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Tesla Catches Many Ghost At Hollywood Cemetery Including A Ghost Horse!

Thought this was interesting. Teslas have pretty sensitive sensors.

1 Comment
19:40 UTC


Washcloth Thrown At Shower Curtain

Basically exactly what the title says happened. This was about a week ago and I still have zero explanation for how this happened.

For some context, I live along the gulf coast and the closest beach is an island which is widely known to be fairly paranormally active. Right before this incident, I had been at the island for a weekend trip — did all the cheesy tourist stuff including a haunted historic ghost tour (Nothing weird happened on the tour, no weird vibes. It was mostly history and spooky stories, but I figured I’d mention it as the washcloth incident happened basically right after.)

After I get home from the trip my mom is in her room, my dad in the kitchen, and I’m taking a shower. While showering, I see a shadow on the other side of the shower curtain, and I figure it’s probably just my mom coming in to grab something/put something away which isn’t totally unusual, but it’s odd she wouldn’t say anything. I call out to her, nothing. And then something hits the outer curtain hard, which not going to lie, scared the shit out of me.

When I peak out however, there’s nothing. The door is still closed, nothing has moved, and no one would have been able to get out of the bathroom that fast without me seeing them or hearing the door. I finished showering pretty quickly, I have no intention of having something else thrown at me lmao

When I’m out I notice the washcloth laying on the ground by the toilet and think that maybe someone just wanted to try and get it in the laundry basket and had dreadfully horrible aim — but that doesn’t make much sense because the laundry basket is right by the door, four feet away from the shower. Still, I ask my mom and dad and neither of them know what I’m talking about. They also would have no reason to lie, so I doubt they’re pranking me (my mom despises pranks anyway).

Anyway, I don’t know if this counts as paranormal but I genuinely just do not know how it happened. The washcloths are kept in a cabinet by the door, and there’s no where an old one could have fallen from, or come flying from anywhere.

Just some additional info, this isn’t the first odd thing that’s happened to me in this house. Lived here my whole life (I’m 22, just moved back from college), and have heard my name called when no one is home, and heard other weird things while in the shower specifically. My mom has seen things, and so has my brother, but my dad has not.

Idk, just figured I’d share! Anyone have theories?

1 Comment
18:56 UTC


What rational explanation could explain what caused these marks on my mouse pad?

Last night I went into my game room to jump online and play some games. I walked into the room turned my light on and walked to my desk that has my gaming setup on it. I turn the pc on look down to my keyboard/mouse to unlock my pc and notice the marks on the mouse pad. I took the photo in this post and sent it to my wife to ask if she knew anything about the marks on my mouse pad. My wife had no clue the marks were there or how they got there. I’ve been trying to figure out a reasonable explanation of how they got there, but I can’t think of anything that would cause the marks.

Some background information. I had just played games in the room on my pc Monday night and the marks were not there. My wife doesn’t go in the game room unless I’m home because she doesn’t really like being in there alone. We have no pets inside the house and it’s just me and my wife living here. Once I noticed the marks I used my fingernails to try to make an additional mark on the pad. In order to make the marks I had to press down with a lot of pressure. My wife did text me Tuesday afternoon asking if I was home because she thought she heard someone typing in the game room. We have alerts that go off when any of the 3 external doors are opened so I don’t believe anyone was in the house except my wife

Are there any logical reasons that marks would show up randomly on my mouse pad? This is the second thing that has happened to me in this room that I am unable to reason away and it’s starting to bother me

18:23 UTC


weird thing that happened in among us

one time a couple of years back (maybe 2022-2023) I decided to play among us, and I joined a match, but after the match something weird happened, the screen went black and only the player was there, I could move too. When I checked the chat there seemed to be another player, he had the same exact avatar, the same exact name as me but he was different. This might have been a hacker but I immediately left after he chatted a couple of times, thoughts?

1 Comment
17:56 UTC


Got a feeling today that my grandma will die tonight

I visited my grandma today with my fiance and little sister. Grandma was her normal self and for some reason I got this sudden, powerful gut feeling that this is the last time I'll see my grandma alive. The feeling was full of dread but felt like it was the absolute truth.

I've NEVER had that kind of feeling. My grandma is healthy and doesn't have any health problems. I couldn't shake the feeling off and it's still present as I type this.

When we left I started to talk about the feeling and how odd it was, only for my little sister to say that she feels the same way for some reason.

I want this to be false so bad, but in the back of my mind something is screamig that this is real and will happen..

Please someone tell me that my gut feeling is wrong. My grandma is the most importand person in the whole world to me.

Has anyone had this kind of feeling and it turning out happening?

17:50 UTC


Have you ever had weird experiences near the Lincoln memorial in DC?

