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This is based on Random Acts of Amazon. Build your wishlist on Amazon, and link it as your flair! Also, you could create an Etsy registry, for only fabric, and link to it there, as well! De-stashing is welcome, too, if you're willing to share your address with the sender!

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Sewing is my coping skill but I have no money for fabric

I have schizoaffective disorder and sewing is one of my main coping skill and I am in a really stressful time and could really use some fabric to sew with. If anyone can help, please let me know.

22:55 UTC


Disabled and trying to support myself partially with sewing projects

I have posted my gofundme me everywhere I can think to, and I am not here begging for money I swear!!!

I am here begging for fabric and notions lol. I am looking to make bags and pouches for "pocket pets". Pocket pets are animals like sugar gliders, hedgehogs and so on. People ❤️ their pets, and I know there is a market there, as I wish I could buy mine everything .

I am disabled and living on disability at below poverty level. I cannot work a regular job, but there are things I can do - like sewing. I appreciate you reading this, and any donations of fabric, notions etc will be greatly appreciated!

1 fat square is enough to make a small bonding pouch, so any misc left over fabrics will be greatly appreciated!

I am only including my gofundme link as I have pictures posted there of what I plan to make. Thank youNever Giving Up Living

Edit: spelling and added info

Edit: including Amazon Wishlist

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[Intro] Fanny says hi!

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany, but I like to go by Fanny! I turned 18 yesterday on April 28. I have been subscribed for awhile, but I didn't really say anything because I saw the rule against minors. I am a (biologically and identify as) female, in my last two weeks of senior year. I have been an honors student most of my life, but school was really bumming me out. So I started slacking off and focussing on my happiness instead. I might fail this year, but that's ok. I want to be happy first and foremost; I can work on success later. I am a self-proclaimed hippie. I used to be vegan, but recently became vegetarian because I love dairy. (Also I'm moving into an intentional community in the near future that produces all of their own dairy, humanely.) I'm kind of the weird girl at school and basically in the rest of my town. I don't wear bras nor do I shave my armpits or legs. I'm a very open person, so please tell me if I share something tmi. I am all about reducing my waste production and living a "green" life. My family gets irritated because I use glass plates when they all eat off of Styrofoam plates. They also get embarrassed that I bring a reusable bag to the grocery store rather than using their plastic bags. I'd rather take care of the earth and the environment I live in than fit into society. I try to live a rather compassionate life, hence I was previously vegan. I like to see clothing and donate it to Salvation Army or people in need (or just give it away). Also, when I'm a bit of a minimalist so I clean out my belongings regularly. I usually just donate the to Salvation Army, but I also plan to give things away on other subreddits. My family tends to give me gift cards for holidays and birthdays, but I rarely use them and often give them away. I love vintage and retro things (both original and reproduction). I especially like to enjoy my music the vintage way on a record player. I have an old one that my grandpa picked up at Hearts United, but I'm trying to get a better, newer one. My grandfather also lets me go through his record collection and take what I wanted, so I'm kind of starting my own collection. Any and all vinyl is greatly appreciated by me. My music taste is a little bit all over the place. I really love Jimi Hendrix, The Mamas and The Papas, Credence Clearwater Revival, and other bands of that time. The Everly Brothers are also a guilty please of mine. Rock bands are also pretty highly ranked in my music tastes. Metallica is life. I'm fairly fond of 90s alternative like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins as well. I also love vintage sewing patterns. I like the clothing style much better than today's. I like to decorate my room with stereotypical hippie and boho things, such as tapestries, macrame, door beads, lava lamps, etc. I also really like the grunge and space grunge style. Glitter and bright colors have a special place in my heart. I'm really excited to join this community! If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask.

17:43 UTC


[INTRO] I am a Newbie

[Intro] Hello and Good Evening all!

I've been a lurker for a long time and even joined when I was a newbie and took a long break and been lurking well time is here. I am a mom,wife,quilter and sew make crafty things. I am a chronic pain 24/7 and sewing/quilter is my escape from pain most days even if it's a few minutes I have be decluttering and doing things that don't cause me to much problems. It's all low back pain and on Thursday I will be have new radioactive frequency shots (I get them every 6 months). Well if y'all have any questions about me and if I did something wrong I sorry I am just learning the ropes. Happy hump day everyone

04:16 UTC


How does this work

Just curious if anyone does this at all with the holidays coming up id love to swap maybe

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[INTRO] Charity quilter from NC

My name's Stephy. I'm a quilter from Charlotte, NC, and the founder of the Brighid's Babies Project, which makes baby quilts to donate to local hospitals. To date I've done nearly 20 baby quilts for hospitals in the Carolinas Medical Center system, so an average of one every 6-8 weeks. I like to make quilts a little smaller than a standard crib size, that can either be given to families in need or used in the NICU during kangaroo care. I use a lot of precuts, just because they work up quickly, but I'm open to whatever, as long as it's bright and cheerful. Bonus points if it's gender neutral, because the people at the hospitals have said that it's easier for them to go "baby quilt goes with baby" than sort through and pull out girl quilts for girls and boy quilts for boys.

