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A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor. All can share in our achievements in a world where food is produced, water is purified, and housing is constructed by machines.

Welcome to /r/Automate!

A place for the discussion of automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other tools we've created to enable a global paradise free of menial labor. All can share in our achievements in a world where food is produced, water is purified, and housing is constructed by machines.

Once, a long time ago, a shovel was a marvel of modern technology. Today, a shovel is $3.99 at the hardware store. Who says the same won't happen with robotics ?

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Driver seat support?

Upper back car seat pain

Can anyone recommended a car seat cushion for upper back pain? While driving it is excruciating. It’s to the point I’m debating on trading my car in on something with more comfort.. if anyone has vision or car recommendations for comfort, please send it my way!

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Automate research and learning on any topic with custom podcasts

We're building an AI tool that creates podcasts on any topic by doing online research for you.

You can use it for free at anytopic.io.

You simply provide a description (prompt) and the tool will do research online to find content related to the topic you're looking to learn about. It will use one or multiple sites (news articles, blogs, social media, etc.) to create your episode. This is usually a 3-20 min podcast depending on the topic.

We found this to be a great way to do research on very specific topics and learn about them. This can be a question, something you saw online that was interesting, topics related to your work or just news. For instance, you can ask for interesting content related to automation or robotics or something more specific within that. I use it every day to learn about multiple topics without having to read or do online research on these. If it sounds interesting or you have any questions I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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How should I execute this? I need Chat GPT to Analyze and Summarize a ton of URLs.

I have a Google sheet of URL's (300 to 400 in total).

  1. I need Chat GPT to visit each URL, analyze and summarize whatever is inside the link, (which might include additional info like features, benefits, & capabilities).
  2. Place the summary + additional info into a new Google sheet.
  3. Chat GPT will go to the next URL, rinse and repeat the process until every every URL is visited, summarized, and fill the new Google Sheet.

How should I execute this?

This would really help me out, thanks!

00:11 UTC


Leveraging IVR Service Provider and Lead Tracking Software Integration for Enhanced Conversions

In today's fast-paced business landscape, maximizing conversions is paramount for sustained growth and success. As businesses strive to engage customers effectively and streamline operations, the integration of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service provider solutions and lead tracking software emerges as a powerful strategy. This seamless integration not only enhances customer experience but also empowers businesses to track and nurture leads effectively, driving higher conversion rates.

IVR service provider solutions play a pivotal role in optimizing communication channels for businesses. By implementing IVR software, businesses can establish professional and efficient call-handling systems, ensuring that every customer interaction is streamlined and personalized. IVR number for businesses enable callers to navigate through menus and access relevant information or services effortlessly, leading to enhanced satisfaction and engagement.

Partnering with a reliable IVR provider offers businesses access to advanced features such as call routing, call forwarding, and customizable greetings, which further elevate the customer experience. Moreover, IVR services can seamlessly integrate with existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, enabling businesses to capture valuable customer data and insights at every touchpoint.

However, effective lead management goes beyond initial customer interactions. This is where lead tracking software emerges as a critical component of the conversion optimization strategy. By utilizing lead tracking tools and solutions, businesses can monitor and analyze customer interactions across various channels, including calls, emails, and website visits. This comprehensive view allows businesses to identify promising leads, track their journey through the sales funnel, and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

Lead tracking software offers a range of features, including lead scoring, activity tracking, and automated notifications, enabling businesses to prioritize leads and allocate resources efficiently. Integration with IVR services further enhances lead tracking capabilities by capturing valuable data from inbound calls, such as caller demographics, call duration, and call outcomes. This integration provides businesses with actionable insights to refine their marketing strategies and drive higher conversion rates.

Moreover, automation software tools play a crucial role in streamlining repetitive tasks and workflows, allowing businesses to focus on high-value activities. Businesses can reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and ensure timely follow-ups with prospects by automating lead tracking solutions. This proactive approach not only accelerates the sales cycle but also strengthens customer relationships, fostering loyalty and advocacy.