I've had a few paranormal experiences in my life, some I have shared and others i have not, simply because they are not as extraordinary or interesting. This is one of the not so extraordinary ones, but it was interesting and I wonder if anyone had this happen too.

Several years a go I went to Washington DC and visited the Lincoln memorial, I loved DC, so much history, such an incredible place. There is this place, how ever, which is a Vietnam memorial there. I remember looking at the names of the people who died in that war and thinking to my self -"thank you for your service and God bless all the people who have died in this terrible war".

A few moments later as me and my uncle are walking away to the next site, which i think was the obelisk, I felt someone slap my knee while I was walking. It startled me, I asked my uncle if I bumped on him or something and he said no, I told him what happened. It then happened again, as if someone couched in front of me and while I was walking gave me a little slap on the kneecap. Not hard enough to where it hurt or made me trip, but definitely a flick or slap of some sort that made me stop in my tracs. This is the only time I have been physically touched by something while simply awake walking around or living my life.

Anyone else ever had something weird like that happen in that area?

17:48 UTC


I saw shadow creatures once and they’ve been stalking me since

So for some context, when I was 9 I had either a lucid nightmare, hallucination, or waking dream. I don’t believe it’s a real thing, but it was about 9 feet tall, a green cloak, a pitch black body, and blood red eyes. I lifted my blanket over my eyes, but the red eyes kept staring. I screamed to my mom and heard her coming. Suddenly, I realize this thing was completely crouched down, when it stood up it stepped over a chair with ease. It was still hunched over as its back was touching my ceiling. This thing opened my door which was completely closed, but when it closed the door it didn’t do it fully. My mom then pushed the door open since it wasn’t fully closed. I would have nightmares for a while so I started taking enough melatonin to stop dreaming. However, around 13 I started seeing things again. It was 2 entities, one was that same damn creature and the other was an entity which hid in every shadowy place, but the second one started to manifest seemingly in a physical form. It had fingernails that were chewed halfway back and were jagged. Its head was balding with part of its head having some black hair. Ever since then, I’ve been medicated but still see them I live in northern Virginia, within an hour of DC if that helps with anything. Please let me know ANYTHING

1 Comment
17:25 UTC


Did my grandma come say goodbye to me?

So my grandma passed away the day before yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in almost 10 years but my mom told me she had been asking for me about two weeks ago. She actually called me and I missed her call and I didn’t call her back immediately. And unfortunately she ended up in the hospital last week so I never ended up speaking to her. The doctor said there’s nothing they can do and unfortunately she passed away. Yesterday, I was nursing my baby to sleep and scrolling on TT per usual with my AirPods on to not wake my baby when I see a sudden flash of light. I immediately turn around and my TV is on. I’m thinking maybe I accidentally turned it on but my remote was on my night stand so no way I accidentally pressed it. I did think it was odd but just turned it off, oddly enough I didn’t feel scared or anything. Afterwards while I’m trying to fall asleep I couldn’t actually fall asleep. Every time I started dozing off I got sleep paralysis. I use to get this all the time when I was younger but it’s been a minute since I’ve had it. Well I kept forcing my self to wake up and try to snap out of it but everytime I would try to sleep it kept happening and I was having odd vivid dreams. I remember specifically trying to wake up my husband frantically telling him to get the baby as if someone was coming to get him. I didn’t end up falling asleep until about 4am. Could this be my grandma coming around ? Has anymore had any similar experiences?

16:52 UTC


This happened a couple years ago

My girlfriend and I were both talking about spooky things which we do from time to time. I seem to have a keen sense for feeling spirit activity. I’ve even seen some wild things over the years that I can’t explain.

Well I just seen a post here about black eyed kids and it being fake but seeing that post flooded my mind with one the things that I’ve seen that I can’t help but think about in some form almost daily.

It has all been a perfect storm to actually motivate me to post about it.

So a few years ago I worked at a nursing home pretty close to my home in rural WV. Very small town thick with trees. I worked an evening shift and was leaving the nursing home while already dark outside. Got in my car and left like usual and was heading home that was only like 8 minutes away.

Less than a mile from pulling into my driveway there’s a steep hill you drive up with a sharp heavy curve left. When you are driving through this curve straight ahead behind guard rail just bushes and thick leading to the hills and trees and as my headlights were beamed into these bushes I see what looks like a long skinny pinkish skinned thing squatting down in the bushes.

Now drugs are bad in this little wv town and I could have easily written it off as some drugged out loon doing god knows what… but it’s eyes.. they were so wild and odd. The brief time I seen them I could just feel they were not right. Headlights on them and no reflection it was like it’s eyes were sucking away all the light.

