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    Skeins and a snake: a cautionary tale

    My fellow yarn addicts,

    Let me spin you a tale. I feel like only you would understand the deep pain I feel. Years ago, before the coronavirus turned our lives upside down, I developed an obsession for making pom-poms, many, many pom-poms.

    I live in a land with no Michaels or Joann Fabrics (a tragedy, I know) but my kind friend who lives in California went to Michaels for me and helped me buy beautiful yarn so I could make even more pom-poms. This was my first foray into yarn wonderland and I was mesmerized. I just picked balls and cakes and skeins based on color, knowing absolutely zilch about fibers and weights.

    They traveled to my corner of the globe and I made pom-poms with some of them. Then, as it often happens, I developed a different obsession and abandoned my yarn.

    Fast forward to a few months ago. A new obsession started: crochet, this time. I love it so much, I feel like I’ve unlocked a superpower. Naturally, I remembered my yarn stash and went digging for it. I tried not to think of all the yarn I had previously massacred because of my pom-pom obsession. I found some real treasures had escaped my scissor rampage. I had Caron Big Cakes! And Caron X Pantone skeins! Those became my favorite.

    I decided to make a scarf using the Caron X Pantone yarn. I loved how soft the yarn is and the pretty color combinations and I thought—hmm, why crochet a scarf when I can crochet an oversized scarf? Then I thought—but why an oversized scarf when I can crochet a blanket?

    My plan was to buy different colors of Caron X Pantone and combine them into a crazy colorful blanket. And that’s when my problem began. I soon realized that Caron X Pantone isn’t as readily available as it was during my pom-pom making years. And it’s especially hard to track down in a country that doesn’t have a Michaels.

    I was able to buy two more Caron X Pantone sets from a local yarn store—that was all they had left, I was told. I quickly used up those skeins as my scarfket (blarf?) grew bigger and bigger. Then I started ordering some from Ebay and Amazon, twiddling my thumbs and starting another WIP while waiting for my orders to arrive.

    And then one day, I saw a local seller on Facebook Marketplace offering Caron Cakes. I messaged, telling her I’d like to buy them. Sure, she replied. She had more yarn she could sell—would I like to see?

    Of course! I said. And when she sent me photos and photos of more Caron Cakes and a lot of Caron X Pantone skeins, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Jackpot! And she’s here! In my country! What a lucky day!

    I bought so much yarn from her and started imagining what I’d do with all those cakes and skeins. I can finish my blanket now! And I have a yarn stash again!

    I had no idea I was transacting with a snake.

    First came the excuses—the weather was bad she couldn’t ship my items yet. Sorry, it’s still raining, maybe tomorrow?

    Then she just disappeared. Took my money, deleted her Marketplace post and and blocked me.

    I was stunned. It took a while to sink in. I had been scammed.

    For days I had to keep repeating it to myself: I had been scammed. But there was still a part of me that refused to believe it and still kept looking out for a package that would never arrive.

    Because who would scam someone using yarn?

    I was such a fool. It sucks that I had been duped out of my hard-earned money but what hurt even more were two things: the disappointment I felt when my yarn dreams fell apart and the realization that people can be so damn evil.

    Now I feel like my sclanket has been tainted. I’m still working on it with the skeins I have left but soon it will be time to turn to Amazon and Ebay again. I don’t even look at Marketplace anymore—there’s some residual trauma from being stolen from.

    This is a cautionary tale. Don’t be like me. Be careful who you transact with. If it’s too good to be true, it might just be. And don’t get your hopes up because it hurts when they come crashing down.

    Love, Another yarn addict

    05:05 UTC


    Milk yarn??!!

    Has anyone ever heard of or worked with milk yarn? How does it feel? How is it to work up? Does it split easy?

    And ( perhaps most importantly) DOES ANYONE HAVE A VIDEO OR SOMETHING OF HOW THIS IS MADE??!!!

    03:38 UTC


    Gimmie yarn recs! Looking for a good Gold and Creamy White, worsted, mostly wool content

    I'm working on a cardigan that's riffing on the pink and blue coat from Howl's Moving Castle.

    I need a nice gold yarn in a worsted weight, mostly wool content with maybe some shimmer in it?

    I'll need a creamy white as well, though I have Starlight from Hobbi in mind because the reflective thread element could be fun!

    1 Comment
    01:44 UTC


    Well, it was bound to happen ☹️

    I guess the prolapse is inevitable

    01:35 UTC


    My new angel Christmas ornament ❤️🎄

    18:48 UTC


    I broke my own heart

    I started knitting up a Ballerina Wrap Top from Two of Wands in a 100% silk yarn that I thrifted for $6. I was so thrilled. The goal was to have it finished in about 2 weeks for my 30th birthday night.

    Aaaand I didn't actually check the yardage. I only have about half of what I need and you already know the yarn is discontinued!

    I am so, so bummed out that I did this to myself. Commiserate with me, share your stories, or tell me I'm an idiot.

    Or sell me your Louisa Harding Mulberry in the color claret (21) 😭😭

    Oh PS I'd also really enjoy some ideas on what to do with 500-600 yards of DK silk. If I'm inspired, maybe I'll feel better...

