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A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor. All can share in our achievements in a world where food is produced, water is purified, and housing is constructed by machines.

Welcome to /r/Automate!

A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor. All can share in our achievements in a world where food is produced, water is purified, and housing is constructed by machines.

Once, a long time ago, a shovel was a marvel of modern technology. Today, a shovel is $3.99 at the hardware store. Who says the same won't happen with robotics ?

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As creativity is now automated, here's a simple explanation of how AI will transform society...

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12:28 UTC


I think the future is automated stores

So currently stores are like this for the most part


Presently, most stores are designed with aisles that are spacious enough to accommodate at least 2.5 customers or shopping carts, leaving a significant amount of unused space. This design relies heavily on foot traffic for product discovery and sales. Additionally, stores also allocate space for restrooms, employee rest areas, and complex checkout systems to prevent theft.

Basically the focus is on the human experience.

I envision a future where stores, like Walmart, could transform into distribution centers and pickup points. Instead of prioritizing the human shopping experience with comfortable temperatures and spacious aisles, the focus could shift towards efficient, tailored shopping experiences. Note when you're using an online system, the system doesn't depend on the blind luck factor that you might come across an item which causes you to impulse buy it. Through targeted advertising it's far easier to sell something.


In this model, the majority of the aisles would be just wide enough for a robot, unless larger items require more space. These robots would retrieve items and bring them to a sorting area. Another set of robots would then place these items in the appropriate bins, notifying the customer once their order is ready. Customers could then pick up their orders from a kiosk inside the store, or have store employees or robots deliver the items to their cars.

This approach could also eliminate the need for large parking lots, as customers would only visit the store to pick up or return items. This ultimately saving companies a lot of money and in theory could increase sells by a lot. Note a major benefit to this model is it eliminates theft since the users should be going beyond the kiosk, more people can go through it per hour, and there is a green factor in it.

What are your thoughts on this?

15:00 UTC


In terms of automating stuff, which company in the United States is the closest to having the humanoid robot? I figure it's just a matter of time until somebody figures it out, but, is it Amazon, or that Boston Dynamics company, or, some other humanoid robot company?

company in USA that is closest to automating a lot of stuff with humanoid robots?

21:59 UTC


ip; to current IP address using autohotkey v1

I want a functionality on my computer whenever I type ip; then it should be replaced by my current ipv4 address on my computer. How it can be done using autohotkey v1 please give me the script for that I will be thankful to you.

17:06 UTC


Create Personalized Financial Workflows Using Power Automate

Financial organizations are looking to deploy a smart automation platform that can reduce errors and enhance data accuracy. Power Automate is a Cloud-based automation platform that helps finance firms automate processes, eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and enhance operational efficiency. With Cloud-based flows, financial professionals can get data-driven insights and make strategic decisions. Developers from the right Microsoft Power Automate development company can build and deploy personalized flows.

Content source - https://www.professionalsuk.co.uk/article/marketing-pr/13929/why-power-automate-for-the-finance-industry-is-indispensable

Read more - https://www.damcogroup.com/microsoft-power-automate-services


06:58 UTC


help me find automation apps for these tasks 🙏

Hello! A friend referred me to a former client, and I accepted the job. Here are my tasks:

  7. 70 COLD OUTREACH INSTA (script included)
  8. 70 COLD OUTREACH FB (script included)

All of these tasks are for a monthly salary of 17,000 PHP or 300 USD with flexible working hours. (I'm 23/F from the Philippines, fresh graduate, looking for a starting job.)


Is there a way to automate cold outreach? Like using chatbots or apps to find leads on their own?

I'm having a hard time reaching the daily quota! 😭

Also, do you have any tips on how to speed up the process?

I'm willing to invest in apps using my salary, but I don't know what to look for.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

11:49 UTC


Antitheft candy bowl we built to detect and stop theft

16:46 UTC


Automatic questionnaire scoring

I work in a health service where we ask patients to fill in questionnaires as part of the initial screening process. There are several questionnaires and they are long, patients often lose them, and sometimes they are difficult to read. At the moment we are spending hours manually scoring physical copies of the questionnaires and putting the results in an excel spreadsheet. This is a huge waste of time, and other services I've worked in send out a digital questionnaire which automatically gives you the score, saving hours of work. They are usually platforms that the service paid for and we have limited funding, so I'm wondering if there's a way to do this, perhaps using Microsoft Forms or something? I have tried but can't work out how to do it and my technical capabilities are limited. Looks like I would need to use Power Automate to somehow link the questionnaire to excel, though I have no l knowledge of how to do this or even whether it is the best way. I'd be grateful for any advice!