I was really shaken up and took me a bit to gather myself at home and get out the car. The house is on a hill directly in front of the same thick wooded hills and I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel that mf’ers eyes on me from behind my house in those woods.

3/4 days straight any time I was outside I felt that same sick feeling in my stomach day light or dark as I did that first night when I got home.

Then all of a sudden it was like that dread was lifted. After disclosing this experience to a few close folks they seem to think I seen a skinwalker.

Now I am not entirely what the hell it was but out of all the creepy shit I’ve felt spirit wise/etc this one bothers me the most. What makes the folks I told think skinwalker was Afew nights after it all started feeling normal again an odd thing occurred yet again.

As per usual it’s dark coming home from work on evening shifts and deer are common as people in this town so seeing a few deer in my yard was nothing rare. Except after the experience and back to normal there’s just this one deer.

Biggest doe I have ever seen and this one didn’t scatter when the car door shut. Instead this giant stood in the yard no fawns at all near and as I’m walking to go in my door it still hasn’t run. Instead starts walking towards me making wierd snorting sounds like a mother wanting to protect it’s young.

Thing was veering left and right like a drunk trying to stay between the lines and it didn’t act right and my “spidey senses” were saying NO!

After a few thrown rocks it finally staggered off to the hills and that was that.

So I just kind of wants to share what happened then and see if anyone here has any opinions or ideas what the hell may have happened or what it was?

I’ve honestly tried debunking it/ rationalizing it and no matter what I keep this gut feeling that says that wasn’t normal.

12:49 UTC


What is it about Shadow People...

So I was wondering if anyone has heard of (or personally seen) a shadow person that is obviously a child or a woman. Every case I've seen or read about have them as males. As a bonus question: Do you think they are 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional as all the videos I've seen seem to suggest a 2 dimensional being? And if they are 2D by nature would this account for the perception of them as being male?

12:40 UTC


What was your scariest paranormal experience?

I have never had a scary experience before just weird ones I.e light switching on by itself, paper moving on its own. .

12:34 UTC


Shadow figure in broad daylight

I was driving to town today on a fairly busy highway. I look up, and on the opposite side of the bridge I'm about to go under, I see a large, dark shape peak under the bridge and vanish back up above. Now this was a fairly large shapeless mass, so my first thought was that something was stuck to the bridge, like a balloon or a tarp. Upon passing under the overpass and looking in my rear view mirror, I see nothing. Not even a sign on the other side of the bridge. I freaked out.

I've never believed in or seen things like this...but I couldn't explain it no matter how I tried. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel...crazy.

10:44 UTC


I need some help. How do I get a demon out of my house? (long story warning)

Ok to preface, my family (specifically my moms side) has a long history of paranormal activity, Great Great Grandma did some witchcraft back in her country and got her home burned down because of it, Great grandma used to interpret dreams and such, was able to see the future through dreams and accurately predicted a lot of my Grandma (her daughter’s) life, My mom had a lot of ghost stories and things she saw when she was a kid

For example she told me when she was younger she saw a woman that she believed was death itself, asking for her Mom (Grandma), she told her that her Mom was in the hospital and the woman just told her “You’re a good kid, it’s a shame what happens to good kids like you” and left a few hours later my grandma was dead (that part wansnt paranormal she’d been battling cancer for a few years but she was getting better and was expected to be able to go home the next week), My mom never saw her again and nobody she talked to ever said they saw someone similar, everyone except Great Grandma was at home and around the house, even one of my uncles showed up right at that same spot not even minutes later and he said he didn’t see anyone leave or even be there

Mind you, this is all in a small town and nearly 40 years ago, no technology and no real outside influence meant everyone was always outside, everyone always knew or saw something even if it was just another person and it was miles away from society so it should be impossible that no one else saw this woman

Anyways, one last thing, I occasionally have premonitions but they happen in dreams, things that happen days, months, years in advance I sometimes see in dreams and wake up, forget and then remember randomly

Ok so now onto the real problem I’m having

A few years ago, I was home alone when I heard an intense knocking at the door, which is common around where I live but the way they were knocking felt like they were trying to knock the door down, I got myself armed and went to open the door, I checked through the peephole and there was nothing there, I opened the door and again, nothing there

It’s happened a few more times but it’s less and less frequent, the problem is since then strange things have been going on around the house, a lot of things are moved around when no one is home, I have a bookshelf in the living room with a few pictures of my grandparents and all of them were flipped around, like they turned their backs to me

Sometimes when I look at the end of the hallway where the bathroom is I see like a woman just peering around the doorframe and disappearing into the room after a few seconds

Other times I see shadows or black outlines of people around the house, lastly and the worst experience I’ve had so far - I was heading to bed and had to turn on a hallway night light for my parents (they’re a bit old and need the light, also the darkness still spooks me a bit)

