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Should I read more Joe Abercrombie if I didn’t love The First Law?

I thought the characters were second to none, but the plot was very disjointed and just a bit flat (in my opinion, of course). Would you recommend I continue with his work?

13:18 UTC


Book/audiobook recommendations for rainy days?

Hi everyone

Im happy to find a community that seem to share my taste and love for fantasy

  • and since im in a drought regarding my books these days i wanted to ask all of you for your best reccomendations within cozy (but also dark?) fantasy. I tend to love a strong fantasy setting and getting lost in the world. I use fantasy books to almost feel like a kid again and that innocence and nostalgic feeling is like a drug to me.

Im a big big audiobook lover so if you have something in mind where you also know that there is an audio version with a good narrator please let me know :) if not, then that is just fine as well.

I really like ''strange worlds'', magic, creatures and 'wisdom' (Love the old gandalf, dumbledoor, bayaz, Brom characters that has vast knowledge of the world. Makes me feel cozy like a kid again that can learn).

Lastly ill just add some of the stuff ive already read to give you an idea of my taste.

My list:

  • Harry potter series 1-7 (Love them with all my heart)
  • The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey (super cool and different setup to a weird 'realistic' fantasy monster story)
  • The first Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie (Amazing. I still whisper to myself ''Better to do it, than to live with the fear of it'' everytime i have to do something im afraid of)
  • First 3 books in ''the dresden files'' By Jim Butcher (i might go back to these and keep going tbh)
  • Battle Mage By Peter A. Flannery (SUCH a cool and different take on dragons and demons. Amazing read. Loved it)
  • Norse Mythology By Neil Gaiman (i know this doesnt quite fit but the stories gave me the same cozy feeling inside as a good fantasy novel)
  • Game of thrones books (Honestly a bit slow and 'realistic' for my taste but still a cool read)
  • Inheritance Cycle - all 4 main books (Absolutly LOVE this series. It made me comfy, cozy, scared, i cried and i cheered. overall just an amazing read for me)
  • Mistborn saga By Brandon Sanderson but only the first book, and its been a while. Maybe i should give it another go?
  • Childen of time By Adrian Tchaikovsky (AMAZING book. actually helped me deal with my fear of spiders a LOT)

I also have these books but havent gotten around to start them yet - i dont know why its so hard. if you know them and can convince me to start. please do

  • Gardens of the moon By Steven Erikson
  • The eye of the world By Robert Jordan
  • Gideon the ninth By Tamsyn Muir

I really hope you have some good reccomendations for me - cant wait to check in later.

1 Comment
13:11 UTC


/r/Fantasy Daily Recommendation Requests and Simple Questions Thread - June 23, 2024

This thread is to be used for recommendation requests or simple questions that are small/general enough that they won’t spark a full thread of discussion.

Check out r/Fantasy's 2024 Book Bingo Card here!

As usual, first have a look at the sidebar in case what you're after is there. The r/Fantasy wiki contains links to many community resources, including "best of" lists, flowcharts, the LGTBQ+ database, and more. If you need some help figuring out what you want, think about including some of the information below:

  • Books you’ve liked or disliked
  • Traits like prose, characters, or settings you most enjoy
  • Series vs. standalone preference
  • Tone preference (lighthearted, grimdark, etc)
  • Complexity/depth level

Be sure to check out responses to other users' requests in the thread, as you may find plenty of ideas there as well. Happy reading, and may your TBR grow ever higher!

As we are limited to only two stickied threads on r/Fantasy at any given point, we ask that you please upvote this thread to help increase visibility!

12:00 UTC


/r/Fantasy Dealer's Room: Self-Promo Sunday - June 23, 2024

This weekly self-promotion thread is the place for content creators to compete for our attention in the spirit of reckless capitalism. Tell us about your book/webcomic/podcast/blog/etc.

The rules:

  • Top comments should only be from authors/bloggers/whatever who want to tell us about what they are offering. This is their place.
  • Discussion of/questions about the books get free reign as sub-comments.
  • You're still not allowed to use link shorteners and the AutoMod will remove any link shortened comments until the links are fixed.
  • If you are not the actual author, but are posting on their behalf (e.g., 'My father self-published this awesome book,'), this is the place for you as well.
  • If you found something great you think needs more exposure but you have no connection to the creator, this is not the place for you. Feel free to make your own thread, since that sort of post is the bread-and-butter of r/Fantasy.

