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just binged watched the show first time seeing jodie whittaker

i have seen the show many many times but always stoped after matt smith idk why but i always see clips of peter and jodie and be like this doesn't look good and man the writng for both of them was so bad big drop from matt but i will say jodie was not as bad as people make her out to be you just got to get past her first season but it got me thinking maybe if they casted one of the companions from the past to be the female doctors it would have gone over better with the fans. like rose or donna just like david tennet is coming back but he s not the 10th doctor he is the new 14th doctor a differnt person that just looks like a past form.

04:57 UTC


Number of Doctor question

So I just finished watching the episode “The Time of The Doctor” and the doctor mentions having the same face (10th I believe) twice. My question is do we see him (Tennant) regenerate twice or is one a sort of off-screen thing? I’m trying to recall but just can’t remember. Furthermore, does that then make Smith’s Doctor actually the 12th and Capaldi’s Doctor actually the 13th, and so on? Just looking for maybe an answer but also discussion.

04:17 UTC


What do we know about the valeyard?

I’ve been watching classic Doctor who and I’ve gotten to The Valeyard and j was wondering what is known about him

1 Comment
03:29 UTC


60th Anniversary Special

Watching ‘Planet of the Dead’ and noticed this shot at the end is very similar to the shot of the tardis in the glitch teasers that aired before Eurovision. Coincidence? Or does it mean anything

23:40 UTC


"Oh you should've seen it, that old planet..."

00:19 UTC


If there ever was a AAA Doctor Who video game, which of the 15+ Doctors do you think should be the incarnation leading the story?

What Doctor incarnation would you think would be best suitable as the main incarnation for a AAA Doctor Who video game?

I’d probably go for Eight, Thirteenth, War or Fugitive.

Eight, because of the numbered Incarnations he has had the least amount of screen time.

Thirteenth, to demonstrate the full potential of her Doctor without bad scripts hampering her.

War, since the Time War is probably a fantastic setting for an action adventure game.

Fugitive, because, well if you are going to introduce yet another in-between Doctor, that timeline wise, doesn’t really make sense, at least do something with them.

However I’d be greatfull to hear what y‘all think.

21:54 UTC


Doctor Who - Series 5 Vinyl Soundtrack available for preorder

Silva Screen has announced the Series 5 soundtrack 3xLP, due for release July 7th. This release is quite limited (500 copies) and can be available for purchase via:

The Sound of Vinyl

Silva Screen

1 Comment
21:04 UTC


Strax 💙

Literally burst out laughing during this line. Strax always has me laughing. Def one of my fave characters so far !!!

20:39 UTC


Which Cyberman version is the best to you?

The Cybermen's design has changed drastically over the years, and many designs and alterations to the species have popped up as a result. Which version is the greatest, in your view?

I unfortunately couldn't include every design due to poll restrictions, but the notable ones left out were The Moonbase/Tomb Cybermen, The Wheel in Space Cybermen, Cybershades, and Ashad.

View Poll

19:32 UTC


11 forgetting day of the doctor?

When they freeze Gallifrey in day of the doctor is when we see Capaldi for the first time as the next doctor. Tennant and hurt forget the events of that episode but smith remembers (mr grumpy reference in time and 12s whole arc in hell bent). However in time of the doctor smith believes he’s the last doctor and cannot regenerate but surely he should remember seeing capaldi as the doctor and should expect regeneration?

Selective remembering?


Or since capaldi is the latest doctor in that bit is it only him that remembers it?

TL:DR smith saw caw Capaldi in day but forgets him in time, why?


19:19 UTC


The Lazarus Experiment

Does anyone think The Lazarus Experiment was missing or had too much of something? I just feel like it could've better somehow.

P.S. And can we agree that the Lazarus monster looks like something out of Resident Evil, lol?

19:15 UTC


The daleks forgetting the Doctor

I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this, but I really do not like when Oswin deletes the Doctor from the pathweb.

Currently watching Dalek Asylum and it just bothers me. The daleks are basically the Doctor's nemesises and now they just don't remember him

18:56 UTC


What is your favorite, not really essential to the plot, addition to the lore?

Mine is that the reason the TARDIS makes that specific noise is because the Doctor leaves the breaks on.

19:07 UTC


10 and 12 give off very similar looks and vibes sometimes. Here's a video.

16:28 UTC


Why is Polly's hair longer again in The Faceless Ones?

I don't think it's much of a "spoiler" to say that Polly gets a haircut in The Macra Terror, which was apparently done to reflect the real life actress, having gotten a haircut in real life. Apparently they just had her wear hair extensions for the first part of Episode 1 and then had the character get a haircut so that she didn't have to wear the extensions for the rest of the story. Which makes sense, because all the stories from The Highlanders to The Macra Terror directly lead into each other.