When I was walking through the hall, I see a shadow on the wall just run like straight at me, I don’t know how to describe it, but it looked like it was running down the hall

I don’t know what it is or if I’m going crazy, I researched online and apparently opening a door when you hear a knock and nobody is home brings a demon into your home, some help would be appreciated

09:43 UTC


I think my apartments haunted

My apartment building is older. It was built somewhere in the 1940s it’s been remodeled quite a bit so you wouldn’t even know it though. I’ve been getting horrible nightmares since I moved in. The first dream I had terrified me so much I woke up from my dream trying to scream. I dreamed I was exorcising a demon, I didn’t take it seriously at first. I remembered thinking it couldn’t possibly be that. Then, it told me its name. I tried to get rid of it, but It threw me against a wall. I woke up in a terror from that. The next dream I had, was even weirder. I dreamed I was investigating a serial killer, who would grind his victims up and turn them into garden fertilizer and mix them up with dirt, which he would then use for his flower beds. The only reason why he was even caught was because someone had been picking his flowers and found a human tooth and a finger mixed into the dirt. I really hope I don’t have anymore weird dreams. I’m loosing sleep, and the apartments starting to feel weird to me.

09:29 UTC


Carl from Olympia. (Inspiration? Empath?)

This was October of last year. I was working as an insurance agent at the time. I am also a metal musician, and was in the process of recording vocals for my second album which was released in November of 2023. I was also struggling with some serious grief-related depression due to life events that I will not specify here.

I had had a great day. I was working with clients, enjoying time with coworkers, and the work on my music was going very well. I got off of work, recorded the vocal tracks, felt good about my day's work, and felt proud of myself. All of a sudden the depression crept back in like a phantom into my mind. Like a demon standing over my shoulder.

I decided to go for a walk down mainstreet, to clear my head. It was a beautiful evening, during a glorious autumn on the coast of Washington State. And my depressive thoughts were unbearable.

As I got nearer to the beach, I began contemplating drowning myself in the harbor near the beach. I've struggled with suicidal ideation since I was a teen, and survived an attempt in 2017, saved by my amazing parents. The way I saw it, high tide had come and I was considering letting the ocean take me, so that my soul could be free and my physical body could once again become one with nature.

Just then, I see a casual but well-dressed, friendly-looking older (late 60's) man smoking a cigarette and peacefully walking towards me from the beach. He asks me if I can give him directions back to his campsite, as he was from out of town and had gotten lost on his own evening walk. I never say no to strangers in need of help, so I obliged.

On the way back, He and I made friendly small talk on the way back to his campsite: work, seafood, and life. As we reached his destination, he looked at me very sincerely, and asked if I would be willing to pray with him. I'm a believing but liberal Christian, and I respect all religions and belief systems. I'm also fairly reserved about my faith and I typically don't talk religion with others.

Nevertheless, this man had a warmth, sincerity and kindness that is not only very rare but hard to feign. We began to say a simple prayer. He asked god to provide me with comfort, and acknowledged the pain I was feeling even though I had said nothing to him revealing my depression. He said he could tell I was lonely, dealing with grief and in need of comfort. It was as if he could read my mind. I began sobbing and hugged him. He hugged me back. He said a few more uplifting words to me, we both chatted while looking into the starry night sky for a few minutes, said our goodbyes and parted ways.

He identified himself as "Carl from Olympia."

Thank you Carl.

07:47 UTC


Ghosts at Austin Peay College TN?

I'm not sure if this belongs here but I tried to post on r/Ghosts and they put it up for review so I'm leaving this here hopefully to get some answers.

