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If you had to pick between a fourth season of Picard, a new show (Legacy) or Starfleet Academy, which would you pick and why?

Really curious to hear what people have to say here, as there has been public concern about having "too much" Trek on at once, so we likely won't get all three (or even two) as long as SNW is doing so well.

15:36 UTC


When Kes left the show...

Was it a big shock when it aired or was it already in the news that she was leaving? Also, what was the reaction at the time.

15:03 UTC


Genesis - Pah-wraith He Knows Me (Dukat's Tribute) music video

1 Comment
15:00 UTC


Are there any key Enterprise episodes worth watching for someone who doesn’t like the tone of the series?

I’m a month and half into crushing all of the series. I’ve done TNG a few times over the years, and the movies, but until May, I hadn’t touched any of the other shows. I was cruising, having a blast, and then I hit Enterprise and it was like a record scratch. From the theme song, to the acting, to the characters…full stop. Am I missing something? Are there any episodes I should go back and watch?

14:46 UTC


Does anyone have a list of all the ds9 emissary episodes?

I’ve seen the entire series gosh I don’t even know how many times, so what I like to do is pick a character and watch all the episodes that focus on that character, I just finished my Quark watch threw and now I wanna watch all the episodes that have something to do with Sisko being the emissary. It doesn’t have to be a plot episode. For example: when the Bajoran poet came out of the wormhole, that qualifies.

14:19 UTC


I wrote a Star Trek FILK!

Alright, half a FILK. I just wrote the lyrics. Or maybe it's not a FILK. After all, D.O.A. wrote Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones, and they're hardcore. Regardless, hope you like it:

Kobayashi Maru

Distress call coming from the Neutral Zone

A freighter hit a mine and they're all alone

Losing power, gasping for air

Their hull's been breached - "Is anybody there?"

Ko-bay ashi Maru

Its the Academy way to say "Sucks to be you"

When you're damned if you don't

And you're damned it you do

It's the Ko-bay ashi Maru

Klingon ships come spilling cross the border

It's red alert, Captain's giving orders

Shields are raised, torpedoes are loaded

Phasers lock and shit starts explodin'

It's a test of their mettle, it's a taste of defeat

It's the Federation way to say "Fait accompli"

The best and brightest cadets of Star Fleet

Those who'll be humbled

And those who will cheat

The bridge crew is getting knocked around

Bodies go flying as the shield go down

The ship is lost, the captain’s dead

Gold shirt piled along the blue and red

Ko-bay ashi Maru

It’s the Academy way to say “Sucks to be you”

When you’re damned if you don’t

And you’re damned if you do

It’s the Ko-bay ashi Maru

It's only a no-win scenario, it's true

But that doesn't mean much

When you've got something to prove

And those live, though unreal, are depending on you

It’s the Ko-bay ashi Maru

11:32 UTC


I've just realised that the Treks only I've 100 percented are TNG, DS9, ENT, Picard and Lower Decks

Despite being a fan since the '80s, there's loads of Treks I've just not caught up with. I've watched all the real universe movies, but I've not seen all of TOS or VOY. I've only seen the first three seasons of Discovery. And I've zero percented SNW, TAS and Prodigy.

What glaring holes do you have in your watch history?

10:59 UTC


Star Trek Rap

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJQk6Jxu/ this was actually pretty good. 😂

10:28 UTC


Picard: Second Self novel

Has anyone else read this / listened to the audio book? I just finished it -- the entire last section of it blew my mind. The story of Garak, ultimately, told through the eyes of Raffi. So, also some of Raffi's story. I originally got it to learn more about Raffi, because I like the character and Michele Hurd and her chemistry with Jeri Ryan. I enjoyed Garak on DS9, I wanted to know more about what happened to him after the Dominion War.

I don't think I'll be able to watch DS9 again in the same way as before, now that I know Garak's fate. Alternate timelines sometimes mess with my head, but sometimes they make sense to me. Not sure which it will be when I next dip into DS9. I'll be second guessing each interaction he has....

Thoughts? Please use the Spoiler cover in replies, if you're talking about Garak.

08:34 UTC


What’s your favorite Star Trek episode of all times?

