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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events. r/Astrology is a community for discussing and learning about astrology, not for personal chart or life questions.

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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. This is a community for discussing and learning astrology, not for personal chart and life questions.

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Can you do synastry if you're not a couple yet?

So, I've seen some astrologers don't do synastry if you're not in a relationship, because they feel like there is nothing that synastry reading would apply to and henceforth it makes no sense. Like, if you're only in the flirting stage etc. What are your opinions on this, do you think it can be done or do you agree it makes no sense and why?

22:49 UTC


Certain signs are regularly assumed to be toxic, dangerous, and to be avoided, and this is not fair to them.

The astrology community largely engages in these kinds of generalizations and assumptions, not realizing that it can really hurt the self-esteem of the people who receive these messages. And this is not something every sign is subjected to — there are signs that far more heavily receive these narratives than others. It is harmful and discriminatory, and people need to be aware of that.

I wanted to bring this to people’s awareness because although it is pervasive, it can be quite subliminal. People who don’t have these signs in their charts may even be unaware. But it is real.

There are people out there being hurt by these negative messages and I want others to know that.

If you treat a person like they are dangerous and untrustworthy, they will begin to believe that about themselves. Your words have an impact. So please be aware of your prejudice and how you communicate these negative ideas to others. Thank you.

08:00 UTC


meaning of exact saturn return

Saturn return is frequently discussed in terms of a 2/3 year intense period of lessons/challenges.

But, what is the significance of the precise period when Saturn is in the exact degree to the decimal that is was it at birth?

What might be felt, experienced or signified by this moment?

14:07 UTC


How likely is it that princess Charlotte would become queen instead of her brother prince George?

I’ve seen a lot of people saying how Princess Charlotte gives more vibes of a future Queen than Prince George as a future King. Can we tell if one is more likely to become the future queen/king than the other through their charts?? If so, who do you think is likely to become future ruler?

Princess Charlotte Astrodatabank chart, Rodden Rating: AA

Prince George Astrodatabank chart, Rodden Rating: AA

12:34 UTC


Is it correct to assume that the rise of far-right parties in European Union is caused by Neptune in Aries?

As far as I can see, right now, Neptune is at the very end of Pisces (29°48’) and is ready to enter Aries (0°00’). So, what happened last night is most likely due to this forceful transition. Or not?

12:39 UTC


I have a completely stupid question, but hopefully it’s not that stupid?

Are there any books that track placements based on time of birth? Like minute to minute throughout a year? Maybe a collection where you can pick years and stuff? The internet has been a great help in learning astrology but I’ve been wondering if there are books like that mentioned. Where someone can mention a time of birth and it can be looked up to the accurate degree and sign.

I know I get obsessive when it comes to the rabbit hole of astrology and I’d be willing to do it, but I’m sure others have probably felt the same before.

I know it’d be complex as hell with sign combinations and the like but I feel like there’s gotta be something similar. Looked everywhere online and couldn’t find much.

Even a step in the right direction would feed my fascination. Open to anything y’all think would be helpful. Thank you in advance. ♥️

Edit: The ephermeris is not want I wanted Edit 2: sites and apps are not what I wanted

11:25 UTC


Please recommend astrology books!

wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, but I don’t by any means have a full grasp on all the details, that’s why I’m here! I’ve spent hours over the past analyzing the charts of friends, lovers, family, anyone I can get a birth time from lol. To be an expert at chart reading in my lifetime is the goal. Ive always taken astrology very seriously and feel it’s time to expand my knowledge. I appreciate and am open to any and all suggestions- if you feel like it, a brief description would be helpful :)

14:38 UTC


In your experience, can an astro chart point out specific spiritual gifts or spiritual paths?

For example, people with certain placements connect better with tarot or astrology, or people with certain placements are clairvoyant, etc etc?

07:23 UTC


Scorpio vs. Taurus Axis?

I’m aware that Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs, but why? In my understanding, each of the pairs has a “thing” that they differ on. For example, if Gemini learns bits and pieces from different people (Mercury ruled air sign) then Sagittarius tries to put that knowledge into a bigger picture (Jupiter ruled fire sign). But Scorpio and Taurus? I understand this pair the least.

I’ve heard something about security? But I don’t understand how the two interact on that topic. Taurus wants material security (wealth, material possessions) and Scorpio wants “emotional” security (???)? They both have something to do with wealth (with Scorpio I don’t fully understand how)? Taurus enjoys being in the moment and enjoying sensory pleasures while Scorpio has suspicions and hunches to follow? Taurus wants to take you to dinner and Scorpio wants to take you to bed to see how you really tick? I’m spit balling here.

What makes these two signs an axis?

02:32 UTC


Opinions on oppositions

Past few months I’ve been considering oppositions in astrology. Typically they are considered as an adverse aspect in any chart. But, what about an alternative explanation to the ordinary expression? In terms of the usual description of oppositions, two planets are on completely opposite ends, and couldn’t be further from each other.