There is a gap between The Macra Terror and The Faceless Ones where expanded media can go and pump out all their "2nd Doctor, Polly, Ben, and Jamie" stories. So while it works for us, since there wasn't really such a thing as expanded media back in those days, why exactly did they go out of their way to make Polly have long hair again for The Faceless Ones?

18:04 UTC


With what we know now, what seemed like a minor plot hole actually makes sense now in regards to River mentioning the crash of the Byzantium at the library

She doesn’t buy into it for a while that The Doctor doesn’t know her and assumes he’s pretending, and when comparing diaries she asks if they’ve done the crash of the Byzantium; Moffat confirmed that there are canonically multiple adventures between 10 and River so she should surely know that he’s pre Byzantium which hasn’t been formally addressed

With what we know now though (that River knows multiple faces for The Doctor beyond those she’s personally familiar with and that The Doctor can reuse faces in regenerations including 10s recently), this actually becomes a sensible question; without giving him spoilers, it essentially asks ‘are you actually 10 or are you a future one?’.

She then asks about the picnic at Asgard which from what I’ve seen is indicated to be with 10 (there’s a story with the picnic at Asgard being an 11th Doctor, but given that that isn’t written by Moffat while the Day of The Doctor novelisation that apparently indicates it’s 10 is, that’s the sensible canon pick because word of god)

Granted it’s still a sticky plaster on a gaping continuity hole and the real answer is that things changed in the writers room, but it seems a very solid head canon that what she was asking is “you look to be young but just to confirm, you’re pre 11 right? Ok cool, but you’re at least past this early 10 encounter yes? No? Geez you really are early on…”

Any thoughts?

16:28 UTC


Which Eighth Doctor Novels are standalone?

I’ve recently bought a few of the EDA’s as I’ve been meaning to read them for ages. I wondered which ones are standalone and which ones have pre-requisites so I don’t try to read a complex arc finale without any knowledge. I’ve bought:

Father Time The Burning Camera Obscura Dreamstone Moon Scarlett Empress Earthworld City of the Dead

I’d love to read Vampire Science and Alien Bodies but they are annoying to get hold of.

Thank you

17:01 UTC


Doctor and Davros

Which doctor does davros have the most interesting relationship with? I have to admit that I haven't seen an episode with Davros for a long time (the last time I probably listened to Daleks among us with 7.) I would say that it is similar to the Master, with the only difference that, with (admittedly, numerous) exceptions, every Doctor meets "his" Master, but there is only one Davros. What do you think?

11:53 UTC


Which companions voted Brexit

Rose - Brexit Amy - Remain (Scottish) Martha - Remain Donna - Brexit, but donnas dad - Remain Clara - Remain

11:43 UTC


Season 8

Hello friends!

Welp I have officially gotten to season 8!!! I said goodbye to my forehead kissing, bowtie wearing, fishstick and custard eating Doctor, and welcome a much older, but I will say, still very handsome doctor 😍 (it's the daddy issues)

You all were right, I was very sad to see Matt Smith go. Not the same level of devastation I had with the last episodes of David and Catherine for sure ( I think my man Wilfred also played a big part in that. Still miss him) but When Matt Smith took off the bowtie, I definitely teared up!! I loved the special where we got to see David and Matt together!!! Even tho it was very rude for them to have David leave by saying "I don't want to go" again. Just rude!!

I have one question after my first episode of season 8. The one with the cannibal cyborgs. In the end the cyborg goes to "Paradise" and meets someone named Missy. It feels like I should know her already but I do not remember her at all? Is it revealed later, doesn't matter at all, or did I miss an episode? Cause Capaldi said it all seemed familiar but it didn't to me lol. So I'm just wondering if I missed a special, cause I didn't know those existed for a while, or if I had too much wine one night 🤣 I'm asking here cause every time I try to google ANYTHING I obvs get major spoilers even when I think something is safe lol.

So all I'm asking is "should I know her already and do I need to go back and watch something I missed" or "it's coming" but aside from that please no spoilers 😁

Thanks everyone. Always appreciate the discussion in this Whovian Community 💙

06:52 UTC


Just a random thought

With all of the AI generated material out there, has anyone ever thought to make an image of the 10th doctor and Sailor Pluto on a cliff side date on top of a DeLorean staring up at the stars with a cityscape below?

03:26 UTC


does anyone know if there is a list of every doctor who episode sorted into chronological order?

i was thinking that it would be fun to watch like that because it seems like a pointless but funny concept. also when i say every episode, i mean the classic series as well.

07:24 UTC


I love Bill!

I’m finally catching up on Capaldi’s and Jodie’s eras having been out of touch with the show for a while, and I love Bill!! I love that she’s just a normal person, similar to how Rose/Martha/Donna were just normal, average people with no complex “I’m impossible and you need to figure me out” backstory (which I am still a fan of!), but I just love how we go back to a normal human, being normal, and I just adore Bill’s character 🥰

08:50 UTC


What spinoffs do you want to see?

I think a show with the Paternoster gang would be cool, but what do you think?

09:12 UTC

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