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Silhouette continues to not develop a dedicated Silhouette Studio for Apple Hardware (chips)..........

Silhouette - I use both PC and Apple for business use. For 2 years, the performance on a $3000 MacBook Pro has been horrendous. Yet, because the software is Intel based (see below), it works like butter on a PC.

Your hope is that people don't use the two platforms to notice, but the performance degration when using Apple is borderline unusable for a business. Click, wait 2 or 3 seconds for something to engage, scroll and pan and experience complete lag constantly.

You've now released a brand new machine and still pushing the rhetoric that your $100 SOFTWARE works perfectly fine, yet it doesn't. It's time for you to spend the money in development and create a dedicated Silhouette Studio for APPLE CHIPS!!!!!


22:52 UTC


Cutting question


I'm hoping for a little help please.

I used my cameo 4 to cut stickers yesterday and it worked perfectly, today though I tried to cut some stickers which I gave a border to and for some reason using autocut and cut the feature didn't work. On autocut it stuck to the same vertical line but cut higher than the cutting line dictated by the software, and on cut it both cut higher that the cut line and veered off to the left by the time it had reached the bottom. My cutting mat was perfectly aligned so that's not the problem. I was wondering if anybody had an explanation as to why this was happening. I've popped some pictures on to show my settings, the cut line as seen by the software, and the final result.

It's only my second cutting job so am unsure if i'm missing something.

Thanks in advance.

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13:42 UTC


I have made my own Magnets

So i bought a Silhouette cameo machine this month because i wanted to sell stickers on etsy and i've wondered if I could make magnets out of these stickers and it worked! It's not perfect since i've used the autoblade but i just purchased a 2mm blade which should cut them more cleanly i hope:) i wasnt much of a crafter before so it feels nice to create physical products

19:33 UTC


Looking to pick up a silhouette after the new ones release (assuming decent reviews). Should I get a cameo or a portrait? Info inside

I’ve been looking at getting a cutting machine for a couple years, but could never justify it while in grad school. Now that I’m out and have adult money though…..

My main intended purposes:

  1. Cutting stickers for my planner: I use a hobo cousin and really enjoy customizing it with stickers, so I have been looking into a cutter that could work for that, making kiss cut stickers. I was originally looking at a explore 3, but with the new silhouettes coming out those are looking like a better option if they fix the noisyness of the old versions.

  2. Cutting vinyls to update my research labs instrument labeling: someone clearly owned a cutter before because two of them have very nice labels, and then they must have left the company because the rest are…bad. I’m talking one is on an ancient sticky note. That I’m impressed is still staying up.

  3. This one is more of a lark, we will see if it actually happens: vinyl/foiling/embossing for book binding. I’ve wanted to get into binding my own books for years, but lived in a small town where no one offered lessons/ did not have the free time to learn from scratch.

I was originally looking at the cameo/ cameo plus, but I realized that if I’m only looking at things wide enough as an average piece of paper, a portrait might work just as well. If I don’t mind wasting some vinyl/making sure I utilize space smartly when, I could probably cut reasonably large labels on the portrait too? Just wanted to hear thoughts from the community on which option might work best for me

07:09 UTC


Turn any image into a cut file! Super Easy!!

17:55 UTC


User-friendly for beginner?

I’m considering a silhouette for pretty basic purposes like labels, but my tween daughter would love to make stickers. I’ve read that the silhouette print and cut ability is superior to cricut, but am wondering how user-friendly it is for a total beginner? TIA!

14:11 UTC


Won't Even Cut a Basic Rectangle Straight

It's half past midnight.

I am still at work.

I bought a Camero Pro last month after trying a Cricut out in hopes of using it for some projects around the office. Some of them more ambitious. But for tonight I just wanted to cut a mat for a frame for some art we're supposed to hang for tomorrow.

All I need is a fucking rectangle with another rectangle cut out of it.

It won't cut straight. The outer line doesn't line up with the inner line. And the lines don't even connect when it goes all the way around.

I turned it off and recalibrated by moving the carriage back and forth the way their website told me. I did test cut after test cut to find the lightest possible force with the least possible depth (... also it was surprising there's not a "poster board" setting?).
I put a fucking spotlight over the thing so it wouldn't be in low lighting.