More information on r/Fantasy's self-promotion policy can be found here.

12:00 UTC


Looking for the Best “Fantasy Kitchen Sink” Universe

"Fantasy Kitchen Sink" is a trope in which most ,if not all, fantasy creatures from different cultures exist and have agency. These include Vampires, werewolves, Gods, witches, demons, angels, etc. For this example the "monsters" would have to have their own stories and role in the plot, and don't just exist as monsters of the week. Though those could still exist as well.

10:54 UTC


Do the GOT books have more fantasy in them than the show?

I watched all of Game of Thrones and am now caught up with HOTD, and I’m obsessed. But if I’m going to read the series I’d need a lot more fantasy than what is shown in the show. I’ve heard that there’s a lot more dragon scenes cut from the show due to the budget, is that the extent of it? Are the books worth reading for someone who loves and only really reads fantasy?

08:13 UTC


Looking for High Fantasy, MC becomes more powerful as book progresses, great world building, elegant writing

I’m about to finish Brandon Saunderson’s Elantris and I’d love to avoid a bookless stupor. I’ve read the Mistborn trilogy and Way of Kings, I’m nervous about Skyward and The Reckoners due to their YA categorization (unless I am wrong about wanting to avoid YA as an adult?).

Any recommendations?

(Similar in style to the above mentioned as well as: Name of the Wind, Robin Hobb books and even Game of Thrones?).

08:13 UTC


I am looking for podcasts with fantasy short stories

Preferably on Youtube. Most of story-podcasts I find, are creepypastas, but I am looking for fantasy. I tried to browse, but when I look for "fantasy story podcast" there are only "how to write fantasy story" manuals. When I look for "fantasy story audiobooks", there are records of full novels, like "The Shadow Watch Saga". Until then, only channel with short fantasy stories I found was Dark Beaver Records, but there are only 3 stories in English there. Do you have any recommendations?

08:06 UTC


I'm really enjoying the Godkiller series by Hannah Kaner.

Currently reading the second book 'Sunbringer' would highly recommend it.

I like the switching between perspectives but how she keeps the story moving so there's no repeating what just happened. Makes a faster paced story.

Gods, knights, and a witty, sarcastic, strong female protagonist are usually a recipe for a good book 😆

06:41 UTC


Can you guys recommend Movies, any type of fantasy as long it is set in ancient times? The more the ancient it is, the better!


04:55 UTC


Girlfriend is looking for fairy fantasy books

Hey all, my girlfriend isn’t the biggest fantasy reader but loves fairies. Are there any adult fantasy books focused around fairy’s with a romance subplot? Not like smut romance either but just actual romance. Trying to see what’s out there for her

04:07 UTC


Recommendations: Well-Written Fantasy

Hi everyone! I've been on r/Fantasy for a while to look for book recommendations, but for some reason I have never thought to create a post myself, so here goes.

I am pretty tough to give book recommendations to, in part because I am a voracious reader and have read many of the best series (and web serials), and also because I have some pretty strict criteria for what I like. Here they are:

  • More slice of life than fight scenes strung together
  • Master / apprentice vibes
  • School / magic education / training vibes
  • Zero to hero plot arc
  • Exceptionally competent main character
  • Mellifluous prose
  • Characters are human and enemies are human, or functionally human (elves, dwarves, etc.). I really dislike it when the MC is fighting demons or magical beasts or whatnot.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of series that I have read, as well as a rating of how much I liked it:

