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Help with Midea 12000 btu AC with Google Home

I just linked a Midea AC to my Google Home. I can turn it on and off via voice, but when I try to change the temperature, I get an error saying it's unavailable and can't be changed to that temperature.

Anyone else have this issue?

00:53 UTC


Where are my neutral/ground wires in my 3-gang box?

Hi there, I am installing a kasa single pole smart switch for the first time, which requires the standard four wires.

The problem is that I take off my current light switch (which is in a 3-gang), and I noticed theres only the line and load running to it.

I do see some wire nuts attached in the back, but one has wires that are white/greyish, and the others in the back are white. There are 2 other wire nuts not in the attached photos.

I assume those might be the ground and neutral as this is a fairly new house. Is there any way to tell? I can borrow a multimeter to check if thats required.

23:55 UTC


3 way light switch that works with hue motion sensor and Alexa?

I have a staircase in a rental thats controlled with a 3 way switch. Currently I have everything else in the apartment replaced with Philips Hue but these lights on the staircase cannot be replaced. I have Philips hue motion sensors that I'd like to use to trigger the staircase lights. Are there any 3 way smart light switches that work with my motion sensors? Any help would be appreciated

23:53 UTC


Anyone with a water leak actuator valve like bulldog, have it clamped onto pex and happy with it?

Close to pulling the trigger on the yolink bulldog system. Seems rock solid. I just feel weird clamping the bulldog onto my pex copper crimp ring. Will it damage it over time? Appreciate any user experience. Thanks

20:19 UTC


Nest vs Ecobee vs Honeywell T5 with Radiators

I just purchased a house and am looking to install a smart thermostat - house was built in 1929 and has radiators/gas powered boiler for heating. Cooling is controlled by two wall-mounted AC units (remote controlled), one on the main and one on the second floor. I've been reading posts on this sub and others about thermostats but all of them reference fan control and central air systems, etc. Does anyone have experience with using a smart thermostat with radiant heating, and do you have any recommendations re: which brand/product to go with? TIA

19:38 UTC


sms notification

hello guys

i have a water pump powered by a solar inverter, my worker is very lazy i want a device that sends a sms when the pump is powered and when turned off

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18:12 UTC


Anyone "downgraded" from Home Assistant to HomeKit?

I find a lot of value in simplicity and while I've got an extensive Home Assistant set up, I'm debating on just simplifying it all down to just using Apple HomeKit (with Homebridge).

In my head the only thing that's not really replicable are time-based automations. As in, "Turn off the exhaust fan 15 minutes after turning it on".

Anyone made the switch and been perfectly happy with it?

16:33 UTC


Wireless video doorbell recommendation with instant live feed on motion detection

Hello everyone :) Please recommend me video doorbells that are battery powered and can show me a live feed near instantly when it detects motion. I did see a bunch of comments regarding a lot of brands that they have a 10-15 seconds delay which is too much for me.

Unfortunately built in battery is required because I am living in a rental so I can't do any wireing in the building, so even PoE is out of the options because I would have to pry the wall open (Also I suck with electricity:D). Price doesn't matter if it works, even if I have to charge it every night.

Thank you very much in advance :)

13:12 UTC


Yale Z-Wave lock with SmartThings

Hi. Bit of a HA noob but working on it.

I bought a Yale Assure 2 Z-Wave lock and got it set up working pretty well. Only problem is I can’t set up the temporary access codes through the Yale app since it says it needs a Wi-Fi connection.

I have the Aeotec smart hub and set up with SmartThings - I can add users and update codes through the app. Works great.

Problem now is the Yale app says a Wi-Fi connection is required. Doesn’t make sense to me since isn’t it already connected because I can control it through SmartThings remotely?

Clicking the connect to Wi-Fi button sends me to a page to scan a QR code but my hub doesn’t have one, and the SN doesn’t work

12:04 UTC


Can I use my server with any z-wave gateway?