Hell, this last cut I did was just on the side of not cutting all the way through. The inner and outer rectangle are still OBVIOUSLY misaligned even though on the design page it's just two rectangles perfectly lined up. The lines don't even connect properly.

While there's no way I can get help in time to fix this for tomorrow I am absolutely baffled that even following the instructions for how to avoid misalignment this machine doesn't seem to be able to cut two squares lined up with each other into poster board.

I can't find a way to contact customer service.

After I have a good cry I'm giving up on this for the night and will manually cut these.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm worried I'm even outside the window to be able to return this because work got so busy right when it arrived I hadn't even been able to dig into it properly. And I'm worried I just threw away a few hundred dollars.

04:41 UTC


Wife having trouble getting library synced

I'm the intermediary here, so I'll try to ask for details if needed. My wife has several Cameo 3s, a 4 and a Portrait. She's used them for years (except the 4, that thing's been a nightmare even after being completely replaced under warranty) and so I trust her ability to use the machines and Silhouette Studio.

She says:

Lenovo Surface Pro, windows 10. Silhouette Studio Pro, 4.5.196ssbe

Logged into account just fine, Silhouette studio will not sync, reads error.

I add: She has an older laptop that was able to sync, but it deleted all the local designs she had. The library, thankfully, remains intact.

Troubleshooting assistance would be grand, as I'm on lunch break at work 30 miles away.

17:17 UTC


Clueless yet supportive wife looking for purchase help

So I impulsively bought my wife the curio 2- she owns the Cameo 4 so I figured the curio 2 would be an exciting new craft tool for her and that the cameo 5 wouldn’t be as exciting/necessary of a purchase. Did I do ok?!? I’m questioning myself!

23:04 UTC


Doing some pre-purchase research

I've been looking into getting a cutting machine, the project that prompted me to look was making stickers to sell with something else after noticing second hand machines selling for similar prices to what it would cost to order the stickers from a printer, but I also plan to use it for cutting out transfers, including quite small pieces for doll sized clothing.

I'm going to need good precision for the latter, so my first question is how precise can it cut? Could I have a vinyl transfer made where some parts are only a millimeter or so wide? (One item I'm trying to make is a dress for a doll that has a circuit board sort of design on it)

Another is how dependent is the machine on the company?

I had initially looked at a cricut machine, but decided against it after seeing how environmentally unsound some of their practices were and that the machines were entirely reliant on the company servers and could be disconnected at their discretion. I've also been considering the Brother Scan n Cut, which is not dependent on software at all (the machine can scan images placed under it, you can use any file in one of several compatible formats)

How does the process for Silhouette work and where does it fall in comparison to these two?

My final question is whether I really need the branded cutting mat, every machine I've looked at has had a special cutting mat that's far more expensive than a normal one, I know I need something to keep it from damaging the surface under what I'm cutting, but I feel I could get away with using a regular cutting mat that's propped up as needed and perhaps using a bit of sticky tack on the corners of what I'm cutting to help hold it in place, is there a way around spending $30-40 Canadian for the mat?

Thank you for your time and help

18:57 UTC


Cheap HTV from Europe?

Hello fellow silhouettecutters from the EU!

Is there a webstore that sells HTV for similar or even cheaper prices than aliexpress and delivers to Europe?

What websites do you use to get your heat transfer vinyl?

15:33 UTC


Week 2 - Free Design of the Week Challenge

19:40 UTC


Silhouette 4, 15inch, Cuts too high on the matt, customer support no help...

Whenever I select any of the vinyl material settings and cut my designs using a mat, it's acting as if there is no mat & cutting too high up & too far left (which ends up cutting into my mat). It's acting as if I'm just Loading Media instead of Loading Mat from the original Cameo. However we don't have those options anymore with the Cameo 4. HOWEVER, then us select say cardstock or glitter paper I have no issue. I have done all the things as far as resetting, recalbirating, etc. It seeems ALOT of people have this issue but there has been no solution. Can you please advise! Thanks!

