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Designing and buying my own shirts

I use Printify to design items to sell through my Etsy shop. I have designed a few shirts to promote my own notary business and would like to order them for myself. These will not be available for public sale.

I've been reading about people to buy from their own shop and it ends up being flagged as shilling.

Is there any way I can design, upload and purchase shirts for myself through my currently workflow 'legally'?


23:59 UTC


Etsy seller how should artwork be priced

Hello im a new etsy seller wondering if I'm pricing my sales too low and that's why customers may not want to buy from me. Is an 8x10in canvas oil pet portrait too low priced. I've posted a past post showing one of my artworks and many of you said I needed to work on my skills which I agreed with.

ps: im not trying to promote just want feedback on whether or not I should up my prices based on ny artworks improvements.

23:43 UTC


Market for detachable sleeves?

Looking to start an Etsy store, but want to know if there is a need. What are your thoughts on detachable sleeves as an accessory to sleeveless clothing? For example, would they help you transition a casual sleeveless shirt, typically worn to a brunch or while running around the house, into a suitable option for a night out or special occasion?

21:50 UTC


Selling Vintage Items on Etsy

Im selling Vintage items on etsy

Sabres,Replics etc.

My problem is about Etsy Parnertship that was needed to create account, how i am supossed to add manufacturer partnership with someone if the product was made 50+ years ago and all are second hand?

18:57 UTC


So...is Etsy ever going to fix their search function, or..?

I've been unable to search my Favorites list (or do a search on the main page and have it come up like it's supposed to) for months now. You can't type something into the search bar, and have the results as they're supposed to be listed- instead, 60-70% of listings have nothing to do with what you're looking for. It'll also ignore advanced search parameters- you'll input (example: AC/DC black 1981 tour shirt) and it'll pop up with a solid white t-shirt for another band. You also cannot access a number of advanced categories, either- it'll kick you back to the main page. Anyone know what's going on?

18:22 UTC


Another 'tariff number help' post (jewelry)

Hello guys.

I imagine you are tired of this kind of posts, but I'll give it a shot. When you sell jewelry made of various materials, tariff numbers seem to be so messed up! I checked many different websites but I am still not sure.

  1. Let's say the item is a bracelet made of glass seed beads. What's the tariff number for it?
  2. Should there be some other tariff number if I add there a gold-plated charm or one or two tiny gold-plated beads to hide the knots?

The most appropriate (in my opinion) tariff number I found for my costume jewelry with gold-plated fittings (clasps, extender chains, etc.) was 7117.19.0010 or 7117.19.0090 (Imitation jewelry of base metal, whether or not plated with precious metal). Should I use the same for my seed bead jewelry if it has at least one, even the smallest, gold-plated element?

And what if I'm selling a bracelet made of natural stones with some gold-plated beads/charms? Should I choose the number intended for natural stones, ignoring the fact that the item has some gold plating?

What's the logic here?

Please help, my head is spinning.

18:19 UTC


Surprise order in France -- anything I need to know?

I made my first sale in my Etsy shop today (!) but was shocked it went to France because I didn't realize I'd enabled EU sales. (I am based in the U.S.)

I fixed it and restricted shipping to U.S. and Canada, but want to check if there is anything else I need to worry about with compliance.

I am using Printful and they said they have their own VAT number and labeling. Etsy charged VAT from the customer already, not sure if that's an issue.

I am only making $4 off the order. If this is possibly going to cause regulatory issues I should probably just cancel it, but it's my first sale so I'd hate to, though not sure if 1 order from France is going to royally complicate my taxes next year.

Anything I should think about and does it sound fine to let this one order process then restrict my shipping?

17:34 UTC


Help sorting through dropshippers

I want to buy some nice bath products for myself but im so nervous to accidentally buy crappy products from a dropshipper. I recently saw a jewelry brand on there getting backlash for selling cheap aliexpress items and passing them off as handmade, and now I’m a bit nervous to buy on etsy. If you guys have any good homemade bath product store recommendations or help on how to tell if a product is being rebranded as homemade I’d really appreciate it.

Im specifically looking for a store(s) that would have some milk bath products, bath oils and or bath bombs.

17:18 UTC


Explain Like I'm 5, I am new to Etsy taxes and I don't even know where to start!?

I only made like $100 total last year since I wasn't really keeping up on my shop listings. Anyways do I still have to file taxes? If so can I use turbo tax specifically for Etsy only and how do I do so? I already have someone who I send my taxes to for everything else. I don't wanna screw up anything doing it wrong so I need a bit of help!

16:50 UTC


Looking for specific piercing

In need of helix piercing

Hi anyone.

Iam searching for an special helix cartilage ear piercing.

I can't find it anywhere. Ive been looking for weeks. It's always to small, to straight or it has stones in it.

I'm looking for a banana shaped cartilage (if that's the name for it) matte black with bar and screw ending. (Bar needs to be on an angle. I can draw it out)

It basically has to fill in the top part of my left ear right in that bend. I can take a picture for the precise location of the piercing.

Is there anyone who makes jewellery and can make this? Deliver to Belgium.

