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Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Fantasy too. Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Heinlein and other SF books. SF movies and TV shows. Fantasy stuff like Tolkien and Game of Thrones. Laser guns, space ships, and time travel. etc. Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, etc.

Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Fantasy too. Beware of the Leopard.

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A little mashup here...🤣

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The Happening (2008) by M. Night Shyamalan ■ Cinematography by Tak Fujimoto

11:53 UTC


Is it just me or this could be a cover for that *one* sci fi novel?

I was wondering the halls of le petit palais which featured this (amazingly enough) free street art expo. I encountered then this specific piece of art which instantly reminded me of...? I let you guess in the comments but pretty obvious though ^^

10:34 UTC


Looking of adventure of school - level young people

Hello, this might sound like stuff for much younger folks than I am but I would like to read about space/time travel/parallel worlds adventure of young people who might be even class of their futuristic school. Sexual content welcome, in fact. Thanks in advance and, please, don´t recommend me Aurora Cycle, I already read that one.

09:07 UTC


Stellaris - Machine 1 (Commodore) #52

08:21 UTC


Scifi games (or boardgames) like Jurassic Park the Game

So I finished JPTG two days ago and I really liked it and I want to know if there are any scifi video/board games like it thx in advance

06:48 UTC


What character in a SciFI movie/book...whatever, has actually read/watched SciFi?

As the title ask (this might be a repeat question, is so; please pardon me)

05:55 UTC


Can you please suggest me a novel which has relativity as its theme. Uses it and explains it?

Edit: Wow! So many recommendations. Thank you all. Going to a used book store today. Will look for these.

04:46 UTC


Recommend me some books

I just finished the red rising series by pierce brown, and words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it, to the extent that it seems to have ruined reading for me. Nothing I pick up has that RR spark. I’m looking for dark sci-fi similar to pierce browns writing style, violent bloody action scenes and good world building. Thx in advance.

23:09 UTC


For my last writing project, should I finish my sci-fi epic, or start a Ghibli inspired YA fantasy?

I wrote a sci fi space exploration in 2021. It sold about 300 copies and has a 3.9 star on 20 reviews. Not amazing, but still did the best out of all my works. My last 2 were contemporary which I tried to traditionally publish but the market isn't favoring contemporary right now. It is however demanding fantasy. I was going to write my last project. And I wasn't sure if I should finish my first sci fi story, which is a trilogy (about 150k words needs to be written) or start a YA fantasy inspired by spirited away (100k words) What do you think? I'm stumped. I want to write both but don't have the time or energy. The scifi will be self published while the fantasy will be traditionally (if possible)

21:46 UTC


Dark Matter

Can't get myself together after the end of this mind blowing TV series.

Such good shows, make it so hard for others to prove themselves better

Open to discussion with other Dark Matter fans 🤝

21:42 UTC


[SPS] Like American politics on steroids: Torth MAJORITY

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21:42 UTC


I have a question about the expanse. I’ve always wanted to get into it, but I heard the series doesn’t cover all the books. Does the show end on a cliffhanger? Or will there eventually be a continuation to the series? Thanks!

21:19 UTC


4D X-wing puzzle

21:05 UTC


Heard a lot of good things so I picked it up

19:54 UTC


KALKI 2898 AD - Non Spoiler Review - Out of the Theater

18:45 UTC


Help me find this 80s sci fi show

This was a movie cut into several different stories (like Twilight Zone the movie). It came on HBO in the early 80s. The one story I'm trying to find was about an alien child (played by an actor with dwarfism) who gets teleported onto a human Spaceship. He's dressed in caveman fur. One older woman becomes his teacher and he starts calling her "mama"and he's redressed as a little boy. After sometime the crew decides to teleport him back and she's jumps on with him so they go together. Please help me find this!! I've been hunting for decades.

18:22 UTC


The Wind Up Girl - can we get a Netflix series please?

I know that Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Wind Up Girl is controversial for many reasons but is also brilliant for many of the same reasons and others, but clearly such beautiful and intricate world building does justify at least a 2 season Netflix season.

Here is a link to a fan’s animated story board on YouTube about this which I think is fantastic and gives such a great insight of that world - the size of the factory, the airships, the chaos and heat of Bangkok, and Anderson Lake, wizened and older than I imagined him.


It is easily 2 seasons in that material as there were easily 2 novels in that story if only the author had a better editor and encouraged him to go deeper into the world building.

