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Help please, cursed object!! Don't know how to dispose of it.

Someone recently gifted me a cursed object, I feel it's a direct on me. The object was made to look like me. Help, I don't know what to do with it. After receiving it, now I have noticed troubles and issues particularly at work.

16:17 UTC


Found in a abandoned house

Any idea what this is?

15:57 UTC


There are four intelligent entities in my apartment

I don't expect anyone who has not experienced this to believe me. I wouldn't believe me. This is not just hearing a noise or seeing a shadow. One of them interacts with me (by bouncing) every day and has the intelligence of a human tween. The other three are just as easy to identify.

They are so obvious and distinct that I am convinced there are more of them out there. I hope to find others who experience something similar. I have a more detailed outline if anyone is interested.

They communicate by the way they bounce.

I have named one “Buddy.” He can understand me, read, and tell time. He has tried to be helpful several times.

The only time I see anything is when they are affecting something else. I have seen them tap me, move my sheets, and pound on a door.

I have felt them tap me, shake my arm, climb, and shake my bed.

I have felt and heard them walk, bounce, fall, and hit things.

They seem to be able to go wherever they want almost instantly

My lights, furniture, and bed sheets also behave in unusual ways.

I don't think they are malicious, but they get their energy by draining it from me.

I don't think they are ghosts, spirits, or demons. I think they are interdimensional, extraterrestrial, or an unknown terrestrial life form. Please let me know if you have experienced something like this.

15:52 UTC


Explosion in my sleep

First off, I am not too sure whether this is the right category for this thread or not, but just as strange. When I was about 22 years old, I was at my moms house, I got tired and went to my old bedroom and fell asleep in my old Bed, which was upstairs, 2 story home). It was mid day. Nobody else was there at the time(other than mom) . Anyways I was in the middle of a pretty good nap, and all of a sudden it sounded like a grenade went off in the room with me (I'm not a veteran, or anything). But this was so loud, I woke up and my ears were ringing like crazy, adrenaline pumping and I could feel a shock wave, as well. I jumped out of bed, and while running down the stairs, I remember thinking maybe the united states went to war or something, or God knows, but something had just exploded. I run downstairs, breathing heavy and probably white as a ghost, just to see my mom in the kitchen looking at me like I am crazy, and though the ringing in my ears, I pretty much read read her lips and heard her say what's wrong? 😳 I retort, you didn't hear that? She says, hear what? I go the explosion? I am still expecting to see damage smoke or something.
Well nothing happened I guess,but my ears were still ringing and stayed ringing for about 15 minutes.

I have read somewhere that this has happened to veterans and heard it referred to as " exploding head syndrome"

Thing is I am not a veteran, I'm a regular guy.

It has happened again. But I still remember the explosion, the adrenaline and ringing ears like it happened yesterday.

07:05 UTC


Something that was disturbing me

This is my first time here and I'm writing this post because I feel that you guys can help me with this experience I had. Some months ago I was traveling with my parents (I don't remember where), and during the way we stopped in an traffic light. When I was looking outside the window I spotted an strange dark blue sphere floating above a wood house ≈100 meters away from me. The sphere looked like water and had this strange aura around it like it was something from another world. When I tried taking a photograph, something get in the way making very difficult to recognize what possibly could be that thing, and even after taking the photograph I had the strange urge to delete it - and that's what I made. Some time passed and I found myself in the same place I had seen the "sphere" and it disappeared, when I try to remember what I saw my memory gets more blurred and it's more like something from my imagination. If you know something about it please tell me, and if you can guaratee to me that what I saw was just my imagination I will be very grateful.

Note: I'm sorry if my English is not that good, I am still learning how write properly but I needed to share this with somebody. Thank you for reading!

05:05 UTC


Things I have wanted to talk about...

