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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events. r/Astrology is a community for discussing and learning about astrology, not for personal chart or life questions.

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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. This is a community for discussing and learning astrology, not for personal chart and life questions.

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Understanding annual profections

I have a basic question about annual profections. I am trying to understand if it is the sign or the ruler of the sign that gets activated in a profection year. What I mean is that if someone is in say, a first house profection year and the first house is in Pisces, then will it be transits in Pisces that will matter or transits to Jupiter?

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05:54 UTC


What placements or aspects would cause hoarding?

I’ve been watching hoarders recently and it had me wondering what placements would cause hoarding? Obviously, Ik hoarding can stem from a mental illness but it hand me thinking that maybe fixed signs would be hoarders and maybe second house placement? Maybe Venus in Taurus or libra in the 2nd. Maybe even Pluto in the 2nd too? Maybe even moon in the 2nd too. Maybe even Virgo or Gemini too? My thoughts are all over the place lmaoo but what are your thoughts tho?

08:02 UTC


What does it mean if you only have "negative" aspects? No trines or sextiles

^(I would assume your life would be pretty challenging in some way but I don't understand much about why)

02:22 UTC


multi-sign readings

what are people's basis when making posts like this?

"week theme for the signs ୨ৎ
aries: new routine
taurus: inspiration
gemini: gratitude
cancer: counting blessings
leo: personal power
virgo: financial securities
libra: setting intentions
scorpio: knowing your purpose"

i'm really curious as to where they get these types of kind of general multi-sign readings?

04:46 UTC


All About Pluto Transits

What are the array of challenges that can arise when Pluto transits one's sun sign? Is it possible that someone who's been through a lot of spiritual awakenings / rebirths / etc wouldn't be as severely affected by such a transit as some other people?

01:14 UTC


Sports predictions when there’s no home and visiting teams

How do we use a horary chart in sports predictions when there’s no “home teams” and no “visiting teams.” In a normal horary chart, the asc would be the home team and the dsc would be the visiting team, how would we use a horary chart when both teams would be visiting another city?

For context, just went to check the Super Bowl horary chart when I found out they are both visiting teams

01:14 UTC


Why is Aquarius associated with friends and community, whilst also being known as an emotionally aloof loner archetype?

I can't resolve these two points in my mind. How can one sign represent such polar opposite ideas? Enlighten me, astrologers of reddit! And any Aquarius or 11th House dominants here - what do you experience?

17:15 UTC


Which has a bigger impact?

Sun + moon in the same sign or stellium of other planets in the same sign?

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16:42 UTC


Understanding Astrology

Hello! I’m very new to astrology, and really want to be able to understand it and see the patterns others do. However, I feel like as a beginner, it’s very overwhelming seeing many different things said about astrology that are often contradicting. Are there any good sources anyone has used to begin learning about and understanding astrology?

18:17 UTC


What is Scorpios ruler?

Is the ruler of Scorpio Pluto or mars?

20:12 UTC


Planet conditions

Do planet conditions only relate to sign, and not house? For example if the Moon is in Capricorn and 2nd house- can it be in Detriment in Capricorn but Exalted in the 2nd house (2nd house being ruled by Taurus) or does the Detriment extend to 2nd house affairs.

20:50 UTC


Grand Trine

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone or professional astrologer can explain to me in the most simplest terms what a Grand Trine is?? I’ve researched a lot and I still can’t understand it. Is it how many aspects a planet has? Sorry guys I’m a little slow to this 😂

19:01 UTC


current moon and chart

hi! would somebody be so kind to explain how to look at the current moon cycle and your chart. Idk if I have it right but I picked up from several astrologers that you can see in which house it falls so you can link your intention with it. thank u!

13:10 UTC


"Astrologers" charging clients and outsourcing the work on reddit- Yay or Nay

I came across a post here that used a thoughtful question to masquerade their true intent- getting sub-users to do their chart analysis for their "clients." They admitted this in the comments after people had shared their thoughts on the placement, and while some don't seem to care, I found it really off-putting and unethical. Like a chatgpt reading with no consent with the paying customer.

I don't subscribe to the belief that you have to be certified from an accredited school before you take on paying clients (Aqua mercury). But I do expect Astrologers to do the work before they have the privilege of booking sessions with paying clients. It seems like a scam to me. When I brought this up in the thread I was blocked by the OP and can't engage in any of the responses to my comment.

Im aware that astrologers are continously learning even decades into their practice. I love using this sub to continue my own growth and knowledge of astrology and I like to contribute to support the journey. But to specifically seek answers for an upcoming reading feels so wrong to me.

I'm also very aware this is a reflection of my own values and chart (Virgo moon is clearly triggered). So I'd like to open up a discussion here: do you think it's OK to outsource your paid readings on astrology subreddits, or is it unethical? How would you feel if you found out your paid reading was done by such a person?

If you don't mind helping people do their work, should the poster at least add a disclaimer? I know this isn't enforceable as the poster can hide their intentions, but I do think this entire topic is worth a discussion.