19:22 UTC


Clear sticker paper on clear backing

Hi, has anyone come across clear sticker paper (inkjet) that also has a clear backing? So far I’ve only found sheets with white backing.

11:37 UTC


Silhouette Portrait 1 Questions

Hello everyone! I got a Silhouette Portrait 1 for my birthday, and I have a few questions. It was brand new in the box, never used. My first question: how do I obtain my 50 free images? I registered my machine per the steps on the website and synced everything, but nothing new was added to my library (only things I purchased a few years ago and stuff I had previously downloaded). My second question is how to use Print then Cut? From the article I read, the Portrait 1 features include: Cut and Draw, 8" x 12" Cutting Area w/ Mat, Cut up to 10 feet with a lined media (such as vinyl), PixScan compatibility, and Print then Cut (source: https://personaldiecutting.com/silhouette-portrait-1-vs-2/). I only have the basic (free) version of Silhouette Studio. Do I need to purchase one of the more expensive licenses?

Note: This has been cross-posted

21:49 UTC


Screen Protector

Hi best material which can be cut to be used as screen protector. Any recommendations pls? Thanks

21:19 UTC


New Silhouette Product. Electrostatic Mat Compatability?

This could be a game changer. Does anyone know if these electrostatic mats will work with older Cameos and Portraits? I think they made them for both?

I think I can see on the Cameo box where it says 5. Wonder if it can be made to work with older models? If not, I hope someone makes an aftermarket accessory. I haven't seen a video of how they work yet. Is there a product demo of this somewhere? I saw this video, but it didn't give me the details I was looking for.

10:51 UTC


Registration marks change direction when printing, but media doesn't

Has anyone run into this issue before? Would appreciate any help!

I've been trying to google but can't find anything ... I have custom media size selected, sized at 1/2 letter page, because I wanted to print this out twice on one sheet and cut separately (size restrictions for application, so i can't just print the full letter sized).

When I set up my media (rectangle for demonstration), it looks proper on the mat:

This is just the top half of the mat

But when I go to print preview, the registration marks change but it leaves the rectangle in the same direction? It's almost like it's mirrored the registration marks ...?

I've tried this with different media, and it's the same effect – I can't print as is, because obviously the media isn't even in the registration marks/cut border anymore.

For reference, I am using the Portrait 3, and the following, recently updated:


03:55 UTC


Holographic Sticker Paper

Hi there, I run a business that unfortunately relies on the Holo Sticker Paper. I went to order some more today and noticed that they're out of stock and still marked as $5 from the last time I ordered months ago. Does anybody know if they're still producing these or am I sol?

23:13 UTC


Silhouette Support

Anyone having issues getting through to Silhouette support today?

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22:58 UTC


Cameo 5

Did anyone else get an email about the new machines? Nothing on their website (yet) super exciting.

21:47 UTC


Has anyone switched from silhouette to cricut?

Wondering if anyone has been a long time silhouette user and recently switched to cricut (maker 3 I guess?) and enjoyed it? specifically print and cut.

I’ve been using the silhouette cameo machines and software since 2011 for primarily print then cut and the occasion vinyl decals. I consider myself a pro when it comes to the software and used to say I was a pro with the machines… until the last two years or so.

I’ve owned every iteration of the cameo and portrait and cannot believe how terrible the software has gotten and how much more finicky the machines are. The “customer support” is abysmal if they even reply to your emails.

I’m not going to go through every issue I have or all of the troubleshooting I’ve gone through bc there’s honestly just too much and I’m so frustrated at the moment.

I’d love to hear from anyone who made the switch from silhouette to cricut recently and if they stuck with cricut or returned it and went back to their abusive relationship with silhouette 😂

I just want to print my art and cut it into cute planner stickers with a nice even offset without needing three Hail Marys, a sacrifice, and six prints of the same thing.

EDIT: Another Reddit member was kind enough to let me pick their brain and showed me a lot about the siser Juliet, and I’m going to give that a shot!

20:16 UTC


Tabs want to be saved

Hmm, When did the tabs in Studio ask if you want to save the one you are leaving one tab to work on a different one?

