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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. This is a community for discussing and learning astrology, not for personal chart and life questions.

Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. This is a community for discussing and learning astrology, not for personal chart and life questions.

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Moon Sextile Mars

What does this signify about a mother in a chart

02:00 UTC


What placements could indicate infertility in a male ?

Which placements could indicate infertility in a man or point to a man not having children ? I know the 5th house represents children etc but are there any other indications that point to this ? Thanks 😊

04:43 UTC


What does it mean when there are no placements in a house?

Does it mean anything when there isn’t anything in certain houses?

08:26 UTC


Why is Scorpio in Venus a detrimental placement ?

I’ve heard for a long time that while the Mars likes to be in Scorpio for example , it’s detrimental for Venus to be in Scorpio and bring bad luck in love and a person’s own happiness and life. Makes someone too intense and feel too much. Why is that ?

Edit: I changed the working to add more clarity. Didn’t realise I wrote this in the morning and it was a little all over the place.

08:33 UTC


Astrology Practicum #13 | March 27 - April 2

Greetings friends!

Seems the last practicum faded out, so I'm starting it back up again!!! <3


Everyone is encouraged to give their best shot at reading the chart: newbies to pros alike!

Please show your work! Explanations of specific placements and their significance increases learning opportunities for everyone.

The chart can be found here. This data is rated AA on the Rodden system.

(Here is the chart drawn in Placidus for those who requested.)



PERSONALITY - what was the native like? character, behavior, traits, habits, etc. how did they define their sense of self?

RELATIONSHIPS - any romantic partners? How about children? Friends? What did those relationships look like?

CAREER - what did they do for a living? what are they known for? what aspects of their life influenced their work?

THEMES - what were some major patterns in the natives life? where/what did they spend a lot of their time/attention/energy on? general vibe/direction of the chart?

DEATH - how did the native pass away? what was their relationship with death and dying? how old were they?

IDENTITY - feel free to take a guess if you have an idea who this person might be! please use the >!spoiler effect!< for your guesses.



The identity of the individual will be revealed at the end of the week! Check back here to learn who it is and see some of my own interpretations of their chart.

15:30 UTC


Why is aquarius rising considered to be a hard placement?

I saw some people talking about how aquarius rising is the hardest to live with, im not sure i understand how exactly? I dont really understand the importance of a rising sign except how you present yourself at first. What are some characteristics of an aqua rising?

Btw the stereotype of aqua rising looking like aliens stands strong

Edit: for context im a virgo sun scorpio moon aqua rising

14:55 UTC


How important are the minor aspects in your chart?

I see there is semi-sextile, novile, septile, quintile, quincunx, octile, and sesquiquadrate. Why aren’t these ever talked about ?

14:00 UTC


Can someone recommend a good astrology course

For beginners

23:48 UTC


Disease outbreak and flooding caused by rising sea levels in the Uranus opposite Pluto transit in 2046-47?

In 2046-47 Uranus will be in Virgo and meeting Pluto in Pisces. Since Pisces is a water sign and Virgo rules the land and agriculture can we expect the predictions of rising sea levels flooding towns and cities to come true during this time? Since Virgo also rules health, is it likely there will be a new disease outbreak during this time? The last time there was a Uranus opposite Pluto transit there were medical breakthroughs. Can we expect humanity to reach new medical breakthroughs as a result of potential new diseases?

1 Comment
23:18 UTC


Should Cancer and Leo be considered a pair in the same way that the other signs are all part of a pair?

Gemini and Virgo are a pair. Taurus and Libra are a pair. Aries and Scorpio are a pair. Sagittarius and Pisces are a pair. Capricorn and Aquarius are a pair. Although there are differences due to element and modality you can still see a lot of similarities within each of those pairs because of the ruling planet.

That leaves only two signs, who are ruled by the Sun and Moon. Does this mean we should consider them the final pair? Do they have similarities that bind them together like the other pairs do? I would throw into the ring that they are both loyal to their tribe and can light people up/illuminate them in their own way, but they are also both quite melodramatic. What are your thoughts on this?

17:34 UTC


For parents/aunts/uncles/extended fam: What are your children’s prominent natal placements and how are they playing out, and are you the one playing out those placements?

Random example of what I’m asking: You have a niece who has prominent 3rd and 8th house placement and you set up a trust for her while she’s in a 8th house year.

How are you playing out their natal chart?

15:35 UTC


Books on the Arabic Parts?

Hi! I'm trying to get into lots or arabic parts... would you know any good books or sources for this?

08:19 UTC


Can someone please explain the difference between 5th and 7th house.

Help, I feel like they're the same thing.

09:19 UTC


Do significant transits happening in your sister sign axis affect planets in your natal chart?

For example there’s a lot of activity in Pisces. Do planets in Virgo experience the effect of the transit?

01:49 UTC


What is a healthy interpretation of planets conjunct the South Node? I’m not satisfied with the idea that you’re supposed to “leave them behind.”

I don‘t believe any planet in the chart is something we’re supposed to move away from and leave behind. That just doesn’t make sense. How could someone leave their Sun or Moon behind and no longer engage with them?

Is there a better interpretation of the South Node and planets conjunct it that you personally use and have seen working effectively?

