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The Canadian Futurist Party is based upon the principles of rationality, citizen empowerment, and total government transparency. We are comprised of forward-thinking citizens that are working together towards advancing politics, education, and economics in Canada.


The Canadian Futurist Party is based upon the principles of rationality, citizen empowerment, and total government transparency. We are comprised of forward-thinking citizens that are working together towards advancing politics, education, and economics in Canada.

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Primary Platform

i. Education: We scan entire libraries onto the internet, yet only allow a small percent of people to read them. We force academics and students to pay money to read the work of their colleagues. We provide scientific articles to a select few for free but not to students all over the globe. Freedom of education is of paramount importance to a brighter future. We stand for better, earlier, and universal education from the first years of learning. This means the opportunity for accelerated learning, earlier schooling, and demanding the free access of our intellectual inheritance for the citizens of the world. This means the Massive Online Open Course Movement (MOOC), ultimately eliminating student debt, and ending the obstacles towards accessing and building upon the collective knowledge of humanity. We stand for Net Neutrality and the Open Internet as a right of online citizens across the world to institute free knowledge that all can access and build upon.

ii. Economics: We establish disability but take the support away if an individual finds temporary work. We establish welfare and food stamps but hire whole bureaucracies to take it away. We disincentivize jobs if we create a system of conditional aid. Economic freedom is of critical importance in the future of global automation. We stand for a universal, unconditional basic income as an economic and societal right for all adult citizens. This means not only embracing our economic future but embracing new means of safe, secure, and instant currency.

iii. Exploration: We race to the moon, and then cut funding to the world’s leading space organizations. We recruit scientists from around the world, and then watch a brain-drain. Freedom of exploration in Science, Technology, and Space is of outstanding importance to a brighter future. We stand for international scientists without borders. We stand for emerging technologies research. We fight for expanding the human presence of the cosmos, reducing existential risk, and becoming a multi-planetary civilization. This is a biological imperative for our species to survive; a moral, economic, and existential obligation of humanity.

Interested in getting involved? Check out the IRC!


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CMHoC Pirate Party Recruitment


I am the leader of the Pirate Party in the political Reddit simulation, Canadian Model House of Commons (CMHoC) and I've come today to look for new members! If you are interested in politics, writing up legislation, debating policy, then this may be the place for you. We need you to fight for Pirate policies and for the free flow of thoughts, knowledge and data! People of all experiences and ideologies are welcome! Feel free to ask questions.

The Current Party Platform: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12HEup9L6J3QnVsi193H2dn0FRrvt1zbff6Wzej17prk/edit?usp=sharing

Join the party by commenting "Pirate" on this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/cmhoc/comments/76btuq/join_a_party_adh%C3%A9rez_%C3%A0_un_parti_10142017/

The CMHoC Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/3gn9awr

The Pirate Party Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/Cku8vds

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Canadian Tech and the Travel Ban

20:02 UTC


British Futurists need your help!

Hey! I'm _ from /r/MHoC's Futurist Party. /r/MHoC is a political simulation that simulates the British political system and we're currently holding elections. In it there are parties from all sides across the political spectrum, and as you can tell by us advertising here, I represent one of them.

The Futurist Party is a party built around principles of letting people do what they want without government inteference, and properly investing in and adapting to the future via technological progress. If that sounds good, you may be a futurist, and what's more, your vote could be crucial to us. On MHoC, even 2-3 votes can change who wins a seat, and as a smaller party, we desperately need your help. We are running candidates in the Wales, Lesser Wessex, and Cornwall & Devon constituencies.

If you would be so kind as to give us your vote, the subreddit can be found here. Thank you for reading, and sorry if this came off as spammy - we asked the moderators of the subreddit beforehand so I hope that it's all okay. If you want to opt out of this as a sub, please PM /r/MHoC.

From Angelsey to Land's End, Vote Futurist!