I consider myself a pretty level headed person. I am an upcoming artist, I published my first story in a small magezine.
But I recently had a...lets call it a mental melt down. I wasnt doing good. Its been 3 weeks since I came back from the mental hospital but I was telling the doctors about how I have hit my head and knocked myself out 4 times in my life. And I told them a story about how I had lost an entire day that I dont remember and have never had a day like that since and it got me thinking about my life of bizzare events. From when I was 4 and A boy haunted me in my bedroom and during the day I would talk to a man, according to my mom.
I really want to tell these stories and have people tell me what possible things could have happened? Suggestions or even people who have experienced the same things.
I want to start with one story and work my way down? Or rather I'll add more if people seem interested in my weird stories.
My first one happened when I was 4 years old in 2001. I grew up in Montana, middle of no where between Polson and Ronan. I use to love the land, hate the house.
My first memory of that place is the thousand of multicolored spider eggs on the outside window seat. It was a weird carpeted perch beneath on of my homes windows that I loved to sit at.
But at night I hated sleeping. I was always visited by this...boy. He was the same height as me, but he was like the thinest outline of a human body. His insides were filled with TV static. I use to put my head under the blankets and peer out because he would laugh and walk around my bed. I hated the weird thing he called a smile.
My mother says during the day there were a few times she would catch me talking to 'the man' She states the most vivid story she can tell was when she was in the kitchen and I came around the corner repeating "Just stay there! Right there!" To which I then asked if I could have something. She says I was often heard talking to the man. But at night all she ever heard me cry about was the boy.
She recently told me she didnt know until we had moved out that someone had commited suicide in the room that roomed into my room.

03:36 UTC


Soul Connection turned creepy.

Some context before I begin: I do have the ability to see, sense, feel and hear spirits and I have always believed in the spirit realm and God.

I want to share my experience with a soul Connection that was fine at first but became dark. So, I am 29(F) and this was to a person I worked with 35(M); 2 years ago I was 27 at the time. I had a pretty low moment before this job I was a heavy binge drinker and I wanted to get my life together so I got a job finally, it started off well had my current employer there and he decided to move locations no problem, he was alright not great. New boss comes he's off the bat pretty chill and lenient, seems like an all over nice person. Immediately after meeting him I got this vibe about him and my intuition told me to stay away from him he's trouble. Was odd and blew it off didn't think of it, and also knew he liked me which was strange but again blew it off. Anyway the job was nice great coworkers decent money I got along with everyone just fine. Me and him would talk somewhat and I initially wasn't interested in him but that changed fairly quickly, I became attracted to him and he told me blatantly he liked me. The way he would look at me was obvious and I felt his "energy" almost 24/7 even at home.. So December rolls around and one day he was standing next to me and we made eye contact and I felt this electrical zap hit me from him very weird and don't know what that is. After her left I felt a sense of dread and I was no doubt in love with this man and I felt like he felt the same without verbal communication. After this he would come find me and do projects with me and we would basically just hang out, we could be together in a room in silence and it was comfortable and it almost felt like telepathy. I would go home and cry myself to sleep because I didn't know what to do and I didn't understand why this was happening or how to stop it, I would feel his presence around me every second and even hear his voice it was becoming intense and overwhelming. He knew how I felt about him and he never really judged me or got angry with me, he was a very patient person. Around March is when it got toxic: I would get angry if he wasn't there and feel suicidal and didn't care about my job anymore, at this point I was completely inamoured with him my life was changed... The next month I had to move away to a different city it was my only chance to start my own life so I took it, he was sad and it really showed on my last day with him. He came into work that day with teary eyes and asked where I was, I ended up writing him something because it was my last chance to get it out. I wanted to leave with him knowing how I felt but unfortunately nothing came of it. After leaving, I was suicidal and depressed and I wished I had never left. I remember I would be doing dishes and I literally heard his voice calling my name and this happened alot and it became frequent. I ended up seeing his spirit form in front of my eyes and it scared me so bad I almost passed out, I had a dream about him and his daughter whom I have never met in my life and it turned out that his daughter in my dream is exactly what she looks like from other sources. I had a feeling he lost his job and of course, was confirmed by a former co worker of mine. I have recently been trying to find God again and I realized that this connection is a soul tie and through this, I can pretty accurately know what is going on with this person. I have tried prayer to break this soul tie and I get physical pain during it and it has not broken yet. I'm not sure what to do about this, I hope this isn't too strange but this is the truth of what happened to me.