How I imagine it (spoiler alert!):

Season 1 - Andersen Lake and Yates and the factory, Thailand as it is and yellow cards and White Shirts, lots of flash backs to some of the lore - Cheshires cats, calorie companies, deadly genetic mutations and viruses GM crops, the contraction v the expansion, field burnings, Grahamite priests etc - Andersen Lake and hunt for the seed bank, what happened in Finland, and Andersen meeting Emiko and discovering that Gibson is in Thailand, Jaidee and Trade and his death is the climax of season 1.

Season 2 - more centred in the time of the story - the White Shirt crack down after J’s death, the response of trade, the civil war, the background deals and counter deals, Andersen using Emiko and Emiko going berserk, the new blister rust outbreak and then the rise of Trade and the arrival of the calorie companies - only for Kanya to rebel.

If you’re reading this Paolo - you got the copyright so write the screenplay already! Why not, you don’t like money?

17:12 UTC


Looking for show suggestions on appletv and netflix

I've watched and really liked Dark, Scavenger's Reign, Foundation, Silo, Monarch, 3 Body Problem, Dark Matter, probably forgetting a couple.

Curious about For All Mankind and Invasion but kind of feel like both look mediocre from trailers.

Movies too I guess. I really liked Leave the World Behind. I am Mother and White Noise were alright.

16:29 UTC


[SPS] My Big Goblin Space Program (Web serial, hybrid sci-fi/fantasy)

Hey guys, normally my self-promo-Saturday posts are about War Horses, my MilSF series about mechs. But today I'm here with something very, very different.

My Big Goblin Space Program launched on Royal Road two weeks ago, and in that time it's shot up to almost 20,000 views and made it to the site's main up and coming lists. It's also completely free to read and pure, unadulterated fun - and clean, with only mild language and no extremely graphic violence, which means that it's appropriate for YA and even Middlegrade (though the vocabulary might be a bit advanced for MG). The web serial is currently updating daily as the readership is growing rapidly, but will move to a 3-5 times per week schedule sometime in the future.

Essentially the story is about an astronaut (Chris) for a private space corporation who dies during his first manned moon mission, only to find himself reincarnated into the body of a goblin king who commands the absolute loyalty of his followers. So what does he do? Well, his goals haven't changed. He decides to restart the Apollo program, using his engineering know-how, a dubious goblin-themed tech tree, and his growing tribe to speed run 6,000 years of technological development so that he can walk on his new world's moon.

MBGSP focuses on the engineering and exploration of the new world, and dealing with the various threats and challenges that face Chris and his growing, advancing tribe of easily-excitable goblins. It's inspired by things like Kerbal Space Program, Survival shows like Alone and Survivorman, How It's Made, and survival/automation/city-building games like Pal World and Ixion.


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15:52 UTC


Part 2 of my review of The Truth is here. And yes, that does include a few science fiction episodes.

Hello everyone. So, I did a review of an audio drama podcast called The Truth. An expansive audio drama of nearly 200 episodes. I already shared Part 1, and now I’m back for even more reviews of excellent episodes, but also a look at a couple misfires as well.

And yes, there are a few science fiction episodes as well.

“They’re Made Out of Meat” is an adaption of the short story of the same name by Terry Bisson. It follows two aliens who…well, actually, we don’t get any physical description of them. The only thing we know for sure is that they definitely don’t look human. You see, they have discovered a mysterious planet known as Earth. The local intelligent life isn’t made out of energy, or plasma, or gas, or anything sensible like that. No, Earthlings are made out of meat! And they stay meat their entire lives!

I was familiar with the original short story, but this episode was still a lot of fun. When you think about it, it is kind of amazing that a lump of meat and fat can produce our complex minds. Oh, and just so you know, you probably used that lump of fat and meat just then. I suppose this is a humor solution to the Fermi Paradox. Just where are all the aliens? Well, we do tend to be biased towards ourselves. We assume that E.T. and company will be carbon-based meat sacks like us. But what if they turn out to be different? Perhaps we’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

This episode also includes an interview between Terry Bisson and Jonathan Mitchell. Terry said that this episode was probably one of the best adaptations of the story. I agree; this story doesn’t lend itself well to the visual mediums. Though, he did mention a short play a university did. The aliens were represented by lights on a stage curtain. That sounds kind of fun and unique. Also, apparently Steven Pinker and Sam Harris have used this story in their university classes. There was the part where Terry apparently didn’t know audio dramas are a thing, and Jonathan tried to politely correct him. I thought “Mr. Bisson, I’d love to give you some recommendations!”

“Justice Battalion” is an homage to Super Friends. We follow a noble group of heroes called the Justice Battalion. They are: Bright Star, Night Wolf, Captain Kilowatt, and Silicone Savior. The President is giving the State of the Union address. Among other things, he plans to ramp up the War on Drugs, repeal climate change legislation, and will increase production of fossil fuels. Bright Star has had enough, and murders the President on live television. The remaining members of the Justice Battalion must find a way to bring Bright Star to justice. But what does justice even mean in the modern world?