In conclusion, the integration of IVR service provider solutions and lead tracking software offers businesses a powerful mechanism to maximize conversions. By leveraging IVR numbers for business, businesses can enhance communication channels and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With robust lead tracking tools and automation software, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, optimize lead management processes, and drive sustainable growth. Embracing this integration is key to staying competitive in today's dynamic marketplace and unlocking the full potential of conversion optimization strategies.

For more information: https://office24by7.com/best-ivr-solutions-in-delhi

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Automation of my work

So, I want to know if my work can be automated, basically, I have a google sheet where in every row I have, clients name, clients email, what he wants to sell, all obviously on different columns, and on the next row my boss writes what to do with this client. Basically there are different options based on what my boss writes on his column, but all the options involve sending emails. One of the options involves putting what he wants to sell on a different list in a email draft, all the other ones involve sending him a email, that I already have written out for all scenarios, to the email of the client. I wanted to know if I could automate this, and if someone is willing to help me or do it for me as a commission please DM me or help me out in the comments.

12:11 UTC


Help with automations

I have a task I need to automate, I got sent the link to agenthub.dev website but I have no idea how to use it, and it's a little complicated for me, can someone help me a little?

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Automation of email sending

Hello, Im new here so I just wanted to know if this is possible.

Do you think I can automate what Im doing, So, my work basically consists of looking at a google sheet and sending emails to the clients email, the email I send is different depending what my boss wants, and he lets me know what he wants by, close to the clients email, telling me what to say to him. There is more than that so if someone is willing to do something like this please DM me.

06:46 UTC


Need an experienced programmer to create an automation bot…

A bot the works similar to sneaker bots on the “first come, first serve basis” .

02:38 UTC


Scripting buddies out there, kinda curious about this

So, I have this online course which I'm not really interested on completing , but it is compulsory to finish it.
Is there a way to automate my way through this so that the progress bar shows 100% completed, has anyone tried this?
Would love to know what'd you guys do?

09:01 UTC


Can I automate this ?

Hello ! I have an extensive power BI report which I export to power Point. However that power point has a hyperlink in every slide and side notes which I don't use. I am going manually in each slide and deleting the hyperlink and the notes.

Is there a way I can automate this?

23:33 UTC


Can I automate this? And how?

Hi Everyone,

I do not know much about automating things but I have been interested. Currently, I have to take data from a website and copy/paste it to an excel sheet and then upload that sheet to the site. Is this something I can automate? I have to do this for about 70 items a day.

07:00 UTC


I know NOTHING about how automation works, can I use the Automate app to crop pics?

I hate that reddit forces the banner on bottom, can I use the Automate (By LlamaLab) app to crop the pics once I download them?? Sorry if this is more specific than this sub is for usually, but I'm open to solutions outside of the Automate app!! Just tired of the banner BS

03:52 UTC


I've been reading about automation, and when it comes to automating getting your food, or having to go to the grocery store, is Walmart Plus delivery, essentially, the automation of food procurement and getting to your house? More or less only way to automate getting your food/ grocery shopping?

Automation of getting your food or grocery shopping?

00:09 UTC


I’m studying AI at MIT. Here's my daily driver AI tools.

Found these really cool tools on ARES Almanac and made an Intelist with all my favorite ones. I’ve never seen like 90% of the tools on this site which is awesome. More about the tools on https://www.pantheon.international/almanac/intelist/15


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Automation in Data Entry || Regulatory Department of a Telecommunications Company


I just accepted a job as a Data Entry Specialist for a telecommunications company and I am working in their regulatory department. I am looking to automate processes in my new role and I figured this is the right sub to ask.

I am tasked to read a wide array of Regulatory documents and update the data in company systems. I am essentially performing data scrubbing on company databases. The problem is that the documents are all in pdf format. Worst yet, some of these documents are essentially images in pdf format and some are quite old like from 30 years ago.

One example is site surveys done by different environmental consulting companies so the layouts and formats vary depending on time-period of the survey and the company that is doing it. This is just one type of document I am expected to handle.

