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If you could have any non cannon SW character join cannon, who would it be?

13:35 UTC


Just watched The Phantom Menace - I can't get over how bad light sabers look.

With the Jedi games and all the beautiful replicas out there, I completely forgot what the actual light sabers in these movies looked like. Like plastic toys. Clunky design, big red button and a low grade plastic shell from the looks of it. Meanwhile Padmé is running around with this snazzy chrome doohickey of a blaster. You'd think the lightsabers would've gotten a bit of a polish. Lightsabers = cool is what sells half this franchise.

1 Comment
13:33 UTC


Was excited with how much my 5 year old enjoyed watching for the first time.

13:14 UTC


I’ve given everything I have to you… to the dark side.

12:25 UTC


Seeing Darth Vader for the first time

11:51 UTC


Did anyone else not enjoy Fallen Order Franchise?

I think these kind of exploration games are just not for me. I’ve never played Uncharted and anyone that did I would appreciate your feedback on how Jedi Fallen Order and Survivor compare.

In both of them I loved the beginning but when I get half way I get tired of climbing and running for two hours to then get a little combat and then go back to climbing and running.

The customizations are nice but don’t seem like much considering some of the work you need for the pieces. I hope future Star Wars games are not like this.

11:41 UTC


A terracotta display I saw in a Chinese restaurant

1 Comment
11:29 UTC


question about the prophecy, obi wan and bringing balance to the force

im 27 years old and after avoiding it for so long, finallt watched the star wars saga inc all the movies and shows. the prequels were average except for RotS which i thoroughly enjoyed and is my personal favourite. the OT werent bad by any means given that they are really old but they also werent as amazing as i thought theyd be. maybe because of jow much hype and love they get it felt underwhelming but still good. the sequels in my mind were never created and dont exist. my main question is about the prophecy and the chosen one. now while anakin is the chosen one and destined to destroy the sith... it is something he eventually does which was awesome cant help but wonder tho if obi wan kenobi could have destroyed the sith long ago instead of it finally happening decades later. we all know anakin/darth vader has never been able to defeat obi wan kenobi. so if obi wan had just killed anakin properly in Rots or even after in their fight 10 years later, the sith would have been 50% decimated as palpatinewould have to look for a new apprentice which he wouldnt be able to find someone nearly half as talented as Anakin. after Anakins death by obi wan. surely Yoda and obi wana could have easily beat palpatine together. palpatine was strong af but could he really win a 2v1 agaisnt 2 jedi masters of their capabilities. or even better if they had help from a couple of the remaining jedi still alive after order 66. obi wan could of litterally been the chosen one to end the sith and bring balance wayy before anakin did decades later and alot of loved qould have been saved because of that had he just confirmed anakin was dead. im sire theres way bigger star wars heads out there that can tell me if this was even plausible and could of happen or im just reaching. would love to hear your thoughts with a nice and civilised conversation 😊

10:59 UTC


God PLEASE let it only be a bad dream.

Okay, so I had a bad dream that during the middle of the Rafa vs trandoshan manager fight in S7E8 there was a Jurassic Park raptor call just thrown in there as a random grunt.

1 Comment
10:41 UTC


You can truly see Anakin come back for a little in episode 6 of Obi Wan Kenobi

In the final battle, When Vader has his mask cut, you can see when he's talking to Obi Wan, for a little bit it's like Anakin returned, just for a little, and then Vader took over. I love those little details.

08:51 UTC


Was the clone wars retcon to last 3.5 years instead of 2 years when RotS was released or is this some Mandela effect ?

I have memories of beeing told was set in 20BBY and not 19BBY.

1 Comment
08:43 UTC


A Stellar Praise For Drew Karpyshyn and His Mastery in the Old Republic Books

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the legendary craftsmanship of Drew Karpyshyn in the Old Republic series. For those not in the know (where've you been?)

1 Comment
08:36 UTC


I call upon the community to help me find a video

Theres this video i found a while ago it was a video that started with Jocasta telling Obiwan that Kamino doesnt exist then it cuts to aunt may from the original Tobey Maguire spiderman in that scene green goblin destroys her ceiling then cuts to obiwan yelling “then you are lost”

Pls help me find this video

07:28 UTC


Why did they reuse the concept of Vader’s helmet being damaged in Kenobi

Recently started watching rebels. Gotta say that after finishing season 2, I think the obi wan series is an entire waste. Before, the only part of kenobi i enjoyed was at the end when obi wan confronts Anakin face to face. But after seeing that this exact same thing (minus the voice device glitching) happened before between Vader and Ashoka, Kenobi the series has no value to me. Why did they do this? Also sorry to be a hater, but I honestly feel that Kenobi could have been a much better series.

06:20 UTC


The greatest and saddest battle in movie history!

05:03 UTC


does Luke change his outfit halfway through return of the jedi? can anyone explain this change?

you know when Luke uses his lightsaber for the first time above the Sarlacc pit? he's wearing a black tunic with overlapping robes. he wears this for some time, but on the 2nd Death Star, the robes are gone, can anyone explain this? it very confuses me but it appears again in the mandalorian, but then he changes it in the book of Boba Fett.

04:50 UTC


Girls: its just only helmet the helmet:

04:18 UTC


I really don’t understand. Can someone explain to me how Darth Maul survived this?

04:12 UTC


New Yoda Canon: HAT

Yoda needs to be sun safe, especially with those delicate ears. Master Wu was nice enough to lend Yoda a spare hat.

04:08 UTC


What kind of music would Darth Vader listen to?

03:49 UTC


My question is: did Mr. McDiarmad have soft lenses? I don't imagine the role would've been particularly pleasant if not...

03:41 UTC


Palpatine's worldview.


Right? I mean, the sith citadel is like an upside down pyramid minus the top - which is under the ground: Palpatine. The all-seeing and unseen Eye Of Providence.

Also, it's like God killing all those nazis in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Only this time God would be Himself a nazi. 'Good is a point of view' after all..

1 Comment
20:58 UTC

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