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This is a forum for free thinking and for discussing issues which have captured your imagination. Please respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. Our goal is to create a fairer and more transparent world for a better future.

  • Conspiracy - a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

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  • This is a forum for free thinking and for discussing issues which have captured your imagination. Please respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. Our goal is to create a fairer and more transparent world for a better future.

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    Two minutes missing from the Dali cargo ship's black box

    From: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/baltimore-bridge-collapse-timeline-ship-s-black-box-reveals-tragic-last-moments/ar-BB1kHEq4

    "At 12:39 am, the Dali container ship departed from Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal.

    Thirty minutes later, at 1:07 am, the vessel entered Fort McHenry Channel.

    Numerous alarms were recorded on the ship’s bridge audio at 1:24 am. Around the same time, the voyage data recorder (VDR) stopped recording the vessel’s system data, but was able to continue taping audio from an alternative power source.

    Two minutes later at 1:26 am, the VDR resumed recording the Dali’s system data and captured steering commands and orders about its rudder."

    1 Comment
    20:22 UTC


    EXPOSING NLE Choppa and Momma Choppa’s Relationship.

    19:23 UTC


    3 body problem

    I’m sure this has already been explained here but I’m just starting to watch 3 body problem, about half way through now and every episode I’m sitting here thinking “this is literally pre programming for every major conspiracy I’ve come across in this subreddit”..just saw the eye in the sky event happen to humanity…I mean is this not Project Blue Beam? Just wanted to discuss with others who have seen the show..sorry in advance if this is an amateur post here

    19:08 UTC


    You can call Kanye a racist or crazy, but as time rolls on, you can’t call him a liar

    19:07 UTC


    What images people see when they write “Grusch” on Google.

    Its evident that US is retreating in the Ufo disclosure. So the only way to go is yo discretit who did all the job until now Grusch with their Google friends.

    19:05 UTC


    Baltimore Bridge

    18:53 UTC


    [Meta] Forget banning downvotes or political posts or agenda poster accounts. Just ban image posts and the average quality of post in this sub will increase tenfold immediately.

    18:46 UTC


    Stairs Gate. Can’t even trust these people with Stairs.

    18:43 UTC


    Google knows where I eat

    I stopped at Freddy's for a burger today, something I haven't done in a long time. Just now, scrolling through YouTube, I got an ad for Freddy's. Is my credit card being tracked by google? Or maybe did I have Google maps active on my phone while I ate there? It's creepy. Maybe we will take steps to do some kind of electronics detox for our home. Have you reduced tech in your home? How did it go? Maybe more camping trips are what we need too.

    18:32 UTC


    Recently posted a “ “ from Eisenhower's last speech warning us abt disastrous rise of misplaced power re military-industrial complex (MIC)-- the single greatest barrier to UFO/UAP disclosure. The post sparked thoughtful discussion – which I hope to accelerate w add’l historical perspective post

    18:31 UTC


    At minimum, the October 7th attack was a LIHOP ("Let It Happen on Purpose").

    18:10 UTC


    I want to share this video about a conspiracy theory that is growing in popularity. this video explains why some people think the earth is flat. This is just a theory...

    17:57 UTC


    Question about 9/11

    I'll start out saying I'm a fully calcified pineal gland normie when it comes to conspiracy stuff. I'm aware of some of the popular ones, I entertain possibilities but I do zero research or put much effort into it.

    I'm aware of the "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" meme... Because it's everywhere. (edited bc I wrote steel beans lol)

    My question is, if this is mathematically/scientifically factual, what is the counterpoint made by the opposing argument? If that were an infailably true fact, how "did" it happen?

    Thanks and sorry if this is real basic idiot information. Again, I've done zero research and I'm just curious about a thing I hear repeatedly and want to learn.

    17:55 UTC


    Remember how graphene was alllegedly found in vaccines? And nanobots that eat graphene are being put into the sea...