  • Brandon Sanderson
    • I've read every single book of his. My favorite is The Rithmatist (10), with Mistborn (10) a close second. I am not a huge fan of the Stormlight Archives (5).
  • Wheel of Time (6)
  • Cradle - 7
  • Travelers Gate - 3
  • Mother of Learning - 10
  • The Wandering Inn (yes, I've read the whole thing and keep up with updates) - 7
  • The Will of the Many - 6
  • Iron Prince - 8
  • Red Rising - 6
  • Watership Down - 7
  • The Hobbit and LOTR - 8
  • ASOIAF - 3
  • Kingkiller - 7
  • Harry Potter - 5
  • Dune - 2
  • Lightbringer - 6
  • Gentleman Bastard.- 6
  • Narnia - 7
  • Licanus - 2
  • Enders game - 7
  • Night Angel - 6
  • Redwall - 4
  • Arcane Ascension - 4
  • Mage Errant - 3
  • The Martian / Artemis / Project Hail Mary - 9
  • Andromeda Strain - 10
  • 1984 - 8
  • Aretmis Fowl - 4
  • His Dark Materials - 3
  • Malazan - 1
  • Discworld - 3
  • American Gods - 1
  • Legend / The Young Elites / Warcross - 7
  • Babel - 3
  • The Once and Future King - 5
  • Piranesi - 2
  • The Magicians - 1

There are many more; also wasn't entirely sure what counted in the genre. I know this might be naive of me, but I keep hoping that there are these fabulously written books out there that I haven't read, but everything I pick up recently keeps disappointing me. Hopefully your recommendations will help!

04:05 UTC


Did you enjoy Piranesi? (No spoilers)

OK, I'll admit it. Instagram made me buy and read Piranesi. There was SO MUCH HYPE about this book and for the life of me I can't figure out why? People were raving about it saying it was one of their top fantasy/mystery book recs of the year and they couldn't put it down.

I read it and I was super disappointed. The author made some interesting writing choices by capitalizing words in the middle of sentences to give them noun like qualities. In some cases, this made sense as the MC had that mind set. But there were several other words that this exception didn't apply to and had me wondering if there was a hidden code within the writing (which would have been very cool for a mystery book!). I had some other minor quibbles about this book but it not worth getting into as reading in general is super subjective.

I honestly just want to know if I'm the odd one out in thinking this book was waaaaay over hyped.

Let me know what you think!

P.S. I personally didn't think this fit the fantasy genre. I'd put it in sci-fi mystery.

02:27 UTC


Accidentally picked up Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan before reading The Powder Mage Trilogy

Enjoying the first few chapters and I don’t think I have spoiled anything significant from the original trilogy, but should I read the The Powder Mage Trilogy before continuing Sins of Empire? I plann to eventually read PMT and don’t want to spoil the trilogy for myself.

02:25 UTC


‘Relax I’m from the Future’ but can only say it online

I just watched the movie Relax I’m from the Future and realized what seemed the most unrealistic logic to me was trying to convince people in person that something that can seem unbelievable is true.

It would seem to me more logical if you were coming from the future or another planet, somewhere where you have some knowledge of humans, human history, tv shows, knowledge that can be found on the internet & that humans have an/the internet, that it would seem more logical, productive & beneficial to use the internet to initiate people understanding something that can seem unbelievable is true.

The movie itself alludes to the fact that all throughout human history its only after having had time to ponder have truths been accepted as such, in the movie the example is artist who’s artistry is not recognized until after death.

From nature to modern society, in almost all if not all instances where humans are convinced of a truth instantly they either are or feel scammed regardless if it pure undeniable truth. Just is what it is.

I know from experience, being “dropped off/seeming to suddenly appear” & have a truth needed to be believed in order to survive you can’t do it through the internet. At the very least in no way I can reasonably think of or tried.

I studied & worked in advertising. I know if I had a product to sell, financial transaction, then brute force would eventually and often quickly result in a transaction, the truth being believed or not. The movie also alludes to this in that things change for the person from the future needing assistance from those here in the present when the person from the future has financial transactions with them causing it to be irrelevant what is or is not the truth.

Without movie magic the real life attempts to convince strangers or even those who know you well that something that can seem unbelievable but is true is true is extremely difficult if not impossible, and often results in immediate distraction from the truth being known if not also hindrance of the truth ever being known. The closest depiction I’ve seen is a Twilight Zone episode titled Person or Persons Unknown.

So in my mind & by experience it seems more logical & realistic that if a time traveler or alien life form appeared in present day earth & had a truth to be known & believed they’d do it through the internet. Many indications people believe what people/life forms state on the internet regardless of evidence of truth, or care.

It should be easier to get a seemingly unbelievable truth known by stating it publicly on the internet and by it not being initially believed proven true.

