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Polyfil alternatives


I’m working on my first quilt and enjoying the process. I’m using the lo and behold puff quilt pattern. It calls for polyfil to stuff the puffs. I really prefer natural fibers and would like to avoid polyester if possible. I looked into wool and it is incredibly expensive (140$ ish for 5lb!) and I also read that it might felt when washed?

What are my options here? Thanks! :-)

Also unrelated: for a patterned backing: how do I make that work since I’ll obviously need to Frankenstein a few pieces together? Won’t that have unsightly lines?

1 Comment
09:14 UTC


What kind of border

I just finished piecing this together tonight and I want to add a border to make it a more usable size. My question is what color should I do the boarder and should I find a pattern or solid?

06:53 UTC


Thrift shop quilt finds.

I found this little guy in a local thrift/second hand/op shop for only $8. I almost always purchase any handmade quilts I find in thrift stores because the amount of time/effort/love/skill that has gone into them feels like it needs to be saved and appreciated. I’ve also picked up fabric while thrifting. Has anyone else got some good quilting thrift store finds? Fabric, notions or finished or partly finished quilts?

05:55 UTC


Newest Quilt top

Finished this top this morning. We just got this fabric line in and I got to make the sample.

04:50 UTC


Where do people buy their fabric from

I'm learned to sew when I was really really young (like 6) but I've never really made much of anything that's lasted with the skills. I've done embroidery, I've made a pillow, I've patched clothing, but most of this was just fabric that came from my Nan's stash or was laying around.

I'm in the middle of making my first quilt (fruit themed, hand sew hexagon quilt, my sewing machine is in a locker and I can't get to it right now, I'm thinking of a minky or a soft fabric along those lines as the backing). I also have another one planned that I've started collecting fabric for.

What I'm wondering is where do people get their fabrics from, everything around my area has gotten really expensive. In my area I've got Walmart, Michael's, Fabricvile and I've seen one or two quilting stores on the edges of town (out of the way of the bus routes and a 20 minute drive away). I'm wondering about online shops that ship to Canada.

02:43 UTC


Need a baby quilt pattern that sews up quickly

I need to get a quilt together quickly for a new baby. I’m thinking working with charm square or strips might be my best option. The person I’m gifting it to likes a more traditional quilted look. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!!

00:58 UTC


Studio space

Hi y’all. I’m moving to a tiny apartment in the city and am nervous about what will become of my sewing space. Most likely it will be apart of the living/dining area. Could anyone please share a picture of their small sewing space or any tips that might help?

00:46 UTC


Longarming questions

I plan on sending my next project out to be finished by a longarmer, but I don't think I want an all over quilting pattern - just the 'stitch next to the ditch" style that frames out the squares. I know I could do it myself but I also know it will take forever and I would rather pay to get it DONE. Do longarmers do such a simple style of quilting or am I asking for something unusual? (It's the Omega quilt so basically a curvy checkerboard pattern, not super complicated.)

00:34 UTC


[FO] Finished in time for the Baby Shower! Thanks Reddit for the advice!

I finished Friday, in time to wash, dry, and photograph before the Sunday baby shower. Woohoo! Thanks to everybody who gave me advice when I was trying to find the right pattern to highlight the Fox print fabric that I had only a small bit of. I ended up going with "Dressed to the Nines" by Missouri Star Quilt Co, though I made it scrappier by not having one color solid for the little squares. I'm not always a fan of scrappy and half-way though (when it was still just nine-patches) I went through an "I hate it" phase, but then once I cut them up and put them back together again...I love how it all came together. I'm also very happy with the quilt design that I came up with of interlocking squares, this is the first time I haven't just done a straight or a meander. Overall I think this was about 20 hours of work...hope the baby and parents love it! I would totally do this pattern again. This is my first time posting one of my projects to Reddit...thanks for listening and celebrating with me. Cat photo for scale :-)




23:43 UTC


Just so damn proud of myself with this one.

I started designing and quilting this beauty during my divorce and just now finished. Coincidentally this is the first year since that I feel mentally sound and in a good place. I asked for names on Instagram and we came up with Serpant Rose. 🖤✨️

23:23 UTC


Chonk is upset with me.

I’ve had to pick my hexies off the floor about 100x.

22:13 UTC


Batting & Cat Pee

My cat peed on the quilt I had sandwiched. I was able to get the cat urine smell out of the quilt top and backing by washing it on the cold cycle in the washing machine along with a half cup of white distilled vinegar. Could I spray with batting with vinegar to get the cat pee out? Thanks!

