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She’s been adopted!

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in bringing this antique beauty back to life. It’s such a gorgeous work of art that a lot of love went into, and I look forward to seeing posts about its journey.

Thank you, kind quilter, who reached out so excited to begin this project.

04:03 UTC


Opinions needed

I am participating in the Project Linus mystery quilt for the first time. I am second guessing my fabric selection. I love both of the greens, which are the main fabrics. The brown will be used much less, just to border some of the blocks. The yellow leaves looked darker online and that’s where I’m struggling. Is the yellow too bright? Does the brown still look nice with the greens or does the yellow take away from that? I tend to struggle with color coordination most, so any opinions/advice is welcome!

03:08 UTC


Getting back into quilting

I made my first quilt for my grandmother 20 years ago - a lap quilt for the nursing home, completely by hand. I don’t know when I got out of it and started crocheting again, but I love this one that I just finished! It heads off to be longarmed next week.

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01:05 UTC


So much fun to make! Wall hanging gift--recipient chose colors and left the rest up to my imagination.

00:46 UTC


Does anyone’s project ever get bigger than expected ?

23:51 UTC


Fundraiser question

I saw that the local pet shelter is doing a silent auction fundraiser so I reached out to ask if they’d be interested in a quilt and, if so, when they would need it (this coming Tuesday!)

So I pulled the most generic flimsy out of my stack to quilt it up! But my question (it’s a two parter).

  1. The one I picked is 68” square. Is that too large? Or would a smaller (obviously baby quilt) one be better? And

  2. Should I recommend that they raffle vs. auction? I know I’d drop money on a raffled quilt before I’d bid on one.

It’s my first time doing this and I’m so nervous. “What if no one wants it?” keeps running through my head.

If I had more time I’d make an animal themed one and feel more confident but I’m just not sure of myself!

Including a pre-quilted picture of the one I’m donating for context.

Thank you!!

22:38 UTC


Bonnie and Camille quilt bee kit

Does anyone know where I find the Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee kit? I’ve seen this done and it is amazing. I’ve tried google and Etsy and I can only find the pattern.

22:20 UTC


Just finished!

Pattern is Friendship Braid by Pam & Nicky Lintott.

20:28 UTC


Thread choices

When sewing quilt pieces together, how close to the color of fabric do you get in regards to thread? And also, what about bottom (or top thread) being a different color.

When sewing I usually get a thread that is close in color to the fabric. Fill my bobbin and sew both top and bottom thread same color. I have a lot of spools of thread that have small amounts in them. I’m pretty picky about a lot of things, but was wondering if the thread/fabric color is such a big deal for others?

20:19 UTC


Opinions? Janome MemoryCraft 9450 or Bernina 570QE?

I am looking to replace my 20+ year old Bernina. Obviously, Bernina makes good machines if that one lasted for 20+ years.

I tested a Janome MemoryCraft 9450, and really liked it. I plan to look at the Bernina this weekend.

Does anyone have any advice about either of the machines? I don't do embroidery, and I rarely free motion quilt, so those aren't huge factors. Thanks!!

19:11 UTC


HQ Moxie question/advice

I have a Handiquilter moxie on the 8 foot loft frame. I assembled the frame. My swirls have corners lol. I drove one at a quilt show a couple times before buying so I know this machine CAN drive smoothly but when I push mine around something just... catches? I've tried loosening the screws on the frame's track and the carriage track and then shifting the machine back and forth and around until things seemed happy, then tightening them back up. Still not curving very smoothly. Anyone have advice or know a fix? Or am I the problem and I just need to practice more?

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17:56 UTC


PSA Pro tip: add numbers to your clips

Hi everyone! I added some 1/4” vinyl stick on numbers and letters to my clips. Now I can easily mark my rows with clips instead of sticky notes that fall off. (Got the stickers on Amazon for around $6. The package contains two sets of numbers and 11 full sets of the alphabet.)

17:40 UTC


Help Needed

Is there any easy or simple way to make/find a template for this quilt for a single bed size?

15:57 UTC


To boarder or not to boarder

As is it is 47" x 72" and I can't make my mind up about adding extra boarder. I enough colored fabric left over that I could make a 1-2" boarder of some kind or binding but probably not enough to do both, I have plenty of the black.

15:07 UTC


How did you start your longarm quilting business

A few questions as someone looking at getting a longarm… 1.How much did you spend setting up your longarm business? 2. How long did it take you to recoup those costs? 3. What would you do differently? 4. What area of the country are you working in? 5. What was your best investment? With gratitude!

15:00 UTC


Do I buy a long arm?

Help! I'm machine-quilting throws and larger pieces. I'm getting tired of shoving all that bulk through my 8" standard machine throat. I'm not ready to drop $10,000 on a really good long arm. Is a $5000 babylock gallant worth it? I probably complete one quilt and several smaller quilts each month--but I think a long arm would make it easier to do more. Thanks for your help!

13:43 UTC


I need all your machine binding tips!

I've got 2 quilts to put in my guild's show next weekend, and they both still need to be bound. There's basically no way I'll have enough time to finish them both by hand (as I usually do) before then. I should be able to carve out a couple hours in front of my machine this weekend, though.

What are your best tips for binding 100% by machine? Any helpful tutorials you swear by? Thanks for your help!

13:37 UTC


30’s Revival Fabric

This was my first time using washable glue as my basting - and I’m hooked! It’s so much more convenient for me and my back!

10:00 UTC


Finished this quilt top!

06:18 UTC


Anyone used a Cricut Maker to Cut Quilt Fabric?

I have so many questions. Has anyone used a Cricut Maker to cut hundreds of pieces for a quilt? (I probably need about 2000 pieces cut). My Maker is giving me error messages to stop, unplug and reconnect. Many of my selected fabrics are batiks, and the thinner fabric may be causing some issues. Also, I took a LONG break (burnout) and the Maker may need to be cleaned. All suggestions on how to move forward are VERY WELCOME.

06:02 UTC

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