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Handmade sticker help?

I started making these dried flower stickers out of wax paper and packing tape, but neither my partner nor I can get the wax paper off to use the sticker. What do I do? I was intending on selling these. If I can't get the wax paper off of them, what else can I do with them?

20:54 UTC


Looking for Help!

I am looking to get into a new craft and I was thinking about bead embroidery, but I just have no idea where to start! I was thinking maybe I’d get an embroidery kit, but I’m not sure if those are a rip-off. I’m definitely a beginner, I have no embroidery experience at all, so I’m also open to like another direction of crafting. I’m mostly looking for something repetitive that I can do while multitasking, that can produce little objects I can give to friends and family. Any ideas? Thank you all so much!!

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20:52 UTC


I know it’s not much, but I sewed curtains for my son’s room for the first time! They’re not perfect, but they work and I’m proud of them!

16:22 UTC


Tried my hand at tiny food this weekend. Polymer clay.

12:33 UTC


DIY Angelina Fiber Production

So I keep seeing these metallic tablecloths at dollar stores and wonder if it would be possible for me to produce Angelina fiber from them. I wish I could figure out how this stuff is made. I keep wondering how to shred the metallic sheets into fibers small enough to represent the Angelina fibers. Anyone have any ideas of how it could be done?

20:05 UTC



Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

Essentially I am looking for a supplier (UK) of preferably 1mm beads (plastic or metallic) which I can purchase. I need enough to fill a 15 Litre tub which will be used for resistance training.

The only problem is that I can't find any which are at a reasonable price point. I could use rice or sand however rice has an expiry date and sand absorbs too much moisture and provides a bit too much resistance.

Any alternatives or advice would be very helpful. Thank you all in advance.

19:39 UTC


Craft Adjacent Chat

Have a craft fail to share? Want to talk about craft politics? Drama? Looking for a certain coupon? Post your discussions and thoughts here! While you are welcome to post your craft questions here, they may be better suited to their own post.

19:05 UTC


Made by me, my new Gaia goddess woodcarving figurine 💗 [2023]

18:58 UTC


Ideas for this

Does anyone have any cool ideas how to repurpose this chandelier? It is sentimental, but no place to use it in my home as a chandelier so wanted to try to do something with the outer glass portion. As you can see it’s fairly large. Thanks!

1 Comment
17:41 UTC


Ideas for what to do with these? Explanation in description

These glass spheres came from a Galilean thermometer. I was playing with my cat and it got knocked over and broken. It belonged to my partner and he was really upset that it broke because his uncle who passed away had given it to him and it held sentimental value. I feel really bad that it got broken on my watch… so instead of throwing everything away I pulled these out of the trash and I had the idea to make something with them or display them somehow so he still has some piece of it left. But I don’t know what to do. I’m not very creative so I’m looking for ideas.

17:36 UTC


Ideas for Using Canvases in Creative Ways

Hi everyone,

I have a few canvases of different sizes lying around, and I'm looking for some creative ideas on how to use them. A little about me: I'm a bit artsy and enjoy being creative, but I'm not a great painter. So, I'd love to hear suggestions that don't require expert painting skills.

What ideas do you think would be fun and relatively easy to try? I’m open to any suggestions that will help me make the most of these canvases. Thanks in advance!


(PS: Pic is for reference of different sized canvas i have)

17:24 UTC


how to do the lettering black?

doesn’t have to be perfect, i just want to be able to cross stitch over top without it showing/peeking out. i started using sharpie but realized it might not be the best for washing, etc. anyone have any suggestions for a cheap but lasting solution for this? thanks in advance!

17:15 UTC


Looking to improve my lantern

Backstory: I go to a 2 week camping festival every year and I’ve taken it upon myself to make the portopotties near our camp a better experience for all.

I wanted a lantern. -This needed to be semi permanent fixture (set it and leave it for weeks). -I didn’t want it to be motion activated because of the turn off timer and the dancing to get it back on. -I didn’t want to rely on solar. -I wanted it to be sturdy so the cleaning crew wouldn’t have to worry about upsetting it. -I needed it to be relatively secure (one got stolen last year)

I landed on battery fairy lights. Generally they have a timer function where they will turn on at the same time every night and could be started after they’re set in the vessel.

I didn’t think this would be an issue, but timer is only for 6 hours. I had them coming on just before dusk, which mean, in general, they’re turning off just before midnight. So I’ve added a second string that turns on around 11pm and then turns off at 5am. That covers pretty much all the usable dark hours.

Where I am now is that the wire crimps and is a nightmare to unroll if I need to reset the lights. So I’d like something I can wrap them around more permanently.

Is there something that would effectively reflect more light out, and is there something I can use to diffuse to make more even light distribution without to much lumen loss?

15:41 UTC


My lace doily 🐝

12:28 UTC


Armbands should make a comeback :). Here's one I made with coated copper wire, and lapis lazuli gemstones.

12:05 UTC


How to refinish a yeti

Found this on the side of the road, whole thing looks like it was through a war zone, but still holds water and works fine. I'm thinking about repainting it, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as what to use that would hold up to abuse and a dishwasher

1 Comment
05:52 UTC



Handcarved in cottonwood bark

05:35 UTC

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