My boyfriend is currently at Austin Peay doing the tri-county upward bound and he is staying in the most expensive dorms this year however tonight is different than the previous nights or the past 3 years he has done this program at 00:56 am me and him are on the phone while his roommate is asleep his roommate has a bag on his closet door which was closed earlier but it is now open, and my boyfriend went over to investigate it however he saw a white box floating and it just disappeared so he went back to his bed and kept looking back at the closet my boyfriend is more on the skeptical side of believing in the paranormal however he felt something was off at this moment he tried to continue a conversation with me but he kept looking back to the closet door and the bag he noticed that the bag kept swinging violently it got so bad to where he started to record it on his phone he sent me a video of the closet and the bag on the handle stating that there is no fan in the room the ac isn't on and no windows are open whatsoever so there isn't any sort of breeze to make the bag swing however upon watching the video I could see that the bag was steadily swinging we both thought it was weird so he kept watching it. It started to move a lot more after that, so he started to record it again however once he hit record the bag stopped moving the entire time, he had it on but once he stopped recording it the bag started moving again this time more rapidly, he started to record again and when he sent me that video I could the that the bag was completely still however towards the end of the video it moved rapidly towards him, and it creeped both me and him out, so he sat in his bed for a minute freaking out then after a while he got up and took the bag off the handle and threw it away however while he was doing that I heard his roommates voice say "Go to bed (my boyfriends name) we have classes in the morning." I thought that my boyfriend had woke him up while he was moving around however when he came back, I had asked him if he had accidently woken his roommate up and he said no he's still asleep, so I asked him if he said anything about classes because I was starting to get a little freaked out myself and once again he said no so I told him about what I had heard then he proceeded to ask me if i was serious or if I was just messing with him however I wholeheartedly believe in ghosts and the paranormal so I would never joke about that so he said he will ask around tomorrow about it with his friends and RAs however he is super scared to fall asleep now so I told him I would stay up and make sure nothing happens while he's asleep and I said that if anything does happen I will tell him as soon as he wakes up in the morning. I know Austin Peay has some paranormal activity around the Library, The Red Barn, and the Harned Hall but I haven't ever heard anything about the dorms any comments would be helpful on if you guys think this is actual paranormal activity or just two sleep deprived people just thinking this is what happened to make sense of it cause honestly I have no idea because I personally have never had an actual ghost experience please let me know anything thank you.

07:40 UTC


Haunted dog plush

Haunted dog plush

So i was at a summer camp and i brought some dog plushie that i got from my father before he passed away, and whenever we left the cabin at the camp, something would happen with a dog, one time i put him on my bed, and when we returned he was on top of a shelf, and another time we put a camera there, and on the footage we seen that that dog was still on the same place where we placed it (on top of a bunkbed) but when we came in it was on the floor in front of the door, what are your thaughts on this?

07:12 UTC


I've seen medieval ghosts on stone plates

I've been meaning to share this story for a while and I just found out about the "Stone Tape Theory", which is exactly the kind of phenomenon I've experienced!

The Stone Tape Theory is the speculation that ghosts and hauntings are analogous to tape recordings: that mental impressions during emotional or traumatic events can be projected in the form of energy, "recorded" onto rocks (and other items) and "replayed" under certain conditions.

This happened many years ago, so it's not going to be a very detailed story.

When I was a child (around 6 years old), my friend told me that "her house is haunted". Not in a spooky way, she didn't seem scared as far as I remember, it was just a very cool, interesting fact for her. And to me of course! I'm pretty sure at that age we didn't have any kinds of strong opinions about ghosts, we surely hadn't seen any horror movies so we didn't have a negative nor positive view of them.

One day she invited me over to check out the strange stone plates in her garden, because 'you can see the ghosts on them'. There were 4-5 stone plates vertically in a row, a bit smaller than a sheet of paper.

We looked at them for a few seconds and suddenly faces appeared on all of them. I vividly remember the first one, because he looked like a court jester and wore the classic jester hat. The others are a bit blurry on my mind now, definitely also 'medieval court looking' people, but no striking features (so no royalty. afaik). They all looked like they were in agony, open mouths, facial features twisted in pain.

Despite this we weren't scared at all, I think I was too fascinated for that. Unfortunately nothing more exciting happened, we probably just played afterwards.

A few years later I asked her about it and she did say something along the lines of "oh yeah, I remember that!", so there's that. Nowadays, I can never deny believing in ghosts, because of this experience.

Originally I've always wanted to ask if this is a known occurrence, but since there's a whole theory about it, it sure seems so haha. I haven't read up on it at all though, so maybe it doesn't even match up. I'd still love to hear if anyone here has experiences with something like that!

07:06 UTC


A creepy encounter that I had as a child and I still don't understand it to this day..

I've always believed in spiritual/paranormal stuff. I've had many different paranormal experiences. But one sticks out in my mind the most..

It was a dusk evening and about 5km from the town I live in there is an abandoned church, with hall that was beside it but not connected. The hall was falling apart and it was ready to be condemned (It's gone now). We have been told this place had paranormal activity by a group of people that investigate this stuff. So we were curious. I believe I was 15 at the time. We drove out to the church. Went inside it and explored it, nothing creepy really happened, we finished exploring and made our way back to the vehicle (the sun was starting to set now) once I got inside the vehicle I looked up to look at the hall that was falling apart, and there in the window was a girl in a white dress. She had black long hair that was covering her face, she was maybe 9-10. I was so scared I looked away and started crying, once I looked back she was gone.

The most terrifying part of the story is, that night when I went to sleep I dreamt about the girl I seen, but her mom/dad was driving down the highway on the other side of town where there's a slew/pond of water, the car went off the road into the water, in my dream I try my hardest to get her out of the water before she drowns, but I'm to late everytime..

