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Movies like DDLC

SPOILERS for Doki Doki Literature Club

This might be a long shot but has anyone here played the game Doki Doki Literature Club? I just finished playing it and I loved it. Im looking for a movie that is similar to the game. Basically a movie where there is a character or characters that seem normal and you get used to seeing normally, and then have a very sudden psychotic change. I know its specific but any suggestions?

02:37 UTC


Is V/H/S (2012) worth a watch? Is it supernatural?

I love found footage horror and have tried to watch this movie 2 times in the past. Both times i gave up before the first section ended because the sexual assault felt weird to watch and there were no hints of a supernatural element. Should I give this one another go or not bother?

02:30 UTC


PigLady (2023)

So i go into a lot of different movies with no real information and that sometimes makes for a great experience or terrible.

Why was this movie so bad?!? (Imo) Did i miss something? I feel like the dialogue was allllll over the place. Everyone acted really…. Off?

But hell- even some of the worst movies for dialogue or characters end up having suspenseful chases, eerie imagery, or at least a few good kills. I just dont understand this movie.

Even the story just felt…. Absent? I dont know. Did i miss something or was this just kinda a bust?

02:27 UTC


What 90s movie had a dead body blocking an elevator door from closing?

In the early 1990s (or late 80s), there was a movie on the USA network in which a woman needed to escape a killer. She needed to get into the elevator but a dead body was blocking the door. The elevator door kept trying to close, but the elevator door kept getting stuck against a dead body laying on the floor and thus, the door would just keep closing and opening again --- closing and opening again.

The woman needed to move the dead body to get the door to close and escape the killer.

Thank you.

02:25 UTC


House of 9 was a CHORE to get through. [Rant/Not positive thoughts]

Nine characters, yet I couldn't tell you a thing about any of them other than very, very loose "Cop guy", "Priest guy", and "Black guy." The 'main' girl was the most blank slate I've ever seen in a movie. At the point where they got to the TWO back to back needle drops I completely checked out, but I kept on watching to the end in hopes it would get better. Seriously, though, two almost full length songs, back to back, while we just watched people drink liquor in slow motion.

The movie is a solid premise, done well in several other movies. The problem here is that, in a movie like this with one location and the same set of characters, your movie will live and die by the writing and acting, and sadly neither were any good whatsoever. Capaldi was fine, and maybe the actor playing the cop, but the french guy was honestly some of the worst acting I've ever seen in a movie not shot with a camcorder.

!And, of course, they had to have the main girl become 'fake dead' for twenty minutes so everyone else could go crazy, then have the last guy essentially kill himself by tackling her off the balcony, just so we could have the final girl conveniently have zero blood on her hands. Also, in what world can we possibly believe that the French guy was able to overpower and hang the absolutely shredded black guy without anyone even hearing, as the movie implied? That is some level of disbelief suspension I can't even fathom reaching.!<

The ending could have been good if it was in a completely different movie, but even with that, by that point, it didn't raise the movie up at all for me.

02:23 UTC


What’s a good horror franchise that actually has good sequels that are worth checking out?

Not counting the big dogs like Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc. I was scrolling through Tubi and saw Pumpkinhead 4. I liked the original with Lance H., but 3 others? Not feeling that is gonna be a good one. Any recs? Thank you!

02:21 UTC


Just found the greatness that was Haunt (spoilers)

I was vaguely interested in it for a while since I love the universal horror nights houses and really dislike the “extreme” haunted house crap that is just an excuse to torture people . So this was an interesting take on the idea that people would go to this expecting pain but not knowing that they genuinely were being targeted by killers.

The whole mask thing was a great twist. We see its not just normal people under them but those who went to extremes to resemble their “character”. Some creepy designs. I honestly wasnt sure for a long time after if they were legitimately supernatural because they all looked so monstrous.

And can we say Harper is just a bad ass. She really does step up, and does well. And not in a “just goes john wick” cliche way, but she pushes through fear and pain to give it back to the killers ten fold in a believable and natural way.

I was really impressed with this honestly and wish I had seen it sooner.

02:18 UTC


What is everyone's top 5 favorite horror antagonists and also protagonists?

There are countless horror icons/antagonists out there and 9/10 times they are the most interesting characters in the franchises they are in. Where as the protagonist and secondary characters are mostly shallow, idiotic and unlikeable and we just want them to get killed off by our main antagonist. However, there are exceptions to this. I'm wondering what you guys like as this is always open for discussion.

