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Boss insulted stutter.

Pretty much what the title says. I have a slight stutter and get hung up on words. It’s been a thing for as long as I can remember. It gets worse if I’m stressed too much, or thinking too fast. I have a mental health issue that also contributes to this.

Yesterday we were at an event and boss was asking me a series of questions, in front of staff and client.

I was getting hung up a bit and all of a sudden he blurts out “t-t-t-today junior!” I know it’s from a scene in Billy Madison and I guess he was trying to be funny. It was embarrassing and humiliating all at the same time. When I left the event I sat in my car on the phone with my girlfriend crying. I haven’t been treated like that since high school and I don’t know what, if anything, I can do. HR is always in managements side so I fear a report would just come back against me.

Do I have any options?

12:40 UTC


Searching for a Macro recorder to do my job for me.

Hi, I have a really dumb job that literally a computer program can do, I'm searching for a macro recorder that also has image recognition and hopefully fully free.

(I tried "Macro recorder" and it works great but it isnt free.)

12:29 UTC


Training new associate and schedule change with no notice

I've been a night audit/front desk worker for a few months now. I started at working 3 days a week and then went to 5 days a week with a set schedule about a month ago. When I changed to this schedule, my boss thanked me profusely because the other night audit was getting let go, and me going to 5 days worked out so much better for everyone. I was told it would be a permanent change.

Then I trained a new AM/Night shift hybrid employee, and they were going to work the other 2 days that I don't work.

Yesterday I came in and was told I needed to train a new night audit employee that shift. I've done this before (high turnover), but I've always had notice. Tonight I come in and they're here again and they say they're here for more training. OK whatever.

I asked them about their new schedule and they tell me 3 days a week. We are both night shift, so that's taking me down to 4 days a week.

Before this, my boss has always been extremely nice, and I thought this was the perfect job for the time being (I'm working on writing a novel so it gives me a lot of downtime I can use to work on it). It doesn't pay a lot, but it's just enough to cover my bills.

My boss never told me about the 2nd night of training or about the schedule change, and only mentioned the first night of training less than 20 minutes before my shift started. She's usually really good at giving notice about things like this so it makes me worry that something is wrong.

I'm mostly upset about the schedule because that puts me under my cost of living so I'll need to get either a second part-time job just to pay my bills, or just a new full-time job and quit this one. I'm extremely frustrated.

12:04 UTC


Any business ideas where you don’t do anything?

12:01 UTC


applying for jobs is a job

looking for more work rn, came across this cl ad for arcade game maintenance. i was thinking of applying cuz this seemed like a really cool job...until

11:41 UTC


I have just learned that companies have a lots of programming teams..

..to don't have one/few persons responsible for all code -> that person can then "blackmail" for higher salary

also they hire a lot of great talent, just to block them joining competition/becoming one..

what are other dirty tricks, corporations are playing..?

10:50 UTC


Told I'm being 'let go' after calling out manager for being rude


Little context before I rant:

  • Part-time worker at University, I'm a student there also
  • Originally 6 month contract, but due to team-members quitting, my employment was lengthened during tough period and I've been there for about a year and a half.
  • New, full-time worker has started this week

So my team-members all left last year- manager and two senior team members, leaving me to man the ship alone for a solid 8 months. Totally overworked, understaffed for a very stressful part of my University life.

My new manager has been part of the picture for about 8 months, and she's the worst. Confidently incompetent, makes frivolous changes to our work processes. Hasn't listened to a single bit of advice I've given, and when I've challenged her changes, she proceeds anyway. She also gives all of her instructions in short-hand, acronyms only she uses, and her comms are littered with spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

This week, she spoke to me rudely. Wasn't anything too offensive, just passive-aggressive when I was asking her to explain some of her instructions to me: "I don't see what's so difficult about this?" and remarking that "much of this is common sense." I just stated that she was being rude, which she was, and she responded that we'd "chat on Friday".