I purposely didn't add in some details due to possible judgement but we are both in relationships with other people and no, we never intimate. I am getting married and I do not know about his current situation which I do not need to. I purposely wish to remain anonymous as for the person this happened with.

TL;DR: Had a soul connection/ soul tie with someone I worked with, energy exchange/ telepathy scary paranormal experiences, having trouble breaking said connection. Thanks for reading.

⚠️ ⚠️⚠️Please, if you don't have anything nice to say don't waste my time commenting on my post. I don't care to be judged or questioned about my authentic personal experience, or to be made crazy I have gone through alot of grief and dark times due to this situation. Be kind nobody knows what people go through, thank you.

02:35 UTC


Lucid dreaming, hallucinations or the paranormal

I was probably having a lucid dream or something but once when i was little, (6 or 7) i used to wake up very early, like in 3 or 4 in the morning and play games like coolmath or starfall until my parents woke up. I woke up at around 4 in the morning one particular morning and decided i wanted to watch cartoon network. As i quietly sneaked down the hallway, i look up and see this weird white manuequinn person just looking at me. It had no eyes and it wasnt moving which obviously made me freak out. I quietly screamed inside my head and ran to the couch instead of my room for some stupid reason. It was just standing there and so i just reassured myself it was just my imagination and started watching tv, though evetytime i glanced towards the doorway it was there, in a new position. I could feel it watching me. Then my sister came at around 7 and sat on the couch with me. She came normally and didnt act like anything was wrong. I asked her what the thing was in the doorway andshe didnt know what i was talking about. Then i saw the figure finally inch towards me, shaking in paralyzing fear with my sister confused and wworried for my sanity. Then i passed out. I woke up and my parents told me it was because of my lack of hydration but i still dont know what was going on in my mind to this day. My sister and i havent talked about it to this day but i know for sure i did not pass out due to "dehydration". I might have been ill but i know in my heart something was off that day

01:35 UTC


Possible paranormal experience?

A few years back, something kinda strange happened. My mom forgot where she put her glasses, so I was helping her look for them in the lounge. I searched for a few minutes but strangely enough, I couldn't find them anywhere.

I gave up and decided to take a break. Just as I was about to walk away, I catch something out of the corner of my eye. To the left of me, I saw an object fall from above, from quite seemingly nowhere. It made a loud thud on our carpet floor too, so it must've fallen from a considerable height. I look down at the fallen object, as my mom in the other room asks what the sound was, and it's her glasses?

Thing is, I was nowhere near any shelves or anything else the glasses could've fallen from, and our lounge is tidy and spacious. I was literally standing in the middle of the room and they fell beside me. I keep trying to rationalize what I saw, but it just doesn't make sense.

01:15 UTC


Why are abandoned hospitals and mental facilities so often haunted?

Very often you read about these places and hauntings. Is it true that there is a very high number of those sightings in such areas?

00:57 UTC


Random scratches?

Hi, whenever I keep waking up I always get random scratches in sets of three. I'm very concerned because this keeps happening and they mostly only appear on my hand. I've went through multiple reasons of why I might have the scratches but it's just odd. My nails are too blunt to cause a scratch. My bedsheets are pretty soft, I have silk sheets. Only something really sharp and pointy could make a scratch like this because it is impossible to make one as so. I have nothing sharp in my room.

In the past hour I've woken up with a deep cut on my thumb. I've also got three faded lines on the middle of my hand but one of them has completely disappeared. There's only two

I kinda think I'm being paranoid but oh well😄just looking for answers

00:06 UTC


Abandoned Murder/Suicide House Of An Elderly Woman-What Was In The Fridge Shocked Me! 😳😳

22:20 UTC


Are ouija boards actually real?

I’ve seen loads of people try them, and i’ve always wanted to do it to. But do they really work? Very sceptical but sounds like good fun!

