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Jet Dust Collector

I am trying to do some research on this used system but only find newer models in my searches.

  1. What is a reasonable price to offer?

  2. I have always used a shop vac and want to know if you would consider this an essential upgrade for a garage shop?

  3. Is a tool like this better off purchased new, if not what checks can I perform to guarantee a functioning tool?

1 Comment
03:48 UTC


Help making fishing lures/crankbaits with hand tools

I am interested in carving my own fishing lures and was wondering what are some of the basic tools I would need to get started. Not looking to make anything too intricate... would assume I need a small saw and some blades but not sure where to start. Thanks!

1 Comment
03:35 UTC


CH25 Wagner's chair

Hello fellow woodworkers!

Me and my friend are trying to build the Wagner's CH25 lounge chair.
We're really struggling to find all the joinery connections and how everything is connecting together.

I was wondering if anyone had construction plans for it? It would be highly appreciated!

Thank you:)


1 Comment
03:33 UTC


Trying to decide what circular saw blade to buy. Advice?

03:16 UTC


PSA: Check Your Vacuum Intakes!

03:13 UTC


Greaseless sawdust generation

Only tangentially woodworking related, but this seems like the community who would have an answer.

I’m trying to come up with ideas for generating large amounts of sawdust and wood chips, but here’s the catch, I don’t want to use a greased tool like a wood chipper, or abrasives like sandpaper that could potentially contaminate the wood chips and sawdust with grease or abrasive particulate.

I am concerned about using “contaminated” wood chips as mulch in a vegetable garden, for example, where edible plants could be contaminated.

02:13 UTC


Best sawblade for cutting hardwood picture frames?

I recently bought a Dewalt 7491 10" table saw, and a Diablo 40T general purpose blade. My main use for the saw in the near future is cutting wood for picture frames; reclaimed and new hardwood. I don't have a jointer or planer; hope to get one or both soon, but want to see what I can do without them.

I've done a few tests with scrap wood, and that blade doesn't seem bad. Would a higher tooth count be better? I've also heard good things about the Freud 40T Premier Fusion General Purpose blade.

Any suggestions on better blades?

01:54 UTC


building an outfeed table... in a room with a 30" door?

I see lots of outfeed tables that are 72"x48"x35"

and well... that doesnt fit through a 30" door. Im not really comfortable making a table thats impossible to remove without destroying it.

what to do?

  1. make two tables 72x24x35 and bolt them together in the room?
  2. make it 28" tall and put it on a 7" wheel base?
  3. do a 72x28" table? (not serious, the table saw is a 52" rip, a 28" outfeed would be
01:51 UTC


Corn Hole board legs

I’ve made the corn hole boards, but I haven’t cut or drilled anything for the legs yet because all I read is how easy it is to screw them up and either get them too short or uneven.

Does anyone have any easy tricks to guarantee the right height and angle of the legs?

2x4 frame with 1/4 plywood on top for the boards, was assuming I’d use 2x4 legs but open to whatever works best.

Thank you all for any advice!

01:24 UTC


Any ideas how to cheaply (<$20) level this cart to make the top flat?

I have essentially no woodworking tools or experience 😭. I got this box for free and I just want bring up the sides of the box to get a flat top so I can put a board on top to occasionally place stuff down on. I know I can cut the wood at home depot but any advice for what else I would need and have it be budget friendly?

01:18 UTC


Carbide insert router bits

Anyone try one of the chunky flush trim bits with the replaceable carbide cutters? Wondering how they compare to a premium flush trim bit (whiteside etc). I think I’m going to get a good one and wondering if I’d get more life from the carbide ones since I can replace/rotate cutters.

1 Comment
01:03 UTC


My latest DIY project, a bookshelf for my office. Anyone ever wonder if their work would pass as paid work?

Of course I only see the flaws, but then... I see people posting professionals work in r/HomeImprovement and they see the flaws too and everyones like "ewww dont pay them".

Anyway, Im pretty happy with how this one turned out despite the little flaws.

credit to Keith Johnson Woodworking for design inspiration. I just loved the contrast of the painted face frame against the natural rift oak.

finished product first.


starting with the base cabinet install


upper shelves assembled


installing the LEDs


addressable for some extra fun


The flaws? This face frame was snug and pushed the cabinet back, couldnt pull it back forward so I got a 1/16 gap


back of the cabinet also pushed back opening a little gap int he back


different frame sits proud of the top by a smidge. not sure what its hung up on, but cant fix it now.


stupid veneer chipped


If this were a paid job for a customer, think Id be getting a call back to fix these issues?

I will say, I was really proud of the paint job on this one


01:03 UTC


Do You Use A Program To Create A Mock Up Of Your Project?

As a kid I used to play little big planet and its actually pretty solid to create mock ups of what im envisioning lol

00:35 UTC


Insert I made is rocking… recommendations.

I made this insert to go over the fridge ! It will hold pans and pizza trays. The trouble is this thing sways/ rocks depending on the weight and the inserts slip out! I tried to make them tight but the struggle to go in afterwards! Not perfect. So given the limited space I have anything I can do to stabilize the insert!?

00:30 UTC


Where could you find quality sustainably sourced wood?

My partner seemed to be interested in picking up woodworking as a serious hobby when we first talked about it and we already have a lot of ideas for woodworking projects for when we move into together, though neither of us have experience on the subject yet. While I really like the idea of custom building for all of these projects and using varying/unique types of wood, I really want to find a sustainable/ethical source for woodworking materials and I'm not sure where to start or what good quality wood is like. I would love to find some place that ships wood pieces we could work with. I've also heard of both reclaimed and salvaged wood and those are definitely options I want to look into as well in case that helps. We're also considering living specifically in Canada BC in case it's relevant.

00:29 UTC


Jointer Identification

What brand is this and is it worth $150?

00:22 UTC


What to use this wood for?

Any ideas what this wood could be used for? Pretty old and beat up.

00:21 UTC


How to finish this outdoor sign?

Hey all! I've recently been hired to replace some old wooden signage at a local museum in my hometown. I've made a few out of Western Red Cedar and laser engraved the text and images.

The signs will all be outside in an area with an average amount of rainfall. I know Cedar is resistant to these elements, but I'd like to seal it anyways to make it last as long as possible. I've researched methods for Cedar, but the answers are so varied and I got a little discouraged.

Ideally, I'd like to make the Cedar colors pop a little and then lock that in. They expect a sample photo in the next couple days and I don't want to disappoint as this has the potential to be a very fruitful endeavor for my woodworking journey. Thanks everyone!

1 Comment
00:11 UTC

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