03:07 UTC


How to prioritize a DPDT signal

Hello, Is there a way to prioritize a signal to a DPDT relay?

I'm building a door opener and want the relay to switch back to "open" if it is currently carrying out a "close" operation.

16:39 UTC


ChatGPT on WearOS watches (WristAssist)

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have released the first app that brings ChatGPT fully to WearOS watches on the PlayStore.

The app is called "WristAssist" and only costs a small one-off amount to fund future development.

If you like to see it in action, here is a showcase video.

The entire source code is published on GitHub.

If you've ever wanted to use ChatGPT's features on the go on your watch, this app is definitely for you.

19:33 UTC


Simple report building automation question

A large part of my job involves report writing. However, the first step for any report I write is to copy and paste paragraphs of boilerplate text over from a master document: I then change the wording as appropriate.

I'd like to automate this process as much as possible. I think it should be pretty simple, and I've found a few resources online, but I thought I'd post here to make sure that what I had in mind was the best approach to take.

What I'm imagining is a spreadsheet where each row represents one piece of boilerplate text. I then tick a box in each row I want to include in that day's report, and press a button to export everything to a Word document. Is that the best way to go about things? Any specific terms I should Google to find good tutorials on what I'm trying to do here?

14:15 UTC


JavaScript + AI Copilot : a Perfect Duo for Low-code Automations

Hello r/Automate community!

I'd like to introduce you to a cloud tool for low-code automation and development. I've successfully automated email marketing for my company by building my own tool on this platform, without writing a single line of code.


You might already be familiar with Make (ex-Integromat). However, its capabilities are limited by its no-code tool library. In contrast, on a platform called Latenode, you have the option to add JavaScript modules. What's even more impressive is that the AI on Latenode writes the code for you, making your automations as flexible as possible. Even if you're not familiar with JavaScript (like me), I'd recommend giving it a look. Because this AI assistant is designed to:

  • Write code for you
  • Explain the code
  • Debug it
  • Modify it based on your requests

How to Use It?

The assistant resides within the JavaScript node. You interact through the 'AI Chat' window. Its capabilities include:

  • Viewing your workflow and node structure.
  • Analyzing existing code within the JavaScript node from where the assistant was summoned.
  • Accessing data structure on the left side of the JS node.



The beauty of this AI is that now, even those unfamiliar with coding can create their own microservices or build intricate automations. And here are my three scenarios that highlight it:

Scenario #1: HTML Tasks

Consider a scenario where you need a data collection form accessible via a webhook URL. This could be handy in numerous situations. Initially, you fill out the form. Then, the data can be routed anywhere: either to another automation branch for further transformations or into another system. What about making this scenario without typing a single line of code?


Step 1. Send a request to the AI assistant:

Hi! Append my code with a script to generate HTML for a form titled 'create email'. It should have these input fields: 'email subject', 'overview', 'header', 'platform updates', 'useful resources', 'other news'. Place a 'submit' button at the bottom. Beautify the HTML with a pleasing design and proper formatting. Return the result as a JSON object labeled “html”

Step 2. Replace your current code with the received result.


Step 3: Initiate your new scenario once.

The JavaScript module will return the "html" JSON object suitable for webhook responses Besides this, switch the content type parameter to text/html to display the form correctly through our input webhook.


Now, when you access the provided webhook URL, you'll be presented with a data collection form.

Step 4. Data Submission.

All that remains is to ensure the data collected via the form gets relayed to another scenario's webhook for further processing. Of course, we won’t be coding this manually.


To submit data, initiate a conversation with the AI assistant. Begin by addressing the bot in the provided chat interface and state your requirements:

"For now, please send the information you receive from the filled form to my webhook at http://webhook.latenode.com/49/dev/f598ff65-ad93-482f-9d18-4141c2bd358b*. Merge these changes into my current code."*

The AI assistant will generate the required code based on your request. Once you receive the code, click "Replace" to update your script and finalize with "Save."