Here is the voting link: https://www.reddit.com/r/MHOC/comments/4zr812/general_election_vi_megathread/

23:53 UTC


Canadian Futurist Military

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Transhumanist Non Profit Organization

What is the TranshumanistProject? - We from TranshumanistProject aim to achieve the ideas of transhumanism. We think, that technological progress can not be stopped and that humanity will achieve some form of transhumanism without doubt. However we all, as humanity, have to take means to face this progress controlled, peaceful and accessible to everyone by everyone. To put simply, it is crucial for humanity to avoid disastrous outcomes and it is in the responsibility of us all.

Transhumanism- Transhumanism is a movement and idea that's main goal is to enhance our daily lives through the use of current, new and future technology. The movement aims to end suffering, disease and death by increasing our intellectual, physical and psychological potential. Research, education and new political systems will create sustainability and efficiency, and allows every human to live his/her life along his/her own dreams and beliefs. The movement aims to change humanity for the better, and create a society where we can live life without worries and without destroying our planet and future.

How do we get there? - With the help of you all! We need creativity, open-mindedness and a good portion of recklessness to think the unthinkable. Bring in your ideas and your opinions on how we can prepare and change humanity into a sustainable society. We have collected some ideas that need to be discussed on. Will Liquid Democracy free humanity from the claws of corruption or will it ultimately destroy us as we depend on technology that might be incomplete? Does Basic Income improve or reduce technological progress? Will robotic automation and increased productivity lead to technological unemployment or will Jevon’s Paradox occur once more? With your help we want to evaluate such ideas and create a possible plan we can aim for, rather than to let non transparent governments and organisations decide in secrecy on the future of us all. Once we have a plan, TranshumanityProject’s real work will start and as an organisation we have to consider possibilities to implement the plans we worked out.

How can I support TranshumanistProject? - Anything helps! Do you have similar ambitions? Are you talented with arguing and words? Or you probably don’t care about that in details, but you want to support the general idea? Contact us! (leave a comment what exactly caught your attention and on which sub you discovered our post!)

About us - Two students, who don’t even know each other personally, but want to change the world. Join us and we will get to know each other. If you have any questions contact Alex: hiro.thumanist@gmail.com or Nick: ngoert@gmail.com

21:26 UTC


Wednesday Meeting on Slack - Wednesday, August 27th, 7pm Pacific Time

Like last week, we'll meet in Slack and go where the night takes us. Propose all agenda items in this thread.

23:14 UTC


Two branches to the CFP

As our party takes shape, I see that there are two distinct and complimentary visions running their course in our discussions and planning. One vision would have the party function primarily as an advocacy group to petition and put pressure on existing parties to advance our principles and ideas; the other would have the party operate more or less like a "traditional" party, with MP's running for seats, etc.

I believe both of these visions are valid and should both be pursued. Let me explain.

Some people have rightfully pointed out that there are already dozens (if not hundreds) of political parties at the provincial and federal level that never win a single seat. While this is true, I don't think it should cause us to eschew a traditional approach to the system. There are many advocacy groups out there pushing for the types of changes we stand for (Evidence for Democracy is a good example) but in order to enact any of the ideas we have come up with, we must be present in Ottawa. Petitions and pressure only work when the government takes public opinion and evidence seriously, which ours does not.

In order to change the system, we must infiltrate it and work from within while also applying pressure from without.

I therefore propose that we establish two branches to the CFP: the online advocacy branch and the party branch.

Both branches will work together and represent the same principles. They will support the same initiatives and work toward the same purposes. They will simply have different functions.


18:15 UTC


How great leaders inspire action - Very pertinent to our current endeavor! Lots of food for thought here, my friends.

18:50 UTC


Wednesday Meeting on Slack - 7pm Pacific Time - Agenda

Hello again,

Our first official meeting is happening tonight on Slack. If you haven't joined the channel yet, please send us your e-mails so we can add you.

As for the contents of our meeting, please post what you would like to discuss in this thread.