You can see part of what I'm doing with the project on the Facebook page.

01:14 UTC


[SWAP] Looking to swap fabric from any country outside of the USA.

I am North Carolina.

19:28 UTC


[INTRO] Hello everyone from North Carolina USA

I am new to this sub obviously :-). I was drawn to it because I have begun sewing again and I have a different vice for my creations. I like fabrics from around the world. I was hoping to either swap or be the recipient of very generous sewers from around the world.

19:01 UTC


Superman fabric

I have a co-worker who loves superman. I am looking for an inexpensive piece of fabric featuring superman to incorporate into a wall hanging for her. Anyone know where I might find such a fabric? Thanks!

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16:35 UTC


Is there anyone here?

I am just seeing if there is still anyone here. I would love to get random acts of fabric going, but to do that there needs to be people who are actively gifting each other. So if you see this please comment. If a dozen or so people comment I'll host a nice big giveaway to get thing rolling again.

03:40 UTC


hello everyone, I'm a 42 year old disabled woman. i found quilting to help redirect myself from some of the pain I live with daily.

hello everyone, I'm a 42 year old disabled woman. i found quilting to help redirect myself from some of the pain i live with daily. * am 6 years out from a drunk driving hitting my car. I know live with pain in my neck as well as my L3, L4, L5 and S1. I see a pain management dr. i am just happy to be alive and see my children growing up and becoming men.

19:47 UTC


[SWAP] I'm desperately after this fabric, but it doesn't ship the UK :-(

It's a gorgeous fabric, but it doesn't ship to the UK: http://www.rufflefabric.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RF-05BLKGRNSTRIPED115&CartID=1

Any Americans or Canadians want to do a swap with me? I can send you yarn/candy/fabric or whatever you'd like from England in return.

15:03 UTC


[DISCUSSION] Spoonflower Fabrics

Do any of you fabric lovers use Spoonflower.com to make/buy fabrics? I started r/spoonflower if you're interested.

01:32 UTC


[Intro] In NYC and love textiles. Can I show stuff here for help in ID'ing? I don't know what I got.

04:59 UTC


[Intro] Hey everyone! I love fabric!

Hey everyone I'm 23 from DE. I have a project going and it's a magnetic make up board I'm missing the fabric and spray paint. In the spring I will get on that thought.

00:46 UTC


[INTRO] Hi-dee-ho, neighbor!

i'm a beginner quilter, if i can be so bold as to call myself a quilter. i've always enjoyed sewing. until a month ago the vast majority of my sewing involved garments, but my paternal grandmother was a quilter. she was so good, and such a perfectionist, that she could sell her quilts. i don't imagine i'll ever get that good. she had an old longarm machine(?) i think that's what it was. she set the quilt out on a frame and could quilt it by moving the machine, rather than the quilt. if i have the wrong apparatus named, please let me know. as i mentioned, i am quite novice.

anyway, when i was 14 my grandmother and i started a quilt together. she lived in the country and my mom (single mother, extra-full-time worker) couldn't get me out there too often to learn. i took the pieces home to 'work on them' and she passed away 18 months later. now, 22 years later, i acquired a machine and finished my first top. it's not spectacular, it's not square, but it's together. my next goal is to learn to quilt it myself on my domestic machine. she wouldn't be proud of the poor job i did, but she'd be glad i finally finished it.

anyway, since getting the machine a month ago, i've fallen in love with quilting. i don't profess to be good...or even decent, but i took a class last week on quilting and learned some helpful pointers, and i'm really quite happy with the blocks i made. :)

perhaps i'll be brave and put some fotos up...my husband will have to teach me how to do it. he was instrumental in my finding this subreddit! :) i've rambled enough, i'm sure. hope you're not bored. i'm looking forward to learning more, and i love the idea of trading fabrics...once i get a stash to trade!

05:05 UTC


Extending my contest! Now it'll end 8/17! You should enter for some awesome fabric from my stash.

22:41 UTC


[Intro] Hallo, everyone!

