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Dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this is your stop for all of his outstanding works and weird fiction in general!

Dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this is your stop for all of his outstanding works and weird fiction in general!

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


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The Crawling Chaos - H.P. Lovecraft - Weird Fiction Fantasy Cosmicist Story

18:07 UTC


Possible unpopular opinion Underwater

I do like this movie, but I have one nit-picky thing about it. I know the drilling rig is set in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. I know that the bodily shape and specific physical characteristics of what it is. I know it has been confirmed that the being was Cthulhu. But I can't shake from my mind that it should have been (and is) Dagon.

Cthulhu doesn't have 'minions' equivalent to Dagon's Deep Ones. The argument could be made that Dagon and the Deep Ones are subservient to Cthulhu, like he's the top of the pantheon. But the smaller creatures in the movie acted how I think Deep Ones would be to Dagon: staying close by, like parasites but following orders and being willing to sacrifice themselves.

I assume the filmmakers went with Cthulhu because it's more well known and iconic. Still, it would've been nice to give a nod to a different submarine entity. Or not confirm it at all.


16:03 UTC


This will probably get me killed here but, I think Clark Ashton Smith and Robert Bloch are better...

..at writing mythos stories. I enjoy Lovecraft too, but he's so dry in comparison. Obviously he has some incredible ideas, and the genre wouldn't be what it is without him. But if I'm going to read or listen to something before bed, his dense, flowery language just sort of flows over the surface of my mind. Other authors like Bloch, Lumley, and Smith have more characterization, action and humor. I find them much more engaging.

Again, this post was not to be a knock against Lovecraft, but I feel like he gets all the oxygen. Maybe there's a little for R.E. Howard because of Conan. But who knows Bloch as anything but the guy who wrote Psycho? How many people do you know who've read the Hyberborean or Mars Cycles?

14:43 UTC


Lovecraftian Scientist Lamprey Story?


I'm new to Reddit because I just watched Leviathan and am trying to think of a (vaguely) Lovecraftian horror story about lampreys, and Google is helping.

From what I recall, it felt stylistically similar to Brian Lumely and was about someone visiting a reclusive scientist living on a remote island/boat compound. The scientist is addicted to getting bitten by lampreys or something, and he maybe feeds a woman to them?

I'm looking through my bookshelf and can't seem to find it. Any help Reddit? Thank you.

02:21 UTC


Exactly what was the purpose of the Dunwich Horror? Since Yog-Sothoth could see the future why didn't he tell old Whatley what would happen to Wilbur and the horror?

01:48 UTC


H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Evil Clergyman' reading

1 Comment
00:44 UTC


Any Lovecratian inspired story where the main character is happy to encounter the horror?

Ok so I admit I don't know much about Lovecraft's work and only starting to dive into it, but cosmic horror is a genre I always found interesting and I'm trying to learn more about differentways authors may have interpreted it.

I'm working on a series of short stories surrending a traveler in a fictionnal ancient setting, and many of my ideas centers around him encountering ancient creatures beyond his comprehension or mysterious architectures that aren't human-made. I imagine it aesthetically as stereotipically "lovecraftian" but that's mainly due to his imageries being so popular as I definetly don't follow most rules of the genre.

To put it shortly, the character encounter something that's far beyond him and that he can't explain, but it doesn't result in something bad necessarily, and he is just astounished by it even if he doesn't understand it.

So I was wondering if there was any pre-existing similar story that's actually more in line with Lovecraft but still present a character who's fascinated by what he encounters rather than driven by madness. Imagine a person surviving a hurricane and being thrilled rather than just traumatized.

This is probably a huge misunderstanding of the genre on my part I have to admit. Cosmic horror is meant to be horror . Maybe a story like this isn't even remotly lovecraftian. But I would love to hear what people who know more and are fans of the genre would feel about that concept, or if anybody know a similiar story, thanks in advance.

20:54 UTC


What colour Do You saw in mind when reading "Colour Out of Space"?

So this story is famous for having non existence colour.
My question to You what colour did You saw in Your mind while reading for me it was:

!Paprika from GIMP but a bit lighter and more crunchy it wasn't lime or gold it was paprika from Gimp...!<

18:32 UTC


There are a ton of "Necronomicons", but which one is the most true to Lovecraft's quotations?