01:07 UTC


Gemini is divisive

Gemini sun is the only peregrine air placement. It has no dignity in modern or traditional Hellenistic astrology. For example Libra sun is debilitated and Aquarius sun is in detriment. Yet people seem to understand their motivations. These signs tend to be well liked in astrology communities because they have an underdog narrative.

Gemini‘s motivations are unknown to people. Peregrine placements can be seen as suspicious.

In the astrology community people tend to pin general negative human traits like gossip deceit and all types of sins on Gemini. The two faced narrative is a good excuse to vilify them.

Gemini is the most self oriented air sign. They are sociable but personal relationships are not a priority in their life. Many people are bothered by them because Gemini are usually unbothered. They have a rich inner world where they dedicated much of their time honing their skills or working on long term projects and goals. At the very least spending time alone with their hobbies and interests. Gemini is the eternal student and everything else in life is secondary.

13:37 UTC


Planets too close to the sun ?

If people have one or more inner planets that are under the suns beams how does that manifest in the natives life ? Is the planet dead ? Also pls refer any books on the matter if possible ! I appreciate it !

15:37 UTC


What Ceres mean to you

What are your personal view and experiences of your Ceres placement, how do you feel energy of this planet in general - do you feel sth else or wider influence than described generally, in which areas of life you see its activity and so on

I think Ceres is much underrated, in comparation to Chiron for example, its a dwarf planet and known for much longer time than some others, it deserves more attention, and i think should formally be shown in charts among other planets ( not in special charts with asteroids - because its not ). What are you takes on this too

17:46 UTC


Favorite YouTube channels?

Would love to find some new legit creators to watch!

03:55 UTC


Why do astrologers keep saying Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21 2024 for a 20 year stay when Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn from September to November 2024?

Wouldn't November 2024 be the month when Pluto permanently leaves Capricorn?

01:44 UTC


Profection Years?

I have just learned about profection years but am confused on their timing. I understand your age being linked directly to a house ( for example age 23 is tied to the 12th house) but I was wondering when profection years truly begin… for example if you were born May 1, 2000 would your 12th house profection year begin on May 1,2023 or would it begin at the start of the new year January 1, 2023 ? Or is it another start date I am completely missing??

02:11 UTC


Mutual Reception

First I have a question about mutual reception - does it only work with detriment/domicile and fall/exaltation or can you mix them up? For example, a Cancer Mars and a Capricorn Moon - Mars is in fall in Cancer but exalted in Cap, while the Moon is in detriment in Cap but ruled by Cancer - does that count as mutual reception? Or would it exclusively need to be a detriment-domicle relationship (or fall/exaltation relationship)?

Also just wondering how mutual reception plays a role in your charts for anyone who has it.

02:55 UTC


Does the natal placement matter when delineating a transit from said planet?

Another way to phrase it, how does the natal position of a planet affect the transit energy of said planet? If it does at all.

Would a Saturn in 9th carry its 9th houseyness with it in transit throughout the zodiac and whilst aspecting other planets?

21:32 UTC


Archetypal variations in Saturn-Moon conjunctions?

As I understand it, Saturn symbolically represents limits, structure, containment among other things. I imagine that when conjunct the moon, one's feeling apparatus is strongly influenced by Saturnian qualities. I would like to know if the manifestation of this in the Psyche varies significantly with the zodiac signs or more generally elements or modality. I would love to hear your thoughts or your experience of those you know. I'm asking this from the modern psychological astrology POV.

10:48 UTC


What can Taurus expect when Uranus conjunctions our natal sun?

Uranus in Taurus began in 2018 and is going to last until 2026. What should Taurus sun people prepare for when it conjuncts? Then there is also the trine to Pluto-Uranus in Virgo .. but that’s another discussion for that generation.

02:03 UTC


Looking for resources to better understand Pluto square Pluto transit

We know this transit happens to all of us sometime between 36 and 60 years of age.

I personally consider this period to be one of the most significant in terms of one's career/work as by that time you may have accumulated so much awareness and experience in life that you may finally wield it in the plutonian fashion to consciously make a dent in this world. I reckon Pluto may also break you, depending on your own chart... I find this transit fascinating, like it doesn't get any more 'metal' than that. I wonder if there are any resources out there you may recommend that are dealing with this in more detail.

I would also love to hear your personal experience or interpretation of this transit based on your chart or charts from people you've studied.


01:32 UTC


What are some accurate ways your placements or aspects have manifested in your life?

What are some placements and / or aspects in your chart that have made you be like 'wow!', just because of how relevant or applicable they are to your life? Like the kind of accurate descriptions that confirm or strengthen your belief in astrology.

20:56 UTC


How are the influences of a chart ruler vs. the planet in the first house vs. the dominant planet different?

I understand how they’re logistically different, but what’s the difference in their angles of influence? How would the behavior of Mars in the first house be different to having Mars as a chart ruler or dominant planet? I feel like it’s a mouthful so i hope i’m explaining it well enough!

00:26 UTC


What is something you feel isn’t talked about enough when it comes to transits?

As the title states. What do you feel is overlooked when it comes to reading transits?

20:53 UTC


Does any placement makes for a good healthy body?

Easy to recovery from physical injuries and illnesses too!

Is there any placements that help your physical strength in any sense?

19:21 UTC

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