The chat came, and the department-manager was in too. He said there was two items on the agenda for the meeting, a space for me to talk through my issues with the manager, and a little about 'how the team would look in the future'. Instantly, I knew that was corporate for: "It ain't looking like you're in it!", so my willingness to discuss the topic waned.

My manager defended her word choice, reiterated that it was 'common sense' and apologised in that not-really an apology way: "I'm sorry you felt like that".

Afterwards, the department manager explained that due to the new-fulltime employee, the team is 'back to full capacity', and that due to the budget, it's no longer necessary for my employment.

That's the story, really- but I just wanted to rant about two key subjects that I think are absolutely disgusting about corporations like this.

  1. This was just before the end of my studies at the University, and a day before a week-long holiday that is the first I've taken due to demand in a year. My reward for solely steering the ship during months of being short-staffed is being told I'm being let go DAYS after they recruit again. I think its atrocious that being understaffed is rectified so slowly, and being overstaffed is rectified at a moments notice without second thought to the people affected.

  2. I realise that my contract is part-time, and is ephemeral by nature, and I've had a lot longer at the job than I would've had. But the timing of the termination is very strange: days after I call out my manager for rudeness, I receive this? I'm probably just being paranoid, but it certainly feels like retaliation, and looks like it too.

I think point 1 is something I'm much more acutely aware of now, however- the fact that, in the corporate world, martyrs and heroes aren't remembered. You are, and always will be, a unit of productivity. Nobody will remember the months of stressing to meet statutory deadlines, or know the fact I was checking my work-emails during lectures when I shouldn't have been. There truly will be no reward for doing so.

Look out for yourself, because it is you versus them.

10:24 UTC


I'm mad.

I don't know if this is quite the right subreddit for this, but I also don't really care. This is a doozy of a vent so feel free to skip it.

I love that the 2008 financial crisis was so horrible because a lot of normal people who were paying mortgages basically got told go fuck yourself we are taking the house and keeping the money (literally and metaphorically). I'm not sure I've seen this comparison made yet, but in my experience the current economy has managed to gaslight everyone into now thinking that paying money for something does not mean you get anything. Like bro... The people in 2008 were basically just paying cheap ass rent for whole ass homes, yet it is still attributed as one of the most difficult financial environments for the common man in recent history. Sure no one was able to get a mortgage for a while but look the fuck around you, look at yourself, are YOU able to get a mortgage? When you think of a mortgage, do you imagine people in their early 20's getting one? Well they bloody well used to. Today it's like $2k a month for a fucking basement with a fridge. For people that already "own" a home, they are paying redicilous property tax that exists to cover their cities expense in getting utilities to their home. Kind of like a group effort so we can all have power and water and whatever else. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten this (in Canada anyways) because every one of your utility bills includes a "delivery fee" now. Just like Uber eats :) Oh and there's also the fun "service fee" and for people "privileged enough to heat their homes with natural gas" (like they have a fucking choice) there's now a carbon tax as well. I like to refer to these as the "privilege tax". I'll use my situation as an example for people who don't have to pay these bills. My house has power so I pay 50$ a month, and if I have the audacity to use said power that number increases (this is seperate from the cost of the actual power which is usually less than this privilege fee). Because my house has a gas connection - you know, so I don't freeze to death in my sleep - I pay $120 a month. The property tax on my home is nearly $400 a month (it's a starter home in the country with many. many problems). All tallied up, these privilege fees are $570 a month. For fucks sake that's what rent for a studio apartment used to be like 6 years ago. Thank god the home uses well water (that's right, $400 a month and the bastards don't even send me treated water) or there would be another set of privilege fees. We are CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING an economic environment that's SEVERAL FOLD as horrific for most people as the aftermath of 2008, but in the exact same way and nobody seems to realize that.