For me, my favorite icons/antagonists are:

  1. Pinhead and the cenobites from the first two movies.
  2. Jigsaw
  3. Norman Bates
  4. Tie between Samara and Kayako + Toshio
  5. Carrie

My favorite protagonists are:

  1. R.J MacReady
  2. Laurie Strode and Doctor Loomis tied
  3. Kirsty Cotton
  4. Sidney Prescott
  5. Ellen Ripley (she was hands down the smartest character in the first movie, and it was VERY noticeable from the start to end)
00:51 UTC


Hidden Gems?

Saw a post recently talking about what they considered to be the the best horror hidden gem of the past few years and it made me think.

Sator (2019) is definitely a contender for me. The camera work, set design, and writing are very impressive especially when you know that one man was responsible for the vast majority of it and on a pretty low budget.

When Evil Lurks (2023) is a solid choice though I think it’s a bit more well known (I would’ve also considered Skinamarink but I think it’s a bit too well known to be considered a hidden gem). I watched it the other night and other than feeling like the ending left something to be desired it was really enjoyable. Super dark, great visuals, and an interesting take on the supernatural genre.

What are some of y’all’s picks?

00:20 UTC


Hulu Horror Rec

Haven’t seen a GOOD scary movie in a while.

I have basic hulu, no max or live tv add ons.

What is the scariest movie you have seen that can be streamed on hulu?

00:11 UTC


An interesting find in The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning comic novel! The fate of the last standing family members of the 2006 remake

Link to the pages (Sorry but Imgur is currently giving me errors!).
I bought a copy of this around 6 years ago. How big was the Hills Have Eyes (2006) back in the day and it's successor the following year? I've been reading stories that a bunch of people would exit the cinema room due to the intense trailers scenes. Why didn't a part 3 happen? The whole idea of it always gave me the legit creeps

23:54 UTC


I hate that I just watched 1979 "Alien" for the first time.

Right off the bat I'm just going to say I don't find sci-fi to be scary. I like sci-fi stuff movies, shows, etc. because I believe ETs exist irl.

I know it was the originator of classic horror tropes but after watching it rody after Years of putting it off, it was just slow, boring, and not scary at all. As the title says I hate that I'm seeing it now after watching countless horror movies for most of my life because I'm sure if I have seen this as a kid in the 90s I would have enjoyed it more.. maybe idk

I think I've realized "Sci-fi horror" doesn't do it for me also btw JURASSIC PARK ISN'T A HORROR MOVIE. I will die on that hill.

23:32 UTC


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Surely one of the best reboots of all time? Loved the movie, the characters, and the kills. It just had a great vibe and atmosphere to it, and yes while the classic original is better, as far as reboots go the 2003 one is very impressive.

I noticed the google user ratings are off the scale so I guess there must be a lot of fans of this reboot.

What did you think of it?

22:23 UTC


what are some of the most iconic horror villains in media?

What are some of the most iconic horror villains in media? I’m talking movies, video games, TV, shows comic books, anything.

what are some of your favorite horror villains that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about?

Currently working on my tattoo horror sleeve and have been drawing a blank. so far I actually only have Jason Voorhees, and Scream. Leatherface and Michael Myers are also potentially on the list, but I want some more out of the box slashers and stuff..

22:11 UTC


What horror movie you've seen freaks you out just from thinking about it?

Not necessarily ones that instilled a fear (like final destination & the log truck), but ones that give you a bit of shiver to think about.

For me, I get nervous just thinking about:

-The Strangers -The Grudge (first) -Insidious (i already get sleep paralysis so thinking about this movie makes it sm worse)

what are yours?

22:10 UTC



Was Watching(1971) the other day and had a few questions I was hoping someone could answer 1 How did Ben get back in the bedroom? 2 How did the rats come back after being drowned? 3 Why did Willard drown the rats?

21:59 UTC


Trying to find a specific story

Hey y’all. I’m trying to find a horror story I read when I was a kid. I believe it was part of a book that contained a bunch of short horror stories. It was about a kid who gets a doll from a carnival (or he digs it up, can’t remember). He accidentally kills his bullies and friend by saying he hates them, which causes the doll to come to life and do it. It ends with him looking in a mirror and saying he hates himself which causes the doll to come to life. Any help would be appreciated

21:39 UTC


Monolith (2022)

Synopsis : While trying to salvage her career, a disgraced journalist begins investigating a strange conspiracy theory. However, as the trail leads uncomfortably close to home, she's left to grapple with the lies at the heart of her own story.

