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A subreddit devoted to all things blacksmith. Feel free to show off your latest creations or get advice on a problem, or anything else related to blacksmithing!

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    How to start, where to buy equipment

    I am very interested in making my own weapons as I have a little collection that I want to grow. Any tips on how to start and where to buy stuff (cheapish) will be greatly appreciated.

    04:59 UTC


    Tips on mounting an anvil?

    Do I really need to mount it? I’ve got a 60lb anvil and I’m trying to find a place to put it. Do I need to nail it down or should I be fine without? If so, how should I go about doing it?

    1 Comment
    03:42 UTC


    First attempt at blacksmithing I decided to make a rinnegon rod

    23:57 UTC


    Post Vise Projects

    After a month looking, I scored two post vises within a week. Both need springs and one needs a mounting bracket. Figure I’ll sell the smaller one off, after it’s in working condition.

    19:30 UTC


    How much will a full set of armor and a sword cost?

    I have always really, really wanted a full set of armor and a sword. My dream would be to have multiple of both so I can switch out and have some variety. But I have never managed to get a straight answer on how much an entry level to this would cost, I'm talking about gradually stepping my equipment up, starting with bare minimum, like a chestplate and helmet, then a sword and so on.

    What would a fair price to pay be? I wanna make sure I pay for quality equipment and support a good blacksmith, but I also don't wanna get ripped of. It would also be good to know in terms of how much I should be putting away to save up for all of this.

    Thanks for any responses I hope I got my actual question across

    18:53 UTC


    Orifice size for ribbon burner?

    I’m building a ribbon burner, 8”x3”, 24 crayons. 2” inlet. Forced air.

    The only thing is, I can’t seem to find consensus on the propane orifice size. I’ve read 1/32” up to 1/8”. Can anyone help me here? What size should I be using?

    18:47 UTC


    Made my First Hammer

    18:28 UTC


    Any ideas what kind of steel? Any suggestions on what to do with them?

    I have a ton of these laying around my property they're about 6 inch wide and 2 thick. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions of projects to do with them! Thank you.

    22:46 UTC


    My workshop

    A lot of gyus here are showing makeshift coal forges, but I think it is posible to make really cheap gas forge that will suit beginers better than makeshift coal forge. At least gas is more available where I have my workshop (Europe). So I wanted to show you my workshop. I am hobby smith, not profesional, so I understand my setup is not perfect. Any advice is appreciated!

    Forge and burner is home made.

    22:20 UTC


    what can you say about the prepared place for forging

    18:13 UTC


    planning on making a coal forge need advice

    so a few questions

    1. would concrete blocks work for the forge itself or should I spend a bit more and get firebricks?

    2. if i modified one of those plastic weed sprayers would that work as a pump or should i try to find something else?

    14:39 UTC


    Forging with Rebar 🇹🇱

    I am teaching English in Timor Leste, and I am going to open a technical course for my students to learn how to make bricks and do some basic metal working.

    Bricks, clay, I can handle. I do have some (limited) smithing experience. But in Timor access to metal (and especially the tools for smithing) are limited or nonexistant.

    The question is this: how much can I do with a shit ton of rusted rebar, a 6 pound hammer, and an old engine block (my anvil). With just bricks (and no electricity) what types of ovens can I make. Really curious to hear some realistic advise based on my (limited) resources.


    11:50 UTC


    any of you mad scientists tried using one of these nut buster things to forge smallish stuff?

    10:25 UTC


    Forged hinges

    Nothing too special but I wanted to share

    00:26 UTC


    Question on steel type I found.

    I got some railroad spikes as well as some of these coils from the same place. Are they the same metal type or are the coils the same type as like leaf springs?

    23:06 UTC

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