I'm lucky enough to have stable employment that pays enough (45% under market rate but whatever) to cover all this shit but I can't imagine what it's like for people who haven't had a substantial increase in income in the last couple of years. Not more than 6 years ago I was able to buy a car (used of course lmao) pay for school, get an apartment, and generally have no severe financial stress all on like $1500 a month. Now I make 50k a year give or take (like $30k after taxes or $24.5k for the Americans reading this, yippee) and I have to save up and budget so I can buy my wife some ice cream. I stopped considering breakfast as an option, and I usually skip lunch. Most dinners are pasta - which by the way home made sauce seems to cost nearly same as premade sauce unless less you grow the damn tomatoes yourself - and a lot of my diet now consists of rice. I'm not looking for sympathy on this, I just think it is absurd that someone who works full time in a specialized field has been brought to the level of skipping meals and eating primarily pasta and rice. Hell, I was better off when I was working part-time at a time Hortons nearly 10 years ago. Again, I can hardly imagine what it's like for people who are in a situation where working part-time at a time Hortons is all they have.

Quite frankly it's a crock of shit and I'm mad. Also it's 3am when I'm writing this and I'm hungover as shit so I don't know if I got my point across or if there even is one. Wait no, there was a point:

tl;dr The 2008 financial crisis consisted of people paying a lot of money for something, but ending up with nothing. Now people pay even more money for the same things, but don't even expect to get anything out of it. I think the situations are hilariously similar but no one seems to have made the comparison and everything is currently so much worse than in 2008. Taxes are bullshit (who knew?????). I make substantially more money than I did less than 6 years ago yet my quality of life has done nothing but plummet - how in the fuck are people who aren't as lucky as me supposed to do anything.

Thank you for listening to my 3am hangover rant.

That will be all.

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09:21 UTC


Getting burned out again. Getting fed up. Every day I fantasize about quitting

So I work at a metal factory basically. We make aluminum parts for aerospace, automobiles and all kinds of random shit. The pay is decent I guess, the benefits are good. The management…straight ASS. Been here for 9 months and it is just getting worse. The union itself is questionable too. Bad politics and rampant favoritism. I refuse to kiss anyones ass.

We have been short-staffed because people are quitting (God bless them I want to do the same). So pretty much I have to do double the work I used to. Recently they have started making us work almost every Saturday and that’s where I draw the line. Fuck that I refuse to give my weekends up. It is so depressing. I become legitimately enraged over it.

When I started here I was told it would be Monday-Friday. That was the agreement right? I am young and when I see these guys that have been working here 20+ years, just the thought alone makes me feel nauseous. There is just no work/life balance here and the OGs here tell me that themselves. “This company doesn’t give a shit about your life they will slave you away” is something one of the older guys told me awhile back.

I don’t know I am just getting to that point where I am even starting to look around at other places hiring. Just wanted to vent to people that would relate. I can’t wait for the day I decide to just never show up again. This place doesn’t respect MY life MY time, so why should I give them any sort of respect with a “2 weeks notice?”

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08:20 UTC


It's not just the rejections; it's the time it takes to get rejected.

What's crazy to me about this market is that SO many big companies take months and months to evaluate your resume with no feedback and no guidance in the meantime. I'm a qualified applicant with a good resume. What about this process could possibly take so long?

I'm being rejected for roles I applied to before November, and am still "being screened" for things I applied to before Christmas. The waiting is exhausting and demoralizing, especially when you're rejected after months of hope.

Even if you try to find a recruiter on LinkedIn to follow up, all they seem to do is make rah rah posts about how much they love their job while claiming to be too busy for direct contact. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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08:14 UTC


Office space reduced by 50% last year and now they want us all to return with 1 desk per 2.4 person ratio.

They've reduced floors, open space, number of desks and rooms etc by at least 50% as they've moved most of us to hybrid but didnt really push anyone to come to the office. Now, they want all the workforce to show up at least 3 days a week. The area my team used to sit is shared by 3 other teams all of which have more members than we do. There's not enough room to fit all of us.

And of course the CEO who communicated return to office has no idea about downsizing and lack of space.

