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This is a place to commission a knitter to make a one-of-a-kind item just for you!

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Please do not post a request if you are unwilling/unable to offer at least minimum wage for labour. For an average adult sweater this will be 40 hours minimum, plus materials and shipping. Expect handmade garments to be significantly more expensive than off the rack.

Request something to be knit for you!

PLEASE NOTE - Hand knitting is a time consuming, skilled craft, and knitters expect to be fairly compensated for their time. The average sweater can take 40 hours or more to complete, so don't expect someone to do that for $20.

No selling, please - if you request monetary reimbursement, please sort that out via personal messages.

If someone agrees to fulfill your request, please edit the original post to indicate that the job is taken.


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Need someone to draw a knitting pattern on a hoodie

I have pictures of the hoodie. it’s distressed but i need someone who’s good with visuals to create a pattern to follow. High budget

22:49 UTC


Addams Family Pubert Onesie

  1. Size: Newborn

  2. Timeline: Before Halloween 2023

  3. Budget: Not sure what something like this would cost, let me know your price

  4. Yarn Preference: Crafter's choice

  5. Ship to NYC

Reference Picture https://images.app.goo.gl/q3tqbaf3dnzbY6o58

16:43 UTC


Need help/Cosplay Freddy Krueger Part 1 Sweater.

Hello, I am looking for an expert knitter to help knit me a part 1 Freddy Krueger Sweater, I used to get all my sweater from a sweet lady from Germany but unfortunately she’s retired. I’m planning on making another costume but sadly I don’t know how to knit. I want the sweater to be knitted from Merino wool or a quality material comparable, all red with green stripes just on the torso and back, the sleeves are red (sorta like Christmas colors). I need the neck to be thick and the sleeves cuffs to be on the longer side so they can be folded up. I have plenty of pictures of what I need exactly. I need it to be a Size LARGE/XL adult, and I’m open to your quotes on pricing. Please don’t be afraid of messaging me, if this is something you are interested in bringing to life. Thanks a lot.

16:37 UTC


Seeking Help: Recreating Sold Out Fair Isle Sweater

Hello! I find myself in a bit of a unique situation and thought this might be the perfect place to reach out for some assistance.

My boyfriend stumbled upon amazing Fair Isle sweater that he's completely fallen in love with but It's sold out everywhere. I have detailed pictures of the sweater.

My mother told me that she might be able to recreate the sweater if she had a knitting pattern to work with. So, I'm on the lookout for either:

  1. Someone Skilled in Creating Knitting Patterns: If you have experience in creating knitting patterns and think you can turn the detailed pictures I have into a pattern, I'd love to hear from you!

  2. A Talented Knitter: Alternatively, if you're a skilled knitter and confident in tackling a Fair Isle design, I'd be thrilled to discuss the possibility of you taking on this project.

19:33 UTC


Christmas stocking edit

Hello! I have two Christmas stockings which are very sentimental to me. They currently have names on them, but wanted to have the names changed. There is another which my mom had already changed several years ago, so I know it’s possible, I’m just not talented enough haha.

In addition, if you could make another stocking from scratch that is of the same style, I would be extremely interested. I understand it won’t have the “age” of the ones I already have, but just being in the same style would be awesome.

They’re knit stockings, just not sure how to share images from my phone on to this post. I’m on the east coast USA. If you think you can help, please feel free to DM me and I can share pictures and everything else that needs to go in to it.

Thank you!

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01:14 UTC


Shuswap, BC, Canada: Looking for someone to knit a Christmas stocking from a kit.

This is the stocking

Name: Artemis or Arty if that’s too long.

Hoping to find someone nearby that is up for the project! Thanks for reading :)

03:27 UTC


Help me destash? Esp for Seattle/Portland folks

New to this subreddit. Thanks for understanding my slightly odd request!

I have an enormous amount of yarn (@thesunshinechild on ravelry if you’re curious) and I cannot possibly knit with it all in a reasonable amount of time.

I’m hoping to find someone (or multiple knitters!) to help me destash by knitting up my stash into things I can wear and use!

I live in Seattle, so local knitters would be preferred since it’s easier to collaborate. Portland would also work well.

I like many types of things but tend to go for sweaters and tops, scarves, and socks. Bonus if you’re interested in making something from my “favorites” on Ravelry.

No timeline. More interested in finding folks who are interested in making things I also vibe with rather than a tight deadline.

Have a great day!

Edit: I have mostly natural fibers (some include ~10% nylon) in primarily fingering to aran weight. Almost all indie hand dyed or similar. I would definitely look at my ravelry stash if you’re interested in making something.