I always have 6-9 tabs open and move back and forth between all of them. Yesterday every time I needed a different tab I get the message "Do you want to save changes to "1 studio 1" (or whatever it may be), before closing". 1. I do not want to be asked that every time, 2. I do not want to close it, and 3. How can I make it stop doing that?

It is so time-consuming to have to click the answer time I need to go to another tab.

19:08 UTC


Bluetooth stuck/usb not recognized by laptop/device unavailable and cameo not working- any ideas pls?

Hello Hope someone can help me.

I have a cameo 4, just yesterday the Bluetooth light is constantly solid blue but it seems it is not communicating with SS business edition so can’t cut or do anything else from laptop. I’ve tried pressing the Bluetooth button down so it comes out of Bluetooth mode, taken out the Bluetooth dongle- (the light still remains solid blue with Bluetooth dongle out of the cameo), have also tried a firmware update using usb cable but nothing works on the cameo.

Software update has gone up to more than the number on their website eg. Up to xx.xx. 474, however the website has a lower than this so I’m getting a message saying there is a newer update already and can’t proceed with that download.

I’ve emailed via support but wondering if anyone had seen/knows a trick or two to get it going again.

Regards 🙃

12:27 UTC


Cameo 4 Pro Mat Jamming Halfway

Posting this because when I googled it last night there was nothing relevant and would rather save the next person a a few hours of troubleshooting.

I finally used the 24x24 mat that comes with the cameo 4 pro.ive used the machine quite a bit but I normally use a smaller width mat.

The issue that occurs

This issue tends to occur mainly when the material being cut is much narrower than the width of the mat surface. In my case it was around 10" wide and 12" tall. Around halfway through cutting the right side of the mat jams and the left edge continues moving forward causing the mat to turn severely and ruin your cut. But you can't see anything for the the mat to jam against and ensure all original packing materials and tape are removed.

You will probably also notice the right side roller has now scratched and dug into the mat bottom as it was jammed and still trying to feed.

Whats actually happening.

The sticky surface of your mat is getting caught on the flat thing inside the machine and pivoting around the stuck section.

The easiest and quickest fix is to take the blue protector sheet that came with the mat, reapply it and cut out a section where the smaller material is. Now that bar inside the machine has little to no contact with the sticky mat surface and won't get stuck.

Ideally you should switch to a less sticky mat or try to reduce the stick on your pro mat if possible, but reapplying the paper and cutting around it is the easiest and fastest solution.

Will update this post with images shortly. Let me know if this has happened to anyone else and if you had a different root cause or solution.

Images and video. https://imgur.com/gallery/q5NiQoO

19:03 UTC


Is a Cameo2 still worth it for basic vinyl cutting? Max cut length?

I have a need for enough vinyl cutting in the next while that it probably makes sense to to buy an older cutter for the task.

I am seeing older Silhouette models for reasonable prices, and am looking at a S2. I do however need longer printing vs it's original stock lengths (which I believe was limited to 12"?) , but I'm finding conflicting info online if this was ever increased - some info says yes, it's no longer a 12" max when cutting matless, other info still says 12" max.

The S2 I'm looking at does not come with the roll holder however and if I'm forced to buy one it won't be a particularly good deal anymore - is it *essential* or is it just one of those "nice to have" options? My longest cuts will be 4-6' long.

Thanks all.

17:56 UTC


Greys coming out as purple

This sounds like it would be a printer issue but I have changed out the printer and ink completely and I am still having this issue. I am trying to print out something with grey in it but all of my greys are printing with a purple tint to them. Has anyone else had this issue? I went into the print settings and selected as No Color Correction for the printer and this is how it came out. I have printed images from the computer and they came out fine, the only issue I’m having is when I print from Silhouette.

16:16 UTC


Looking to get Cameo 4

Hi everyone! I’m looking to get Cameo 4 but I’m not too sure if what I want to do is possible or will cost extra.

I want to create designs either for shirts or stickers. I design them on Adobe Illustrator. How would I get this on to the Silhouette program to print/cut?


13:14 UTC


Advice before I buy

I’m looking at buying a cameo 4. Is it possible to scan a silhouette image that I drew by hand, many years ago, and turn it into an image that I can cut as a vinyl decal. Or do I have to produce it digitally?

04:12 UTC

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