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This is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, hand sewing, embroidery, quilting, mending, garment sewing, fitting/alterations and help/suggestion threads.

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/r/sewing is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, tapestry, patchwork, and help/suggestions threads.

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New sewing nachine after 10 years

Hi all! I've been sewing on and off for about 10 years (started around 12) and have decided to treat myself to a new sewing machine as I can't get my old one to work well anymore (I'm probably going to give it away to someone who could fix the tension issues :) ) I'm definitely not amazing at it, but want to start practicing more again. So I'm looking for a machine that's kind of between beginner and intermediate, that can handle soft thin fabrics to sturdier denim. I've been eyeing the brother cs10s and cs70s, but I'm unsure if they can handle sturdier fabrics/if they are good to use for the coming 10 years. I don't have a huge budget, but also don't mind paying a bit more for a good investment for long use. So yeah. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Edit: my budget is between 200-300ish, but I'm willing to pay a bit more if it's really really worth it. And I'm located in the Netherlands!

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11:44 UTC


Thread holder broken on brother kd40 little angel. Glue or parts are replaceable?

11:31 UTC


I sewed a robe a la francaise in 3 weeks

Finished just in time for the Bridgerton ball. Used simplicity 8578 but changed the stomacher from 2 pieces into 1 as I didn't like the look of 2. The trim I had to change from the pattern as the polyester satin I used frays a lot and the pattern pieces has unfinished edges. So I came up with a different trim to use. Probably would have added more trim if I had had more time. Made the panniers from 8679 to go with it. Intended to make the stays as well but definitely did not have time. Made from polyester satin (do not recommend haha), the petticoat is a poly cotton, the stomacher made from brocade.

11:04 UTC


how to make/rework this type of jeans?

how to have this “baggy” bootcut in a jeans

09:11 UTC


Want to find a pattern like this but with a video sew along

First time I'm going to be doing anything with legs and a zip of this style so as much as I love this pattern is there an alternative out there with a sew along?

09:05 UTC


Laced Corsets for the Renaissance Festival | B4669 (in progress)

My Dungeons & Dragons group is venturing to the Renaissance Festival soon. We all dressed up last year, and it was a ton of fun, but we spent a good chunk of the day eyeing some beautiful corsets that were far beyond our budgets.

So, I offered to make corsets for us for this year. I’m operating under a slight time crunch — I only got the materials from everyone about two a half weeks ago — BUT things are moving along! Each one just needs a couple of adjustments or additions to be fully finished.

The pattern is B4669 (Butterick Sewing Pattern Laced Corsets with Peplum Variations) in view C. The fashion layer is polyester (Mine is the brocade, 2 have tulle with cotton behind it, and the least assembled one is a embroidered tulle I found in the remnant section with 100% polyester crepe back satin behind it). The lining for all of them is cotton (except for mine because I splurged for 100% linen). Each one has a layer of fusible featherweight interfacing, twill tape boning channels, spiral steel bones that I cut and capped to size, and is trimmed in the ready-made bias tape you can purchase from your local craft store. The pattern actually does not call for boning at all, but I wanted an excuse to practice. I just added channels to the lining at the bust, around the grommets, and the sides.

All of my friends and I are within a few inches of each other measurement wise, so I cute the middle size and then made some mild adjustments with the seam allowances or side pattern piece to make it fit each human. We all happen to have longer torsos, so I did extend it .5”.

There are tons of YouTube video sewing blogs for this pattern! It really helped. Lots of people hand stitched the bias in the back, which I wish I had done. I hate the topstitching lines on the bias tape and I think it makes it look messier than it is. Alas, time is not on my side.

I’m excited to update this with a group photo at the festival this weekend! I’m also making tunics for some party members (1 done, 2 to go) and I made my dress to go with my bodice (done, thank god).

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06:39 UTC


I try to sew dolls clothes. But cant seem to find the mashine for it. Help ?