21:38 UTC


Patchwork curtains, do I quilt them???

I’m a brand new sewer. Trying to make a patchwork curtain for my front door. I made it out of silk so it is see through and I want to add a backing. Could I quilt a backing on?? Thoughts.

Also please don’t judge my shotty patchwork job :) I’m learning!!

21:10 UTC


warping with starch / steam?

On my 2nd quilt top but this happened on my first one too, at first I thought it was specific fabrics but it seems to be a problem across several fabrics / manufacturers.

Using best press and a fine mist continuous sprayer, I starch the fabrics, then cut & piece. But when pressing seams I also like to lightly mist with starch again (or use steam) to press to get nice and flat seams. However, often times I get these weird wrinkles as shown. I don't swish, I only press. The wrinkles only appear after using starch and/or steam, they aren't there before or if I use a dry iron.

Will this be an issue for long arming? How do I avoid these weird wrinkles? I want to get the crinkles after quilting & washing, so I don't want to fully drench starch (vs spraying as I go). I like using starch or steam so I get nice super flat seams and find if I don't, I struggle much more with accuracy.


20:30 UTC


Fork pins -- do you find them useful? Would appreciate comments on their pros and cons. Thanks!

18:09 UTC


Tips for getting starch out of delicate quilt tops?

Hi quilt friends!

I’ve been quilting for a few years but I’ve never starched my fabric. I’m curious to work with more open weaves like gauze or linen, so I’d need to starch the fabric before cutting and sewing. I’m just worried about getting all the starch out before quilting. I like to hand quilt with high-loft batting (fluffy, squishy quilts!) so I want to be certain the finished quilt top is fully starch-free before I start the quilting process. (Unless there’s a reason to leave it starchy during hand quilting? That seems like it would be a pain for HQ but maybe it works for super light fabrics?)

Best brands of starch or application techniques for delicate fabric? Any tips for removing starch from a quilt top? Effective but gentle detergent brands? Water temperature? How much can I agitate the quilt top without damaging the exposed seams? I think I’ll have to do it by hand to make sure the seam allowances don’t unravel in the wash.

That’s a lot of questions. Any insights appreciated! Thanks 💗

18:04 UTC


First paid commission finished!

A former customer asked me to make her a table runner. She paid for materials and then paid me more money for my time. Very welcomed but not needed. She gave me the size and told me she thought she liked modern and she definitely liked bright colours. That backing material will put that to the test. Michael's, of all places! I washed the backing material and the low-loft batting because I wanted to minimize the crinkle and then forgot to wash the top. D'oh! I love all my quilts (most) but this one just came out really well. The pattern came from Quilting Daily, I cut out the templates and glued them onto cardboard. Worked really well.




16:49 UTC


Seam ripping

Hi! Say you are adding a row to the quilt, and all of your points match up except for one. Do you seamrip the entire row up to the problem point and resew until the end of the row, or just rip out around the problem point and resew in between your prior sewing? I hope this is clear!

16:23 UTC


Quilted pillow shams

So in digging through my scraps and trying to straighten up my craft closet/shelves I found leftover pieces and a few rows I didn’t use when I made my Inman park quilt last year. I knew I wanted to make some pillow shams at some point to go with the quilt but I had put them away and forgot about them. Anyway! I had enough for 3 shams and managed to get them put together and spray basted/sandwiched and ready to be quilted. Planning to hand quilt these the same way I did the quilt. But I think I might stitch in the ditch along the straight lines with the machine first to make sure everything stays put … I love when I actually feel the crafting bug and can use up scraps.

16:00 UTC


High loft batting vs. 2-3 layers of low loft stacked

High loft batting vs 2-3 layers of low loft

I wanted to make a quilted crescent bag by @gracomakes


Inspired by @hisydgraham’s red quilted bag. She used high loft batting and I like the look of her bag, but I have leftover low loft batting from a Halloween costume. Would layering 2 or 3 low loft give the same effect or what unknowing effect will happen if I do that’s not intended? Lol thanks!

15:06 UTC


Quilters in Philly / Activities to do with my MIL who loves quilting?

Hello! My mother-in-law is visiting us in Philly next weekend and she loves to quilt! I want to take her to some quilt shops or do something fun related to quilting but I am clueless as I don't quilt myself. Are there any quilters in Philly or philly-area that can make some recommendations? Thanks in advance!

14:41 UTC

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