    I love the oceans as much as the next person but given all that has happened since 2016 I wonder if this was really wise? 🤔

    17:43 UTC


    Eclipses, Red Heifers And The Apocalypse

    17:38 UTC


    The Iraq War and Babylon

    During the 1980s, Saddam Hussein became deeply involved in the restoration of the ancient city of Babylon. However, the full reconstruction of the city was never realized due to financial constraints caused by Saddam’s military endeavors. Construction came to a halt during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Saddam’s ambitious vision included constructing a grand palace overlooking the Babylonian ruins. To achieve this, he spent millions of dollars building a massive reconstruction of Babylon. The site of his palace was once a small village called Qawarish, located near the Tigris River. In 1986, Saddam’s workers demolished Qawarish and replaced it with an artificial hill, upon which his palace still stands.

    As for the conspiracy theory, some speculate that the US invasion of Iraq was partly motivated by preventing the completion of Babylon’s reconstruction. The idea was to maintain alignment with biblical prophecies, specifically Isaiah 13:20.

    20 Babylon will never rise again. Generation after generation will come and go, but the land will never again be lived in.[a] The nomads will not even camp there. The shepherds won’t let their sheep stay overnight. 21 The wild animals of the desert will make it their home. The houses will be haunted by howling creatures. Ostriches will live there, and the demons will come there to dance. 22 Hyenas and jackals will den within the palaces. Babylon’s days are numbered; her time of doom will soon be here.

    1 Comment
    17:26 UTC


    Most eye opening books and films

    What are some of the most thought provoking books and films that you would recommend?

    17:24 UTC


    Jeffrey Epstein's Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker

    A data broker tracked the devices of visitors to a private island where Jeffrey Epstein allegedly assaulted and trafficked countless women and girls. The data, exposed online, details precise coordinates where hundreds live and work in the US


    It's behind a paywall - to read it without, try https://12ft.io/

    17:18 UTC


    Here me out on this one

    Sooo hear me out, there is that conspiracy theory that live is a simulation. So what if Mathematic is the code the simulation is build on Cause u say Mathematic is everything. What yall think?

    17:13 UTC


    Truth about our reality

    So we all beleive we are living in a created universe. When we look at the sciene the quantum physics prove that something or someone created this universe. It didn’t just pop out the blue. If u look at the quantum physics and what’s been done recently in laboratories, scientists were able to do something incredible that they won’t tell us. They created an 8th dimensional quasi crystal. This crystal gave them a glimpse of understanding of understanding our current dimension which is the 3rd dimension! It helped us better understand because when they positioned it in a particular angle it created a 4th dimensional quasi crystal and when they positioned the 4th dimensional quasi crystal it showed a shadow of a SPHERE that’s literally OUR UNIVERSE. With this discovery they have discovered we are living in the shadow of a higher dimension. This isn’t a shadow of darkness though but it’s a shadow of light, it’s a light matrix. The spiritual technology utilised to create this entire realm is what I’m talking about. This entire realm was created using some kind of spiritual technology and this technology is so incredible it’s imbued with divine matter, divine wisdom, divine knowledge. However it’s also imbued with darkness but the thing is about the darkness in this Yin and Yang it’s always a battle against each other. But in the end the light always seems to win even if it takes a long time the cycle happens where the darkness leaves and the light comes.

    If ur in a room that’s finally lit and u turn on something dark u couldn’t make the light dim in any way. There’s no darkness u can inject into that room if there’s light that can make the room dark but if u turn the lights off and it’s complete darkness but turn the light on ur phone the darkness will flee instantaneously. The smallest amount of light makes darkness flee. If u take it to the universal scale I do this becuase it’s all fractal. It’s all about how many concious beings it takes before the darkness flees. There’s a number we have to hit, a number of awakened souls on this planet that’s when the darkness is gonna flee. What I’m talking about is obtaining Christ conciousness. Jesus never said he was returning or coming back. He said CHRIST will return. So he’s talking about our MINDS! When that specific amount of souls gets awakened we’re back in the golden age.

    17:07 UTC


    Fasting Craze

    Well, here goes my theory. Does anybody ever wonder about why fasting is being pushed so heavily lately? I’m wondering if it is some sort of conditioning to make people more accepting or able to deal food shortages that may be coming in in the future. Thoughts?

    17:06 UTC

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