“It’s only a paper moon” is mine. I love it for a few reason but seeing this side of Nog gives him sooo much dimension. Seeing Vic stop being just a “lightbulb” is one of my favorite moments and honestly I wish he was added to the show a lot earlier. I wish holosuite time was a lot more explored in ds9 and also I come from a lot of trauma so I would love to go to the holosuite and just play a role for a few hours without any affects on the real life!

But either way, whats your fav?

08:18 UTC


Another Holodeck Observation

In ST:Voy "Vis a Vis", Tom is seen working on a car in a holodeck simulation. Due to the work, he's covered in oil and grime. He's called to the bridge immediately and upon leaving the turbolift is still seen covered in the oil which leads me to two questions.

1: Did Tom dress up in oil and grime before the holodeck to immerse himself?


2: Is holodeck dirt not part of the holo simulation, but instead somehow replicated and applied to those using the deck?

Or perhaps this is just some writer's freedoms being explored.

06:39 UTC


Needless Death of Thad Riker

Anyone else interested in learning what Riker and Troi tried before retiring to Nepenthe? They would've fought like hell.

05:51 UTC


Why is the order of TNG episodes sooo out of whack on Paramount? Missing some episodes as well!

My best friend finally decided to start TNG from the beginning after years of me “forcing” him to watch episodes here and there across all of Star Trek. Apparently he got to “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and was confused why he should be confused by Tasha’s presence. Looked at paramounts listing of episodes and wanted to vomit in rage… “Skin of Evil” isn’t even on there. I’m sure there are more missing but I can’t handle the pressure of sleuthing it out currently. Hoping y’all can help me figure this one out.

05:45 UTC


Should the ideals of Starfleet become our global social system, and what would you believe would bring out the best of humanity if so?

I’ve been recently getting back into Star Trek, and thinking a lot about where the world is on a socio-political level. And…to be honest, it’s a good feeling, watching the show again (Discovery, Strange New Worlds, TNG). I’d like to know how the fan base feels about seeing the ideals of Starfleet as means for us to move past a lot of the social issues we see today. Sorry if this doesn’t fit the sub in advance.

03:36 UTC


Most Emotional Death Scene?

I shed a few tears when Data Dies in Nemisis. When Tasha Yar dies - it's a pretty big lump in the throat. Spock in Star Trek 2 is hard to beat.

But for some reason - Trip's death in Observer Effect just rocks my world every time. The music - the gentle touch from his best friend as he labors through his final breaths.......it's my number #1.

What's your #1? Hemmer? Data? Spock? Jadzia?

02:51 UTC


Spock’s character arc in Strange New Worlds

I’ve been rewatching SNW and been wondering (in the spirit of pride month) if the show is building to an asexual, gay or Bisexual Spock reveal. Since the show premiered I found it surprising that the writers decided to go with the assumed heterosexual depiction of the character we got in TOS considering lgbt readings such as Spirk have been so influential and widespread. But have since reconsidered the arc that Ethan Peck’s portrayal of the character is going on.

As far as I’m aware in TOS the only evidence we have that suggests Spock is heterosexual is our knowledge of his failed relationship with T’Pring and the fact that various women such as Uhura and nurse Chapel occasionally show interest in him. Beyond stuff like this TOS doesn’t explicitly explore anyone’s sexuality (even Kirk’s bedding of Alien women is vastly overstated by many, and doesn’t rule out being bi or pan sexual) whether it’s heterosexual or not due to the shows development during the 1960’s where any inclusion of nuanced discussions of someone’s sexuality was not really a priority or widely accepted on network TV.

I was thinking there is nothing to say that women like Uhura, Chapel or any other characters who were attracted to Spock in the classic show weren’t just wrong in their assessments of his sexuality (it not like it would be particularly easy to read a Vulcan’s emotions) also the fact that Spock and T’Pring’s relationship has fallen apart by the time of TOS clearly means that something big has happened since SNW season one when the pair seemed to get on reasonably well.

I wonder then if at least part of what happened was that Spock came to realise he had less conventional romantic or sexual interest’s and this revaluation turned T’Pring away. This would make sense because as we know Spock has been taught to embrace his emotional understanding more during this era by people like Una in the short Trek Q&A, T’Pring herself whilst trying to “spice up” their relationship and throughout his friendship with Chapel. Additionally his talks with Captain Angel (I am guessing they’re going to show up again before the end of the show) have helped him to better understand himself and could lead to an increased comprehension of his romantic and/or sexual interests. Additionally if your the sort of person who worries a lot about canon and minor contradictions to it I am pretty certain that this theory contradicts nothing that has actually been established previously in the franchise.