Now, our form becomes fully functional, ready to receive input. You can channel these captured values to another workflow that, for example, logs the collected data into a Google Sheet.


Scenario #2: Access to NPM Packages

There are now over 1.2 million NPM packages (pre-built apps for devs to integrate into their code). Our AI assistant offers you access to these. Suppose you require the current USD/EUR exchange rate for multi-currency trading to provide updated info for your website visitors. Instead of struggling with locating the right API and sifting through documentation, you can simply interact with the AI assistant:

Address the bot and make a specific request:

"Hey! I need the current USD to EUR exchange rate. Please add a script to my code using a free service to fetch 'USD to 1 EUR', and return the result as JSON."

After the AI assistant processes your request, it will provide the necessary code. Once you receive this code, click "Replace" to integrate it into your script, then execute it once. This will enable your JavaScript module in the constructor to fetch the required data.


To solve this, the assistant utilizes the NPM library 'axios' to send a GET HTTP request to the ExchangeRate-API, fetching the latest exchange rates. It then retrieves the exchange value of 1 USD to 1 Euro and returns it in JSON format.

Achieving the right result might take a couple of tries: occasional errors or empty return values can occur. The key is to remember that debugging isn't your chore. Ask the AI to integrate console.log for a detailed server response. Then, Report any issue back to the AI chat, and you'll have the revised code in no time.

Scenario #3: Data Transformation

Struggling with data transformation tasks? Say goodbye to those hassles, especially ones like date formatting. We all know how one system may spit out a date in "YYYY-MM-DD" format, but another might require it in “DD MMMM YYYY”.


Using the transformation, a webhook date of '2023-07-11' undergoes a transformation. In the output tab of our interface, after executing the transformation, you would observe the following code:


 "1": {
   "transformed_data": "July 11, 2023"

This demonstrates how the system can effortlessly change the date format to meet various requirements.

Likewise, the AI can assist in manipulating strings, aggregating data, filtering, sorting, transforming, merging, splitting, de-duping, conducting statistical analysis, and even textual analysis.

Alternative Mode of Use

In our discussion so far, we approached the assistant via a dialog box. But there's another approach, especially useful for a focused code segment debug or when you need an explanation about code functionality. In this approach, you have the ability to switch from the code interface to the AI assistant directly within the bot's interface.You can then enter a request like "explain what is happening here."Upon doing so, this AI-bot will instantly provide you with an explanation and breakdown of the code logic, making it easier for you to understand and troubleshoot if necessary.


Assistance with your automations

I've found the Latenode team to be extremely responsive and always ready to help. Feel free to reach out to them in their Discord community for assistance. Additionally, the platform is completely free until the start of the new year (since the product is in Beta). It's the perfect time to check it out for yourself: latenode.com

22:09 UTC


free Automate Repetitive Tasks periodically once a day

I am looking for a way to have a FREE small automation.

The idea is to make some server/service periodically once a day at a set time:

-run a browser

-checked 2 checkboxes

-filled 1 form with numbers

-clicked a button

I use the browser extension Autroma on my computer, but I would like it to work without turning it on MY computer.

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19:42 UTC


Can intelligent document processing do this?

We have several suppliers that give out different billing templates/formats. They would always contain the usual content like Bill to, amount, billing number, date, etc.

Problem is that we receive volumes of these regularly, and we're planning to eliminate manual data entry to our system. We already have a tool to enter data to the system, but we're scratching heads on how we can extract data automatically.

One method we thought of is to 'enroll' the different template formats in a solution, map out where to find what data, and then it does its magic to extract from there. Then, when we have another supplier, we do the same thing.

I'm just curious if this is the best so far that we can do right now, or is there a better solution out there that is able to extract data without the mapping out and stuff. I saw this intelligent document processing but what I've found so far are just high level overviews.