Thank you for your help.

14:50 UTC


Market for Educational Learning Tools?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I decided to give it a shot anyways!

This past week I made some educational learning tools for my nephew who is struggling with reading/spelling. It won't let me attach photos, so I'll explain it the best I can.

It's basically laminated letters with velcro on the back that he can attach to another sheet with velcro to spell words. I have a few other ideas for other products.

Is there a market for items such as these? I already have one Etsy shop for my Art but I have been thinking about starting another for items like these.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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15:30 UTC


Question about tags and SEO

When you Update a listing does it's SEO change? So if a listing is ranking high and being seen but then you change the price, a photo, or tag does it reset?

For tags does the words per tag matter? meaning if you have 1 tag that says cats, and another say dog lover, will that not be seen if someone searches with cat lover even though you have both words just in two different tags?


15:17 UTC


Reporting A Suspicious Shop Without a 'Report this shop' link?

I recently got into plants and while mindlessly browsing the interesting plants and root cuttings being sold on Etsy, I came across a particular plant that I ended up purchasing. Only afterward I began looking up how to care for this plant-- only to find it didn't exist *and* there was a youtube-short of a creator sharing information that this shop is a scam.

Realizing this, my immediate response was to report the shop. However, when visiting the shop's page, there was strangely no 'Report this shop' link available? I thought that was strange since I was able to view the link on other shops I've visited.

I contacted the seller requesting a tracking number and additional photos of the plant out of curiosity about what they would do. The answer was lackluster and only days later, the store was suddenly closed, and the link to the user that I interacted with through messages no longer existed.

Since the transaction occurred on Paypal, I was able to make a case with screenshots and get my money back, but is there any way to make sure this shop *never* returns? According to the youtube-short, they have a habit of closing shop after a transaction is made (so I wasn't entirely surprised when it happened).

14:49 UTC


I’m starting a small sticker shop on Etsy. Is there any important things I should know?

I’m starting a sticker shop selling my artwork and I’ve came up with 4 designs to sell on my shop. And I’m almost ready to put up a listing but im still a little confused how the selling system works. Do I just put the listing up and people would start buying it??

13:54 UTC


packing bags are now different than on listing photos

so I sell bracelet kits and they come in little holographic gift bags. the ones I initially had I've used in all my listing photos.

I ran out of those specific bags and had to buy different ones to restock. they're the same size, same colour, still holographic but just a bit different.

I always make sure to send a photo of the kits to the customer before I ship them, so they know exactly what to expect, but am I going against the rule of "item not as pictured" because they're different gift bags?

05:45 UTC


Buyer asking for a refund because they misread description

So, a seller purchased an item from my shop and a day later sent me a message asking if she could be refunded as she had misread the description.

I'm happy to give the refund and the seller is being very polite/grateful. However, this is obviously their fault for not reading the description properly and I'm now having to pay £2.36 for 'payment processing fee credit' - this seems very unfair. Can I ask the seller for cover this? or is best option just to take the bump?

08:43 UTC


What to do as a customer when order is late?

My order was placed on February 5th & was supposed to arrive between February 8-10th. The last update I've gotten on the package tracking is that it was "In transit" on February 9th in my city, but nothing since then and it's now Feb 24th. The seller is also located within the same state as me so I don't think it should be taking this long unless something went wrong. Has it been long enough that I should tell the seller about this? I feel bad because it's clearly the fault of the shipping company not them, but idk what to do because I haven't gotten any other updates...

02:30 UTC


Should I Choose " Standard International"?

I want to buy an item from an etsy shop, and the cheapest shipping price is the "Standard International" im in mexico and the item would come from the US, does anybody know if its worth it? is it fast? will it take months? etc.

this is an item i wouldnt want to lose in the mail :(

02:18 UTC


Why does it seem like samples are stronger than the actual product?

When I receive free perfume or body spray samples with my purchases, they always seem stronger than the actual full product. Is there a reason for that? Is it more concentrated?

23:35 UTC


Do Poor Reviews Affect Sales?

So I had all 5 star reviews up until today. I made a custom sweatshirt for someone. She was super good about responding to my messages when it came to getting the perfect design for her. I sent her the mock-ups that Printify provided to get the best representation of the item. I told her that I didn’t print the item myself and that I had a company I worked with to complete that part for me.

She received the item today and ran straight to Etsy to leave me a 1 star review with photos. The only negative thing she said was that the colors didn’t pop like she expected them to. Which I agree! They look nothing like the mock-ups I got from Printify. I reached out to her and asked for more pictures and immediately shared them with Printify, which I am waiting on a response from.

But it’s like…we had been sooo communicative so why didn’t she just come TO ME before slamming my shop?! I honestly just think people like to bitch. It’s just disappointing because shirts are something I am trying to get into and it’s taken off pretty well for being an original design and all my other reviews are praising my shop, the quality, the design, etc. I’m worried that if she doesn’t change her review, people are going to see it and be like GOODBYE!

22:45 UTC


Moroccan Rug Scam?

