done any offerings or prayers of any kind to our familiar spirit.

Now, I used to be a deeply religious kid who had my own share of superstitions to believe in. But, as I grew and as my curiosity grew, I shed many of my beliefs for logic and reasoning, and I stepped out of my religious persona. That is to say, I was no longer a believer in gods or spirits or the whole shebang. But I did have my fair share of mystical experiences that can be termed as paranormal or supernatural, but which I refused to believe in as anything otherworldly. Over the years, I have lived and moved from a theist to an atheist to an agnostic to a person who is now lost in what to believe in. I do think there are energies in this world that can be manipulated, and I believe that our actions reap consequences, and always good actions will reflect goodness. Now that you guys have a slight background of where I am coming from, I’ll get to the point.

I want to invoke and appease my family’s guardian spirit, but I don’t know how. I have seen it done when I was a kid, which was more than 15 years ago. And it was done by one of the elders. I am the eldest son, and I don’t want to broach the topic with my parents because frankly, I don’t think they will go with it for whatever reason. But they are both religious and believers though. Also, honestly, I don’t want to tell them either. I want to do it on my own. But I don’t know how. Back when I was a kid, there was all these elaborate offerings of food and rum, and a certain type of puja or prayers being done to appease the spirit. But I remember my grandmother telling me that the spirit will come to anyone in our family who is earnest and calls in good faith. And I don’t know if just simply closing my eyes and calling them would be a good result. Should I meditate or try something else?

A bit on the spirit: they are supposed to be the spirit of one of my ancestors who lived a few hundred years ago, and who now stands guard over the family. He was the original owner of the land on which our family tree grew from. For quiet a few years, we haven't done any kind of offerings or prayers, and I think it may have reflected poorly spiritually on our family tree.

So, yeah, that’s about it. How can I establish contact with this spirit? My reason for this is, I feel absolutely lost in life. Nothing I do is coming out well, my career isn’t going well, my relationships are on thorns, and I myself am barely floating by depressive episodes because of all this. I know life has its ups and downs, but this is, quiet frankly, straining on my will to live, and I am, I think, clinging for something to offer support and help me in my journey. So, any help on what to do and how to do would be highly appreciated.

14:56 UTC


Marianne on Netflix - Beleth

Just wanted to make a post about Demons and Sigils in movies. It’s always nice to see a movie, which depicts sigils this precise. The guy in the series said the sigil is from the Demon Beleth and I looked it up in the lesser key of Solomon. He even said that Beleth is a Demon King of 85 legions in hell. Great reference. Another really good movie a bout a Demon, Paimon, is hereditary.

13:20 UTC


Service to Dionysus or How can I turn my drinking habit into spiritual practice?

I really like my alcoholic drinks, but I wouldn't consider my self an addict. Neither I wouldn't call it a demon or demonic, but literally spirit. Since I'm from Poland (Silesia) it is also my cultural heritage.

Now I'm looking for ways, how I can "divine up" my recreational drinking. There are some saint patrons of Beer and probably some Germanic / Slavic gods for alcohol as well. However the Hellenistic world clicks the most to me. Obviously is Dionysus the first choice in regard of alcohol. Not only that, but also responsible for smoke, ecstasy and divine madness. Things I can get behind.

How I consecrate my drinks to Dionysus and make the consumption a ritual?

(A picture of a maenad to grab your attention)

13:06 UTC


Visual notes on plantery magick - Jupiter by me

12:55 UTC


Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram for intrusive thoughts?

Hi there,

I am relatively new to more ritualistic/ceremonial magic, coming from a long history of Christian mysticism. I have pretty bad ocd and would love a way to add additional protection from these destabilizing thoughts. I came across an article saying the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram can be used to prevent thoughts from re-occuring . Can anyone speak to this/ lend more insight?


08:51 UTC


Don’t know where to begin

Hello everyone, I’ve been in this subreddit for a while now, but I haven’t really delved into the occult yet. I’m not quite sure where to start, what to read/ research, etc. if anyone could help me out, I’d be forever grateful, thank you

05:39 UTC


Feeling immense astral and energetic connections & having OBEs related to love in life

Recently I've been feeling immense an immense amount of astral and energetic connections & having OBEs related to a person that just entered my life months ago. I can't do magic or spellwork without him coming up, I can't astral project or engage in OBEs without immediately being pulled to his energy, and even my energetic structure is changing as a result.

It feels as if life is way more... pre-disposed and more forced? It feels like the magic in the air is both more palpable but also restraining and pulling like a leash. What is happening? Do you feel it too?