16:13 UTC


How To Bulk Upload Pins on Pinterest (2023) | Pinterest Pinbuilder

13:42 UTC


Exploration with GPT-4 and BERT in News Curation For Balanced Reporting

Hey all, I've been delving into a project at NeuralTimes where we leverage both GPT-4 and BERT clustering for news curation. Our system autonomously gathers daily headlines, referencing 2 left, 2 center, and 2 right-wing sources, as categorized by AllSidesMedia. It's an exploration into whether combining these AI models can provide a more balanced view of daily news. Our newsletter is dispatched at 9 AM PST. Curious about the results? Check our progress at https://www.neuraltimes.org/newsletter. Your insights would be valued!

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02:50 UTC


Research Project - Data Extraction

Hey there,

I'm trying to obtain a database (which is public) of the members of the Order of Psichologists for a research project with some colleagues.

The Order's website allows querying one by one, by going to the website (here - https://www.ordemdospsicologos.pt/en/membros) and placing the respective ID or name of any professional in the profession, but obviously it's painstakingly slow, taking into consideration it's over 30.000 professionals.

What we intend is to extract all the information from all the professionals to an Excel or some other format (again, the information is publicly accessible).

Does anybody know how to accomplish this?

19:40 UTC


Automatic transcription

I am a journalist, and every time I phoneinterviews at work, I receive an email from "Phonely," who is our telecommunication company. The email contains a unique hyperlink behind a blue button in the email with the text "Get tape" Clicking here downloads a zip file into my "downloads" on the computer, containing an MP3 file with the recording.

My question:

Can I use Microsoft Power Automate to automatically download this zip-file, unpack it, rename the mp3-file to the date and time of receiving the email, and finally create a Word-document with a transcription of the recording using Word's built-in transcription function? Both the MP3 files and the transcription files should be automatically placed in a specific folder.

Is it possible to achieve this solely using Power Automate?

I hope someone here can help me. I have Microsoft 365 through my work, including OneDrive Buisness.

23:29 UTC


Idea: Simplifying Warehouse Automation with a Plug-and-Play Platform - Thoughts?

Hey there,

I've been brainstorming this idea of creating a platform to simplify the integration of robots and WMS in warehouses - think of it as a Zapier for warehouses.

  • Unified dashboard for managing both robots and WMS functionalities.
  • Hassle-free plug-and-play integration for various robotic systems and software.
  • Real-time updates ensuring seamless operations.

Primarily targeting the US market. Keen to hear what you folks think!

Cheers, Cute-Statistician-98

10:05 UTC


Criminal Defense Firm Working on IDP

Hey folks,

I have a boutique criminal defense law firm. I am generally litigating against proactive investigations, which means the federal government has been investigating my clients for quite a while--frequently several years. As a result, when I jump on a case, I get a deluge of law enforcement report from DEA, HSI, FBI, ATF, CBP, or other various local agencies. This disclosure comes in the form of PDFs (usually clean, not scans), that are not in chronological order. To do my job right, I usually end up manually creating spreadsheets as I personally digest the reports. This is necessary because the agents cannot be presumed to be accurate historians, and I can use evidence of misstatements, material omissions, or conflicting statements against the Government when challenging electronic surveillance warrants, such as wiretaps. I have been working with various consultants to develop a IDP system for quickly processing and digesting this data, but the results have been expensive and subpar. I think this is feasible because all of the reports for each agency follow the same format--I presume they all have proprietary software that their agents use to input data to generate reports, and then they spit out these PDFs to be disclosed to defense counsel. Also, I spend boatloads of time trying to manually process this information, and my rate is 500/hr. So, do any of you have ideas that I could take for next steps? How can I connect with people who could help develop a tool that would work to do this job? I imagine having an effective tool would be incredibly valuable for criminal defense bar, including public defenders who are over worked and under paid. There are many tools for e-discovery in the civil litigation context, but they aren't a good fit for the criminal defense world.

Thanks for any thoughts you can share,


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03:51 UTC


Cal State Fullerton Research Survey!!!

Fuel the drive for excellence in revolutionizing robotics education and training by helping Cal State Fullerton on our research endeavors!

This survey will help my group in collecting data from personal experience working with robotics in the workplace

Select the area you feel suits you best!

Manufacturing - https://fullerton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3XfmWemLUcmtSBg

Assembly - https://fullerton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1R275ONltckh2OW

Education - https://fullerton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_40gE06xNPUtGzNI

Warehouse - https://fullerton.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3wu3n2eryBZngDI

02:11 UTC


What is Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses?

11:29 UTC

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