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Holes In My Socks?

This is my 4th pair of socks and I can't figure out what I'm doing incorrectly because all but one sock I've made seems to have a noticeable hole in this exact spot. I have a feeling it has to do with picking up my stitches but this is the first time in my knitting life I've ever had to pick up stitches so I don't know how to troubleshoot.

14:34 UTC


I am loving the color scheme

14:25 UTC


Pattern finding help


I was recently gifted some cobalt blue mohair from my aunt - am hoping to create an oversized jumper with it. I really love the look of this one (image attached) which was selling at Cos last year - I was curious if anyone's seen any patterns floating around that have a similar finished product?

So far this is my best bet if I can meet gauge: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lakes-pullover

But I thought I'd ask here as it's a fairly simple design! Also, the original inspiration is a mohair/merino blend - do you think its best I do this project double-stranded?




14:25 UTC


How do I achieve this straight edge for a chevron?

How do I achieve this sort of look on the bottom of a chevron pattern? The pattern doesn't give much info, it skips straight to the Chevron pattern but it just makes the edge all wonky. I figured it must be short rows but what sort of pattern? Please help!

09:19 UTC


Looking for a cardigan pattern

Hi there! I’m looking for a cardigan pattern and I can’t seem to find something similar to this. What is important to me is: needle size 5-7 mm, slightly oversized fit and a crewneck (so the edge at the neck/ a specific neck part) and not a round neck knit. Does anyone know a good pattern? :)

I like the sandnes facile cardigan, the only thing it misses is the neck part… I am a bit scared to change up a pattern but maybe it’s an option too? Does anyone have experience with that or some hints? I would be very happy 🧶

09:02 UTC


Raise a silent glass to my grim fate, fellow travelers...

...for I am about to tink six rows of grid lace. 170 stitches each.



Just grid lace, nothing really complicated, an easy and fairly mindless knit, but once you botch a stitch there is no way to fix it that I can figure out. I guess my topological awareness is not sufficient. So of course I tried to fix it and of course it made things worse; instead of tinking two rows, now I'm tinking six. 😭

Yes, I did have lifelines, but I removed them for a fitting, so they wouldn't constrict the fabric. 😭

Yes, I know I only have myself to blame.

Just wanted to vent to People Who Will Understand. Thank you for kindly listening to my whining....

🎵 Heigh ho, heigh ho, a-tink, a-tink we go.... 🎵


08:08 UTC


My First Sweater

It takes a special kind of crazy to knit a sweater with super bulky alpaca yarn in 95 degree heat in Las Vegas, but here I am…

After dropping this WIP to finish a lace shawl, I really wanted to empty out the huge skeins that were taking up a ton of space in my stash. I just divided and separated the sleeves on this and hope to get most of the body finished before driving back to Los Angeles later this week. I have to say, I’m really loving this yarn and the color, and the pattern is so easy to follow. I’d recommend it to anyone knitting their first sweater who wants quick gratification and to build confidence. Oh, and I just joined yarn via spit felting for the first time! (Except I used lukewarm water, not spit.)

08:06 UTC


just finished this shawl! it's a gift for my grandma

08:06 UTC


Pattern help! Waste yarn tubular cast on vs. Long tail tubular cast on

If I used a long-tail tubular cast on, do I still need to do the steps highlighted in yellow? Or do I continue with the steps below the yellow line?
Lastly, the size called for 99 sts to cast on, but since I did long tail tubular cast on, do I need to have an even amount of sts like the instructions? Or is 99 ok

06:54 UTC


Cheongsam / Qipao knitting patterns?

Hi! Does anyone know if a knitting pattern exists for a cheongsam or qipao? Or if there’s a good base for one? My main concern in finding one is the wavy fastening on the side of the bodice which is typical of many cheongsam and qipao 🥹

06:34 UTC


Confused about hood instructions

So I’m working on this hoodie and I’m stumped over the instructions for the hood.

HOOD With smaller needles and MC (black), cast on 117 sts. Work 5 rows in (K1. P1) ribbing as given for Back, ending with WS facing for next row.

