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Dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this is your stop for all of his outstanding works and weird fiction in general!

Dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this is your stop for all of his outstanding works and weird fiction in general!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


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HP Lovecraft wrote short and unconnected stories. Technically speaking you can read them at random. However for the best experience it's recommended that you read them in chronological order by date written or in most cases, just pick up a book and read left to right.

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With very few exceptions, Lovecraft's entire body of work is in the public domain and can be read online for free from numerous sources. We suggest the HP Lovecraft Archive.

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Does time, and morality, exist at all?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about this, prompted from various sources, the main of which just being the general mythos created by Lovecraft.

Does time exist? Does the universe store each and every moment of our lives, like a frame in a film? Or is it simply gone? If it's stored, would you say its a linear line of film, or is there a separate film line for each possibility? And, either way, does that mean that there is no such thing as morality, because each bad action we take was already predetermined, and already existed, and we just so happen to be in the one where said "bad action" took place?

If there is no film, no past nor future, then is there such thing as time at all? Seeing as all that would exist is current moment, and by the time you think about the current moment it's already gone, does that mean there is no time?

Sorry if this post is rambly. Spiraling a bit.

04:45 UTC


Radio Cthulhu One-Shot: The Last Stop

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04:05 UTC


"A Música de Erich Zann" (1921) - H.P.Lovecraft / "The Music of Erich Zann"

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22:41 UTC


Help for a newbie please…

I really wanna read the Cthulhu mythology and all the surrounding entities. Is there a “best” order for the stories?

I haven’t read any lovecraft yet except the beast in the cave and currently reading dreams in the witch house.

Idk if it matters but I’ve also read the first four stories in Robert Chamber King in Yellow.

New to cosmic horror and just wanna do it right. Thanks to anyone who can set me straight!

Edit :Assume I have access to everything (I have two complete works of lovecraft and even a few weird horror adjacent books lol)

21:46 UTC


"The difference between Cthulhu and the Outer Gods is greater than that of a human and Cthulhu"?

How accurate is that statement? Because I see it all the time and I was wondering if it was just an overexaggeration to drive the point of how powerful the Outer Gods are.


21:34 UTC


What would you expect to find in the home of a Lovecraftian cultist?

If you found yourself in the home of a couple Lovecraftian cultist what things would you expect them to have either in plain sight or hidden?

I’m writing a script and was looking for input on things that might be inside the home of a cultist from a Lovecraft story. Doesn’t have to be Cthulhu cultist.

18:56 UTC


Cthulhu Mythos Family Tree!

17:34 UTC


New audiobooks from Gates of Imagination: The Colour out of Space, History of the Necronomicon, The Strange High House in the Mist, The Descendant, The Festival and Azathoth

We would like to introduce you to our new Lovecraft audiobooks from this week:

Bonus: Festival (poem)

Works in progress:

  • Curse of Yig (1928) - With Zealia Bishop - recorded, during audio processing

All works, including older ones, are available on this playlist

We would be happy if you could share your comments and remarks about our work with us. (Keep in mind that these are our first audiobooks).

We try to release a new video every day or every two days. If you would like to be up to date or just want to support the development of the channel, please subscribe to our channel.

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17:03 UTC


The Innsmouth Shuffe - The Rarest Mythos Item from the Lovecraft Circle?

Most Mythos (or Lovecraftian) fiction and poetry by members Lovecraft Circle is relatively easy to get ahold of, but there are also more than a few tricky items. There are some that, while not hard to find, are rarely mentioned in your usual Mythos fiction lists (Donald A. Wollheim's The Hidden Conflict or Frank Belknap Long's Journey Into Darkness), others are just very tangentially related (say the Coronel Saga fragments of C.L. Moore and a few of Duane W. Rimel's stories which mention Hampdon or start with a quote from The Chronicle of Nath) and then there are others that are pretty hard to find but not impossible to reach if you look hard enough (Nils H. Frome's The Alien Pictures and R.F. Searight's fragments of Mists of Death (though there is a readily available completion by Searight's son) which I haven't been able to get ahold of yet despite the fact they were printed in a Crypt of Cthulhu issue).

But I think I haven't found a more obscure Lovecraft-Circle-Mythos-item than J. Vernon Shea's poem The Innsmouth Shuffle. The only mention of it I ever found is in the Hippocampus Press volume of HPL's letters to Shea (and others), there's nothing about it on the web and it comes from a super rare issue of one of the Esoteric Order of Dagon's many zines (Night Gaunt no. 6) which I've never seen been put on sale on Ebay or anywhere else. As far as I know there's not even any way to get a copy via North American university inter-library loans. Basically, you have to pray one of those super rare copies is put on sale or somehow have access to the The University of Alabama Libraries Special Collections Repository to get ahold of a copy. So barring non-extant items (like R.H. Barlow's fake bibliography (or is it biography?) of von Junzt and R.F. Searight's The Haunted Relay which was probably partly about the Eltdown Shards), The Innsmouth Shuffle gets my vote for the rarest Mythos item from the original gang.

PS : Your idea of who belongs in the Lovecraft Circle past Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, August Derleth, Frank Belknap Long and Robert Bloch might vary, but I'm going with the most inclusive definition possible. I think most would include J. Vernon Shea, in any case.

PPS : Here's the transcription of another pretty rare Vernon Shea Mythos poem :


Long Lovecraft pored o'er books arcane

(Enough to drive a man insane!)

