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This is a place to commission a knitter to make a one-of-a-kind item just for you!

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Please do not post a request if you are unwilling/unable to offer at least minimum wage for labour. For an average adult sweater this will be 40 hours minimum, plus materials and shipping. Expect handmade garments to be significantly more expensive than off the rack.

Request something to be knit for you!

PLEASE NOTE - Hand knitting is a time consuming, skilled craft, and knitters expect to be fairly compensated for their time. The average sweater can take 40 hours or more to complete, so don't expect someone to do that for $20.

No selling, please - if you request monetary reimbursement, please sort that out via personal messages.

If someone agrees to fulfill your request, please edit the original post to indicate that the job is taken.


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Hi everyone! I absolutely love this ( https://pin.it/FMonAxhXu ) knit halter top from Ralph Lauren but I can’t find it for sale or resale anywhere. So I figure I can knit it! I’m comfortable with knitting but I just have no idea how to do the pattern. Any tips or patterns/ideas would be appreciated!

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Hot air balloon for my son

Hello! Would anyone be willing (and paid) to make my 17 month old son a colorful hot air balloon? He is OBSESSED!

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Help with fluffy ducky

Hi, I am looking to make this knitted duck toy that I can't find a pattern for anywhere. I am willing to pay whatever is requested for the pattern, I would just really love to knit this myself and have no idea how to go about it. Let me know if you are interested!

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Looking for someone to knit striped socks

This is the pattern and colour scheme. They never made these in adult sizes and I require a size 37-39. Material isn’t too important but preferably containing wool.

Can anyone help out?

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Looking for extreme good knitter

Hello I’m look king for a person who’s really good at knitting a sweater.price of commission 200

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request for knitters!

hi :) i am a student hoping to purchase knitting patterns for 4 of the helenemoo skappel oslo sweater collection and was wondering if anyone based in the uk/oslo would be willing to knit these for me? i will provide yarn and patterns- could you give me an indication of price/timescales?

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Estimate for a sweater

I’ve been wanting a knitted sweater and I came across the perfect pattern. About how much would it cost to commission a size M sweater with this type of yarn? I was thinking about $150. It also wouldn’t have to be made in a rush or anything.

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Knit request

Edit: talked with the pattern maker and they said they wouldn’t let me have someone commission it so never-mind, appreciate the replies tho

Looking to comission a sweater based on this pattern. Was hoping to get pricing for one! Size would be men’s XL, cotton if possible! If someone is able to give me a quote I’d buy the pattern as well! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1616067492/satosugu-sweater-crochet-pattern?ref=share_v4_lx

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Looking for an estimate for a sweater

Been dreaming about the wit knits "I'm a luxury few can afford" sweater in slightly different colors(potentially a dark gold instead of pink, and with a darker grey. Though only as dark as someone would be willing to go. I cannot knit but I understand how hard dark yarn is to work with as I can crochet.)

I do not have a certain time limit, I can take more accurate measurements for what I would want later but I usually wear a men's size XL in shirts.

I am aware it will be hundreds, just would like an estimate so I can aim for some kind of a goal to save up. And If it matters I am located in the United States, for a general shipping estimate as well. Also if possible an estimate for how long it might take, though obviously not super important to me. I know it will take time and I've been thinking about it for years already lmao

Thank you for your time.

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Looking to get this made as close as possible to the original

I’m looking for someone to make the wool Nepal hat from Everest(2015) that says Mt.Everest. This is the link to pictures https://uk.propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/67/lot/16320/index.html. If you have any questions or need me to send pictures don’t hesitate to ask thanks!!

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Knit Figure Request

I wish we could add photos, but I'd like a small puppet/figure to be knit about twice the size of an adult human hand, something you can hold with both hands. I have pictures of the exact thing i'm looking for so please dm if you are curious. It's a little male figure in mostly black clothes and a cute little black and red balaclava.

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Any one need anything knitted

Hi I am a 49 year old woman and I have been knitting over 20 years if anyone would like anything knitted please let me know all I ask is that you supply the wool and I live in Northern Ireland

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Custom Hillflint-type knit sweater request

Hi there! I’m new here but was wondering how I would go about getting a custom knit sweater similar to the preppy Hillflint style (https://hillflint.com/). They require 100 orders for a custom sweater and I’m not trying to be a wholesaler for my small liberal arts school 😅

Logo would be around our weird rat here: https://imgur.com/a/sNuBz9c

Size: adult large Timeline: no specific timeline/rush Budget: around $250 Yarn: machine washable

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Is there a sister subreddit for finished work?

Hi I'm new here! I'm just wondering if there's a place / flair / etc where you would post a finished garment from the requests on this sub, as a knitter or a customer? Thanks in advance!

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Knit vest wanted

My brother adores my dog and got him a sweater for Christmas- I want to get my brother a matching sweater vest for his birthday. I have photos of my dogs for reference. My brother is about 5’10, wears a size medium in shirts & I’ll try to get his exact measurements. Thanks in advance!!!

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Vague Edwardian pattern need help finishing a sweater.

Hi everyone! In the beginning of the Great War Centennial, I attempted to start a sweater based on a period knitting pattern. Although it worked out okay at the start, I then befell a couple of injuries that caused me to put it away until recently. However it always hung in the back of my mind that it wasn't finished and that got me kind of upset.