Our days in the office will be tracked, of course. And they will be counted towards our performance, of course.

Lastly, when the downsizing happened, some teams had their contracts changed to fully remote as they anticipated major exodus. Hurray for them!! However, they dont anticipate anyone else going remote. This means - come to the priso... office, and if you dont show up it's PIP and you're out.

Rant over

06:35 UTC


I stood up for myself. Handhold.

Wish me luck. For 3.5 years I was doing jobs above my pay scale (significantly so) to “gain experience” (read to save my line manager’s behind). Somehow, in my idealistic view of the world, I assumed that a good hard work equals promotion. Despite claiming how “appreciated” and “absolutely irreplaceable” I am, I was used mercilessly and at the end my manager crossed a fat line where I was doing her job for most of the day and asked to do even more overtime unpaid, while being humiliated and micromanaged from time to time, so I said no. I went to senior management who was blissfully unaware that I did all of this throughout such a long period of time. It was against the policy. I got my line manager into trouble. I applied for promotion officially as the there was an opening.

The situation is as follows:

  1. They hired a temp to help cover my extra duties I was asked to do (and shouldn’t have been)
  2. Line manager went extra polite with me, I can’t bare to look at her anymore though
  3. Senior management avoids me although they will have to reply to my application. They acknowledged, but didn’t have enough decency to actually talk to me (all in writing)
  4. They are wasting more money now on temp even though they could simply pay me on appropriate pay scale instead. Temp can’t do their job (not through their fault, they just can’t do it in this system). I’m just sitting watching how quality of what we do goes downhill and I don’t care anymore.

I’m either going to get promoted or fired. Funnily how I have to tell my teenage children every day how hard work leads you to success. It doesn’t, ever. It’s my second career and it doesn’t. At least in my first career they paid me a lot despite refusing to give me “titles”. Here I don’t have either.

I need money and I need my job. This promotion was what I was working for, blissfully unaware what’s happening. Everyone acts shocked of how they were unaware of all of this. Pathetic.

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06:34 UTC


Is this normal? My supervisor is constantly checking up on me for updates every 30 minutes to an hour.

To make a long story short, I've been assigned to a new project in my firm, and I have a new supervisor who's managing the project. I only started working with him for one week, and I'm already sick of working with him.

He's been rushing me constantly, and asking me how I am doing on tasks every 30 minutes to an hour. It's been making anxious and uncomfortable, because I'm now working at a faster pace, which usually leads to me making more unintentional mistakes. Luckily so far, none of that has happened.

In the past, one of the biggest criticisms I've received at work is that I work too fast, and leave a lot of errors that other people have to pick up. When I told him that I'm still working on the long list of tasks he assigned me, he asked another employee to come in and separate the task made for me. This made me somewhat nervous. He didn't criticise me, but since my company is "performance based" I'm worried he might make a comment about this to management.

We eventually got the work done for this project in good time, but by the end of it I was exhausted. This is the first time I've truly felt burnt out at my latest company.

Am I overreacting? I guess I have a lot of job anxiety/emotional baggage from my last job, which wasn't even half a year ago. I just don't like being checked up every hour when a lot of what I'm doing is probably 3-4 hours worth of work. He's probably wondering if I'm stuck or have a question, but I would definitely let him know if I was. I don't need someone breathing on my neck every hour.

Maybe every 3 hours or before lunch and 3 hours before the end of the shift would be good enough to check up on me. But damn, it's triggering my PIP PTSD, and I'm worried he's trying to analyze how I work.

TL;DR I'm getting anxiety because my supervisor checks up on me too many times, and I'm worried he could lead me to getting fired if I work at my natural pace due to my past work experience with abusive management.

05:46 UTC


Let's discuss

05:37 UTC


How to get paid for interview project of a role I didn't accept

So, maybe this belongs in r/legaladvice, I've seen elsewhere that it's not legal to require unpaid projects in an interview process. I had two companies flirting with me for MONTHS one of which required a creative project. I ended up accepting an offer from the other company but still think I should be paid for the hours I put into the assignment (and subsequent requested revisions!) I did for the first company. Is there any chance of getting paid?