Of Ludwig Prinn, le comte d'Erlette,

John Dee, the Book of Eibon,

And strangest yet (that i will bet!),

Mad Abdul's Necronomicon.

(J. Vernon Shea, Outré no. 7, 1977)

17:31 UTC


Beyond the Mountains of Madness // Podcast // Episode 6!

Listen to our Actual Play podcast of Beyond the Mountains of Madness! This Call of Cthulhu campaign is a direct narrative sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s acclaimed, At the Mountains of Madness novella.

Call of Cthulhu is a dice-based horror-fiction roleplaying game set in the Weird Fiction Universe. Gameplay is narrative and role-play driven, in this case, we follow 7 Investigators who have joined the Starkweather-Moore Antarctic Expedition as they make their final preparations to depart from NYC.

We have 6 episodes published with a highly committed party, planning to release episodes weekly for the next year. Listen in as the party uncovers the buried truths of the ill-fated 1930 Miskatonic University Expedition and the sealed report of that troubled Professor William Dyer.

Come listen on all major podcast streaming services, check our website Beyond the Mountains of Madness to view all the Maps/Clues/Character Portraits the players get in-game, and get a shoutout by following our Instagram, MoM.Beyond!


15:32 UTC


Made myself some Miskatonic Drip(Superdry parka + Custom Patch)

13:08 UTC



There are lots of posts about people's lovecraft book collections, but I've done that, i have 3 or 4 shelfs full, ive just begun to crawl down the Letters rabbit hole from hippocampus press, starting with the 3 double volumes to Derleth,Howard and Smith... 6 books down 24 is to go. Then i guess it's nonfiction. I dunno could be a bit obsessive...

Has anyone other than Hite or Joshi read all of them...

12:38 UTC


Any Lovecraftian stories set in the PNW?

So I’m visiting family in Florence, Oregon, which is also the basis for my first Call of Cthulhu campaign. I’m wondering if there’s any Pacific Northwest Lovecraftian stories that I’ve been missing out on.

I’m here on the off season (it’s a tourist town) and it’s been raining and hailing and has been pretty empty, giving off creepy vibes.

04:46 UTC


I saw this at NecronomiCon in Providence in 2000 (I think) Sorry if repost, but I still love it. Credit to Aaron Vanek

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23:45 UTC


Looking for a book about racism in pulp fiction

Is there a book about racism in the pulp magazines including the Lovecraft era?

22:12 UTC


ghost wars

Has anyone watched the new netflick's series "Ghost Wars" ? it's very Lovecraftian, thou i warn some parts made me feel sick,cause well, what your mind has just comprehended is insane. I still have have some scenes that are burned into my memery like the furoriuos balls of lit gas of the cosmos.

20:12 UTC


Read the public domain or S.T. Joshi versions?

So I am totally new to Lovecraft and have not read a single story yet. I have got a couple of kindle versions and from what I understand these are all the public domain versions, which do not have the edits of Joshi. I am wondering if since I am just starting out, what versions would best to go with or does it not make much of a difference?

20:06 UTC


Anyone else obsessed with the yellow sign?

19:13 UTC


Stephen King's excellent, Lovecraftian web-series: "N." A must listen if you've never heard of it.

10:01 UTC


I am creating a "Lovecraft Themed" journal edition. Need everyone's input on the first one!

Hey all, I have a little fun journal company I run in my hometown that I sell at fairs, friends, etc... Just for fun.

Since I am a diehard lovecraft/cosmic horror fan, I decided the next one I do in the collection will be a lovecraft edition.

Now, if you could pick ONE symbol or icon to have on the front of a journal (like a bullet journal, notebook, type of thing), what would it be?

Would it be a simple symbol like these ones? Maybe a Cthulhu one: https://lovecraftzine.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/lovecraft-bestiary.jpg

Since I am very much small time, I can only create one version at a time, so it has to be one single symbol/icon lol....

Or maybe one a little more complex that really captures his more famous work?


I would love to have everyone's input... What would capture what we all love about HP and cosmic horror (in a icon/symbol/pic). Thanks so much!!!

06:13 UTC


Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

For those who haven't watched this movie yet, it's probably one of the best cosmic horror translations I've ever seen. I was genuinely shocked by the fact it's a Batman Elseworlds story from a previous trade paperback.

04:44 UTC


Been sitting on this for a while, about to it start now.

02:04 UTC


Azathoth - Blind Idiot God creepypasta

02:02 UTC


Felt honored to be able to pay my respect today.

03:53 UTC


Recently read “The Jaunt” by Stephen King and got some Lovecraftian vibes from it. Anybody else?

Great short story, as a fan of both him and Lovecraft, I wish Stephen King dabbled in sci-fi and cosmic horror a bit more!

00:43 UTC


Cthulhu Mythos

I’m currently working on a research paper for my LIT class, and my topic is “Lovecraft and the Creation/Expansion of the Cthulhu Mythos”. Does anyone have good resources I could use. Like Letters between Lovecraft and Derleth or something of the sort.

18:48 UTC


Cosmic Horror Vibes

I've been obsessed with the song Take Me To Church by Hozier lately. It's on a playlist I made for a horror story I'm writing. Definitely gives me Cosmic Horror / worshipping an ancient Dark God vibes. But in like a... embracing the darkness and abandoning the religions of false dualism way. I'm sad all the song lists keep getting archived or I would've added this, lol

15:42 UTC

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