IMDB : 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 93%

Randomly stumbled upon this movie , went through the synopsis and ngl it sounds pretty interesting to me. Feels like it's somewhat a lesser known movie and I haven't seen it talked about here ,

So if anyone has seen it then how is it? Although it is tagged as thriller/sci fi , I feel like it has horror elements.

20:49 UTC


Favourite horror movies per decade? Any horror genre!

I have loved horror for as long as I can remember, slashers are my favourite of the horror genre. But I also love horror from the 1940s right up to present day.

What is your favourite horror movie from each decade, can only choose one, but honourable mentions are welcome!


Death in High Heels - hammer production


Dracula 1958.

Christopher Lee as the ultimate Dracula and Peter Cushing as van helsing, best vampire movie ever made.


Frankenstein created women.

Peter Cushing in one of his best ever roles as baron Frankenstein, with a great twist on the original Frankenstein mythology.


Halloween 1978

For me the greatest movie ever made, my introduction into the slasher genre and Michael Myers.

Honourable mention

Dawn of the dead - my second favourite movie of all time, came out in the same year as Halloween. George Romero’s best work.


Halloween 2

The return of Michael Myers, more gore, great score and excellent ending to what I thought would be the end of the franchise…. How wrong was I (not that I’m complaining as it’s my favourite one)

Honourable Mention

Friday the 13th part 3. The best Friday movie for me, best Jason, best final girl, best kills and he gets the iconic mask.

Nightmare on elm street, evil dead 2, my bloody valentine and the burning.



Rewrote the rules for slasher movies. Wes cravens best work outside a nightmare on elm street, great cast, great plot and a twist I never saw coming. Also a love letter to Halloween. The respect Wes had for John carpenter was immense.

Honourable mention

Halloween H20, great cast, great Laurie, great plot. Some issues with Michael Mask, but for nostalgia reasons I will let that slide.


Dog soldiers.

Being Scottish and knowing the lead character having gone to school with him, I was blown away by how good this movie was when I went to see it. Thought it would be a budget werewolf movie. How wrong was I!

Honourable mention

American psycho. Patrick Bateman. Enough said.


Halloween 18.

For me right up there with Halloween 2, I have a hard time picking which is my favourite. Made slasher movies relevant again, got Michael myers right and the return of Laurie strode - epic.


Scream 6.

Loved this movie, change in scenery, new final girls, aggressive ghostface, great kills, over the top survival rate but I loved that they changed the rules, best scream since 1996 for me.

Honourable mentions:

Halloween kills

pipped by scream 6 due to overextended hospital scene that wasn’t needed. Other than that great movie, Michael Myers at his most aggressive.

Evil dead rise

warmed to this after a few watches, great movie, could have been a little better, but cast and new location were great.

20:48 UTC


Horror Dramas!

We often get the thrills, the gore, the action but rarely do horrors deliver gut wrenching drama. Can anyone help me with some of the most dramatic horrors they've seen imo it's normally horror movies where evil prevails some of mine are:

A Quiet Place

The Descent 1&2


The Mist

The Road

28 Weeks Later

Can anyone help me with anymore?

19:54 UTC


A film no one really talks about?

One of the most underrated horror comedy, fantasy with action element films I've very seen has to be the 1990s film "Highway To Hell" which is one of the few films that absolutely makes me laugh but also makes me super uncomfortable in its themes

The movie stars Chad Low as Charlie Sykes who is going to Las Vegas to marry his fiance Rachel who is played by Kristy Swanson[Swoon] but she then gets abducted by a Hell Cop who takes her to Hell to be the Bride of Lucifer, which Charlie has to stop.

The movie stars all of the Stiller family members from Ben, to his dad Jerry, to his sister and mom as well. They all have pretty likeable and funny scenes

There's some incredible visuals such as a device in the beginning of Hell that crushes and splatters its victims into paste as their punishment, there's the bedroom scene with a fake Rachel that's nasty and hilarious, some fun stopmotion animation with the hounds of Hell, even a cameo by Atila The Hun and Hitler playing poker together at a casino table set.

