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Converting inch-patterns into metric?

I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but I just had an idea. I bet everyone who uses the metric system and started quilting had the issue of buying new imperial rulers & mats and the 1/4 inch foot etc. (At least I did) But now I have some almost-never used metric rulers and a huge metric cutting mat and I wish I could use them more often. So I thought, is it possible to convert inches into metric by doubling the numbers and making 1inch= 2cm? Like 2-1/2 inches = 5 cm, seam allowance 1/2 cm (5mm). The standard sewing foot is usually 5mm anyway. The finished project will be a bit smaller of course and weird measurements like 1/16inch are probably not working with 1,25cm, but it should work with easy patterns and log cabins, right? Idk I'm terrible at maths, is it possible or is it just me being stupid?

13:18 UTC


USS Callister

I started another quilt.

10:47 UTC


USS Callister

I started another sci-fi quilt this last weekend. Here is the first applique quilt block.

10:15 UTC


Is batting necessary

I’m making a blanket with a bunch of different fabric because I need room (for more fabric) and I was wondering if batting is necessary for a blanket

06:47 UTC


How do I attach this?

I’m making this quilt with black and white stripes and Beetlejuice about 1/3 the way down. How do I do it? Do I sew all the stripes and then cut the whole thing horizontally where I want the word to go and attach it?

06:08 UTC


My first quilt has a boo-boo

This is a half of my very first quilt top and I already made a mistake. Should I fix it or leave it as is? I want to put a flannel backing so I can snuggle with my cats.

05:26 UTC


Sewing machine breaking bobbin thread - help

Sewing machine breaking thread - help

My sewing machine keeps breaking the bobbin thread and nothing I do is fixing it. I've worked as a longarm quilter for 6ish years so I can usually troubleshoot those just fine, which usually translates pretty well to sewing machines but I'm finally at my breaking point this time.

The thread is the same type I've been using since I got it and I've never had an issue until recently. Switched spools of thread because maybe it's bad. Still breaking bobbin thread. Changed needle. Still breaking. Made sure macchine is cleaned out. Still breaking. Rethreaded everything. Still breaking. Checked bobbin thread tension. It was actually tight so I loosened it and got the machine to where it seemed like it was fixed, only for it to continuously start breaking again, even after rechecking the tension. My stitches are turning out perfect, until it breaks, so I don't believe it's the timing. I can't find any burrs or sharp spots anywhere that might be breaking the machine so I'm at a loss. There are no weird noises, burnt smells, or anything that would lead me to believe something inside has broken.

I've spent the last 2 hours trying to sew and troubleshoot and I've only gotten about 30 inches actually stitched. I'm at the point of getting rid of this one and just getting a new machine but I was trying to save up for a decent one. I think I'm just gonna go to Walmart and get one. However, I have a baby blanket that I need for a family member by tomorrow evening (time blindness is a horrible thing). I meant to figure out what was wrong with it back in March after it first started having these issues when I was in con crunch but we see how that went.

The machine I have is a Singer Fashion Mate 5560. Maybe it's outlived itself? Idk how long these usually last and I bought it secondhand back in 2016-17 from my uncle who had bought it for his ex when they were together at least 3-5 years before that. Looking into getting a Singer Sew Mate 5400 since this one has served me well up until this year.

04:53 UTC


Please help with design!!

This is my first full quilt I’ve started to make (I’ve made blocks) and I’m feeling so defeated. I had so many problems with getting the fabric. It’s supposed to be a gift for a woman going through chemo and it’s just so ugly to me. I don’t know if it’s the pattern or the colors or what. Just please help 😭😭😭😭😭

01:48 UTC


Halloween 2 x 2

Beginning step 2 of the Halloween postage stamp quilt projects: matching the two-patch blocks together to create four-patch blocks. Cotton + Steel/Ruby Star Society on the left, Art Gallery fun on the right! There are enough scraps to create a few different projects, planning to keep the two different fabric sets separated unless I run out of caffeine and/or go colorblind. Let's go!

01:44 UTC


Chatsworth in progress

This is Doug Leko (antler quilt design) pattern “Chatsworth”. I am doing it on my own though he has YouTube videos being posted on Moda’s channel and a couple of stores are doing this as a BOM.

I am loving the quilt but hating the way he writes this pattern. 9 more of these blocks to go and then 12 blocks of 4x braided flying geese which is what drew me in to the pattern.

Wish me luck.

Ps focal fabric is Tula Pink Parisville Deja vu. But I might add some other Tula fabrics.

01:17 UTC


Looking for reduced size Windswept Modern Drunkards Path

I am looking for a pattern for the flower in a smaller block. Has anyone seen something like this available for purchase?

00:05 UTC


Weird bunching of top thread on back of fabric?

Hey can anyone help me figure out why my top thread is bunching at the beginning on the back of my fabric? I have a brother CS-6000i. When I cut away the bunches it pulls out and unravels on the top so I have to restitch that area.

23:53 UTC


Janome MC 6650 or Janome MC 6700p?

I’m finally ready to upgrade the entry level Brother I purchased from Craigslist and I’m pretty certain I’d like a Janome. After doing a ton of research I really liked the MC 6650, however, I had the opportunity to try the MC 6700p at my local dealership and loved it. It seems like the functionality is pretty similar though, and I’m not sure if it’s worth the $1200 price difference. I haven’t yet had the chance to try out the 6650 and purchasing a machine online without test driving it (the local dealer doesn’t carry that model) makes me nervous. Can anyone who has tried both chime in about how the 6650 sews compared to the 6700? Is it worth it to commit to the 6700? Thank you!

23:22 UTC


Scrap-buster flimsy done

I had loads of 4.5" squares left from a workshop I ran in April so I made this.

23:21 UTC


Maine quilters

Are there any quilters out there from Maine??? Also what do you think of this backing fabric???

22:53 UTC


I need help

Update: I figured it out! When the needle broke it slightly bent the mechanism that catches the top thread. I solved the problem by not putting it the needle fully into the slot holding it so that it goes lower into the bottom of matching allowing the thread to catch.

But what a headache!

I’m in the last stages of a quilt usin* my Juki tl2010q. The needle broke so I replaced and now the needle won’t catch the bobbin thread. I’ve taken it apart, cleaned it, googled it. Please send advice

21:36 UTC


Can I Resize This Pattern?

I’m about time start this quilt. The pattern calls for a pack of 10-inch squares that you make smaller half square triangles from. This will make a larger quilt than I want. Can I just do 8-inch squares? Or will the stars be too small?


20:54 UTC


Pattern calls for squaring up 2.5” HST to 2”

There are 320 of these. This sounds miserable. Any work around? The pattern will be adding 2” squares to form the blocks.

20:48 UTC


My lazy day project

So quiet! Just me and my needle lol

18:54 UTC

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