I personally would like to discuss four things: our constitution/internal bylaws, our platform/manifesto, prioritizing our values/initiatives, and early strategies.

  • Constitution: how are we going to govern ourselves (ie our party) in a fully transparent and democratic way? How do we make ourselves accountable to our members? What rules are do we need to abide by? How can we make sure that every single member of our party has an equal voice? Do we want to vote on everything? What threshold do we want to set as our "pass" benchmark? How easy should it be to amend our constitution? Our party platform? Are we going to need some kind of app or program in order to be able to vote on various questions and issues? How do we select leaders? Do we even need them? How about MP's? How do we pick who runs for office? These are just some questions to get your mind going.

  • Platform: A rough outline was posted, refined based on feedback, and re-posted. Once we have determined how we should proceed with voting and self-governance, we should move to expand, elaborate, and amend the platform so that it is representative of the group.

  • Prioritize: What should we make our central values or principles? Evidence- and consensus-based policy making? Transparency? Innovation? Whatever we decide, we must think strategically. What are issues that affect all Canadians? How can we tackle those issues in a way that will appeal to the vast majority? Diddo with potential bills or laws we want to start drafting. Should we start with UBI? Replacing First Past the Post? Enacting anti-corruption or transparency laws that require all parties (and eventually all government) to disclose majority of information to the public? Online voting? Transaction tax?

  • Early strategies: Once we have established the above, where do we go next? Can we map out an early strategy, a step-by-step plan to guide our actions? Even if this is a very general outline, we need some direction.

Please add to this, or amend, or suggest your own items. These are the topics that I feel should be dealt with early but maybe it's too early for all of this yet. Who knows?

We'll see you guys on Slack tonight!



18:22 UTC


What are some good books to read?

What books would you guys recommend in regards to the CFP? Anything to do with the future of politics or the future of Canadian politics?

01:43 UTC


CFP Platform v.20 and Wednesday Meetings in Slack

Hello again,

Three of us got together last night in our first meeting. We ended up using Slack instead of Google+ and it worked well. We loosely agreed to start meeting on Wednesday on there at 7pm Pacific Time so please join us next Wednesday. We've got a website coming and we need to work on the platform, our strategies, plans, ideas, etc.

Speaking of the platform, I added your feedback into it. Here it is. Our agenda next Wednesday will be to amend, add, or elaborate to this document, so please read through and note the changes you'd like to make. Also think about a democratic system that will allow us to vote on changes and become self-governing. We may need to develop an app, find one that already exists, use a formal like reddit with upvotes, etc. Making a wiki in which to store all this info might be another idea.

We're also going to use Real Time Board during our Wednesday meeting as a means to conceptualize and mind map on the side. It's essentially an collaborative online whiteboard. Pretty nifty. If you want access to the white board, please pm me your e-mail address and I will get you into it.

That's it for now. Like us on Facebook if you haven't already and start thinking up ideas :)



05:07 UTC



On another note, please post your home province in this thread and we will add it to your flare so we know where everyone is at!



18:30 UTC


First Official Meeting - Wednesday August 13th

Looking at Wednesday. Someone suggested we use Google Hangouts to meet. I'd like something with voice capability as typing isn't conducive (imo) to discussing complex ideas and elaborate plans but other than that I'm easy.

I thought we could make our first meeting rather informal. No agenda or anything. In fact, I'd like to use this meeting to get to know you guys, create a detailed roster for our use, and also come up with an agenda for the next meeting. I'd like to do a meeting per week. If some people can't attend we can post the meeting minutes in the CFP Blog (which will be up and running some time this week) that way everyone can see what was discussed and make additional comments if they were not present for the meeting.

So here comes the hard part: setting a time. We're all scattered across the country; we all have school, jobs, families. What works for you guys? I'm pacific timezone (BC) and can be available anytime after 7pm.

Let me know here (or through Facebook) what platform you think we should use for the meeting and also the time you can be available!



18:29 UTC

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