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Timeline of Post-Bane Sith?

Is there a complete timeline of the Sith from Bane to Palpatine? If not I think that’s a lot of cool area to cover, possibly in a tv show or book series.

1 Comment
19:05 UTC


Rare Star Wars Pez

Anybody out there who also got this. Got it some years back when the first movie for the sequel trilogy came out and never opened it cuz of the box art and now wondering how rare it is?

18:41 UTC


What if Exar Kun returned during the prequels?

For this scenario I'll say around 62BBY, a human archaeologist who's pregnant with a force sensitive baby explores the temple on Yavin 4. Kun's spirit escapes the temple and enters the baby. When the baby is born, it's taken to the Jedi Temple. There, Kun (who's obviously got a different name) deliberately holds back and he models himself as the perfect Jedi to gain the trust of the council who think he's just a very talented Jedi, becoming the youngest knight in the order's history.

After the Battle of Naboo, Kun is shocked to learn that there's another Sith Lord out there and he won't tolerate any competition. Kun manipulates Obi-Wan and the council into letting him train Anakin instead, claiming that Anakin needs a more experienced master (I acknowledge that would be quite difficult). Of course, Kun's plan is to make Anakin his Sith apprentice and find the other Sith Lord and eliminate them. When Kun and Palpatine meet both suspect there's something off about the other and the race is on between the two Sith Lords to discover the other's true identity.

One idea I had for how Kun manipulates the council into permitting him into training Anakin is that Kun volunteers to take part in Naboo and he keeps the droids distracted outside the palace and he deliberately waits until he can sense that Qui-Gon's been stabbed until he goes to help Obi-Wan. Since Obi-Wan required help to defeat Maul in this timeline, he doesn't get promoted to Jedi knight immediately but has to undertake the trials which he still passes while Kun trains Anakin.

I'm not entirely sure what Kun's plan for rebuilding his empire would be. One idea I had is he does what he did during the Great Sith War, he carefully selects Jedi with dark tendencies like Pong Krell to join him while similarly to Maul, reaching out to the Mandalorians and criminal organisations, manipulating them into attacking the Republic so Kun and his followers can stop them to make the Jedi Council look weak and to gain support from the people to form his own militia. Of course that brings it into conflict with Sidious' plans so both Sith Lords send their underlings to try and interfere with the other's plans.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions for this. I know this isn't the only post I've done on an old republic era character entering the films, I just think it's interesting seeing how characters from different eras would handle the rise of the empire era.

18:17 UTC


[Lore] Is it still canon that repulsors are made using pieces of space-time harvested from black holes?

In Wookiepedia article about Repulsors (Legends continuity) it says this:

The repulsorlift or repulsorlift engine, often referred to simply as a repulsor, was an anti-gravity technology capable of levitating an object. It was created from subnuclear "knots" of space-time made by enormous unmanned power refineries encompassing black holes.

I have my doubts, because building a space station around black hole and harvesting pieces of space-time and then using these pieces in small devices seems like something too advanced for Star Wars franchise.

P.S.: Article lists "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections" book as source for the description quoted above.

1 Comment
17:45 UTC


The possible plot for Filoni's Movie(s)

17:36 UTC


Made this festive AT-AT from gingerbread for my sculpture class for a local competition!

School entered in a local gingerbread house competition. Voting link is here if you are interested in helping the Empire crush the rebellion.


17:35 UTC


So i have a debate that i ve been thinking about lately so i want to also ask you guys. (SPOILERS FOR PHANTOM MENACE) Would Qui Gon kill Maul if he had the chance and why?

Imo he wouldnt. Couse any person or living creature even the most evil one shouldnt be killed as the rules of jedi. And also Qui Gon is not one with the dark side and also so wise. He wouldnt turn to darkside to kill someone as obi wan did to maul in the first film. It is also like the Count Dooku and Anakin's fight in ROtS. He says that its not the jedi way to kill a person even if he is evil. And its also the same story with Maul. Only other point than this is that Maul is a broken force user like Vader. He was manipulated and brainwashed by the darkside and imo he could have great help for the republic. But im not really sure with my oppinion so im asking you guys. And also please explain the reason of your answer. Thanks!!

