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This is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, hand sewing, embroidery, quilting, mending, garment sewing, fitting/alterations and help/suggestion threads.

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/r/sewing is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, tapestry, patchwork, and help/suggestions threads.

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It’s not the most perfect but I made a mannequin.

It is based off of my measurements and rechecked. I decided to go with this because I don’t want to pay $200 for an adjustable one. I saran wrapped my torso, then duct tape over that, then more duct tape, used cardboard for the arm, neck, and base holes, stuffed it with poly, and fabric-mâchéd it.

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00:57 UTC


Side-lacing maternity dress?

I saw a picture of a princess seamed dress with laces at the side panels to adjust the fit and thought it would make an excellent maternity dress. Does a pattern like this exist somewhere? I have enough skills to Frankenstein this out of a regular princess seam pattern, but after checking my stash, I don’t really have a good pattern to start from and if I’m going to buy one anyway, I may as well try to find one that is closer to what I’m looking for.

22:15 UTC


A good printer for printing out patterns?

Hi All! I'm looking to buy myself a simple printer for printing out small patterns or patterns that don't have copyshop files. My old printer was nice, and free, but it wouldn't print all 4 lines on pattern pages so I'd find myself questioning if my patterns were off by 1/8" or 1/4"! Is there a basic model you'd recommend that will print patterns without having to go to great lengths for accuracy?? I'm looking for something small, maybe with a scanner feature, but doesn't have to be fancy. Thanks!

22:01 UTC


How do you all organize your sewing/embroidery needles - especially those "lightly used" ones?

In the same way many of us have "that chair" where we pile on the clothes that are worn but not dirty enough to be washed yet...I feel like I have a growing collection of needles I've used for one project that can definitely be used again, but I'm not sure the best way to organize them!

For example, sometimes I'll pop a new embroidery needle in my machine, use it to stitch out a single small embroidery project, then switch back to a sewing needle. But that embroidery needle could definitely still be used again.

I don't want to put them back into the packet and mix them up with fresh needles. I also want a way to keep the same size and type needles together so I can identity/find them easily.

Maybe a segmented pin cushion to keep the same used needle type/sizes together? Curious how you all go about this!

20:09 UTC


Sleeve tight at the armpit, not comfortable..

Hello, I am a beginner in drafting patterns. I already made the basic bodice which suited my body measurements I decided to start the sleeve but... it didn't go well. The sleeve is WAY too tight in the armpit and I really don't feel comfortable at all and it’s hard to move. I first checked if the bicep was not the source of the problem but I am very comfortable at this level. Also I wanted to check if it wasn't the cap height that was too high but there is no creases on the sleeve and i measured to the shoulder at the bicep and it’s the same measurement! I really don’t understand this problem... I noticed that it was pulling a lot on my back. I did not touch the armhole on my basic bodice, so it is high and normally supposed to be good for the mouvement. I hope to have answers regarding my problem... Thank you!

19:39 UTC


Laundry safe wire for cap project

Hi! I am doing an embroidery project on a hat and I have an idea to shape letters out of thin wire and then essentially embroider over them so the wire creates a raised affect and also will be a good guide to make it go faster since I have to make them in bulk by hand. I am curious if anyone knows of a thin wire like product that is safe to be washed and dried that I could accomplish this with? Kind of like underwire on a bra, something that is completely safe to be washed and dried and won’t damage the embroidery around it by being heated up.

19:04 UTC


Can you color on iron on transfer paper to put on clothes?

Maybe not the best community for this post, but I figured this is a craft savvy group with members that make a lot of clothes!

Basically I want to print out a black and white picture, color it in with some sort of writing utensil, and iron it on to a t-shirt. I remember doing something similar as a kid over 20 years ago, but obviously the finer details of this memory have been lost to time.

Does anyone know the best transfer paper to do this with? And the best writing utensil - like sharpie, crayon, regular washable markets, or color pencils?

Thanks and if there is a better sub for this, please let me know!

17:15 UTC


How did you start your sewing journey?

I'm just curious how you all started your sewing journey? What was your inspiration, what do you love about it? What keeps you doing it?

17:12 UTC


Fabric advice for nightgowns!

I am a confident beginner and really want to make myself some high quality satin nightgowns. I’m looking for advice on how to buy high quality fabric. I want it to wash and wear well! I guess I just don’t know how to tell if it will be quality! I’m willing to buy online or in person I just don’t know what to look out for!

16:02 UTC


Halara Wide Leg Pant Pattern

Anyone know of a fairly close wide leg pant pattern like the Halara pant in this image? Specifically looking for something that would work with what appears to be a stretchy fabric and has an elasticized waist. Side note: I've considered just buying these but heard the quality and fit are dubious.


15:35 UTC


What pattern drafting sorcery is this?

From Sandy Liang FW ‘24. How do you suppose the bows and sort of “pulling” effect is achieved given the minimal seam lines?

04:20 UTC


Blind Hem Stitch Trouble

I recently acquired a Pfaff Creative 4.0 and have been experimenting with hemming pants. I don’t like the way the hem looks done with the machine. If I set the BHS foot to where it is barely catching the fabric, so as to be invisible on the other side, it manages to miss catching it at least a few times.

Can any of you get professional results with your machine? I have went back to hand stitching.

Also, I noticed while re-hemming my husband’s dress pants were originally hemmed with the finest/thinnest thread I have ever seen. I imagine that would make the stitches less visible on the right side of the fabric when machine stitching. I used Seraflex thread and hand stitched.

01:04 UTC


High loft batting vs 2-3 layers of low loft

I wanted to make a quilted crescent bag by @gracomakes


Inspired by @hisydgraham’s red quilted bag. She used high loft batting and I like the look of her bag, but I have leftover low loft batting from a Halloween costume. Would layering 2 or 3 low loft give the same effect or what unknowing effect will happen if I do that’s not intended? Lol thanks!

00:24 UTC


What is this type of bodice/neckline called?

The top part of the dark grey overdress. I want to try to figure out how to make a loose tunic dress that I can cinch but I'm not sure how to search for this type of neckline. Any ideas?

00:22 UTC


Smocked fabric popping threads when stretched after cutting?

I'm trying to do one of those no pattern dresses made from pre smocked fabric. I cut the fabric to size and did a French seam to finish the edges, but now I noticed that some of the lines of thread in the smocked fabric are popping when I stretch the dress horizontally. Only some lines of smocking are doing that. Did I originally cut the fabric weird? Do I need to start over? I'm just worried that the smocking will completely undo and won't look nice as I wear it.


00:19 UTC


Help! Ideas Needed. Wanting to tailor or refashion this blouse.

This blouse is button up and a size or two too large for me. I love the print and would like to wear it. I was thinking maybe a side tie too, but there are buttons down the front and I’m not sure I would have enough fabric. Anyways, just wanting to pick some creative brains.

00:04 UTC

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