Hey everyone, I just had a thought if I have a sensor certified by z-wave alliance and I'm using a z-wave gateway say aeotec one, would I be able to route the notifications to my own server somehow? Does Z-Wave allow that? Thanks

11:00 UTC


Looking for a WiFi dimmer for a single channel but 500-1000w

I happen to have an installation that requires 50-75ft of LED through a metal frame design across a large hallway. I would like it to be dimmable over WiFi. So far I’m seeing Shelly RGB 2 and some other tuya compatible models but they all offer 4 channels. Since I’m only doing white light I’m looking for something with a higher wattage/amperage rating across 1 channel. The LEDs I’m using a 25W/1A/3ft.

Any help finding such a product would be much appreciated.

I know I can use the individual channels but I really do not want anything complex and would like to dim it all at a go without creating a group of lights

08:56 UTC


Convert daikin aircon controller into smart controller

Hi all. We’ve got a ducted air con at our place, R410A I believe (without the zoning options). This is the controller fixed to a wall- Nav Ease Controller. Is there an easy way to convert/link this into a smart controller or app, and also if possible, link to Google home.

04:18 UTC


What should we build next for our Smart Home price comparison site after launch?

02:42 UTC


Anyone know how to install a 850Lm to a Viking Opener

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22:14 UTC


Simple smoke detector alarm detector with 911

Today my neighbors house caught on fire, i knew they weren't home but i also knew they had pets. Their smoke detectors were blaring but only thing that caused the fire trucks to show up was us neighbors calling it in when it was already billowing black smoke, it was a real wake up call, i have 4 cats and a dog with plans for a kid soon and if something like this happened to me a slow response could mean they're all dead just because i am at work or decided to go for a walk.

i did run over and open the neighbors doors and tried to check inside but the black smoke was so thick, and the fire felt like 150 degrees from 20 feet away- i was yelling come outside your house is on fire- as loud as i could but my voice was muffled by the sound of the flames and crackling wood, the burning from the smoke felt like pepper spray x2 i couldn't bare it since i didn't have an air tank or eye protection so i backtracked and left. Thankfully the fire dept showed up right afterward. They suspect the family's cat escaped (no carcass) and dog must have instinctually known before the fire started bc the homeowners daughter said he ran out the front door with her this am which was odd of him, she took him with her to class ? (college) which probably saved the dogs life.

Anyway, I have been looking into researching reporting systems all day, im staying away from the big brand companies, i want to set up something simple, where there's a device connected to wifi or LTE that can listen for the alarm beeps from my existing smoke detectors (linked) when it hears the beep it calls 911 to report fire. I have seen the alarm dot com offerings which are admittedly nice but i have no need for the security aspect (gated neighborhood + zero crime reported here in over 10 years) plus either myself or my wife almost always home.

I found this device but it has to be linked to a $400 monitoring hub and then you select a monthly rate between $12-$28. I'd highly prefer something less feature-packed DIY/self hosting/self-reporting. Can anyone recommend anything more economical that's fire reporting only? or doesn't require expensive basestation or hub ?


21:40 UTC


Requesting purchase advice - electrical solution for an additional light + control

I had originally posted this to the Sonoff sub, but it occurred to me that there may be other manufacturers that address my needs more appropriately.

The below is my proposal using SONOFF devices that I know if, but I'm really out of touch of whats available out there.
I do however need to be able to purchase the components in the UK, 240v/50hz compatible.

I appreciate that this is less homeAutomation-ey, and more of an electrical query, but the main requirement is to use wireless signalling to control the lights. I will be adding some automations and scenes once this primary objective is achieved.

I was hoping you could help me work out what I need to buy for my lighting problem.


Everything in purple is what I need to achieve, and green is a nice-to-have.

So the current lights in the room get Live+Neutral both passed through a single switch (called S1, and it's switched lived only, neutral passed through the box) which chains through the existing lights.

I want to add the Purple lights, with minimal wall/ceiling destruction for the wiring, but the key here is that I want a new switch in S1 for the purple lights only, and the existing switch in S1 for the existing lights, with independent control.