There is no standardized format or layout of the documents I am reviewing.

Is there a way to automate this process?

17:53 UTC


We built a job board for AI Jobs

Our product, AI Jobs Dev, is now live on Product Hunt! 🚀

We'd be thrilled if you could swing by and show your support by giving us an upvote! Your encouragement means the world to us.


Thank you so much! ✨

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I built a tool that automates web scraping with AI

15:19 UTC


Embedded Text and Vector Database in OpenAi Prompt

Hi, I was wondering if any of you fine people have successfuly used embedded texts and vector databases in your prompts? Reason I’m asking is, I have templates and guidelines that I need to feed the model, however, if I include them in the prompt, it would be too long. I’ve read about embedding texts and having a vector database can help with this situation.

I would appreciate if you can provide any insight about this.


15:11 UTC


The South's rising manufacturing sector. Calling all engineers!

My name is Gonzalo, I work for Informa Markets Engineering's marketing team. We run expos and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada covering automation in manufacturing.

We launched our latest show in Charlotte, NC back in 2022 based on some of the trends we noticed developing in the south. Just wanted to let everyone know we'll be returning this year on June 4-6. Thanks!


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Searching for a Bot that can download files from links

I am searching for a bot that, given some links, it can download the files from it. The only thing is that the website I am downloading the files from, has a limit of one download at a time. So this bot should start the new download only when the previous one has finished. Is there a bot that can perform that? Thanks

11:36 UTC


What size motor will I need for this project ?

I want to make a basic folder inserter .... that opens up an envelope and takes a letter and slides it inside it ? what type or size of motor will I need ? i could buy an inserter machine but it is too expensive and not available where I am.


18:46 UTC


Share Your Expertise: AI, Automation, and Efficient Organizational Tools!

Hello everyone,

As we navigate through the advancements in AI and automation, it's clear that these technologies are reshaping the way we approach work and business management. To stay ahead, sharing our collective knowledge on these subjects is crucial.

I'm inviting this community to share insights and experiences with AI tools, automation strategies, and especially, innovative organizational approaches you've found effective. From automating mundane tasks to optimizing digital marketing strategies, every piece of wisdom is valuable.

Here’s what we’re specifically interested in:

  • Automated Workflows: What are your strategies for creating automated workflows that enhance productivity and efficiency?
  • Visual Organization: How do you utilize mind maps and other visual tools to organize thoughts and projects efficiently?
  • Canvas Maps: Have you implemented CANVAS Maps in customer interaction, ideation, strategy development, or action planning? How has it improved your processes?
  • AI in Marketing: How has AI helped you optimize your digital marketing strategies and data analysis? What tools or methodologies have you found most effective?

This thread aims to be a resource for all of us to learn from each other's successes and innovations. Whether it’s a simple tip or a comprehensive strategy, your input can significantly impact someone’s approach to challenges.

What groundbreaking AI solutions, automation hacks, or organizational methods have you discovered that made a noticeable difference in your work or business? Share your stories and let’s empower each other to achieve greater efficiency and success.

Thank you for contributing to our shared journey toward innovation and improvement!

17:13 UTC


How I helped my fellow entrepreneur to fire his content manager and save $15,000 per year

16:05 UTC


Which Humanoid Robot companies are poised to lead the trillion dollar market opportunity?

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Question regarding gmail automation

Hi all- more so a general question but just not super saavy with gmail so figured id ask here.

Tldr: every monday an email is automatically sent to multiple users who fit certain criteria and asks them to complete a google form, the form filters into an excel sheet where I do my work, if after 4 BD they have not responded i send a manual email to them asking to complete it by end of day. Is there any way to automate an email follow up be sent if they dont complete the form by the 5th day?

15:30 UTC


I was reading about automation, and, are there any AI or something like that type by having a camera look at your eyes and then you look at words you want to use? I was thinking of people who have hand problems/can't type and do not have the voice for long form dictation to computer?

things solved by AI/automation?

14:31 UTC

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