It is shorter and less wide than the dimensions in the listing said - by over a foot in one direction. The listing also said it was dyed only with natural dyes, no chemicals. But it has a terrible chemical smell. I do know what the natural dyes smell like, but it smells like a new synthetic rug.

I contacted the seller and with no apology they immediately said they would refund me 50% to resolve the issue, or I could mail it back on my dime. The listing says they accept returns within 14 days of receipt but does NOT say anything about shipping cost being on the customer. Their front-store policy (on the front page of their store) says the same and to refer to each individual ad.

They sell poufs and straw bags, and rugs, but there are NO rug reviews on their store. I feel so dumb for buying one.

I asked them why I should pay for shipping when they measured the rug incorrectly. They said it was etsy's policy.

Should I open a case? In the event that etsy refunds, will it still be up to me to mail the rug back to morocco on my dime?

As an aside, their USPS online label said it shipped from Wyoming. The package label that I received said it was shipped from Texas. The advertisement they sent with the rug says to buy from their website, which is based in Canada. What the heck.

I've bought a ton of things from Etsy but this is the first time something like this has happened. Thanks for your input.

22:40 UTC


Etsy funds on hold and they don't answer support..

I have a store that has under $25 in it which I can't request a payout.. it says it'll be paid out once a week on Monday.. two Mondays have come and gone.. I sent a support request 12 days ago with no answer.. what to do?

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22:27 UTC


Shipping Costs

Is there a way for me to understand shipping costs as a buyer? I am looking at some Hot Wheels as a gift, one is ground shipping from the US (I am in Canada), with a whopping $40 shipping cost, whereas the same Hot Wheel shipping from Germany is $7 shipping. I’ve noticed this in the past with other products I’ve purchased, where the shipping for a very small item (fits in a bubble pack or an envelope) is 2-5x the price of the item. Is it due to the shipping method? I am trying to understand why shipping for a small $5 item that fits in an envelope can be $25. Most of the time I am already paying a premium to purchase from a seller on Etsy rather than a big corp (which I am happy to do), but then the shipping makes it totally unreasonable, and if the shipping doesn’t go to the seller I really can’t justify paying that much extra.

21:51 UTC


First Etsy Shop, General Shipping Advice? (USA)

Hello, I'll be adding listings to my first ever Etsy shop soon, but I'm stuck on how to get my product packaged, getting labels, and shipping them all by myself, making me frazzled about it all.

  1. How do I buy and receive shipping labels? I don't have a reliable computer printer currently, is it worth buying the labels off Etsy, and if not, what other sites are worth looking into?
  2. Do I need to commit to one US mail carrier and their flat rate boxes? Is it worth buying from them or buying my own from something like Amazon?
  3. I have a third party mailbox center that is very close to me that does UPS and USPS, would it be better to just take my products to them and purchase everything from them, and write down the price and using that as my basis for my listings?

I am very overwhelmed with this part, thank you in advance for any and all suggestions, tips and insight!!!

21:12 UTC


Messaging customers after order is placed?

Hi all! Question for customers.

So, since I started selling on Etsy (most items are made to order except jewelry and canvas art), I've always messaged the buyer after the order to thank them and let them know when I'll start their order and when to expect it to ship.

Do you think customers appreciate this or is it too much?

21:04 UTC


What do I do?

I purchased a fur coat from a seller on Etsy, and it came with holes in it, a bald spot, patchy fur everywhere else and the sleeves as messed up, meaning it’s sheered in weird places and the stitching it not even. It kind of feels like I bought it from Spirit Halloween, which is not what I’m used to at the price point I paid. I asked to return and they agreed, however (and I don’t know if this is a thing) they didn’t open a return with Etsy? If that’s even how that works? Just sent their international address information which isn’t complete and said if I pay for shipping, they’ll refund all of it when it gets to them. And then they messaged me to think about it and they’d refund me a quarter of what I paid if I wanted to keep it which isn’t even enough to have it repaired, because repairing furs and replacing pelts on them costs hundreds of dollars, and this one is new and I shouldn’t even have to do that.

I feel like an awful Karen, and I may get some comments here saying that I deserve to be in this predicament because I bought fur. I get it, but I prefer the cold protection that polyester doesn’t offer. I am just frustrated and at this point don’t know if they are even following proper return procedures and if they were supposed to open a return case, etc.

17:04 UTC


It's like Etsy was complicit in the customer stealing the seller's artwork.

Etsy agreed to refund on 23th even though I had already sent the item and updated the Singapore tracking on 22th. How can i ask Etsy pay back for me 😭

16:20 UTC


Description Copying... Any recourse?

Another seller verbatim is copying the descriptions of my products.

Other than messaging them and asking them to please take the 5 minutes to write their own descriptions, any recourse I can take?

16:03 UTC


Etsy sellers silver plate question

So what’s everyone’s opinion on reselling silver plate? Should I polish it or leave the patina?

15:53 UTC


App not showing purchases?

I received confirmation that two orders shipped by email but the app no longer shows them in purchases but shows a previous order already delivered, a third in transit and one that is confirmed but not shipped. Both orders did show up prior to today. Should I be worried?

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14:37 UTC

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