Hi! Nice to meet everyone!

I'm a student of textile arts in Canada. I've been sewing for a few years now, and I've made a few pretty neat things! (My favourite being my high-waisted plaid elephant leg pants. Dang, I'm styling.) My latest ambition is to make my own corset for waist training.

When I'm not sewing, I'm knitting, weaving, dyeing fabric, drawing, painting, and I'm teaching myself to do chain mail. I also watch horrible TV, listen to obnoxious music, and walk aimlessly for hours on end.

02:39 UTC


[Intro] Haven't done this yet, so I'm going to say Hi!

Hello to all you wonderful people out there in the great beyond! I'm the mother of two beautiful boys and (hopefully) soon to be mother of a beautiful girl. I am divorced, but have been with my wonderful SO for two years now. My family is the light of my life.

I'm a legal assistant and love to read, write and sew. I found this place by happy accident and fell in love with it. I can't wait to share and have some wonderful, great fun!

19:41 UTC


[Intro] Hi all!

I've been sewing for about 3 years now, and just started up my own sewing blog about 6 months ago. I like sewing all my own clothes, and I especially like using indie patterns to do so! Aside from sewing, I love cats (a lot), cute Japanese characters, reading, and playing JRPGs on the PS3. Pleased to meet you all!

07:10 UTC


[Contest] It's been awhile since the last contest, so I thought I should start one.

Hello everyone! My health is finally improving and I'm able to sew again! So happy. :) I've been working on really simple things over the past year, but now I'm looking for a large project, preferably something where I'd learn a new technique. This is where you all come in.

The Contest: Find me a good (free) sewing pattern or tutorial that would take awhile to complete. I am a pretty good seamstress, so don't worry about difficulty level. As for the project itself, I like usable items and clothes, although I'm open to pretty much anything.

Rules: 1.) Must have made an intro. Please link to it.
2.) Live in North America (sorry, I can't afford shipping elsewhere :\ )
3.) Show me your current WIP. Can be anything; doesn't have to be fabric related.

Prize: Unfortunately, I don't have much money to spare at the moment, so the prize will be something out of my personal collection. Don't worry. It'll be something nice. Possibly ~yd. of some silk or linen. I'll post pictures of what I've chosen later today.

Ends: August 8th.

Let me know if you have any questions. :)

18:52 UTC


[Intro] Hello I'm new here

Hi everyone! I'm 28 and have 2 children, I also have an angel in Heaven (I mention her here because I do do sewing for charity too)

I've been sewing since I was little; blankets, halloween costumes, and such.

I've made a lot of different things recently. Mostly capes and some hair accessory holders.

I've started my youngest child's costume for this year. She wants to be Gandalf the White from Lord of the Rings lol

16:31 UTC


[Intro] Hi Everyone

Hey there! I'm Rokki, and I love to sew clothing mostly, but I also like quilting. I haven't made any great quilts, but I do like to use up little bits of fabric. I'm excited about this sub!

Rainbows, and bright colors make me happy. I make dresses for myself mostly and every now and then a gift for someone. Pin-up and swing dresses are my favorite. :) I love dinosaurs, mermaids, turtles, tortoises, and cephalopods.

I hope that's enough info.

20:04 UTC


[Intro] Hi from Sweden!

Hey everyone! I found this subreddit via /r/sewing! I've sewn before: when I was in high school, I was a part of my theatre program's costume department and helped sew over 60 period gowns for our class' production of Kiss Me, Kate! I also created my own junior prom dress, with the assistance & supervision of the dept's costume designer.

I am just getting back into sewing now that I am home with my first baby and have a bit of free time. I have an older Singer, and I am practically having to re-teach myself how to sew, since it's been a few years.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys and be involved with this awesome subreddit! *:)

07:51 UTC


[Intro] Hello everyone!

Hi, I just found this subreddit from /r/sewing! I learned to sew from my mom a long time ago (when I was in middle school), but I just recently bought my first machine. I'm a grad student in the biomedical sciences, and I've always loved clothes and fabric, so I'm hoping sewing will be a fun creative outlet for me! I haven't completed any projects yet, right now I'm just practicing basics and stitching on some old bed sheets before I invest in any good fabric :)

16:34 UTC


[discussion] How to mail fabric on the cheap?

I am going to be ending this contest soon, but I am still unsure on how to send the fabric cheaply. Does anyone have any ideas how I can mail it with out spending a lot? I also want to do a fabric swap soon so I can get lots of bright fabrics for binding my quilt like this

20:02 UTC

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