19:24 UTC


Have any of you seen what I call “shadowwalkers”?

Hello all,

I’ve never really posted before so sorry if this doesn’t belong but I’ve had some experiences in my early childhood that I would like some clarity on. I grew up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in WV in the mid 2000s. I lived in a little house on the top of a mountain with no neighbors (this is important context wise) and I spent most of my time outside playing in forest that was my backyard. Some of my earliest memories involve seeing what many people call “shadow people” although these were only outside and never aggressive. They would walk in behind trees and would disappear or materialize, but they never just appeared. They would only emerge or disappear behind trees. I began to bring them little things like jacks and bouncy balls or acorns because I thought they were my friends. After I began doing this they began to appear more frequently and would come closer to me. They wouldn’t ever get closer than roughly 15ft away and when they did we would have what I used to call “dance parties”. Any movement I would make, they would directly copy. If I waved, they waved. If I jumped, they jumped. So I would run around and dance and they would also dance. I never felt a danger with these entities either. I always got either a very neutral or warm feeling around them. This is why I’m confused because whenever I google “shadow people” they always mention dark feelings and experiences when that was not the case for me. I should also mention that physically these creatures were just human like silhouettes, both male and female looking, and were roughly average height but probably a little smaller since they were close to my height as a child. Do any of you know what these were and have any of you had similar experiences?

19:21 UTC


Weird experience

I was a relief chef for my company and I wad stationed at dover to cover a secondary school for a few weeks . So after work I went for a jog which I did daily, I ran loads of routes and backroads / fields. So I went for a jog and I joged past sone cows and some ruins so I thought hey why not I'll investigate the ruins and incorporate it into my route . I found the entrance which was a high walled both side covered in foliage I must of joged half way down when I couldn't move , it was like I was struck with fear and could not move closer even if I wanted to , I backed up and avoided this ruins ever since .

1 Comment
17:02 UTC


What matters far more than the claim is the evidence for the claim.

As one of the moderators here on r/paranormal, our job is to try and encourage healthy discussion about this topic. The subreddit really doesn’t serve any purpose if it isn’t producing good conversation. We’re not here to validate or invalidate anyone’s experience. Prior to 2020 I thought most of this stuff was ridiculous, but then I started having my own experiences which resulted in an awful lot of research.

And when I say research I don’t just mean hanging out in an abandoned building trying to talk to ghosts using an Ouija board. Not to say there’s no value in doing that, but anecdotal experience is trumped by empirical data, and so I spent as much time as possible reading research papers and contacting scientists who were doing the work. Contrary to popular opinion there are scientists that are studying this phenomenon and there actually is a lot of data out there, although there is no consensus on the nature of the phenomenon.

One of the people I spoke with just this past week is Dr. Jim Segala, who has been working with Dr. Colm Kelleher and Dr. Kit Green to study so-called “experiencers,” people who have a history of experience with anomalous (paranormal) phenomenon. Some of those names will be familiar to people who are versed in the subject of UFOs and the government’s complicated history with that subject.

Dr. Segala’s team deployed custom-built devices to collect environmental measurements, ranging from temperature and humidity, to acceleration/gravitational readings, and even gamma radiation. That last one is particularly interesting because there are very few things in the natural environment that produce ionizing radiation, and really nothing that should be producing the kind of spikes that they were measuring across multiple devices.

The kind of experiences that subjects were reporting include poltergeist phenomenon, shadow beings, orbs, and even cryptids. Things that are routinely dismissed on this subreddit as fantasy or hallucination. But these subjects weren’t crazy—some of these people have high standing in the intelligence and military communities and who hold active security clearances which require frequent psychological assessments. More importantly, these events correlated with anomalous readings on the devices indicating that there was genuine physical phenomenon occurring, although much of that phenomenon has proved to be extremely difficult to document.

The theories on why it has been so hard to capture range from consciousness-based explanations to interdimensional non-human intelligence which may have the ability to operate outside of time and even to read our thoughts. These things are currently being discussed in classified briefings with members of Congress. I’ll be surprised if you had telepathic interdimensional werewolves on your 2024 bingo card, but here we are.

