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    Thinking about dropping out of the metalwork course I'm in

    I've missed alot of days from being sick and there's only a couple weeks left, so I'm unable to get the certificate that this course has. I was already going to fail most of the course since i'm just bad at alot of the things in the workshop and have a hard time learning and remembering information and haven't really tried to do any of the written work (reading a learning guide and then answering questions). Since i've been a neet for most of this year and just been getting high in my free time so find it hard to sit down and 'study'.

    There's not much reason to keep going here apart from trying to improve my skills. But with that, my skills aren't good in the first place and even if I keep going and get somewhat better. I'm going to quickly lose that level of skill as it's not like I'm going to do anything with metalworking for the rest of this year, sure as shit ain't getting a apprenticeship.

    The other reasons why I'm thinking of dropping out are because I have an undiagnosed lung problem and starting to get arthritis in my wrists so using tools, welding etc, gets hard after a while. So I'm also wanting to look into alternative courses/jobs that are easier on the lungs/wrists. As i want to get into a career with metal/woodwork as it's basically the only thing I'm okay at and could picture myself doing it as a job, but this course has been a rough reality check, since it's a entry level one and i can barely keep up. Considering doing woodwork next year if possible, but I don't know where to start.

    02:34 UTC


    What equipment will I need to make custom metal body panels for kit vehicles?

    Planning on making kit planes and EVs. The planned thickness for the skin/panels is 1.5-2 mm(1/32-1/16in.) and the planned materials are carbon/carbon stainless steel and aluminum. As many of these will likely be low volume or even one-off, stamping is out of the question as even the cheapest presses for the size I need cost $25,000 or more without the dies. What equipment will I need? I want to make simple and compound curves, hard lines, soft lines, and rolled and flattened edges.

    22:23 UTC


    Custom exhaust for ktm bike

    Anyone in here do small custom exhaust looking at getting a quote for a custom header on a ktm

    1 Comment
    21:18 UTC


    Wood Oil on Steel?

    As described, I had a project involving using a wood oil. And recently I just noticed these white stains on my steel rails. Can wood oil can cause this? Tried cleaning it but it wont come off with just simple water. I've installed these rails on my own but I've never noticed this before.


    19:20 UTC


    Welding tank exchange question (USA)

    Need to acquire a small oxy/acetylene setup (20/10cf size), seeing lots of sets very cheap locally but the tanks are always >10 years since last hydro date stamp. What's the deal with exchanging tanks if they are out of test? Do you just pay a hydro fee on top of the exchange fee and walk away with replacement tanks? In Florida if that matters.

    16:05 UTC



    What's harder out chromium and tungsten In there most natural form? I looked it up and it said chromium is 8.5 on mohs hardness and it said tungsten is between 8-9, do either of them have higher strength in different areas while still being really hard

    14:14 UTC


    Easiest method of casting a 3D object in pewter metal?

    I have tried using temperature resistant silicone to make a mould before, this sort of worked but since I don't have a vacuum chamber and didn't really understand the complex technique my final piece was full of air bubbles and there was a leak at the bottom. Sand casting also seems quite daunting. Are there any other options?

    13:19 UTC


    I'm not a welder, but what might have been the root cause during the welding process here? (Aluminium Weld, fresh out of production)

    08:44 UTC


    Going to fail the metalwork course I'm in

    Because of how many days I've missed from being sick, the teacher told me I'm not going to be able to get the certificate that the course offers as I don't have enough time. Though I'm still going to go there and work on my improving my skills. I'm struggling with arc/tig welding and using a lathe and learning and remembering information from the paperwork we do.

    22:05 UTC


    Need help for a project

    Hey guys I don’t do metal work but I need a cast of a small piece of metal done for a project! Can anyone help?

    21:30 UTC


    Hello all I need to make a 5mm to 8mm metal pulley wheels, looking for any resource on making by hand or at cost?


    19:58 UTC


    In search of an Oil Field Pipe Welder - California central coast

    Hey all. I'm the asset manager and engineer for a small oil field in San Ardo, Ca. I need a reliable, non alcoholic, and good welder. For some reason that is hard to find in the area even with the larger E&P companies near by.

    Anyone in the area?

    19:46 UTC


    Hi, just starting and looking for some pointers.

    I've gone in and out of contemplating beginning a welding carrier path for the last 4-6 years. But recently I've decided to pull the trigger on it and was looking for some pointers and suggestions from welders and employers of welders alike. I currently work as a pinsetter mechanic and have done so for the last 2 years. LOTS of stuff snaps or breaks overtime on A2 pinsetters so as a result I've picked up VERY basic understanding of SMAW (stick). To avoid making this a TLDR post I'll jump to questions and come back and edit this post with points if anyone feels I left out some important information.