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05:21 UTC


No scheduled raise? I’ll only do entry level duties.

05:19 UTC


My thoughtless coworkers

This is just me venting/ranting. I'm just salty

I am/was the ASM of a women's clothing retailer at our local mall. I've been on medical leave and just went back to work last week. One of our bonuses for making sales was a rewards program that provided food for the team when they met sales goals. Nothing fancy, but they would provide us with bottled water, chips, crackers, various snacks, muffins, instant soup, cases of water, soft drinks, coffee, all kinds of goodies.

When I went back to work last week my boss bragged that they had been making sales and we had plenty of food, to help my self. We had a lot of food. I thought this was great as I'm on a very strict budget til pay day and eating at the mall is outrageous. I've been living of disability for the last few months and am broke AF. I'm struggling to make it to pay day. I'm not even sure how I'm going to get to work next week. I had planned to bring my lunch, but figured I could save my groceries and $ by just having crackers and soup for a few days for lunch. And all was good for two days.

Well, a few days ago we were hit with the bad news that our store will close on the 22nd of this month. Bummer. I had two days off, and yesterday I went in to work and everything was gone. All the soda. All the cases of soup. All the boxes of crackers. Cookies and candy. Everything. Even the coffee pot.

I was not prepared. I'd not brought lunch or extra cash for lunch. I was at a total loss. There's only 6 of us who work there and we don't all work all the time, so they obviously didn't consume ALL that food in two days. That also means I wasn't the only person who didn't get some.

It turned out that they had decided to divide it up amongst themselves and take it home, which is fine, I guess. It was their bonus snacks, and I didn't really have a hand in that, but I did find it kind of thoughtless. We have two girls who only work weekends, which means they didn't get anything either, and they had a hand in meeting those goals.

I'm just miffed, I guess. I found it quite selfish and entitled. I've been on leave for a bit, but there were plenty of times I bought my team pizza, taco bell, cinnabon, Starbucks, out of my pocket as a gesture of kindness and good will and they couldn't leave me a cup o' noodle.

I've worked with some of these girls for 7 years, and I wasn't even an after thought.

04:53 UTC


If your training is shitty my work will be shitty.

I’ve been at my current job for the last month and thought I was doing a really satisfactory job had had no complaints had had no amending to my training or what I’ve been told to do, and it’s all relatively easy as I’m a receptionist at a chain barbershop.

But just today after having closed for what feels like the 30th time my on shift manager told me that I’m not doing the cleaning duties?!? I’ve never been made aware of these cleaning duties before, I’ve been told there were three things I needed to do before I leave and I’ve always done those three things, then today I’m told there’s like nine other things I need to do.

This just gets so frustrating as someone who’s on the spectrum if you do not tell me directly that I need to do it I will not do it . So sick of these managers who act like everything is so simple and obvious well guess what you’ve been at the job for three years and I just got here five weeks ago, so beg my pardon, if this shit isn’t obvious to me.

04:41 UTC


I'm done.

Well, I worked my ass of for a company for almost 2 years. I busted my butt starting off only making $11 an hour. Finally after about 6 months ended up finally getting assistant manager and went up to $13.... Today that all came crashing down because the only person I had that would watch my kids on the weekend can no longer do so. I tried to bargain with doing graveyards on weekends since I have the rest of the week covered minus a 3 hour interval between 6pm to 9pm... and it didn't matter. After all that work, going to multiple stores, being a star performer, helping train other employees, doing multiple managers work in other locations to show I could be a good store manager too... all gone. I've been demoted and am now back to square one all because I'm a single mom who doesn't have family at her disposal to care for my kids. Because I don't have the funds to pay a babysitter my own wage to watch my kids for me.... fun. All my time has been wasted for absolutely nothing.