What if, instead of seeing them as “opposing” one another, they are “facing”? Maybe not fighting one another, but instead seeing the other completely, and having another level of understanding that a conjunction could not bring?

02:55 UTC


different websites giving me different information

Hi folks what is the best go-to website for:

"what sign is the moon in"

"What transits / etc are happening around a date"

I am getting different answers from different sites!

thanks -

12:41 UTC


If Saturn teaches discipline what lessons do Neptune and Uranus teach?

Share knowledge, thoughts, experiences etc.

19:24 UTC


How does Neptune transiting a sign/house affect people personally?

Just trying to understand how the outer planets work. I know that Neptune is a planet which indicates illusion/delusion, but also some kind of intuition or spiritual insight. It takes a long time to transit through a sign/house, so I would guess it makes some kind of large, long term change during that time, similar to a Pluto transit. What kind of changes does Neptune end up making in a person's life? What does it feel like? How can you identify what it's doing, and try to work with it?

23:25 UTC


What is the upper limit orb for a Sextile?

Is it 10 degrees or 5 degrees? Does it change if the sun or moon are involved?

14:11 UTC


What is the best method (or book) to learn REAL astrology?

By real ,I mean not modern New Age astrology, but rather how Astrology was practiced throughout history. I want to learn about that. I know the book “The Real Astrology”, but I wanted to see if there are other resources that are good accurate information for real astrology.

03:14 UTC


India just went through an intense election phase. Can we know what is going in its chart?

Some very unexpected but exciting changes have happened and still happening.

21:40 UTC


Orb for Algol fixed star - and is it truly a negative placement or can be worked with?

I've been reading up on apparently the "worst" and most "malefic" fixed star, which is in beautiful & peaceful Taurus...

I've seen certain references say even a 5 degree orb with a planet will give it a huge debility, and other references say it's only if you're born between May 16-May 18 or so when it becomes a rather exact conjunction (for the current 26 degree pos. of Algol).

Can you share some more information on when a placement would count as Algol-affected, and if Algol truly is that bad like beheading?

21:34 UTC


what is the story of the zodiac?

hello! a couple months ago i was listening to a podcast when the host mentioned the story of the zodiac. specifically, she mentioned that Aquarius, the water bearer, was pouring the water of life for Pisces, the fish, to swim in. this made me curious about the rest of the story / how the other signs interact with each other. i tried to google a 'set' story of the zodiac but i couldnt really find anything. does anyone know more about this story / could provide me with sources? thank you so much! :)

17:55 UTC


Isn’t the USA (as its own nation) about to have a Pluto return? What does this portend?

Or has it already happened?

10:19 UTC


Astrologically, what was going on with the United States when the Civil War started?

What transits were most impactful?

10:38 UTC


Mars in Aries vs Mars in Scorpio

How would these placements manifest? What are the similarities or differences? When I look up interpretations online, the descriptions of these placements sounds almost the same to me, but surely there must be some differences.

02:42 UTC


What makes an eclipse baby?

I've been seeing that term here and there, no clue where it indicates in a chart.

00:48 UTC


What would it mean if a chart had absolutely no aspects? Is this common?

Hey everyone! I am new to this and I have been trying to research how to read a natal chart. All the ones I have seen have at least one aspect connecting planets. I have been researching what it means if planets are unaspected but what would it mean if every planet was unaspected for the individuals life? How would it differ from someone who has one or multiple aspects on their chart?

22:39 UTC


Which house rules astrology/astrologers? And which house rules history / being interested in history?


20:45 UTC


Question about Pluto in Aquarius

So how does Pluto in Aquarius work? Does it mean that if your zodiac sign is Aquarius, your next 20 years will be hard and challenging since Pluto is in your sign?

15:42 UTC


What can account for the rise in cosmetic surgery and other procedures (fillers, veneers, BBLs, etc)?

Mars - surgery

Venus - beauty

Uranus - technology

Neptune - fantasy

I don’t know the exact dates and I know surgery has always been a thing, but in the past decade, the accessibility of surgery and the rise of social media has made more and more regular people go under the knife. What astrological events can point to that?

Here’s a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for anyone interested in the stats. The time frame is from 2019 (pre pandemic) to 2022.


11:33 UTC


How do I find out how long my aspects are in affect for?

How can I tell? Is it the degrees? It’s different for each house and planet right?

23:16 UTC


Resources for beginners

Hello! I want to learn astrology to help make the most out of my tarot readings. I’m new to the topic and I’m wondering if there’s a best place to start studying.

If you study astrology, how long does it take to get the basics?

08:08 UTC


Do you find that the sign of your north node and house placement is relevant to your career? If not, how does it manifest for you?

Curious because I’m not sure whether the north node is fated for our development or might never be actualized depending on the individual

04:51 UTC


When someone says that a planet is transiting one of their houses, let's say their 6th house...

Does that just mean that that planet is currently in the sign that is in their 6th house? That is the only possible answer I can think of and I am hoping that I am right.

00:58 UTC

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