So I've heard about a few fan Necronomicons, most famously the Simon Necronomicon. But it, and a few of the ones Ive heard of, fail because they don't even contain all the quotations Lovecraft made in his works. The Lovecraft wiki has a nice list of these, as well as a list of it's known contents. Which spinoff was the most accurate?

14:55 UTC


Frustrating contradictions in Azathoth's descriptions

What exactly does Lovecraft mean by referring to both the Other Gods and Azathoth as "mindless" and "idiot". Are these descriptions supposed to be taken literally?? The contradictions arise when viewing their characterization in such stories as "The Dream-Quest of Unknow Kadath", where, although these gods are repeatedly referred to as "mindless", they seem to have agency and will, such as protecting earth's gods and getting angry at those who dare seek Kadath.

"...the Other Gods have many agents moving among men; and all these agents, whether wholly human or slightly less than human, are eager to work the will of those blind and mindless things in return for the favour of their hideous soul and messenger, the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep."

That brings another point, if they were truly "mindless" (this descriptor almost always being paired with them when they are referenced), how exactly can they have a messenger in Nyarlathotep? Would not a messenger imply the need for communicating ones will, which, if they are truly "mindless", they could not have? This is the one description in Lovecraft's works that continues to bother me, as it somewhat seems to diminish or handicap the awe of these otherwise terrifying entities. The conclusion I somewhat gravitate towards is that "mindless" is more of an vague "approximation" that merely alludes to the state-of-being of these beings existing in a totally nonsensical Chaos that exists outside reality.

Please share your thoughts on this matter (only serious discussion please)

13:03 UTC


Nicest Lovecraft Deity

Let's define nicest as:

  1. Not being malevolent or destructive (unwittingly or not) to humans.

  2. Being reasonable.

06:03 UTC


About A Shoggoth

So, what happens to a shoggoth once they are done building the city? Are they killed? Freed from their master?

00:58 UTC


Passage Interpretation

Hello, I'm a new fan of the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos I want to know what this passage means since I just came across this while I was searching for some new verses to delve into. Thank you and Godspeed love.

It was an All-in-One and One-in-All of limitless being and self—not merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence’s whole unbounded sweep—the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike. It was perhaps that which certain secret cults of earth have whispered of as YOG-SOTHOTH, and which has been a deity under other names; that which the crustaceans of Yuggoth worship as the Beyond-One, and which the vaporous brains of the spiral nebulae know by an untranslatable Sign.

16:17 UTC


Some scattered thoughts on scattered ideas

I bummed a handle of whiskey from Zadok and probably have had too much, so don't come at me, alright?

I've "meditated" (re: spent entirely too much time thinking about some pulp writer from the 20s's work) and have some random insights. They're probably mostly garbage, but so is most of the "could Goku beat cthulhu" posts around here, or "Look I bought his collected stories!!!" with a picture of the eight trillionth's public domain re-publication. Whatever.

  1. Lovecraft's work was inspired by personal phobias and his personal fears have absolutely nothing to do with what made his stories interesting. Tentacles are not interesting intrinsically. They are appendages used by seafood that Lovecraft found unsettling. Things that simply include tentacles are not a semiotic code for Lovecraft's ideas.

  2. He was writing for economy. The way he was compensated by Farnsworth or whoever for his work was by the letter. They had to fill the pages. His prose was developed on a literary level but he was so fucking absolutely padding his stories out. He was stuffing those pages full.

  3. Lovecraft was two things that have modern analogues:

  • He was basically the 1920s equivalent of a forum regular. He would shitpost and be DMing people (via letter) about random stuff. Look up his "lunch budget" letters.

  • He was basically just a creepypasta writer. Dude would thrive on /r/nosleep. The thing that annoys me about the Derlethian "mythos" crap is that it was literally not the point of his stories. It was applying personal phobia in a way that was "interesting", an invitation to a wider world. It was never meant to be a coherent, cohesive mythology, just "golly gee, what if..." but from a horror-tinted perspective.

If you're going to write a modern "Lovecraftian" story, unless you're scared shitless of shrimp, incorporate your own personal fears and existential dread and make it personal. Lovecraft wrote what he knew. Ever read Horror at Redhook? The way people treat his stories, you'd think a story about a black person committing crimes in New York would be Lovecraftian.

Good grief.

03:04 UTC


Could Dagon and Mother Hydra create hybrids too?

If the Deep Ones can make hybrids with humans the could Dagon and Mother Hydra do the same with even larger creatures? If so what would they look like?

23:26 UTC


Could Azathoth Mate With a Mortal?