I'm not sure If what I seen and what I dreamt have anything in common. But back in the day (80's-90's), there was a young womanthat went missing from the town and she never was found. I have doubts that it has anything to do with her, but I just found it strange that I dreamt about her that night. I've always been more of a spiritual person. It definitely wasn't my first paranormal encounter, but it's one of the more terrifying ones I have experienced!

06:43 UTC


Interaction in daughter’s room

Helllooo and thank you in advanced for your time.

I’m going to preface so maybe it will help with connections.

The other day there was an armed man outside of our house walking down the street- the police got involved and it turns out he was a wanted fugitive but fired off a shot a couple houses down in the grass (maybe accidentally) because he walked away. Police got involved and caught him yesterday- but he fired another shot at 11:53pm that night a little bit further down the street toward a few houses he was lingering at. Daughter was infront of our big window during the day when the shot was fired in the grass and he walked past our home- he left us alone. That night we barricaded our doors as he was still out on the street, or somewhere nearby with that shot being fired off.

Daughter that morning woke up with a series of “bites” on her body and we have continued to treat her room pillows and mattress, we can’t figure out where they’re coming from and see no signs of literal bugs in anything in her room. We’re trying new detergent to see if it is a reaction.

Fast forward to tonight, my husband was putting her to bed in her room, our home is split level and she is upstairs and we are downstairs. Her color lights that project onto the ceiling went off many times in a row, and they got it on- and then the ceiling light wouldn’t stop flickering. Daughter said “it’s creepy in here” and a female voice responded and said “it is”. Husband came and woke me up after that to explain what was going on.

I’ve had connections to that realm ever since I could remember. Sitting with the energy I feel it’s a female familial relative that’s passed on and was communicating the best she could to keep daughter from being in that room, I’m thinking it could explain the “bites” as they don’t wake my daughter up but that was supposed to be the red flag to get her out of that room and we didn’t catch it during that day jusy thinking okay what is this and handling that situation- I went up and thanked her and opened the window and said you need to leave now and she was still flickering the lights but they stopped when I would talk to her like she was quiet awaiting to respond. I asked if she was protecting our daughter and said to make them flicker again after about 2 minutes of them being just on, that’s when I asked that, and they began flickering again - which to me confirms that she is. She isn’t wanting to leave.

I always stand firm on the Universe will show you when it’s time for seasons to end and the chapter living here is coming to a close within a couple months but am I missing something? In the past when I’ve commanded them to leave and they didn’t feel familial they have left. This is my first experience in this way and that’s the best I got from sitting with her and talking was that fear speaking “it is” to “it’s spooky in here” was for protecting rather than intimidation. We’ve lived here 7 months and haven’t had this until now.

Daughter has had bad dreams but put crystals in there and they are maybe one a month if that so I attributed that to normal bad dreams. Nothing specific or entities she’s talking of in said dreams.

Update: we got daughter out and her stuff and now the light is back to normal even when I speak to “her”

Thank you for reading and any insight would be helpful.

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06:31 UTC


Haunted museum in Washington State

So, as a background, I used to be a museum tour guide at the Westport Maritime Museum in Westport, Washington. I will not name names, but I will share a series of experiences my coworker and I had there.

The Westport maritime museum is known by many locals in Grays Harbor area to be haunted. It used to serve as a Coast Guard Station until the 1970's. During its service, there was a lot of trauma involved: an auxillary building next to it was once used as a garage and temporary storage facility to store the dead bodies of shipwreck victims after a disaster at sea, at one point. Various employees and locals have reported orbs, footsteps, shadows, and tingling sensations.

One day in October, my coworker and I were having some down time as there was very little traffic coming in. We heard a bunch of banging and footsteps upstairs, and the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor. I got up and ran up to see what was going on. No one was there. Fast forward a few months, and the same coworker and I do a ghost hunt one night after hours. During our ghost hunt, she felt something brushing up against her leg and skirt. Simultaneously, I felt this intense "rush" and negative vibe, and felt the "energetic" sensation of someone rushing at me. As we reviewed the footage, at the same time she felt the physical touch and I felt the rush, the camera video and audio glitched, and a scratchy, raspy, voice can be heard on tape saying "get out!" When we saw and heard this on tape, our blood went cold and our eyes watered.

The video was shared on Facebook live.

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06:07 UTC


Since 2016 I've been dreaming of a presumed dead person (Detailed)

Since posting my experience to seek some help or guidance, I have realized that if I don't give enough details I won't get the help I need, but there is also something I want to say about that. I may not have met this person in life, but as the situation progressed I saw this person as someone special, I would like to meet his family but I think that will be impossible.