Allow me to quote from Marcello Truzzi, one of the founders of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the leading organization for professional skeptics:

In science, the burden of proof falls upon the claimant; and the more extraordinary a claim, the heavier is the burden of proof demanded. The true skeptic takes an agnostic position, one that says the claim is not proved rather than disproved. He asserts that the claimant has not borne the burden of  proof and that science must continue to build its cognitive map of reality without incorporating the extraordinary claim as a new "fact." Since the true skeptic does not assert a claim, he has no burden to prove anything. He just goes on using the established theories of "conventional science" as usual. But if a critic asserts that there is evidence for disproof, that he has a negative hypothesis—saying, for instance, that a seeming psi result was actually due to an artifact—he is making a claim and therefore also has to bear a burden of proof.

The claim there there is “no evidence” is the clearest sign of someone behaving as a pseudo-skeptic (a term coined by Truzzi). Evidence can be found for any claim. The quality of the evidence is what matters, but if the skeptics can’t make a rational and persuasive case that the evidence should be ignored, then their claim is weaker than the position they argue against. Likewise if an experiencer can’t make a persuasive case that their experience is genuinely anomalous, then it’s largely a waste of time for our users (and we are being more aggressive in removing posts that don’t make a strong case, even if it takes us a while to get to it!).

This subreddit should be a place where we discuss the merits of the evidence that is presented, no matter what the nature of it. Today’s impossible is often tomorrow’s science. That’s what this subreddit is about.

Resources regarding the above:

Some data from the Dr. Segala MUPAS study: https://www.experiencer-studies.com/education

Article about the Hitchhiker Effect: https://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/colmkelleher-edgescience.pdf

A list of largely peer-reviewed articles related to anomalous phenomenon of all kinds: https://www.deanradin.com/recommended-references

A call by scientists for more open-minded scientific research: https://opensciences.org

A video presentation about the hitchhiker effect: https://youtu.be/VD0ZVbtbnfI?si=k3Gto8EA2bOyo2BV

Discussion of pseudoskepticism: https://www.anomalist.com/commentaries/pseudo.html

1 Comment
16:39 UTC


I saw a pretty big mostly transparent spider completely vanish.

Could there be any medium/large(5-7cm) spiders with near fully transparent body? i saw a medium sized spider as i awoke from a very short sleep i happen to notice some sounds it was making as it moved along the vertical wall next to my head. i saw it for about 1 or nearly 2 seconds it looked almost transparent and it disappeared right infront of my eyes i didnt blink! it kinda blended into the wall that it was on. it looked so real until it didnt. like it moved along the wall as i was opening my eyes and when i saw it it felt like it freakin knew i saw it and it stopped moving altogether and blended into the wall like vanished! i actually froze for a few more seconds and i was kinda a bit tired to move and immediately get near it and inspect the wall and when i did i couldnt find anything i turned on more lights on(plus day light) and still couldnt see it again. it disappeared as if it didnt even exist. im wondering if this could be a hallucination or something real?! either way i could use some advice to deal with this situation maybe some quick/doable way to get rid of it or something i could defend myself with as i sleep? i also googled a bit, and hmm it seems to suggest that baby spiders could be that kind of transparent but this wasnt a baby for sure. and i looked at some webpage results and on youtube it doesnt show me anything as transparent as the one i saw.. anyone else find anything? the spider i saw looked almost like glass without the glossy or shininess it passed the background color mostly and completely when it wanted to disappear. oh and the wall color on my room is medium grey color and maybe that could've even added to it was an advantage for that kind of camouflage...

15:24 UTC


Student possessed by Jinn witnessed by Sultan of Brunei

15:16 UTC


Do the dead who loved us send us signals of some sort, when we need them?

I am sorry to bother you guys, I'll try to be not pathetic and as brief as possible.