I'm writing a Lovecraftian romance series, and want to start the series with Azathoth. My question is, could Azathoth mate with a mortal? If He could, how would he go about doing it?


I have decided to shake things up with Azathoth for this book. I plan on making it a Lovecraftian take on Beauty and the Beast! Thank you everyone for your help and insight! It helped me out!

23:02 UTC


Do the different avatars of Nyarlathotep change what he is?

Are the different avatars of Nyarlathotep one being that manifests different personalities and appearances? Or is it more of a mask, where Nyarlathotep’s personality is the same and he just looks different?

21:37 UTC


H.P. Lovecraft The Colour out of Space : Cosmic Horror | Audiobook

1 Comment
20:01 UTC


I think many people would like to visit Innsmouth. And Lovecraft too

Even though Lovecraft explains at the end why the protagonist was attracted to Innsmouth, there is still a feeling that this place also attracts the author himself

And readers too. It is clear that this is a scary, dangerous and vile place

But who wouldn't want to stroll through its streets? Look at local architecture?

Find out what the view is from the window of the Gilman Hotel?

Does anyone have such a desire?

08:52 UTC


The Tomb - H.P. Lovecraft Tales of Horror #4 at The Dusty Tome

02:08 UTC


Sorry, Honey, I Have To Take This - New Episode: WHEN IT ALL CHANGES

Delta Green is a TTRPG that takes the foundation of the Lovecraft mythos and Call of Cthulhu RPG and expands I to a secret government conspiracy to stomp out the unnatural before the general public discovers it's existence.

A final showdown occurs, a dead man returns, and the world is turned upside down.

Sorry, Honey, I Have To Take This features serious horror-play with comedic OOC, original/unpublished content, original musical scores and compelling narratives.

On whichever of platforms that you prefer:

[Apple - Sorry Honey, I Have To Take This](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sorry-honey-i-have-to-take-this/id1639828653)

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[Spotify - Sorry Honey, I Have To Take This](https://open.spotify.com/episode/4hQnNPVujDBqyC3mR9ftzN?si=3f8798b5dc0d4c51)

[Stitcher - Sorry Honey, I Have To Take This](https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/sorry-honey-i-have-to-take-this)

We post new episodes every other Wednesday @ 9am CST.

Please check it out and let us know what you think on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/SorryHoneyCast).

Hang with us on [Discord](https://discord.gg/DySRkVjzyX).

We also share media on [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/sorryhoneypodcast)

We hope you like it :)

15:26 UTC


There any good lovecraftian art groups on Reddit?

When I search any variation of “lovecraft art” or “lovecraftian art” I get a number of threads which are either inactive for about a year, or are for erotic novels lol.

Is there just a thread where artists post cool lovecraft stuff they draw?

08:46 UTC


Can anyone identify this narrator of The Moon Bog?

I was going through my ancient (2000s) external hard drive tonight and happened upon a couple gems: audio recordings (radio broadcasts?) of The Moon Bog and The Hound narrated by what sounds like a Shakespearean-trained actor. His old Received Pronunciation accent and impeccable diction are like velvet to the ears (I'm sure the Anglophile himself would have approved). I found a YouTube upload of The Moon Bog, but unfortunately no mention of the narrator's name.

04:25 UTC


Into the Shadows RPG

Has anyone seen this new RPG? It claims to be a Lovecraftian tabletop role-playing game that plunges players into the unfathomable depths of the Mythos. Crafted from the eerie tales of H.P. Lovecraft and expanded upon by his literary successors, this game offers a chilling exploration of ancient deities, eldritch landscapes, and the lurking terrors that dwell in the shadows.


03:41 UTC


why do all the movies have tentacles?

i don't know much about this genre but i watched a few cosmic horror movies recently and the "monsters" always have tentacles

i get that it's mainly to seem very far from human but cosmic horror is supposed to be something completely out of this world so why tentacles? that feels like we're just going lower down the list of a disgusting earthly creature which is the opposite of what the movies are usually trying to convey

i think it would be cooler if they just didn't show it or maybe made it seem like something more divine? would be hard to make something scary out of that but i think that's kind of the point.

23:23 UTC


Litany to Earth

I wanted to start reading the Innsmouth Legacy series but sadly the first book, The Litany to Earth, is sold out on Amazon in my country. But I did read that apparently it was originally published on some website so is there a way to read it online on that site perhaps?

17:47 UTC

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