The green, nice-to-have S2 are two additional switches (for the same pair of lights) on the opposite side of the room. This location will have access to power from an entirely different circuit if required, but this circuit has nothing to do with the lights in this room.

Extending the wiring from any existing light to the purple lights is easy, plenty of space in ceiling and easy access between the locations with holes for existing lights. Can't rewire anything in the wall though, just some limited space in the switch backbox.

The main objective here with sonoff, is to have the manual physical switching working, smart/remote access is a bonus.

What i was thinking would work, and hopefully you can advise if this is correct, is as follows.

  1. Pass both Live and Neutral straight through S1, permanently, without a switch.
  2. Intercept the connection above the first existing light, and place a DUALR3-Lite in it's place.

2.a. The incoming Neutral would be split 3 ways, one for the existing lights chain, one going to the new purple lights, and one for the DUALR3-Lite input.
2.b. The incoming Live would be split two ways, both for the two Live inputs of the DUALR3-Lite (is this required?
2.c. The LiveOutput1 would go to the existing light chain
2.d. The LiveOutput2 would go to the new purple lights.
3. Add an S-MATE2 behind S1, wired up to the two switches, and configure (in app?) to control the DUALR3-Lite's two outputs wirelessly.
4. Add another S-MATE2 behind S2 to achieve basically the same thing.

My questions would be, would this configuration work? Will these devices work together as i understand? Once configured, would this work without wifi?

Also, are these the correct devices to use? I presume the DUALR3-Lite is, as I don't need energy monitoring, and I think it has the 'Gateway' to listen to the wireless signals from the S-MATE's.

Also, the S-MATE2's..... could I get away with an S-MATE (non '2'), even though i'm not going to have any Live switching? Is there a cheaper device that will achieve the same objective (for S1, S2 or both), considering I don't need 3 switches each. Also, I'd prefer not to have it battery opperated, so is there another device I can hookup behind either S1 and/or S2 that can utilise the power available in the socket, so it runs on mains without battery maintenance (I appreciate batterylife may be long, but considering potential future owners).

I'd really appreciate any help and advice, thanks in advance.

21:32 UTC


Does this smart switch exist?

Hey folks, hope you’re all well. My first time posting here so forgive me if it’s been asked before! A family member has asked me to make smart part of their heating system, with a few requirements. They are:

  • be able to switch a 3000w, 16a load, at 240v.
  • have a physical rf remote
  • work on their home WiFi and via an iOS app whilst outside the home.

Not bothered if I have to get them a hub or not. Currently they have no hubs or any Google / Alexa / HomeKit on their house.

Can anyone help? Cheers!

18:25 UTC


is Power over Ethernet (PoE) that good/advantageous?

Disclaimer - just learned about Power over Ethernet (PoE) today

EDIT - no one is trying to "sell" me anything. I am meeting with the contractors and they are simply asking where do I want more PoE drops, if any. The house from architect already has a bunch without me needing to add more. For example, 3x ceiling APs automatically + 2x outside

I'm building a brand new house, and my contractors are telling me how PoE is the new thing. Specifically

  1. Internet - I thought mesh routers are the hot new thing, they are telling PoE access points are even better (since all hardwired, makes sense)
  2. Security cameras - I thought you would hardwire for power somehow (go behind walls/attic) and do wireless, they are telling me PoE all-in-one is simpler

If the answer is "yes PoE is that good", I also unfortunately noticed it's the most expensive too

17:53 UTC


Whole House Fan Automation

I have a quietcool whole house fan that uses a 8 hr countdown timer switch and a double 3-way switch. The fan pulls 5.1 amps on the high setting. What switches could I use to automate this?

17:24 UTC


Smart APP

15:44 UTC


Recommendations for alarm systems that integrate with HA

I'm after an alarm system that integrates well with HA. That is, I can read the state of sensors and arm/disarm via HA.

Things I want to avoid:

  • I'm not interested in having HA function as my alarm controller. I believe that rules out Konnected.
  • I'm not paying a subscription, that rules out Qolsys
  • I need remote arm / disarm, which rules out Ajax Hub 2

I must say I went into this pretty naive and thought it would be easy to find systems that satisfy these requirements but after hours of reading I'm no closer to finding something.