I guess what I am looking for is a "yes" to my question, as it would mean someone I loved and lost is not dead (since I don't think I got any clear sign). I don't like to believe in paranormal sightings, and I do consider myself pretty rational, but my mother always feels her dead father's presence when he has something to tell her, and I was hoping my case would be similar.

Please don't laugh at me, but the reason behind this post is that a month ago I was ghosted by my LDR partner of three years and I have no way whatsoever to find my way back to him. I am trying to reach out to him, but I know my chances are extremely slim. We always had a very deep bond and shared everything, and this has never happened. I am in my twenties, and I had started believing that if soulmates truly do exist, he was mine.

I managed to find out he had something quite big to hide from me. My guess is that he was convinced I'd break up with him over it, and decided to leave instead of telling me, to let me remember him as the person I knew.

At the same time, we were in love; he's been suffering from psychotic depression for the last year or so, and he always told me it wouldn't have ended well for him, without me. We both were lonely and quite clingy... but he was even clingier than me.

Anyway, I digress. Call me naive, but my worry is that he might've done something bad to himself after leaving me.

Were he really dead, do you think I would've gotten any signals to let me know I have to stop looking for him? He was never abusive or manipulative, just deeply troubled by his own demons, but always extremely loving. I am here, feeling many things at the same time, and yes, I also feel useless, because he could be struggling right now, and I am here, unable to help.

I just hope he's alright.

14:37 UTC


Have you guys Ever had al dream that Came true?

Hello guys om a Male living in Belgium IM 16 and grom thé small age of 10 į vividly Remember having dreams that come true some ,here weird some where just normal thing happening in real life , like when į was12 just gonna start hight school here in my country it was summer Vacation And į woke up and Rememberd a dream bout me sitting in a classroom with other People a teacher all People Ive never steen before? And į vividly Remember that is was sitting in that samen classroom samen People samen words like in this dream drop thé on į actually notices more things where į had this feeling į had been in this moment before like om remiving it like in a state of deja-vu you nkow?

Weird thing is Ive ben having dicht kind of dreams over the years į may say they only happen like evry couple of months and someting į hart two after eachother it's weird but. A couple of days ago į had aš dream and now į just think of it it's Berry vivid and weird self un-exslpanatory you now į saw this bag with like a key ring with little boxing gloves on thema thé bag was open bloodied clothes blood Next to it blood on my hands į wanted to look around but i woke up it's Berry weird, beacaus į only know one person iv Deen with that bag those clothes with that little keyring they are not dead not do į even know them Well Ive been thema twice like 1year ago į don't nkow is this amazing ir do į just ignore it?

Please help .. im confused and worried because į have weird thoughts į am mentally ill (depression /anxiety/ sphychosis once like a year ago)and this just worries me what if is killed someone you nkow? I probably didtn būt do these dreams always come true cuz some haven't būt theyre always kind of thé same like Ive dreamed them?

10:05 UTC


I am seeking for the truth

Some pre-details for some skeptic people like me

i tried to generate crypto-passwords on heavily protected databases, like cryptocurrency generator for wallets or some tools on apple devices. (They are one of the most protected and immune against being tempered by server and device especially for apple devices in a state which is not jail-broken. That's why i chose them)

Imagine it like ouija board but in a version which is more scientifically protected with record and without any user control.

I know moderately about online and computer security. So if their core process was being exploded by someone, it would cause huge server problem, and if someone could achieve that it means everything would be mess. Literally each services provided on them and all data etc. will be collapsed.

So it's secure enough and the rate of these happenings are extremely low, speaking from community and official security analysis reports.


I have recorded some precognition stuff on these wallets, device servers and my guess came true. I don't want to deep into details but yes, i felt like I'm going to be insane.

And i tried their random passwords which i told you before its as protected as like servers. I got repeatedly demonic stuff, my name and the name of same demon.

I was in an exam a month ago, i saw a question that i don't know the answer. I did not study this, i swear even i did not listen this on class. I did not attend this lecture.

I have received a thought says don't worry i gonna help you to solve this. I wrote whatever the thought said and after quiz, i checked it with my friends the answers were 100% matched.

