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[WIP] does this brown look too close to the black

I think this brown is too dark and the Black is getting lost. My wife thinks it's fine.

18:48 UTC


[CHAT] Bookmark Backing?

So far all of my cross stitch projects have been premade kits. I’d like to start making my own bookmarks but I’m not sure what backing to use. It’s worth mentioning I don’t actually know how to sew. What do you suggest?

18:42 UTC


[CHAT] Do any of you like to use the diagonal parking method?

I recently learned about this, and found the YouTube video linked below by blitstitch, and I’m super keen to try.


He doesn’t directly discuss it in the video, but one of the key things that appeals to me is being able to end a thread by parking it outside of the next diagonal; and then just stitching over the thread (on the backside), essentially accomplishing the same outcome as if I threaded the remainder under existing stitches (something that I find both onerous and time-consuming). I think this is referred to as “waste stitch”?

For those who’ve tried this, does it work as a way for me to not have to flip to the backside of a piece to finish each thread?

Note: I recognize that this method can be wasteful of thread — that’s one perfectionistic tendency that I’m more than happy to not worry about. 🤪🤓

17:31 UTC


[WIP] Started this project quite some time ago on 28ct linen and almost went blind. Wrapping up the re-do on 18ct Aida and it’s been a far more enjoyable experience

I’m not cut out for linen 😅

Need to pick up a few colors to finish, but sooo close! My son is obsessed with Cryptids — he gets it from his mama — so this will be displayed in our home and when he moves out it’ll be gifted to him for his new home ❤️

17:15 UTC


[CHAT] Hello fellow stitchers! I would like to stich this for my friend whose favorite song that is. Could you help me identify which size hoop I should use?

16:04 UTC


[FO] A Chibi Jason Voorhees for Halloween! Pattern is by SokolFelt Patterns!

1 Comment
15:49 UTC


[CHAT] advice on how to stitch on this frame

i finally bought a stitching frame and i want to love it. i get that going from stitching in hand to a frame like this will necessitate a change in process, but i'm really struggling.

on aida, i still have to turn my project over all the time (this is less of a problem on linen, and i have decided to only stitch on linen from now on, but i have some old wips on aida i really want to finish). this frame was advertised as being flippable so the back was accessible, but it turns out that when i loosen the screws to flip the centre part, the entire frame becomes wobbly (too wobbly to stand, sometimes), so i have to loosen and tighten the screws after every single stitch.

does anyone have an idea on how to make the frame itself more stable even when the two screws at the sides aren't tightened all the way? i thought about screwing an additional piece of wood to the bottom, between the two "legs", but then i wouldn't be able to switch the frame size anymore.

12:17 UTC


[WIP] Ever get halfway through a project, then decide you hate it?

The pattern is a freebie from DMC website.

I changed the colours because it's all metallics and I just couldn't. 😂

I loved the colours I picked out originally and enjoyed stitching it until I finished the tiger. I haven't picked it up for weeks now and I really don't want to finish it. I've been stitching for 3 years now and never had this happen. Should I scrap it? Put it away for a while and hope I want to pick it up? I'm 100% happy to receive a critique if its maybe the colours I picked out.

11:34 UTC


[WIP] First project in 20 years

My mother taught me to stitch as a child and here I am at 32 picking it back up again. Well and truly hooked! Already planning far too many future projects, thanks to all the wonderful resources on this sub Pattern is a bookmark of JH Dearle's Compton from the V&A

1 Comment
11:14 UTC


[FO] This was such a pleasure to stitch, nice and simple. Self-drafted from a puzzle from Islands of Insight game

1 Comment
08:12 UTC


[CHAT] has anyone heard of curved tapestry needles (for 14 CT)?

I have tried google.

I use the sewing method for every count OTHER than 14. I don't know what it is about 14 count, maybe how stiff my fabric is, the angle, not sure.

I know that if I could find a needle with a small enough gauge and either a curve or a bend in it, it would work beautifully. The only ones if found are for fishing or weaving in ends for knitting/crochet. Both of which have too big (small?) a gauge.

I just started a 800*1000 piece and I am already consumed by the thoughts of how many years this is going to take me. Id love to cut that time in half!

05:55 UTC


[CHAT] No Stupid Questions!

Have you checked out the FAQ linked in the sidebar? Still have questions? Ask here!

It's the weekly No Stupid Questions post!

05:01 UTC


[WIP] Moon Night

04:48 UTC


[FO] Vitruvian Homer by MIYAstitch

1 Comment
04:41 UTC


[CHAT] Help and tips for a beginner starting to cross stitch

Hello, and good morning/evening! I'm a complete beginner to cross stitching, and I'm looking for some help and tips getting started. I've always been interested in needlework, but I've never tried it before. I'm excited to learn, but I'm also a little bit intimidated.

I've done some research online, but I'm still not sure where to start. I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for beginner kits, patterns, or tutorials. I'm also interested in learning any tips and tricks that you have for beginners.

Specifically, I'm wondering about the following:

What are the essential supplies that I need to get started? What are some good beginner kits or patterns? What are some tips for threading a needle and starting a stitch? What are some common mistakes to avoid? How do I finish my project once I'm done stitching? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

03:43 UTC


[FO] A little custom piece - by request, for a pun lover.

03:42 UTC


[FO] Happy Harvest By Durene Jones

Free pattern on her Facebook page.

02:42 UTC


[FO] Back to cross-stitching after a decade

02:14 UTC


[WIP] Starting 9 of 15 colors

Definitely going to do something simpler for the next one

01:52 UTC


[PIC] I ran out of floss drops to organize my thread for my next project. So I did a little arts and crafts and made this!

My husband didn't understand how cool this was. But you all will!

01:51 UTC


[FO] Finished before Halloween! Something Wicked by La-D-Da

Made as a gift for my mom 🥰 the Aida is sooo sparkly, from Black Cauldron. Love it so much!

01:36 UTC


[CHAT] Help me tie this together!

This is based off a very cool free pattern that was posted last week. I tweaked a couple things, added others, but now that I'm almost at the finish line it looks like three separate patterns cobbled together. Creative folx, I need some ideas on what elements to add to tie it together. Maybe a rug? Or a window behind the lamp and close to the bookshelf? Or some simple lines to represent a floor? But then I'm stuck on how to tie in the word. Creative stitchers, please help me out?

01:22 UTC

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