    17:58 UTC


    What should I make of this yarn

    I bought this yarn. https://www.novitaknits.com/en/novita-isoveli-108-calm

    I wanted to crochet a balaclava but it is not happening. The yarn is very rough and stiff. I tried different stitches but it always ends up wrong. It is not elastic at all, it is almost like weaved basket.

    I would want to use it for something but it is not suitable for wearables, not at least for my liking. I only have only one skein and I don't want to buy more.

    What could I make of it?

    17:36 UTC


    Any recommendations for US exclusive yarn?

    EDIT - Thanks for all the advice, I probably won’t be able to respond to all the comments but I’ve taken it all on board and will be avoiding Hobby Lobby. I have also found a local independent yarn shop that I’m sure we’ll be visiting! <3

    I’m a Brit who is visiting the US in November with my husband to see his family for Thanksgiving. I’m keen to check out Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby while we are over there (my first visit back across the pond since I began crochet!)

    Are there any great yarns I should get or any to avoid? I was hoping to find the Caron Spice Cakes in Dark Spark and Stage Lights but heard they are limited edition Michael’s exclusives that I might be too late for. I’ve also heard a lot about Big Twist by JoAnn’s.

    17:26 UTC



    Finally got my first order from premiere! Was surprised by how heavy the box was. I count 8 projects in here… any guesses what they are?

    16:52 UTC


    Machine washable silk lace yarn for shawl?

    Im new to finer yarns, I've only ever worked with michaels acrylic type material. I want to make a shawl with a nice drape and have been directed towards silk. I tend to spill things on myself too often so I want something easily that is easily cleaned. What yarn would be good for a fine lacey shawl AND not get ruined in the washing machine (air dry of course)?

    15:58 UTC


    Need inspiration

    I have 3 balls of yarn need ideas to make. I’m a beginner when it comes to reading patterns but I know how to crochet!

    14:54 UTC


    My first attempt at dying sock yarn 🧦

    13:57 UTC


    Replacement yarn advice desperately needed!

    So my roommate got me this beautiful art yarn that didn't have the number of yards attached. I normally need like 200 yards for a scarf. This has MAYBE 90. I need to find something that is a comparable weight and harmoniously colored to be able to finish this scarf. Does anyone have guidance or advice? I love the look very much

    1 Comment
    12:41 UTC


    Crochet crab :0 An idea for orange threads!

    09:55 UTC


    Aldi yarn

    Did anyone manage to get any of the UK Aldi yarn. When I went it was quite low and unfortunately didn't have all the colours that I've seen in other people's videos. I love the colours of the cakes that I did manage to get

    06:41 UTC


    Anyone know of a similar yarn?

    1 Comment
    03:25 UTC


    What can I make with this?

    Hey I'm kinda new to posting but I wanted to know what I could make with this ball of ombre yarn. I'm having a hard time because each color section is so long so I don't know what would look good made out of this...If you have any ideas or patterns please let me know! Sorry for the bad quality.

    02:07 UTC


    Went on Vacation and found some wonderful souvenirs...

    01:00 UTC


    Need Aran weight Yarn Canada

    Hi! I bought LionsBrand ReSpun but now I’m worried it’s not the right #4 weight for my project.

    I’m looking for Aran weight yarn in Canada with lots of yardage.

    20:35 UTC


    I can't go to yarndale (UK yarn event) so I thought I'd try dye my own...

    Anybody have any color suggestions? This is my first time giving this a try. I'll be using food colouring and white vinegar on these 10g,4ply sock yarn hanks I just made from 1 50g ball.

    1 Comment
    16:50 UTC


    Had my first estate sale experience

    Got all the yarn for $20, the caddy, a book, a bunch of knitting needles and some crochet hooks (mostly tunisian) for another $15

    15:11 UTC


    Qualified to buy wholesale from Knomad?

    Do any of you buy yarn at wholesalers price, and what are your qualifications. I am looking to apply to Knomad for a wholesaler discount, however, what qualifications in your experience do they look for? License? A physical or online (non Etsy) shop? Thank you in advance, new to this, and looking to sell some hand dyed yarn in small batches.

    12:49 UTC


    Please help identify

    My husband’s co worker made me this beautiful coaster. I also crochet and I’m pretty fluent in popular yarn but I cannot identify it. I asked my husband to ask her if she knows what brand it was. But it was gifted to her and she doesn’t remember. I have been obsessed and on the hunt for almost a year. The closest I’ve gotten is hobbii moxi but it’s just not it. What I do know is that it’s a 4ply cotton or cotton blend. Any help would be great. Thank you!

    01:32 UTC


    Dollar store yarn

    Dollar store yarn

    My daughter recently gave me a bag of yarn that she bought at Dollarama there are 4 cakes of a colour change yarn (working on a pair of yoga socks with it, pictured, having issues with the yarn twisting), 4 skeins of a green and white chunky & several small ones. I’m just wondering if anyone has actually used dollar store yarn, the projects you’ve made and how the yarn behaved when you were working it?

    23:17 UTC

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