17:23 UTC


Megamaser vs Turbolaser

To me, this seems fun to think about. Before I begin in earnest, here's some context for what a megamaser is for those who don't know:

A megamaser is essentially the Chiss Ascendancy's answer for a turbolaser. Much like turbolasers, megamasers are maser weapons used for capital ships. However, unlike blasters and laser cannons, masers used a kinetic element on top of their laser element to give Chiss blaster, called charrics, some extra "oomph".

(The term "laser" in this context is really blaster bolts (the known galaxy used actual lasers at first but the term just stayed even though they use plasma, the most likely applied to the Chiss))

The main reason why maser technology is more powerful is because if that kinetic variant. A jedi cannot deflect a maser bolt and their lightsaber would eventually fly out of the user's hands. So, where am I going with this?

Well, most star wars shields on capital ships are a of deflector, ray, and particles shields. Essentially, your typical CR90 or Star Destroyer can deflect kinetic damage via asteroids, heat damage via turbolasers, and cosmic radiation. Despite what the movies show, star destroyer shields can stop thousands of asteroids. (As a fan of Halo, this fact will always break my nerd heart)

Now, while turbolasers use heat damage, megamasers should then use heat and kinetic damage. This tells me that CIS/GAR/Rebel/Imperial ships would take more damage from megamasers thanks to their added kinetic damage. Just imagine your the captain of an Imperial-II and you find a ship of similar size with megamasers. Both ships fire on each other, but the ISD loses its shields faster and then gets its armor annihilated from the maser bolts.

At least, that's how I see it. What do you guys think?

16:55 UTC


Need puns for a personalized engraving

I have an odd request. I need Star Wars cooking/chopping/food prep puns for a custom engraving on a cutting board I am giving as a gift. Looking for something short, less than 10 words, 5 or less is ideal. Thanks so much for your help!

16:55 UTC


If you could gift only 2 novels to someone who hasn’t read any Star Wars, what would they be?

My father has seen all of the Star Wars films and is mildly interested in reading, but doesn’t want to commit to an entire series. I haven’t read any Star Wars so I have no idea.

I see Shatterpoint and Revenge of the Sith recommended on here a lot. Would those be a good intro?

16:53 UTC


Your least favorite and your favorite Star Wars Series?

Please no spoilers! :)

16:43 UTC


Star Wars projected on vapor from a fog machine

16:03 UTC


This is my favorite picture from comic con this year

1 Comment
15:41 UTC


What is Gen Z’s stance on Jar Jar Binks?

Because I know my parents’ generation (Baby Boomers) hates his guts

So I wanna know what my generation thinks

15:41 UTC


The Ewoks probably thought C3PO blew up the death star.

Think about it. They could see the death star, but likely had no idea what it was or how it worked. All they knew is that once they followed the instructions of their new god, their faith was rewarded and the evil moon was destroyed. It was a miracle. All hail the shiny god!

15:40 UTC


I’m in a Secret Santa with my 10 best friends from middle school. I got the guy who loves Star Wars. Price limit is $70. What do I get?

Ground rules:

  • No video games
  • No legos
  • He already has the remote controlled X wing


15:31 UTC


SPOILER confusion about "force ghosts"

So if i understand correctly, Qui-Gonn Jin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin Skywalker become "force ghosts".

What i didn't understand is in the first place who taught who how to become one, i mean in what order. IIRC, Qui-Gonn learned this from someone not quoted in the prequels, (sorry i just seen movie stuff), he taught Yoda before and Yoda trained Obi-wan after Qui-Gonn death.

I don't know who taught Anakin, i read "before his death" but it seems a little "forced" (no pun intended), because i can't see how; maybe it's just my ignorance, or it's explained in other media, so please don't be too harsh on me :)

Other than that, the second point is a bit more "metaphysical", but i read something about so maybe it's the opposite of what i was thinking

in my reasoning, if a Jedi dies and become "one with the Force", it's like...well going into heaven. (i don't know how the Force has religious elements into it, but, i guess you would be a "soul" and not a "single" body, or a single entity anymore, hope i'm clear of what i'm trying to say)

so i was thinking that be a "force ghost" would be something negative, because you keep your individuality, but you remain in this world, so it's not...real freedom.

then i read more into it, i mean i read other explanations, and i get that they simply become immortal souls, that are still able to mantain their individuality. (and their physical appearance, though i didn't understand if this is valid even for Qui-Gonn, i think it's not, maybe i was confused by an artwork on the Vader death scene.)