In this post I will give most of the important details throughout all this time chronologically, since I was little I remember my dreams very well, the reason why I remember some of them clearly, I am also willing to answer questions.

First dream: The dream was like any other, but things took a turn when this person grabbed my hand without even introducing himself to show me something in a hurry. Another person also accompanied him.

I thought it was a normal dream until a few weeks later I dreamed about it again

Second dream: I remember this one most clearly. I remember being in a house that I didn't know where this person finally introducing himself, first apologizing for not introducing himself the first time and then giving me a letter that he wrote which I barely remember what it said, he was a pilot, passionate about aviation. In that dream I remember him hopeless as if it wanted to ask me for help. He also told me that the person he was with in the previous dream was his co-pilot.

Third dream: This is peculiar, but this person was not present, but a plane was. I remember being in a city near a bridge with streetlights with a 1900s aesthetic, it was early morning and there were hardly any cars or lights on in the surrounding buildings, on the bridge there were a couple of people dressed formally and with dark glasses, they were passing around a briefcase and were mentioning some documents. For some reason I had an urge to steal the briefcase (I didn't have lucid dreams at that time) and I managed to do it successfully but the two men were chasing me. I jumped from the bridge to the river below, that's when I saw the plane under water moving as if it were a whale, I came to the surface and saw the same plane fly over the river at a very low altitude, brushing against the buildings without crashing. Although I have not seen this person in this dream, I think it is related to him and it would not be the last time I would see that plane.

Fourth dream: I remember seeing the plane from the other time, the whole place looked like a wetland but full of white leafless trees. I saw this person, it was a strange but at the same time nice reunion. Today I don't remember what he said exactly, but I remember that he expressed to me that he felt helpless because of how the investigation into the plane crash in which he died was being handled. I admit that I could feel his hopelessness and that's why I decided to help him. I also saw the co-pilot but he didn't say a single word, he didn't even come close to us.

In the next few years I have dreamed about this person again on rare occasions but I have realized that they usually occur between July and August, but there were also some that occurred in March, I think they are important dates for him but I am not sure.

As these dreams passed I saw him go through the process of accepting that he couldn't do anything about it, I also discovered that in life he was a Muslim. As a way of respect and tribute I sometimes drew this person or the plane around July and August and I still draw this person but I prefer not to show the drawings.

Fifth dream This is relatively recent from about 3 years ago. It's also the one that hit me hardest emotionally. It was in an airport, it didn't look like an international airport, there were no people and the place was very clean. Without warning over the loudspeakers I could hear news reports and fragments of what seemed like documentaries. In the distance at the end of a place near the departure area I saw that person in his pilot's uniform. With a movement that expressed denial, he silenced the speakers and seemed fed up with what they were saying. We spent time together as if we were old friends to which I responded something like "Don't blame yourself" to wake me up, my own voice was the one that woke me up, it was still night and I started crying for him. After that dream, when we saw each other, they were usually friendly meetings, because we shared the hobby of aviation, and he shared some aviation knowledge with me.

They are not all the dreams, I can say that it is all I can share but there is one last dream about this person that I posted on reddit at r/dreams

I still have the same doubt as before (Why he came to me?), a user has suggested that I practice my dream skills with another group of people to reach a better conclusion but I have not received a response from the same user about it. I'll give updates if anything else happens.

I hope to receive guidance and some help. Thanks

04:55 UTC


What are these weird event I had as a small child

So when I was a lil guy I lived with my grandma. So one night I had a terrible sleep for no reason. I woke up (I think) and saw a GIANT rat run across my floor. Little me was scared out of my body. This happened many other times. But each time was a different animal. I will say them all but I am serious. Rat, dog, puffer fish, ants, and cockroaches. Anyway some were more colorful than others. The puffer fish one was the scariest because it was chasing me and I actually got up from my bed in irl and ran around the house. Pls someone explain. Does this have to do with rem sleep?

04:52 UTC


Stuff moving in my garbage can

So this keeps happening, I have a small garbage can like a desk one by my bed that I use often and it don’t have a lot of trash in it just tissues is about kut it and I think something else don’t member what but at sometime during the night I think around like 11:00 idk it’s 11:40 now that I’m writing this it sounds like someone is going through my garbage and now I always think “god don’t let it be a big hairy tarantula even tho that’s unlikely since I live in Mississippi but that’s just my head and anyways do you guys think it’s paranormal I mean the house I’m in is 10 years old and was built new so oh and btw I have looked at my garbage can but nothing was there but only after it stopped crinkling cause I was scared

04:41 UTC


Am I being haunted?