For an example an alien from outer space tells the first person they meet they’re an alien, its extensive likely even with blatant evidence thats an alien it’ll be extremely complicated & time will pass before whatever truths the alien has to say are believed. As depicted in many alien encounter depictions. A lot of it is because the truth/situation is being suddenly & unexpectedly presented and so it’s difficult to focus or care about the truth that caused the sudden presentation of the truth more than the sudden presentation of the truth.

It would however seem the expected result that if the alien made a social media post, craigslist ad, decades ago a “desperately seeking susan” classified ad, because its not a sudden onslaught of a truth rather than one sought that there would be more care about the truth than the sudden knowing of a truth that may have seemed unbelievable.

But thats not what occurs much if at all. Whether it was pre internet or now, what’s believed as true by many is because it was believed to be a solicited/intentional lie.

In other words an alien posts on social media “I’m an alien” , it’s mostly if not all determined that true or not it doesn’t matter to you. Its a post on social media, a classified ad, not someone physically in your presence, you weren’t looking to know if aliens existed. The truth if the alien exists doesn’t matter to you, and if it did even if you thought it was a lie you’d be initiating seeking the truth if you responded to the post/ad.

But if an alien says to anyone on earth “I’m an alien” it’s determined true or not what does matter to you is someone unexpectedly & suddenly is in your physical presence prioritizing a truth that seems unbelievable while you’re priority is it’s believable that alien can be or is a threat to your existence.

So its not a new fantasy or real life struggle, from the New Testament, Back to the Future, that Twilight Zone episode and now the movie ‘Relax, I’m from the Future’ , it’s conundrum & problem thats been much pondered what to do if you needed a truth to be believed so that you don’t die from the disbelief of a truth.

Every iteration or variation of a person, human or alien or thing, that has to have a truth believed so not to cause death from disbelief of a truth either they die from causes of disbelief of the truth, or it requires something to occur there’s no evidence has or can occur other than in fantasy like effectively convincing suddenly & randomly strangers of a truth they weren’t seeking beneficially enough to prevent death from causes from disbelief of many. Or ability to obtain massive amounts of income & payment to others beneficially enough to prevent death from other causes.

Its personal because I’m in a similar situation regardless but also have a terminal health condition & it’s possible that unless a fantasy movie or otherwise has an idea on how to realistically resolve the problem of someone/thing needing to have a truth be recognized as such to prevent the someone/thing from dying by causes of disbelief of the truth.

Is there a story, depiction or iteration of the literature concept of conflict or real life struggle of needing a truth to be known & accepted as such to ensure survival that I am unaware of, or does anyone have an idea of one?

Specifically for the movie ‘Relax, I’m from the Future’ , when the time traveler got to the library while the physical books were non existent in the future & a version of the dead internet was available in the future, the time traveler did have access to the live internet, social media, posting, elsewhere.

It would of been more realistic that if the time traveler had to convince a artist that after death he will be acclaimed as an artist or just about anything else. He would of been more beneficial & logical to gained the finances first only interacting on the current day internet than to have tried to convince anyone of the truth in person first.

Also my problem, besides limitations on how much money I can gain to pay others to subsequently have a truth believed, money isn’t the priority & results in a disbelief of the truth regardless of how much its believed/known to be a truth.

So from an alien perspective, not so much time traveler, it seems illogical & opposite of what you’d do if you needed a truth be known and accepted as such to ensure survival to focus on approaching strangers in person & trying to convince/inform them of a truth or to gain wealth to pay people in an effort for a truth to be known.

But generally stories aren’t told from an alien perspective & both large amounts of money &/or a person able to fully accept a truth as such they weren’t seeking & were suddenly & unexpectedly told/informed is a truth.

However it although logically there’s not much if any indication someone could have a realistic fantasy of how to resolve the struggle of needing a truth to be known & accepted as such to ensure survival, anyone out there enough to be here now?

00:22 UTC


Archangel by Sharon Shin. Am I missing something?

Is this a YA book? I’m 58% through and I just can’t anymore. I thought at first the concept was interesting. It was fun to slowly discover the set up. But then…everyone is flat and one dimensional. They were assigned roles, and they stay in them 100% of the time. Plot might have (shallow) twists, but you know exactly what will happen and who will be actioning it. And the clothes….the descriptions of clothes and “tight flying leathers”…..and now I learn there’s a whole series? Does it get better? Or am I missing something?