So i have mainly a problem when a slightly thicker part comes(im really not talking about jeans fabric, but a few layers of cotton) the mashine struggles A lot. Especially If I am beginning to sew on that thicker spot. The mashine sews in one place and doesnt move any further :(.I tried different things but nothing worked. I read a little bit about the janome sfs-i feed system and was wondering (because it says it can transport fabric more evenly and easily) if it would be a good choice for me? Something like janome 3160pg or similar? So my question is I guess, will this transport system make it easier on the slightly thicker spots of my doll clothes, or not? I dont see many other options as I wanted an industrial mashine :/.

05:33 UTC


Twin Needles Keep Breaking

This feels like a silly question, but I’m completely self taught from YouTube.

I’ve snapped three twin needles in the last month. What am I doing wrong?? They just snap mid snitch.

My spouse is very short and I’m very tall, so I got into sewing to learn to alter our clothing and save us some money. I spend a lot of time hemming shirts and I love the double thread look you get from a twin needle on shirts.

I have tried different brands, different types, different sizes, but they all keep breaking.

My two theories

  1. Too thick fabric. But, it’s just a hem usually on knits. So this doesn’t feel right

  2. Something in the tension is putting too much pressure on the needles as they move.

Any ideas?

02:37 UTC


How do I draft this front tie design (or pattern recc)

00:59 UTC


Novelty print clothing ideas

I managed to score this Robert Kaufman novelty print cotton at my local thrift store, on the roll and apparently untouched. I haven't measured but it's at least 5-8 yards of fabric. I was thinking of using this for a pinafore dress pattern I already have, with black cotton for trim. What other projects could I use it for? It's quilting cotton but seems softer than the Joann version.

00:39 UTC


How do I make a shirt like this? What’s the tie called

20:31 UTC


Looking for a breezy tank dress pattern similar to photo. TYIA

Something boxy and shapeless that doesn't touch my skin or make me want to poke my eyes out as the heat skyrockets. ❤️

17:12 UTC


Does anyone have recommendations for brand/seller for an adjustable dress maker form?

Also, are there things I should specifically look for or avoid? (US/NY)

My daughter just subtly indicated that she would be asking me to make her wedding gown "just like my prom dress" (a decade ago!).

I will likely be having the same issue this time as then...she isn't going to be here very much for fittings. Depending on the timing of this, she may be living across the country. Fortunately it's a two piece dress, so it's much easier to fit and complete pieces. I definitely want to get a dressmaker form to help me out this time.

16:36 UTC


“Hacks” that have become mainstays in your sewing projects?

I saw a post in r/labrats that talked about random things you do in a laboratory that make your life easier (my favorite being to store sharpies upside down so they are always ready to write). I thought the same concept could be applied to sewing. So what are y’all’s hacks that make sewing easier?

I’ll go first with my two:

  1. Putting moleskin inside of a thimble. Moleskin is like a band-aid made of felt that is found at any pharmacy. It has a sticky back, so it doesn’t move around in the thimble. Now I have thimbles that fit my smaller fingers and my fingers don’t get sweaty!

  2. Putting a needle minder on a plastic cup when hand sewing. This way I always have a place to put down my needle and a cup to put scrap thread in. No more lost needles!

16:06 UTC


Looking for a plus size pattern like thus

Does anyone know this type of dress is called? And are there any plus size patterns that look like this dress? I'm desperate to make one! Thank you

15:28 UTC


Simplicity S9279 shirt in knit fabric?

Hi there,

I bought some fabric while away recently that I really liked, however it has a stretch to it (kindnof like a stretchy batik style fabric?), and I was wondering if it was possible to make a shirt out of it.

I only ever seen with non stretchy wovens before, so any advice anyone has on making a garment like this out of fabric with stretch would be greatly appreciated too. (I've made the pattern around 3 times and am comfortable with assembling it with wovens).

15:02 UTC

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