I just want to start off by saying that I don't really want to believe in the paranormal, but certain events in my life have kept my mind open to the idea of things that can't be explained.

This post is about what has been happening to me for the past year or so. I got off work one evening, and as I was exit my car I heard music. I thought it was my mother, she likes sitting out in a tent in nice weather. I called out to her, but what replied wasn't my mother's voice. I don't even know if it was human. It was sinister laughter; sounded animalistic like a dog coughing or a hyena. I ran, of course.

The same thing repeated about 2 weeks after the first event. Same laughter, triggered by me calling out. This time it was something that looked and sounded like my mother's midsized dog. Then it disappeared into the shadows, like it wanted me to follow. But I didn't; because this dog would ALWAYS come when called. When she failed to come, I was suspicious. That's when the laughter started. And I ran again.

Through the year, when the weather is nice, I will hear music, or the snapping of twigs, or my elderly neighbors voice. I am always cautious and run immediately back home. Sometimes the music will follow me. I even recorded it and shared it with my friend. She told me she heard it, too. This isn't in my head.

Everytime this happens I feel watched and like something is trying to lure me away. It always happens at night on nice weather.

The most recent was very different. I took a kitty to the vet. It was a bright and early morning, and starting to get hot. The birds were chirping. I was putting my kitty in car when I heard a baby kitten. It sounded like it was coming from the back the vets office, near the dumpster. I rolled a window down for my kitty and I followed the cries. Iworried that someone had thrown a kitten in the dumpster. As I reached the back of the building, all sound stopped. The birds were silent. I slowly backed away then ran back to my car.

I just want to know if I am being haunted or hunted or what?

Edit for some errors and to say that I still have the audio. I don't know how to post it.

04:11 UTC


Woman Hitchhiking on side of agricultural backroads.

I take agricultural backroads to get to and from work. About a month ago, i was headed home late at night (11:45pm). As i came around a turn, i see a woman standing on the side of the road sticking her thumb out. She was standing in some weeds, so i couldn’t see her legs and i just kept driving. About 5 minutes later i turned around, thinking maybe it was a stranded motorist. Scanning the area, i couldn’t see any cars around, just miles of tomato fields. No signs of the woman either

03:45 UTC


Red eyed shadow person

So, i wanted to ask this for a long time and reading this sub kicked back memories of the events. I would love to know what this might be, why it followed me through the years and what are the chances its still with me <Reason being is i sadly stopped seeing stuff around 20ish years old>

Okay, first encounter was at my aunts house when i was young, this was in a superb, they had the house built, nothing odd ever happed to them or neighbors. I was out in the back yard playing make believe with a overactive imagination like ive always had, yard was big, few trees, sunny day, a bit of wind and there was a main road not to far away so you could hear cars. So i was playing and i felt like something was wating me, i was snapped out of my thoughts, i turned to the right, about 20ish feet was a skinny tree with this shadow like form of a person, like not see-through at all, deep black and red eyes <not dots but imagination the whole shape of the eye was just a solid red> Now you could see the head some of the neck and its hand holding onto the tree, on the left side of the tree were you would see the rest of a body, there was nothing. Oddly i didnt notice at the time but thinking about it, when i turned to look all sound stopped. I staird at it, it at me for what i would guess is 20s, i pulled my hand up to rub my eyes <like the whole, am i really seeing this?> I did this and when i opened my eyes all sound around me came back like a loud torrent, the thing was gone, i ran insode crying, not because of seeing that but all the sound scared me.

I moved alot and ive.seen it a few times, to keep it short, once i was with a friend in a dimly lit room leaning on a wall beside a window, we were looking at each other i turned my head to the left and a red eye flashed right by my face, my friend saw it to, we ran out of there. Another was we were in the woods, i heard something moving so i bent down were you could oddly enough see under the brush. I saw black shadow legs, the turned in my direction, i felt like i needed to get out of there, i turned, running home with my friend close behind asking me what the hell i saw.

Anyways, ive had other thing ive seen but this was recurring, i really want to know what it was or could be, i never felt threatened or really scared <beside the effect of the jump scare eye> Plus i really want to know if its still around, odd to say but ive had a fascination and a feeling of sadness that ive lost the ability to see things and it anymore, maby i can find a way someday but thats beside the point.

Thank you for your time, and for your help if able.

03:33 UTC


Feeling a presence in my room at night

Every night, I feel like there is a spirit's presence next to my bed on the left side, like it's standing next to me while I am lying down. I see that there is some figure standing up, almost like it's watching me. One night, I jumped while I was in bed, because I saw some old lady's face. The other day, I saw some pale arm reach out. Along with the spirit's presence and seeing some figure, every once in a while, I feel like someone is blowing air at me.

03:20 UTC

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