When I listened to this episode, I immediately thought of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The first thing I thought after finish this episode was “Wow, The Truth told a better story in thirty minutes than Zach Snyder did in two and half hours.” I don’t think this was necessarily meant as a response to Batman vs Superman. I detected the DNA of quite a few comics. The idea of the Superman analog going rouge, and embracing vigilante justice, brings to mind Injustice: Gods Among Us. However, the bit about a superhero killing the President, and the question of how far is too far in the pursuit of justice, brings to mind Black Summer by Warren Ellis.

So, now let’s sort out who is who. Bright Star is Superman, Night Wolf is Batman, Captain Kilowatt is Wonder Woman, Crying Clown is Joker, and Silicone Savior…hmm, I guess he’s vaguely similar to Red Tornado. This also extends to the performances the actors gave. Erica Schroeder sounded almost exactly like the Super Friends version of Wonder Woman. Billy Bob Thompson was channeling Mark Hamill’s iconic take on Joker. Marc Thompson was going for Christian Bale’s raspy Batman voice. And, of course, Graham Rowat nailed the announcer role.

Link to the full review over here: https://drakoniandgriffalco.blogspot.com/2024/06/the-audio-file-truth-part-2.html?m=0

And if you haven’t checked out Part 1, you can find it over here: http://drakoniandgriffalco.blogspot.com/2024/05/the-audio-file-truth-part-1.html?m=0

15:22 UTC


[SPS] AT THE PACE OF MAN and its sequel, NO WORLD LEFT BEHIND are free on Kindle through tomorrow. Sci-fi itches they'll scratch: generation ships, tribal warfare, exobiology, power struggles, old worlds colliding with new.

At the Pace of Man: https://www.amazon.com/At-Pace-Man-Devyn-Regueira-ebook/dp/B08QDPMF2W

No World Left Behind: https://www.amazon.com/World-Left-Behind-Devyn-Regueira-ebook/dp/B0BNGQ144Y

I've also got some free US and UK audiobook review codes for At the Pace of Man laying around. Shoot me a DM if you'd like one.

15:06 UTC


Genuine request: does any sci mag collector have Locus magazine December 1993? It contains the earliest known reference to 'The Winds Of Winter' by George R. R. Martin.

I am praying that you may have a relative or neighbor who kept all the back issues.


Perusing the Google Groups archives, there was a discussion about the career of one George RR Martin.

A user on January 24th 1994 stated that he had read in Locus’ magazine’s December 1993 issue that Martin had sold an epic fantasy trilogy to Bantam for a large sum of money. He then listed the titles;

A Game of Thrones

A Dance with Dragons

The Winds of Winter

The user noted with sadness that AGOT wouldn’t be out until “early 1996”

So, people have been talking about Winds for 30 years as of next year!


14:16 UTC


Looking for sci-fi TV Show recommendations

I am a collector of sorts, old age and mental illness. But it makes me happy, I welcome any suggestions.

Thank you for your time.A couple of screen shots to show what I have.



12:41 UTC


Time does exist out of motion

Hi everyone, I know it may not be the most appropriate subreddit to share this thought, but I need to write it down so it doesn’t occupy my brain the whole day :-)

Here is a quick thought that I had watching a video about time that state that, although time is mostly considered as existing on its own dimension from a mathematical standpoint, on the philosophical side of things majority does indeed stand that it can’t exist without observation of motion.

I get why does philosophers associate time with motion, after all, our daily concept of time being clocks, and clocks being sync over atomic decay of an element over time, our basic understanding fit that definition.

However, let suppose you mesure time by observation, even if you were put in a total darkness with no way for you to observe or even feel anything (like someone sedated before a surgery), time will still flow.

It will still flow as others will be able to observe and measure your biological decay although you can’t on your own.

And even if you are not observing the changes they happens, not slower than what your body biological mechanisms allows.

Even if we were all plunged on this sedated state within fully sealed blackbox, we would still decay and move at the atomic level, meaning that time isn’t linked to observation of motion.

The final frontier of that experiment would be to both, be able to stop all consciousness, but also to be able to fully froze every single atom that compose anything and everything around, literally creating what we commonly call, the void.

The paradox of this experiment is that it indeed can’t be attempted as it would then be impossible to stop it then as no one would have been left alive and able to ignite again motion that lead to heat and light.

Here it is for me! I would be interested to get others point of view on this topic.

12:26 UTC

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