Many things happened too but they are enough i think so.

09:58 UTC


Baby cries that didn’t exist

When I was in my first marriage, I use to hear baby cries that don’t exist. The ones that ring in your ear a bit. The ones that sound like mom feed me cry. I heard baby cries that didn’t exit. My daughter was real young at the time. Barley two years old.

It use to drive me insane because no one would believe me.

I was married around this time. And my marriage was a very unhappy one. We use to argue all the time. 24/7. Every time we would argue, I would hear the cries. So naturally I would check on my daughter. And every time, it was NEVER her. She would always be sleep peacefully. This was happening so much, that eventually I started to think maybe I was going crazy.

Well one day in the middle of an argument between my ex and I. It happened. And to my surprise he heard the cry. He never heard them! So something told me, stay calm and told to him go check. It was so was weird. I just knew it wasn’t her. So he goes and check on her. Boom. Nothing. Now he finally believes me. He was so pale. It really scared him but I was scared for months. Other weird things has happened too. But Once he acknowledged the ghost cries. He stopped called me crazy. We still fought but not as much. The cries did stop eventually.

But honestly looking back , i have no idea what that was. That place use to drive me crazy

09:04 UTC


human-like bat encounter from childhood

I was about 8 at the time, I was playing with my friends outside of our house and got an idea of building an tree house on one of the trees in the backyard. We got some planks and nails and wanted to stard building. I was the first one that climbed the tree to hammer a few planks so we could start expanding our creation. As I was climbing up I grabbed one of the branches not as thic to remain in the same place when I grabbed onto it. As I grabbed the branch it bend down and i could see deeper into the tree. The second i looked there I saw this creature, fully black around 1,5 meters tall and with bat like wings. As soon as I saw it i screamed and fell down. I heard the thing flapping his wingsvand hitting the leaves but when I looked up there again there was nothing there.To this day I never had any similar experiences.

08:01 UTC


Ouija text messages

I'm just curious if anyone thinks this would work or has tried it.

I have a friend a couple states away with a Ouija board, do you think it would be possible for us to both use our Ouija or pendulum boards to contact spirits to pass messages to each other almost like texting but funner?

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Mimic Stories!?

Hey y’all! I would love to hear your stories about encounters with mimics/doppelgangers! They are my #1 most terrifying paranormal topic. If you comment your story please let me know if you give me permission to share it publicly.

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True story from childhood

When I was about 6 or 7 I came home from school one day and hollered up the stairs to let my sister in high school know I’d made it home. Hollered up a couple times, and at no reply decided okay whatever and started to walk away. As I’m going back to my room I hear my sister yell out my name, and tell me to come upstairs. I see an outline of my sister at the top of the stairs and as I start walking up it retreats back to my sisters room. As my foot hits the second stair my sister in question walks in through the front door.

I freeze looking at her with pure confusion and shock. I insist she just called me upstairs, and she yanks me into our parents room calling 911 knowing no one else should be home. The police come and conduct a full sweep of the house to discover no one. Still creeps me out a tad to this day.

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Hey y'all I'm freaking out rn

Y'all know the wendigo? I think I just heard one in my backyard. I was getting out of my car tonight getting home from work when I thought I heard my dad's voice from the garage like "hey!" Like inviting me in (the garage is heated and I assumed he was in there with my mom working on their puzzle like usual). I open the door to darkness. My hairs stood on end. I couldn't tell if the voice was from the garage or behind it. I quickly went inside and told my mom. She said my dad had just went to bed. It might have been a flesh pedestrian. I'm freaked out, that's for sure. We have no neighbors behind us too. There are a few trees behind our house but not a dense forest. Idk, I'm freaked out. It sounded exactly like my dad. Could have been one of those imitator creatures. Anyways, thought I'd share. Any guesses to what it could have been, lmk.

Edit: I am 24F idk if that's relevant but I'll put it anyways

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Noises at night

I was outside with my friend and noise like high pitch "ah" but a cracked voice any thoughts

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