Change to larger needles. Beg with 1st row of pat and using colour C in place of colour A, proceed in pat as given for Back until Hood from beg measures 5 1/2 ins [14 cm], ending with RS facing for next row.

*Keeping cont of pat, cast off 4 sts beg next 24 rows. Cast off rem 21 sts.

*This is the part I don’t understand.

Thankyou & I appreciate your help and advice. I’m a visual learner & very confused over written instructions.

05:52 UTC


Monday General Chat - May 20, 2024

Good morning everyone! This is our weekly general chat thread where anything goes! Feel free to tell us about your weekend, interesting things coming up, or something you are currently excited about.

Please make sure to follow the subreddit's rules in the sidebar.

Since this thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") to see the newest posts.

04:30 UTC


pre washing yarn

Hi all, I’m planning to knit a sweater using knit picks palette wool yarn in colors pimento (red) and white. I decided to prewash the skeins just because the colors are so high contrast. I soaked the red yarn in some cool water and wool wash (soak) and the water was clear, but when I squeezed the excess water from the hank, the water was pink.

I will also say that I used the white yarn as my ties for the hanks and the red yarn did not bleed through into the white.

Since the white ties did not catch any red dye, my question for you all is if I should continue pre washing with the rest of my 6 skeins of yarn. But my other concern is the squeezed out water that ran pink.

Thank you all for the help in advance!

1 Comment
04:26 UTC


First project I’ve finished for myself

Finally finished this blanket using my scrap yarn. First thing I’ve really made for myself in the 10 years I’ve been knitting.

03:52 UTC


Gauge search in patterned rib

“In patterned rib using 3.5 mm [US 4] needles. 25sts/32rows=10x10cm[4x4inches]”

Hi all, I’m going to attempt My Favorite Thing’s Camisole no. 4. I’ve never made a swatch before because I’ve only made blankets and an oversized sweater, basically I didn’t care to make it exact. Anyways, my question is—am I making this swatch with a rib stitch? Thanks!

1 Comment
02:38 UTC


Should I frog this and start over?

Hi, I started this Cumulus Blouse by Petiteknit and I’m using the Knitting for Olive Mohair and 4.5mm needles (exactly what the project calls for.) I can’t help but notice that my stitches are loose and inconsistent. I met gauge with it. I thought I was a tight knitter (I’m beginner so not a lot of projects to go off of) but it’s my first time knitting with mohair and it’s two strands and I find I can’t tighten the yarn as much and it tends to slide more on my needles. I really want this project to turn out pretty.

Should I frog this and start over again trying to be tighter with my stitches? Should I frog and then wait till I have more experience to knit this? Is it above my current skill level? Am I being overly critical of myself and my stitches are fine and look normal? I’m just frustrated because I was very excited for this project and I’m not happy with the way my stitches look at this point. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

02:14 UTC


Struggling with Colorwork Chart

I’ve been working on my first sweater on & off for a year. I’ve finally reached the colorwork for the yoke & I’m really struggling with reading the chart. Mainly, why do some colorwork charts for knitting in the round start mid pattern? My knitting teacher has tried many times to explain it but I just can’t get my head around it.

01:35 UTC


“Soldotna crop” - Its very nice pattern !!

I used Cheval Blanc - Triade yarn.

23:47 UTC


Similar patterns to this in English?

Hi there knitters. Looking for a similar English pattern for the attached link. It’s a pretty basic sweater but in particular I like the tight collar and length of the piece. Picture for visual element! Thanks ahead :)


23:39 UTC


My first ever knitted garment

I have made hats and blankets and gloves and socks, but never before a top. I'm awfully pleased with how it turned out! I made the Summer Sea Cardigan by bosongknit, but severely cropped so it would be ready in time for a wedding. I used patons linen in the color cauliflower. It's light and breezy, but the yarn sheds like crazy! Any ideas for how to mitigate that?

23:26 UTC


Bawk bawk

Knit using super bulky chenille yarn and 8mm needles

22:43 UTC

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