05:03 UTC


What’s been your experience with Gods?

Have you petitioned one before?

Have you conversed with them?

Is a god/goddess a patron of yours?

On this long occult journey of yours, what has been your experience interacting with the gods?

04:41 UTC


What symbols do you see here.

02:06 UTC


Documentary about Amsterdam's Hermetic library

21:07 UTC


Theosophy books

I want to introduce myself into Theosophy, which books should i read first?. I have some basic understanding of Hermeticism, Wicca and some psicological science.

19:15 UTC


What is the occult explanation for astrology ?

I've been studying it for a few years now, and I noticed that most of the time, people can be analyzed and events predicted quite accurately... but not always.

Do you believe in astrology, and if yes, what are the foundations of this science ?

Is it really a science ?

If the Ancients in many traditions have used it for such a long time, I'm inclined to think it's serious stuff, but when I see what is has become in the modern times and how inaccurate it can be, idk.

16:56 UTC


Witchcraft vs Sorcery Whats the Difference?

For the longest time in my journey, I've had many questions. Most have been clearly defined, but this one still remains undefined. I've heard different definitions from several sources. Some people define it as Ceremonial ( high magic ). Some define it as Folk ( low magic ) and others say that it's advanced Psychic abilities or that it borders Psionics.

What exactly is Sorcery?

16:24 UTC


Spelling of Asmodel - archangel of taurus

Hello, I want to create a sigill for Asmodel by using the rose. Is Asmodel written witch a Shin or a Samech so Is it AlephShinMemVavDalethAlephLamed or AlephSamechMemVavDalethAlephLamed? Does anyone know already existing asmodel sigils?

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15:48 UTC


What God, Demigod, Mythological Character or Archetype Best Embodies the Art of Occult Practice in your Opinion?

I find Thoth, Hermes and Mercury who are considered by some accounts to be the same archetypal figure adopted by different cultures across time. From ancient Egypt, to ancient Greece and Rome. What deities do you gravitate towards? What deity most embodies the whole of occult tradition?

15:43 UTC


How did Paul know so much?

How do you interpret the assertive statements of Paul in the book of Revelation? Speaking about the apostasy in the "end times," the Beast, the Great Whore, the 666 (which represents the spiritual self-sufficiency of man). How could he have been so effective in his prophecies? Evidently, condemning this new spiritual age. But how could he have been so accurate? What do you think?

15:40 UTC


Crowley and Thelema views on Jesus Christ

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15:39 UTC


Anyone know about Furfur? Not finding much info

Basically weird things keep happening, and I know it's 99.9% my mental health, but well my body keeps getting worse, which makes me dissociate a lot, and when I dissociate I feel like another person, I want to have my arms and legs removed, but usually I don't want this. So then I dreamt this "other me" said their name was Furfur.

I have DID, it IS surely DID stuff, but, then I found Furfur is a name in demonology, and well I can't find much information about Furfur. In a sense I'm really curious and want to learn more about them, but mostly want to know if it's a name I can let this alter have or if I should ask them to change it to something else (if they're even an alter I'm still not sure).

15:34 UTC


Qabalah - Spirits versus Demons


I've been making my way through an entry-level Qabalah Book (Lon Milo DuQuette's Chicken Qabalah), and some names in the Hierarchy of Spirits he presents are, far as I can tell, names of demons, such as Bartzabel or Chasmodai (Asmodeus). Am I over-reaching or am I missing something here? To be fair, maybe there's an element of the paradigm that I'm not aware of yet. Can anyone shed any light, please?

Thank you!

15:13 UTC


I love drawing sigils

Drawing sigils has become my new hobbie. If any of you has tips to draw them better, I know it’s not that important but I like when they look good.

12:30 UTC


magick noob - my effects of performing the LBRP for a week straight every day

I‘m using the LBRP everyday for a week in the morning and in the evening. Here are some things that i noticed so far

  • better posture and therefore lesser backpain
  • better mood regulation
  • no more fumbling words
  • i stutter less (i had a bad stutter as a child and it got better as i started to get adult)
  • feel energized and warm
  • cars almost ran me over 4 times and stopped very close to me (i guess the archangels want to show me that i am protected all the time)
  • better focus and straighter thinking in my job (i work with complex geometry)
  • i have a feeling that my boss is slightly terrified of talking a lot to me (he talked all the time to me before)

What can i expect when i continue for lets say a year? What rituals or practices can I also implement in order to sharpen my magical senses?

Thank you

07:15 UTC

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