But then? Where they go? They remain like that, like in the original trilogy ending, or after helping the other Jedi like Luke, they did their job, and they become truly "one with the force"?

am i reading too much into it? If it's the case, please correct me

thanks in advance

15:13 UTC


The SW movies are just the story of an old man (Palpatine) begging 3 generations of people to kill him.

Every trilogy has Palps asking/encouraging someone to kill him. He's not evil, just sick of this shit.

15:06 UTC


(SPOILER, at least for some people i guess) Questions about original Star wars trilogy

So i watched the "original" trilogy more than once, but i noticed only after the prequels than the "young Anakin" as a ...phantom or what he was, was added in a second time (i was a child when i watched both trilogy and prequels).

So this made me question what else changed from the original trilogy, and if they released another "edited" trilogy.

Palpatine, for example..was present in the original trilogy or even him was added in a second time?

I know that there's like three actors that portrayed Darth Vader, one in the prequels, one in the original trilogy ending as a ghost (i don't know if he's the same of when Luke take his helmet out) and one "physically" playing him inside the suit. (one of these three actually provides the voice for him)

So i'm confused, if someone could clarify i would be very happy.

thanks in advance

(hope this post doesn't get removed like the other one, i used a lot of spoiler tags)

14:29 UTC


The rule of two didn’t fail for sidious, he was just really, really dumb.

So the rule of two was established to prevent the Sith from destroying itself with wars and backstabbing(though still part of the curriculum) and worked. Sidious took over the republic, made the empire, corruped the chosen one and made him his apprentice, and destroyed the Jedi.

But his final act before he dies is to try and corrupt the chosen ones son to do the dark side. A person who never showed the same pull as his father. Anakin was almost doomed from the start in feeling mostly isolated by the order and wanting power. Luke was a kid who went on an adventure with his friends and got caught up in a war. Even after his friends got kidnapped it arguably pulled him farther from the dark side since he went back to yoda for additional training.

So the emperor goes “yeah I’m tired of Vader and I can just replace a kid who is nothing like his father and make him my new apprentice.” Ignoring the fact his current apprentice never got over the death of his wife and children(who he thought were dead until not all that recently). Luke was not really obtainable. You were fed up with Vader. Fine kill Vader then kill Luke. Don’t have them fight each other with the intention of making the winner your new apprentice when one hates you and loves his son while the other wants you dead for the peace of the universe. He had nothing to offer Luke. What was he selling Luke, exposure?

The rule of two was not to keep the apprentice in check but the master. You can control one rabid dog if you keep an eye on it but when you lock yourself in a room with two of them next to a giant hole one of those dogs might throw you in one.

13:12 UTC


here's a little sketch idea of a new Lucasgames logo because the one they have right now is kinda bland and lacks any creativity (Sorry I'm not a designer.)

12:19 UTC


Where is the part after the great adminal Thrawn?

That's the order i followed:

Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) Star Wars: The Clone Wars first 4 seasons Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) The Mandalorian (2019-present) The Book of Boba Fett (2021-2022)

Now on: Ahsoka (2023)Ep VII The force awakens

And i was hoping it would be after the timeline where ahoka was but it is after 10 years of luke disapperence.

12:09 UTC


Must read comics while following chronological order?

That's the list I'm following right now, currently I'm at the first episode of Obi Wan and i was wondering if there are any must read comics i should add to the list? For example the 3 Thrawn ones. Thx

12:03 UTC


Mini N-1 fighter

11:21 UTC


My Revan painting

I painted Keanu Reeves as Revan. What do you guys think?

10:44 UTC


What ship is this?

It was in the Lego advent calendar this year.

10:07 UTC


Would the "Holdo Maneuver" actually work?

I know how people feel about TLJ, but the question stands. Since hyperspace is technically another dimension, would the Holdo Maneuver actually work? Would she of just phased through the other ships or are there safety features to stop ships from colliding in hyperspace? That scene always bothered me because I never really thought something like that could actually work.

09:47 UTC


best episode are 8, 3, RO

Revenge of the Sith (3)

Rogue One

The Last Jedi

worst are

Phantom Menace (1)

Holidays Special

and far behind

Rise of the Skywalker (9) : worst of the worst.

09:41 UTC

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