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Is there a way to figure out what tannery leather is from?

I recently bought scraps from an Etsy store and I really like the quality of the scraps. I messaged the seller and he politely refused to disclose what tannery he uses.

Is there a way to figure out where it’s from? Or is anyone able to tell me what tannery could produce similar quality leather sides/whole hides?

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Looking for advice regarding art on leather

I have a friend who rides motorcycles with me, she wears like crappy harbor freight gloves. I figured a good pair of leather gloves would be a great gift but I'd also like to customize it. I know she's into Lord of the rings and was thinking about putting the Balrog on a pair.

I am very far from artistic. If I were to look to add something like this to a set of gloves, would it be best to have it embossed, or embroidered, or idk is there some sort of burning method?

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how do i punch a hole in my belt

bought a belt and its too big but it came with a punching tool i just dont know how to use it and im too scared to try anything

any YouTube tutorial or something similar would help a lot

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Softening/removing mink oil from Leather Choker? (description in comments)

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Stitching Holes Question

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Looking for gift ideas for a leather worker

Hello! I’m looking for some advice. My boyfriend loves leather working and I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can support him in this! I want to get him a gift of some tools or supplies but I have no idea what I’m looking for.

What is something you wished you had as a beginner - intermediate leather worker? Or any gift ideas?

Thank you in advance for any help!!

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First Time Vending Advice

I'm going to be a selling at an event for the first time and am looking for advice. Mostly I'm interested in "things I wish I knew before I started vending" and things I should be bringing to events.


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Making Handle Covers

Hi all. Beginner leatherworker here. I'm looking for advice for a project. So far, I've made two coasters (working on dying, stitching, burnishing, etc) and plan on a knife sheath soon. I'm also thinking about making leather covers for the two handles of my espresso machine (mine have ridges, as in the second picture). Assuming this isn't totally nuts (tell me if it is), I have lots of questions. Here's what I assume (and again, this is a longer-term project...just starting to think about it):

1 Thinner leather than the 6/7 leather I'm using now (but what thinness?).

2 I would cross stitch along the side and around the end (or box stitch the end? Sound hard.)

3 I might want to pad the handle to prevent the ridges from showing through over time (with what, another layer of leather?).

4 Would I wet mold this? Any other advice?

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Good leather kit for horse related stuff?

My friend works with horses as a job and has told me multiple times about having to fix busted leather halters and reins and about how many needles she's broke because she doesn't have the correct tools to fix them. I want to get her a set of tools to help her but idk what to get If there's any horse people in here that could help I would greatly appreciate it! : )

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Fix Recommendations DIY. No prior experience with leather :(

Looking for advice on how to fix this tear. Kindly refer picture. Thank you!

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How does one get the blade out of a skiver to change blades 🤦‍♀️

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softening occidental tool belt

just bought an occidental tool belt and it’s so stiff it’s bruising my hips wearing it, i picked up neatsfoot oil and have applied it once. does anyone know how long it will take to soften/break in the leather if applied once a day? thanks

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Is Hobby lobby veg tan garbage?

I haven't a whole lot of experience in leather crafting except what I learned in summer camp 50 years ago. (I'm 62)

I recently decided to climb into it to make a product I hope to be able to market.

I bought a roll of 7-8 oz veg tan from HL. (20"x 30")

When I got home I opened the roll and found that what was under the wrapper was a completely different color. In contrast, the leather under the wrapper was beige, but the ends were pink.

I figured it must have been from the lights in the store. In hindsight, I'm guessing this roll might be really old or something.

It's so hard to cut, I've resorted to using a bandsaw.

I picked up a Chinese shoe patcher (used), that was only about half way cleaned and polished, and quite out of time.

I watched a mountain of videos on it, then spent numerous hours filing, sanding, polishing, and finally getting the timing correct.

I took an old belt, maybe 6-7 oz and I can sew it with ease, but when I put this HL leather on it, it's all I can do to get through one layer. Two layers is impossible, even if I skive the daylights out of it.

I've tried just about every needle and thread combination. I even found some.

I made a few modifications to the machine so I can run a size 24 needle, and using that, I've had a little luck, but of course it makes a huge hole.

I got some titanium coated SD needles from the thread exchange, and they're barely any help.

But last night I came across a video of a guy making knife sheaths, and he was sewing through the equivalent of 24 ozs, and I was flabbergasted.

I bought a brand new stitch groover from Weaver, and grooved what might be about 3 yards in length of stitch grooves, and the thing has gone dull. (I polished it and was able to do a bit more)

Sorry so long, but I thought I'd put out as much info as possible.

So to summarize, did I buy the shittiest roll of leather on the planet????

My frustration level is high, but I'm not giving up.

I just ordered a 7-8 oz veg tan double shoulder from Weaver, and I'm hoping like hell I'll find a world of difference.

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Received a great tip from C and B Leather recently in using a veiner to give a little texture on the petals. Definitely a different look - quite like it!

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One of our migrant workers noticed that I had a hole in my ropers so he took it upon himself to bring me some thread and a needle. Between my broken Spanish and his broken English he tried to tell me what to do. So I got home and tried. Please roast my work.

I’ve done some fabric sewing but it’s been a while. Never tried to sew leather. I tried to do it all on my own without any tutorials. Sewing leather is a completely different animal. And in my case a very ugly one lol

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Getting knotty/ loose stitches

Hello! I’m fairly new to leather working but have some experience with industrial sewing machines as I work for a clothing company. I am have an issue with loose stitches on the underside of my leather projects, and a friend told me I should post here. I have a single needle industrial machine and have played with the tension and the bobbin casing tension. I have also tried different feet. If anyone has a suggestion about what this could be, that would be awesome!

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