The Hellcop is unique and creatively menacing. He reminds me of Jason Voorhees and Matt Cordell from Maniac Cop. He's got these unique glasses, with his skin cut up in scars that are religious and rough like he had some kind of punishment, and has handcuffs that are literally undead hands that hold you in place which is a creative little detail to it

Unfortunately they didn't get the rights to the ACDC song for the movie which is the only gripe I have with the film, but it is unbelievably fun and unique as a horror film. It's a shame no one talks about it as much.

19:51 UTC


Please help me find this film

Looking for a movie with a specific scene. Don’t have much to go on. But here goes.

A friend of mine is fascinated with movies that deal with demonic possession. There is a movie that she just can’t recall. I have never seen it and we are running in circles trying to figure out which movie was it.

All she can recall about it is a very specific scene. It’s probably set in a barn and the host is a boy. That’s what she remembers but this detail can be slightly off.

The things that truly stayed with her is that the exorcist (maybe I’m using the term loosely here) freaks out when they discover that there is not one, but multiple demons possessing the host.

That’s all i have to share. Would really appreciate it if someone here can help us to figure out the movie’s name.

19:40 UTC


Recommendations for movies that aren't really well known from the past few years. (Also, Tubi. Am I using it wrong.)

I'm looking for any underrated or relatively unknown horrors from the past few years you'd like to recommend. I've seen all the major releases and a good chunk of unknown already but I'm always looking for new stuff.

I seem to come across the same posts when I'm searching for stuff. And these posts always seem to suggest the same movies.

It can be any type of horror. The only sub genre to stay away from is Possession and Paranormal stuff, especially set in a church with nuns. (Only possession movies like When Evil Lurks I would really want. As it's got a different spin on the genre)

It can be on any streaming platform and don't mind renting if need be.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

To rant about Tubi slightly.

I've been using Tubi for ages and it has always seemed to be fine navigating the genres. But recently it's become unusable. Is it only me?

For example. I'll go "browse". Click the horror genre. And it will give me a small list of horrors. I'll then click "Killer Thriller" or "Slashers" and it will give me a load more different horror movies.

All of them have the tag. "Horror". But they're not actually in the Horror category. I even clicked a movie. Then from there clicked the Horror tag that was under the player. And it took me to the original list of Horrors. Without that actual movie in the list!

Sorry. haha. I'm ranting.

Is there something I can do to make this stuff easier.

19:31 UTC


I am looking for a specific horror comedy. Help.

The horror comedy I'm looking for is about a guy who is very lonely. So lonely in fact he diggs up people from a cemetery and starts talking to them. Surprisingly they start to talk back and start to become his new friends. He ends up starting to date a girl who is alive and his undead friends start to help him with his social issues and his love life. It looked really interesting to me and I'm dieing to see it especially since the new horror comedy Lisa Frankenstein is out and is kinda similar. I tried using ai to help me find it so you're my last hope help me find this movie please.

19:15 UTC


Best Action/Horror movies?

In a mood for some great action/horror films , I'm looking for movies like Mandy or Kill List which involves great action with a nice touch of horror! Thanks for the recommendations in advance xx

19:14 UTC


The Gift is an all time favorite Thriller of mine that I think everyone should watch at least once.

I’ve watched this movie a handful of times over the years and this film never ceases to give me chills. The premise is very simple but executed incredibly well by all the actors and by the final seconds of the movie, you will be shaken by how one’s whole world can fall apart. Joel Edgerton who plays Gordo in addition to being the director is the highlight of this movie. He’s charismatic, charming, and intimidating as all hell. Seriously, I don’t want to spoil this movie for anyone who hasn’t watched this film. Go in blind and experience it for yourself. It’s a top 5 thriller for me. What do you think of this film?

18:54 UTC


Horror Movies That Deserve a Prequel

Which horror movie made you go "But how did we get here?" and needs a prequel?

Take "The Witch," for example. The atmosphere and the descent into madness are gripping, but what's the story behind Black Phillip and the family's unraveling? There's a whole untapped well of folklore and witch trials that could set the stage for a chilling prequel.

Or consider "Cabin in the Woods." Yes, we get a glimpse into the organization pulling the strings, but how did this all start?

What horror movie do you think is ripe for a prequel?

18:29 UTC


Is the mist in b/w streaming anywhere?

I love the movie. Always have. Love the novella as well. Recently heard about the black and white cut which originally appears on the blue ray Anybody know where the black and white cut is streaming online? I really want to see it!!

Thanks on advance!

18:10 UTC

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