Well it turns out it is waaaayyyyy worse than I remembered, my torso is not this short... I don't know what sort of gnome I was knitting this for....

So I need help finishing it off. It is a garment that is knit in one piece and I'm not actually sure how much needs to be undone. In the time being I have undone the sleeves since clearly the torso needs to be extended. I have a copy of my math and here is the blog of the person who knit this for a television show. and here is the original, rather vague and up for interpretation pattern. Look for Pensacola.

I really hope somebody is up for the challenge so I can clear the air... Thank you very much!!

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Looking for someone’s help

I have a beloved knitted stuffed animal that my dog got ahold of and am ISO someone who could fix him up for me. He has a ton of sentimental value and I would love to see him all fixed up.

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can someone help me make a pattern for a sweater vest?!

hi!! there’s a sweater vest that I saw a girl on tiktok make and i’ve been dying for it. it’s a blue sweater vest with a red bra. my best friend knits and told me if I could find a pattern for it she would make it. so i’m wondering if anyone on here makes patterns and if I could commission you to make one for me!! thank you!!

15:00 UTC


capitol dome hat from pattern

hi! is it possible to commission this pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/domes-around-the-world---the-capitol ? i really want this hat but i don't know how to go about making it possible and if i could commission somebody that would be great! im willing to spend as much as is necessary for it, please dm me with how much you would want

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basic bonnet !!! ⭐️

Hey, I was wondering if anyone in the uk would be able to make me a basic bonnet ?? The bonnet I’m wanting to have made would be inspired by : expression.el on instagram. Would be happy to pay of course !!!!!! Thanks 🙏 message me xx

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can anybody help me figure out how to build a custom sweater template?

Im on illustrator figuring out how to facet the multiple designs i have and how to appropriate them on certain parts of the sweater that makes it appealing.

Have a few designs made but also concerned about the detail and what colors best comply with each other for the design and the color of the sweater. Pretty much dont want the person i commission a request from to deal with too much intricacy and simplifying things down further so theres not too much excess from the designs we choose esp for the price.

Also my budget is low at the moment and just want to figure out the prices i can expect to get for the kind of effort and work put into it, as well as materials are considered. Will it cost me alot for a minimum production esp if done with alpaca wool or even the most preferred wool?

So yeah just asking if somebody would help me in my process. I appreciate it alot.

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Couple of cardigans commission

Hi, I’m a fashion design student from the uk, I’m looking for someone to knit me two chunky knit cardigans in white/cream. I have a few pictures of what I’d like them to look like and a pattern that would be appropriate. Preferably I’d like someone based in the uk so shipping is not expensive. If anyone is interested please reach out it is much appreciated! :)

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Winter balaclava and caps

Hello. Maybe I'm off topic. But I don't know where to turn. I am a gypsy. I made 20 different caps and balaclava. I would like to sell them to someone cheap ($15 for 1). I want to return the cost of the yarn. I learned to knit, but I don't know how to sell. Everything is made of high-quality yarn. Maybe there is someone who will be interested in it and who can buy it and resell it. Such things are much more expensive. https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnitGeometricStyle?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

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Request for Sweater and Socks

I'm need a custom knitted turtleneck sweater and socks. I'm trying to do a cosplay with a friend and I'm having trouble finding a sweater or socks that match up well. I'll post a link to a picture of the character for reference. It's a classic ribbed design. I want the color and look to be as close as possible so whatever material gets that done is fine by me. I need the socks to go above the knee to make sure the shorts will cover the ends.

I don't know what to say for the budget as I don't know how much stuff like this usually costs. I know sweaters can get very expensive so if anything I might end up just getting the socks.

Size: Adult

Timeline: No rush

Yarn Preference: No preference

Here is the link for reference. https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Team_Magma_Grunts

01:23 UTC


ISO someone to make custom Knitted Set

Looking for someone able make sweater, gloves & balaclava matching set from wool. 🥰

I know the exact patterns I want (they are for sale online,) but unfortunately this isn’t up my alley. 😂

The instagram inspo I’m going off of is @helenemoo!

11:19 UTC


Knitting to order

Hello. I knit to order. I knit various things, from sweaters and vests to scarves, hats and gloves. I work on a knitting machine. This gives a nice and even canvas. Here is my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/knit\_clothing\_\_/

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Edelweiss commission hat

Hello! Would love to commission an Edelweiss patterned knit hat, similar to those on Loopy Mango, with a large pom pom on top.

15:27 UTC


Looking for someone to recreate one single matching mitten!

My friend had these beautiful mittens that they lent me for an extended period of time which were made by their family member.

I (being terrible) seemed to have missed placed one of the mittens and would like to commission a replica. (I will then come clean about my terribleness).

It seems to be an acrylic yarn with alpaca wool woven in.

If anyone is willing to give me a cost estimate that would be lovely too.

Photos: https://pasteboard.co/lkh2nuEwbqDE.jpg

Inside of the mitten: https://pasteboard.co/5oy7GDWTYYdk.jpg

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Is there someone we can commission to recreate a cardigan?

The cardigan we're looking to recreate is the one shown in the first image in size Large (Men). Would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!


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