23:54 UTC


Stories with trope Aware MC

I am looking for stories that have a Main character that is aware of tropes and clichés that might be happening around him. He might even be aware that he is in a story, and acts accordingly to either make use of the tropes, or avoid. Anything that has the MC missing with tropes and clichés.

Preferences: ° Male Mc

° Adult Mc, 20 years and above. (if MC is physically a child but mentally an adult, and acts like an adult, that counts)

° Doesn't matter weather it is an original work or a fan fiction, so long as it doesn't read like the essasy of a 4th grader who hasn't learned their tenses, or how to use punctuation.

23:45 UTC


Favorite “weird” familiar races

I’m playing a firbolg in DnD and I just love how weird they are as basically being a giant that is slowly turning into a fey and the vagueness of their design and memetic mutation now making them look like anything in popular consciousness (I’ve seen them being big tieflings, basically Navi, and even things like anthropomorphic unicorns). I only played briefly but I also loved the Galka and Draenei from ff11 and WoW for having the same mix of weird traits and being so different from the other playable races.

I wanted know if there were other “weird races” species people like. I’m saying races because I’m drawing from gaming to distinguish from non playable species but any fiction and not just point of view characters are cool.

23:16 UTC


Novel where the mc is supported by his dead loved ones.

I want a novel where the mc for some reason or another lost a lot of close people to him (Either by death or something else) but keeps on going and keeps on trying to achieve his goals. Now what I'm about to say is a bit preferential but I would love it if there were scenes where the mc is about to metaphorically fall but a lot of eatheral hands stop him from doing so or things like that. Huge bonus if the mc is self sacrificing or aims for the top in some kind of way. (Even more bonus if the novel is sad enough to make me cry because its been a very long time since that last happened to me.)

22:42 UTC


Reality bending fantasy?

I finished Vita Nostra by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, and it was the best book I’ve read this year, so far.

I’m looking for more books that slowly and mysteriously twist reality in the same way?

If you’re not familiar with Vita Nostra- first I highly recommend you check it out. Ultimately, I’ll spoil the page turning, gripping, slow burn story for you so you may understand what I’m looking for.

Don’t uncover if you have any interest in reading it , being left in the dark is part of the experience!:

!Magic school trope is spun on its head. Though it’s not totally clear if the students are actually doing “magic” at all. In fact, I don’t think the word “magic” is ever used in the book. At least not in earnest.

The main character is blackmailed into attending a bizarre college in middle-of-nowhere, Russia, by a man who can seemingly twist fate into harming her loved ones. She meets deformed, equally mysterious upperclassmen who have strange habits of “glitching”, getting stuck in place, and covering every inch of their bodies with layers of clothing. No one will give her a straight answer- Only that this is fate. No other possible alternative. She and her peers are simply told to study as hard as they can. Study a jumbled mess of essentially gibberish. Mind spaghetti nonsense. Until one day, the gibberish starts making sense. It clicks and she becomes.. everything? No longer human, she’s told that she is a word. A concept. Her fate is to shed her human form and become the aspect of an idea. A verb. A word.!<

No spells, no fire balls, no wands, no arcane or occult source of energy. Just an uncovering of a side of reality unseen. Mind bending and twisting. Mysterious. Books that left you wondering existential things.

Please let me know if you have a good recommendation.

22:33 UTC


Books similar to the Pellinor series ( read description)

Fantasy is my favorite genre to read and recently I picked up the prequel to the Pellinor series since I just found out it existed and I really think the series is my absolute favorite even though I'm much older than I was when I first read it. Other than her flowery prose, I think Croggon is an expert in character development, so much that I fondly remember the characters years after reading.

I'm looking for a similar high fantasy series, I take no issue with the similarities to Tolkien, because she manages to avoid being tropey (in my eyes) even so. But another aspect that I adore is the slow burn blossoming romance. Its hard to find a story with a realistic romance that makes your heart flutter but also has substance. I tried reading Sarah J Maas as people were raving about it but it felt very simplistic.

Bonus points for a strong realistic female protaganist, and something set in a place that is not the world as we know it.