What is the milestone you need to reach before charging clients for your services in your opinion?

How to you all feel about it? You don't have to answer every question I posed, I'm just curious about other people's thoughts on this.

11:00 UTC


Apparently if your Uranus is in 4th house, one of your parents was an eccentric/weird character.

Is this true?

22:21 UTC


Poor communication-

Other than Merc in retrograde , what other transits indicate missed calls and emails, several people not answering or replying for an amount of time ?

Not just from one person but family members, business contacts and other mundane things that require talking to others.

Thanks !

17:45 UTC


Scorpio moons vs scorpio suns

What would you say are the main differences in characteristics between these two? I know generally the differences between a moon and sun sign, but I've always wondered specifically about scorpio, being so emotional and intense.

Edit: As a scorpio moon, my perspective is this. I have a deep, internal, emotional need for power, control, intensity, and intimacy. I analyze and observe people, and constantly gauge power in myself and others. This is NOT reflected outward unless you are a family member or close to me. It is moreso subtly reflected in the "powerful" positions I hold - valedictorian, prom queen, ivy league degree, Goldman Sachs Analyst (I am not bragging, but simply reflecting. Do not take this the wrong way). My desire for power is not outward, but my "power" is there. Whereas with scorpio suns, they will outwardly express their ambitions, passions, and observations.

00:56 UTC


Seeking Advice for Combining Whole Sign and Quadrant House Systems

How do you synthesize the different house placements between whole sign and quadrant house systems? How do you read planets shifting from one house to the next between the two? Does this convey that the different houses that these planets could be in, depending on the system, are related? Could it, for example, indicate a similar approach to the two houses, or, show how the energies of those planets aid transitions between the different houses? Could they convey an emphasis in one region over another? I know that it's not recommended to combine house systems early in your astrological study, but I'm so curious about the differences, that I couldn't help myself!

03:54 UTC


What is your most heavily aspected planet and what do you think how have the aspects aletered its expression?

Not much else to say about it really

15:32 UTC


Could someone please point me in the right direction

Looking for some advice in the best paid for astrology app for horoscopes and chart readings and things like that.

21:20 UTC


How would moving to your Pluto line affect Pluto's transit in your chart?

If Pluto in Aquarius is transiting X house in your chart and you move to a country on your Pluto line, would it make the transit more intense? More eventful? Could it have a positive or negative effect depending on other factors?

17:17 UTC


Charts / Placements of your favorite musicians?

Are there any music lovers who have dug into the placements or charts of their favorite musicians? What’d you find?

Any interesting discoveries or connections you’ve made between the members of a band, group, etc? Or between artists who’ve collaborated?

13:09 UTC


Can any one tell where to look for half siblings on a birth chart.

I am learning about astrology and I am a newbie. I read half siblings can be found in the 8th house? For tropical astrology. Any planets or placements also represent half siblings ?

02:58 UTC


Saturn in 7th house

To my understanding Saturn in the 7th house restricts relationships and commitments. I was wondering if this also includes contracts but more so digital contracts Like Stock market money or options contracts? Any insight

00:42 UTC


Book recommendations?

What are good books to read as I start learning about astrology?

06:22 UTC


Astrology podcasts

Hiiii i loove astrology and would also love to keep learning while washing dishes or doing other stuff, which are your all favorite podcasts about astrology? And why?


02:37 UTC


5th house and children

I’ve always wondered if people with an empty 5th house will bear children. I myself have a neutral stance on the matter but I’ve been curious to those with an empty 5th house as well but do have children or have strong convictions.

What transit did you or someone else you know undergo when having a child? Anything with a solar return? 5th house profections? Aspects to the 5th house lord?

I’m curious to know your experiences and takes on this.

16:28 UTC


What do you personally use?

When I see people asking certain questions, the responses are often things like "check the ruler of the acendant" or "check aspects to the moon". So what happens next? How does one actually draw conclusions on these things since there is no "one size fits all"? The popular resources suggested here are very interesting but unfortunately very general, vague, and non-specific.

For example, I can find out individual generalizations for what the 6th house is, what pluto does, or what scorpio represents, but there isn't anything that will explain what pluto in 6th house scorpio is supposed to mean if that makes sense. What resources are you personally using to help confidently deepen your astrological knowledge like this?

19:55 UTC


Where do the 3 stages of each sign come from?

Each zodiac has 3 stages. For example scorpio - eagle - phoenix.

The eagle seems to be a very ancient symbol for scorpio so the origin can't be anything modern (unless it was interpretated solely from the idea of the eagle being scorpio). I checked on wikipedia but there's nothing about it.

So I'm curious. Where does the concept of the three stages come from?

01:33 UTC


Mundane astrology: books and resources about weather and earthquakes

Hello all!

Are there any books and resources that dedicate a lot of discussion on predicting weather and/or earthquakes using astrological predictive techniques? Or any resources even completely dedicated to such a topic?

Thanks in advance!

12:03 UTC

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