15:22 UTC


Alright, how do you actually complete the Kobayashi Maru?

I want your strategies! Gotta be a TOS era ship.

00:28 UTC


The BEST Star Trek TNG Animated Commercial Ever Made (2002)

23:26 UTC


Enterprise G's year in spacedock.

I find myself on the fence over the re-christening of the Titan A to the Enterprise G. I think those of us who grew up with the Enterprise D/E have been accustomed to these massive capital ships carrying the flagship banner, but does bigger necessarily mean better? Does not being the flagship make the G any less of a ship? The Defiant and Voyager did not have the title of "flagship," nor did they need it for those ships and their crews to become legends among the Federation. We also should consider that Starfleet had a year after the fleet was assimilated to make further significant enhancements to the Enterprise G before she left spacedock (Captain Seven did mention that they were departing on a shakedown cruise). Given the pivotal role she played in defeating the Borg (and Vadic), and considering Starfleet's need to rebuild the fleet and return to their mission of exploring the galaxy, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to envision that the Enterprise G was given the upgrades needed to make her among the most advanced starships in the fleet. And, as Admiral Patterson famously alluded to, a ship doesn't have to be the size of a Galaxy-class to make her quick or smart. Flagship or not, I'm betting the new Enterprise is no slouch.

22:53 UTC


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Exploring Season 2 | Paramount

New official, Wil Wheaton-hosted behind the scenes look at Season 2 of SNW

21:11 UTC


Voyager episode “The Thaw”

This episode is excellent and kind of creepy! 😀🖖🏼😎

20:21 UTC


What would a Klingon spin-off look like?

Since they’re doing like 50 new Trek shows a minute now.. how could you make a Klingon spin-off work?

20:18 UTC


Trek treasure from my past

Found some of my Star Trek stuff I lost track of a few years ago along with some movie posters and novels.


20:17 UTC


Everybody is screaming for a Captain Shaw show and I’m just in my corner quietly wishing for Captain Batel to be given her own.

🤷‍♂️ I like her. Let’s see what Mrs McMurray is like as a young captain. It would be pretty much an entirely new crew/ship in an established era… not unlike what was done with Voyager and DS9. For that matter… it doesn’t HAVE to be an entirely new crew… Scott, DeSalle, Leslie, Rand… they all had to come from somewhere

19:42 UTC


Yesterday’s Enterprise

This episode is on Pluto right now. I just thought of something. How cool would it have been if right before the Enterprise C goes back into the rift? The shields fail on the D and alternate timeline Worf leads the boarding party that Beam onto the bridge. The final shot before the time line is corrected could have been Worf bringing up his batleth about to decapitate Picard.

19:00 UTC


Watching TNG On Paramount +

Does any one else that watches startrek TNG on Paramount get annoyed when they cut someone off and go to a commercial. There are natural commercial breaks in the show and they dont use them its really irritating

17:31 UTC


DS9 computer voice

Does anyone know of a (hopefully exhaustive) video compilation or sound repository of Judi Durand's DS9 computer voice? Her performance is interesting. Some hay has been made recently about people not taking female computer voices as seriously as male computer voices, in terms of compliance. (Similar studies indicate that residents take male-named storms more seriously.) Yet, I find it hard to imagine anyone ignoring the Cardassian computer voice. It's very commanding with a note of condescension. I love it.

16:51 UTC


Leaked images of "Star Trek: Infinite"

A new Star Trek game has just been announced and I found alleged leaked images of it on another subreddit.


The lead dev of the mod STNH was being petty over the game existing and leaked screenshots of it, and tbf it looks very close to Stellaris, so even if it's not running the Clausewitz engine it's still gonna have a lot of similarities it'd seem.

Probably something akin to what Imperator is to EU4.

Yeah I was super surprised. I know he has a huge ego but to basically burn every bridge he has with Paradox is crazy, just because he thinks his mod is better than the game.

He did delete the juiciest screenshot of the game (a pic of the galaxy map w/ the UI enabled), but there's still one of the Fed ships from it and a censored pic of the PDX launcher used for the game available in the STNH discord



16:46 UTC

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