I don;t have much faith I will find something quite like it, so I might just re-read the whole thing ;-;

22:14 UTC


What is the WORST book you just couldn't stop reading?

You know, you start a book, it is generic, you already "knows" the story, but still you keep reading

21:09 UTC


Raymond e fiest no love

I was wondering why there is hardly any love for raymond e fiest. I haven't read any of his books in years but I always look back thinking they were amazing. The riftwar saga was amazing the serpertwar saga and the conclave of shadows are all really good. Faerie tale is a amazing stand alone horror/fantasy that rivals Stephen King at times. So just to wrap up am I alone or is there others secretly out there? Hello

19:41 UTC


Sword of truth

Yes i have questions questions questions i have seen alot and i mean alot of criticism around sot that is very very mostly discouraging me from reading ahead. the strongest criticism i have heard so far is the topic of richard getting preachy around book 5 and upwards i haven't gotten to that part of the book yet so i would not rlly know but i want to understand is how it is wrong for character to hold a philosophical position on how he wants the world to look like and fight to make that view possible no matter how much u disagree with that view how does that irritate u as adult readers.

17:58 UTC


Has anyone else struggled to get into John Gwyne’s stuff?

I’ve been wanting to check out his Bloodsworn series for the longest while now, being a huge fan of Norse/Viking-inspired fantasy books (my current favorites being the Hanged God trilogy by Thilde Holdt, The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson and The Wolf and The Whale by Jordanna Brodsky). The cover art for all three books in this series is especially epic as fuck so I was really excited. However I ended up having quite a tough time with Shadow of The Gods. The fight scenes were overdone and repetitive, all of the characters felt flat and indistinguishable, the plot felt extremely episodic.

Instead of trying to continue slogging through it I put it down and tried Faithful and The Fallen instead to see if that was any better, yet I ended up having the exact same problems with the first book of that series Malice; except here, on top of all those aforementioned flaws, the world-building is extremely generic

17:38 UTC


KU books for a picky reader?

Hello friends, after I was brought to the first Law trilogy and Dungeon Crawler Carl by this subreddit I know you are capable of fantastic recommendations for Fantasy. I have looked at some similar posts and I've checked out some of the recommendations but they felt unworthy of publication - often like what I see on fanfiction sites. I am aware though that I am very difficult to please.

My favorite read was A Song of Ice and Fire for it's grey characters and the thrill of any character possibly dying. The complexities gave me plenty to enjoy on a reread an for theory crafting. The series is a 10 for me.

I enjoyed TFL and DCC, both recommended by this subreddit generally. Great characters. Not a fan of sci-fi, but it was light sci-fi in DCC. These series are a 9 for me.

I enjoyed the Storm light archive, it has some fantastic world building but some characters and repetitiveness brought it down to about an 8 for me.

I read the KCC based on this subreddit recommendation and I hated the Mary Su character and story. Felt like an author insert and kept breaking the immersion for me.

Based on this limited information, are there any KU books you would recommend?

17:35 UTC


Fantasy books with the best character relationships?

I’m not looking explicitly for romantic relationships, but I want deep, complex relationships between characters. Something that’ll break my heart at points and fill it at others.

If any of you have seen Better Call Saul, Jimmy and Kim are what prompted this post hahaha. I finished the show recently and I want to get invested in new characters like that again…

EDIT: I love the Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee and the First Law series by Joe Abercrombie (I haven’t read Age of Madness yet, I’ve just gotten through the standalones). Loved Lies of Locke Lamora too. I also enjoy Stormlight Archive, but Sanderson’s characters are his weakest quality I think, not something I’d use as an example.

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Female protagonist in action packed adventure fantasy but not tragic

Like hunterxhunter vibes please. I'd even take a fanfic atp. I don't consider it tragic despite the deaths all over because they're 'minor' characters so that's my meter of "not tragic"

Hidden Legacy also has action that I enjoyed because it's easy to read, got me pumped up, and no major characters dying.

Gideon the Ninth I'm reading this but slowly. I'm still pushing thru.

I also love if there's humor and fluffy moments. I enjoy a good humor.

I just finished The Poppy War so I would like to console myself with another high action adventure but not tragic.

Thank you for your time.

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