06:05 UTC


Looking to commission a triangular shawl on the bias

I'm US based and pretty new to knitting. I came up with this pattern hopefully it makes sense. Looking for black or heather black 100% wool weight 5. No rush on timeline.


04:04 UTC


Red socks


I would like to find someone interested in making me two pairs of socks. Red with white heel and toe that I can wear on game day. The heel and toe don't need to be outlined, like in the Boston Red Sox logo. Just plain white heel and plain white toe. Nothing fancy. My main question is, how will they wash up? I don't want the heel and toe to turn pink after I hand wash them. Thoughts on how to keep this from happening will be appreciated! I am in Texas. Please let me know if you are interested and also how we proceed? Thank you!!

mid calf, adult. Wears a size 7/5 to 8 shoe.

17:18 UTC


Can someone please knit me this turtleneck jumper?

This turtleneck jumper has real sentimental value to me and I lost it. It has now been discontinued by Bolongaro Trevor. I will pay at the least minimum wage for labour and cost of materials https://share.icloud.com/photos/0fc2YWRblTKm2J4NITWrJNNOw

14:05 UTC


ISO a sample knitter for demonstration projects for classes

Hi I am a knitting teacher and I am teaching a couple of sweater classes. I need two baby sweaters (same pattern, different sizes) and two adult sweaters (same pattern). Time line would be the end of September for the baby sweaters and mid-October for the adult sweaters. Yarn and pattern will be provided. Hope you can help!

14:40 UTC


Beige cashmere crew neck sweater with wide horizontal tonal stripes and ribbed cuffs

Hi for some reason I'm desperate to get a sweater that Leonardo Di Caprio wears in the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby but it seems to have been custom made and nothing similar is available as far as I can tell from my searching. It is a beige cashmere crew neck sweater with wide horizontal tonal stripes and ribbed cuffs, see image here: https://images.app.goo.gl/k3oVUMtVd8KZsLEo7 I know very little about knitting but I imagine it is a tricky one given the tonal nature and how thin it is (also able to be worn without a shirt underneath). I'm UK based.

UPDATE: Have been provided with a link to a similar jumper as per the comments so will investigate that.

12:44 UTC


Hand Knit Dog Sweater - Orders Open

Hello! I'm looking for folks who are interested in hand knit, custom dog sweaters. If you are open to letting me use a picture of your dog in the sweater for my shop and Insta, I'm more than willing to give you a discounted price on the sweater. Let me know if you're interested!

18:01 UTC


Desperate for a 1940s-style sweater...need it in a month

Hello! I know this sounds bonkers. We just booked a trip to the Isle of Skye at the end of August, and that really doesn't give me a lot of time. I was hoping to get some photos taken there, and in my head, I have to be wearing a 1940s style sweater. Any really fast knitters out there willing to help? In my fantasies, it will be one with more than one color, but I'm also happy with more simple knits. Also happy to buy the pattern from a modern reworking, so it has multiple sizes built in. I'm about a size US 10/UK 12, and I would be willing to see what you're asking. ETA: I'm in New York.







Or happy to defer to you on a preferred pattern! Please help me bring my vision to life!! 🤞

23:41 UTC


Stuffy for my baby due in October

I was suggested to do this by a friend who requested here a year ago and loved what she got.

I have no idea what to expect but my request would be to have a stuffed animal made for my daughter named McKenna due late October. Something personalized with her name 'from dad'

Not set on an animal but my favorite is an octopus but her mom has lions and elephants in the baby's room already.

If you could let me know what is possible and a price I would appreciate it. Thank you.

22:22 UTC


Open to knitting commissions!

I can do blankets, scarves, hats, socks, cardigans, shawls, etc, including lace and cable patterns, colorwork and beading.

I'm located in the Midwestern US.

02:53 UTC


Looking for paid help with a project!

Looking for paid help with a project

I'm working on a sportweight blanket for my daughter for when she goes away to college. Its made of Sweet Roll Fruits yarn and about a trillion miles of plain stitch. Cant seem to add a photo. . Im looking to find a FAST knitter who's willing to add on the next 6 skeins in a few weeks. Cannot smoke or have dogs ( allergic). Will pay 20.00/hour in paypal or venmo OR will buy you the equivalent amount of squishy lovely yarn of your choice from Jimmy Beans Wool online and have it wound and shipped to you. Serious inquries only please. I live in AZ and can ship anywhere in the continental US.