DSC Neo - Uses an encrypted bus and I'm not interested in the keypad hack (clever but no!)

Elk / Ness M1 Gold - looks promising in terms of HA integration but is fairly old and requires Windows to program.

Inner Range Inception, another promising one, public API, but I saw a report of delays in state updates

Paradox MG Series, looks like it may work with the IP150 module,but the fact it was reverse engineered makes me nervous.

Right now I'm tending towards the Inception but have I missed anything?

14:02 UTC


No-Neutral or Neutral Switch?

Hi all,

Had to repost this as no text was displayed,

Thinking of getting an Aqara Smart Wall Switch Double Rocker to control some overhead lights in the kitchen, I would usually ask a question to my electrician however they are unavailable atm, I am just wondering do I need a Neutral or a No-Neutral switch in this case? I live in Ireland, the top portion of the switch with the interconnecting wire says "Common"




13:24 UTC


Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a smart smoke detector and am considering the Google Nest [$210 CAD] and Kidde 2-in-1 Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector [$120 CAD]. I've also checked out First Alert, but it wasn't available on Amazon Canada.

Any suggestions?

12:27 UTC


Hopefully Simple

Looking for a simple solution to control/dim 2 lights ( less than 1 amp each ) at the same time. I have not done much with smart homes since the UPB days..Years ago..

Could be 2 kasas or equivalent plug in smart dimmers with 1 wireless control similar to pico remote

Could also use wired in slave modules as long as it is ul or equivalently listed. ( I am a licensed electrician, )

Looking for a simple system that does not require a hub and
can be controlled locally. Am wiring up 2 lights in a glass doored cabinet with glass shelves. Need to control the existing upper light ( no switch yet,,,had old powerline plug in module} and add 2 bottom uplights....

Thanx, dhsvcs

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12:24 UTC


I need 3 outdoor camera with no power cable to control if someone come close to my doorway

Hi everyone,

I need 3 outdoor camera to check if someone enter in my garden. I don't have any way to connect them to the electricity.

Since is what I need:

  • No subscription. If there is need I'll add an SD card. I don't want to use any cloud

  • I need to install the app on every family phone. If it detect someone I want the phone to start ring at max volume regardless of the vibration or quiet mode (like when I use the search my phone with my Garming smartwatch)

  • A good brand, I would rather spend more but I want a good product with a decent privacy (considering that is a camera)

  • Possibility to expand and add internal camera with microphone in case of screaming of something like that

  • I want ther camera to automatically turn on alerts during night or when manually enabled. I don't need them to be active 24/7

Can you suggest me some good brand and/or camera models?

I found this one:

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12:14 UTC


Student in an apparetement with no access to the wifi router

Hi everyone,

I am a student looking to start my smart home adventure, I am currently in an apartment where I have been given access to a Wi-Fi (name and password only). While doing my research, I have found out I need to connect my smart gadgets to a hub connected to the internet, but could I do it locally with no internet needed ?

For example, I have the IKEA Tradfri and their dirigera hub, I also have a devolo magic wifi kit and a Philips hub bulb, how can I connect and control these lights and other future devices (per example home assistant).

Thanks for the help

11:29 UTC


Google Home — Unable to remove device type from a Switch?

I have a device (exposed from Home Assistant) that is a "status light" (more of an LED, really), and Google Home is automatically classifying it as a "light" switch because of "light" in the name.

If I remove it, drop "light", and re-expose, it comes through as a regular, untyped switch.

Accessing the device information in Google Home (on iOS) and attempting to change the Switch type only allows me to change it to a physical switch type (i.e. Light, Fan, etc.) rather than remove the type so it's generic.

I only noticed because it was turning off this entity when asking to "turn off all lights". The closest I can get is changing it to an outlet, …but it's not an outlet. 😅

Am I missing something here? Or is it just that Google doesn't support removing of a type once set?

09:39 UTC

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