    1. What type of welding pays "best"? (Everyone hears "underwater welding", but I know the job opportunities in this field aren't as abundant as suggested, nor would they likely go to a newer welder).
    2. Is there a better "place to start" welding type wise? Like how they say if you learn piano first then other instruments will come easier to you.
    3. What state(s) (US) is "best" for welding carriers? Most employers, diversity of welding carrier paths and opportunities?
    4. Is finding a union the route most would suggest?
    5. What (aside from years of experience) do employers mostly look for in applicants when hiring a welder?
    6. AWS certification is something I intended on going after, assuming it's worth perusing?
    7. Is it worth traveling out of state to attend a "better know" or "more accredited" school/course? (Like Harvard or Yale is for the college kiddos)
    8. Do most employers provide equipment? Require you provide your own? Pay you extra if you provide your own?
    9. Anything extra worth asking and noting that I didn't post here?

    Not anyone in my personal circle I could direct these questions at and hope for a well advised answer from, so any and all input is much apricated.

    17:05 UTC


    How to add a grove so that the lid tip such that it overlaps the other portion. Kindly refer the pic for more details

    How to add such grove for interlock pattern on metal? I am trying to make a jerry can saddlebag and want to add such structure after cutting the can in half. Please help me out.

    16:24 UTC


    Understanding galvanic corrosion charts

    I've always known about galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals and I especially remember the copper-aluminium case. But I've never thought about the different steel types, I mean after all it's all steel, but I learned stainless and zinc plated fasteners are basically on the opposite side of the scale, because the actual metal touching on the surface coating is different.

    Doing some search I found many charts that seam to have conflicting results, so I'd like some help to understand.

    1. https://images.app.goo.gl/sg9ZadzaeMAgz3tF7
    2. https://images.app.goo.gl/nFkoXGzMjGQbhGHi7
    3. https://images.app.goo.gl/yCpckYsGQaqpeM9B8

    For example n.1 one says I can mix stainless steel and copper without issues, but n.2 say the opposite.

    I've seen recommended to use stainless steel bolts on copper buss bars and copper lugs for electrical connection. Of course we assure electrical connection will not have an electrolyte rich environment, like water or salt water, but there's an actual electrical connection.

    Then I have a use case example: painted steel subframe of a truck where I'll have to mount threaded rivet nuts (even if I paint the hole, parts of the rivet will scratch and contact with the steel I guess). What material should the rivet be (aluminium, zinc plated, stainless... ) and what material should the bolt be? What I'm attaching can be isolated, I'll use rubber strips, so that's not relevant. Being a truck the environment will see moisture, water and occasionally even salt water.

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly but considering the flow of electrons, the less noble material will corrode, but if the least noble material (steel) has a much higher mass compared to a small fastener of noble material (stainless) and the contact surface is small, should I expect the corrosion to be very slow, or will it be fast but localized on the small surface resulting in failure of the joint?

    1 Comment
    07:10 UTC


    Roll forming machine for Roller shutters

    Hello everyone, I am currently searching for a Factory making roll forming machines for Aluminum roller shutters, any suggestions for factories that create these machines i can contact them Sorry for my bad English it's not my first language.

    1 Comment
    14:45 UTC


    Anvil project or waste of time?

    A few years back I was working as a welder and got this 16" piece of railroad track and length of 1/2 inch AR500 Steel

    I remember reading a article online and feeling confident I could weld the plate to the top contact surface of the rail and use it as a anvil. Now I see this project unfinished in the corner and wonder, am I hoarding crap I'll never make use of?

    04:02 UTC


    Custom Frying Pan

    I’m trying to get a custom frying pan made. I had a theory and wanted to see if it would work. Any recommendations? All I can find through searching is having it CNC’d on a 5-axis machine, but I’d need a massive block of metal. I’m not a metal worker, so ideally I’d like to find someone. Is there a search term I should use? Good places to find someone?

    03:04 UTC


    Newbie to casting here

    How do I get a good ingot when I cast? I’ve been working with aluminum today, and whenever I try to cast an ingot, there is an air pocket beneath the surface. I notice that the metal is also quite viscous, and it isn’t whenever I see videos of people casting. Any tips?

    03:01 UTC


    How to clean this…

    This a used die from the U.S. Mint. I’m not concerned with the collectable value. I’d like to clean it up and use it as a paperweight. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    22:30 UTC


    Lift Mechanism for Board Game Table

    Hello All! I am taking on a big project this winter by making my own Prophecy board game table. I have set my eye on having the inset game table lift up through use of some sort of crank, but I lack experience with gear and metal engineering! I was thinking of going this route. I think I would need to use some helical gears on metal shafts, but not sure terminology and whether that's a great start or not. Looking for any advice, videos, schematics, subreddit, anything at all that might help with designing this type of system. As far as dimension of the table, it will be something close to this, but nothing has been set in stone. Thanks!

    18:40 UTC


    First day wields by the end of the 6 hour day

    Just started school for wielding and I'm proud of myself

    23:35 UTC


    What is the gold colored metal used in this rose?

    20:39 UTC


    Giant Dandelion seeds

    1 Comment
    18:12 UTC


    Is this salvageable?

    Hi experts, I recently got tasked to clean this plaque and was wondering if there is anything to do with it. It’s been outside for I don’t know how long. I have read a bit and i’m gonna try something tomorrow but I wanted to know if I even should try anything. I guess it can’t get worst..? thanks to all

    18:06 UTC

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