23:59 UTC


Hey anybody able to knit this sweater for this 20inch plushie

I am located in the United States and don’t know how much something like this would cost so I don’t have a budget I would just need it by the end of the month. My yarn preference is the cheapest since it won’t actually be worn

22:07 UTC


Vintage Sweater

Hey, guys! I just stumbled across this vintage pattern on Etsy and I am OBSESSED but sadly do not knit. Would anyone have interest in this commission, and about how much do you think it would be? I am a US size 4, 34B so I know it would need some adjustment. TIA!! https://www.etsy.com/listing/775837944/kitty-vintage-1940s-knitting-pattern-the

22:58 UTC


Sample Knitting for a Designer

I am a new designer and I am looking for test and sample knitters. I am not ready to hire just yet, but I would like talk to some professional knitters to talk about process and general pricing information!

Thanks in advance

03:10 UTC


I have a sentimentally important jumper damaged by moths that I’d love patching.

It was knitted by my mum for me about 40 years ago and only worn for special occasions. Last year I noticed it’d been eaten in a couple of places and I was distraught. Is this kind of damage even repairable? It’s not a top quality piece but it means so much to me. Does anyone know what I should do? I’m in San Francisco but I’m happy to ship anywhere if someone can help. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

12:59 UTC


First time commissioner of anything knitted

Looking to have this art piece that I own to be created so I can hang it in the house. Can't add an image so below is a link to the image. No idea on what it would cost, but willing to pay market rate for the work to be done, budget not really an issue.

I reside in Canada but can be shipped anywhere in Europe, North America or parts of Asia and I can figure it out from there. If the work is done well, there will be a request for probably 20+ more in a similar style from some friends.


17:33 UTC


Looking for someone to knit me a sweater vest


Hi, I'm looking for someone to knit me the above pattern, which I've bought. I'm an adult female so will probably need the medium size. I've never had anything custom knitted before so am unsure about pricing and budget, as while I am on a tight budget I also appreciate that hand knitting is very time consuming, and wool is expensive.

No particular deadline/timeline.

08:01 UTC


Wool hand knitted varsity style sweaters

Looking to find someone who can knit a WOOL Varsity style knitted cardigan sweater. All black with white trimming on the chest, cuffs, pockets and white shoulder chop trimming need one made to match specifications as well as pictures of knitted garments to indicate the knitting pattern this will lead to more custom orders as these sweaters are in high demand in Chicago

03:53 UTC


Custom Knit Hockey Sweater/Jersey

Looking for help to get a custom knit hockey sweater made.

Machine preferred, but willing to pay for hand made (which ever options are out there). Preferably a company or credible professional. Any suggestions?
Size: adult
Timeline: no timeline
Budget: $100+ no more than $600
Yarn Preference: no preference.

Won't let me post a photo, but something similar to this https://www.tricoloresports.com/us/ohpc0347-ouate-heritage-canadiens-1925-1951.html?source=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxMmhBhDJARIsANFGOSscAU3ysymFqaZTgvGE5d8QSY5tzlWz0s_JFDJUiLY-fj2KgOUBm9QaApjxEALw_wcB

04:16 UTC


Sweater from Picard Quote

Hey Y’all,

I know nothing about knitting but I love me some sweaters. I was watching Picard season 2 and…let’s just say it’s not the best season of trek.

BUT picard had a DOPE ASS sweater that I’m lusting over.

It’s not for sale, but I found someone who posted a pattern that is very similar for free here.

What would it cost to commission this? I’d definitely want higher quality wool that’s closer to skin, not rougher scratchy stuff.

13:58 UTC


Sweater body needs sleeves and plaquet/collar.

I started a sweater using Malabrigo Mecha and then was diagnosed with RA and just cannot deal with the pain knitting causes. I have a written pattern. Looking for a quote with time frame. Located in Oklahoma (USA)

16:53 UTC


I know this might not be the correct sub…

But I really need a help from a professional. I am very willing to pay for help. I’m stuck on a stitch I’m trying to figure out how to do with back and forth stitching. PM’s open and we can discuss pricing :) thank you so much anyone willing to help

09:03 UTC


Looking for a knitter in LI NY

I’m looking for someone to make figured keychains ie gnomes and dogs etc. I’m looking for various quantities to have made for my trade shows.

01:04 UTC


Looking for someone Australia-based (not a requirement) to knit a simple pattern for me!

I've broken my hand so I can't knit it myself right now, but I'm OBSESSED with this top so I'm looking for someone to knit it for me.

It's a simple boat-neck short-sleeve top, please let me know if anyone is willing to help :)

Link to patten:


07:52 UTC

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