04:30 UTC


I’m thinking about pivoting from my preferred industry

Social services is known to be underpaid, overworked and burnt out. I’m thinking about pivoting into helping people form unions. Someone who does the intakes for people who need representation and puts together the paperwork. Any ideas?

04:27 UTC


I forgot to add "bird watching" do you think they will hire me without it?

04:11 UTC


Manager Constantly Calling Me Out

I work a minimum wage job, im a college student. I do come in late a lot but this doesn’t seem to be the main issue as I’m still a top performer. We have a chart that shows our performance and im in the top 5 amongst like 30 others. So today I was checking out my phone which we need to do to clock out, I was behind a woman as she checked out her phone, keep in mind my manager can see us while we do this.

There is a wall separating the managers desk and where you go to clock out, their is also a staircase right next to where you clock out and that’s generally how I leave. I follow the woman after we both put our phones away. The manager can see us while we put them away. The woman clocks out first turning back and walks past my manager to leave. He doesn’t say anything. Once I clock out albeit behind a wall, descending the staircase my manager calls my name and begins to tell me he’s writing me up for leaving early.

I tell him that I thought we were finished as the other lady clocked out too, he says he didn’t see her and he’ll talk to her, but then how did he see me behind the wall, when she walked right past him. She also checked out her phone before me? He then tells me I act like i’m not apart of a team and that he thinks i do it unintentionally. Im a nervous person and really couldn’t find the words to speak back. It just feels like he’s constantly watching for a mistake I make to call me out for it.

Funnily enough he says I act as i’m not part of the team, they constantly ask me to stay later and because i’m a nervous person I find it hard to say no, and if I do they basically coerce me into staying atleast 30 more mins. Literally last week we had an audit and I was asked to stay later and clean out spilt frozen milk that sat outside.

04:03 UTC


Questions regarding job reassignment and employment laws.

Hello. I recently took a job with a security company at a post that was long term, more than a year duration. I was specific with the recruiter that I don't drive, can only work graveyard, and because I don't drive, I need a posting close to home to uber. He found me a posting 5 miles away working nights, and all was good. They attempted to raise their rates at the first of the year and lost the contract. So now they have to find me a new post. They ha e offered me swing shift, they have offered me driving positions, and they try to randomly call me in to cover shifts that would be outside my normal area that'd I'd look for work. I have applied for unemployment. Can they deny me for turning down these shifts when I was never hired to be a flex/on call employee? CA.

03:52 UTC


Zuck made $28b more dollars today. What do you think?

02:54 UTC


You can't quit, you're fired!

We've all heard this expression, but I think I actually saw this today. Not quite like like we normally would expect to see this, but a bit differently:

One of my coworkers was let go this morning - he was a contractor that had worked for my company previously and had left for a better opportunity. My boss had told him that he was welcome back any time and that he'd be missed and was a great worker. Well back in October we interviewed this coworker and agreed he'd be a good fit for the role which, without giving more detail, was a technical team lead. He joined the team in November and then today he was surprisingly let go. I can't wrap my mind around this - my boss was absolutely gushing over this guy "we have to have him he's really going to turn this team around" and then 3 months later the guy is let go. I guess it's definitely possible that this guy really wasn't what my boss was hoping for, but 3 months? That just seems really hasty to me.

I'm wondering if this wasn't just petty revenge for quitting before at this point. It makes no sense.

Needless to say, I'm updating my resume - I won't work for someone like this. I can tolerate all the abusive shit that my boss puts me and others through, but to threaten their families livelihoods like this without rolling with the punches first? Especially after you were literally singing their praises months before? Wtf is going on here?

02:43 UTC


Offer rescinded due to student loans

I got a job offer a month ago to work in the office of a financial company. Right now I make $15 an hour and the new pay rate would be $22. The hours were perfect and I was excited.

They declined to move forward because of information in my bg check or credit report. I was sent a copy and the only thing on it is my student loans.

Just fuckin bummed man. I get it I guess, but I'm not going to fucking steal to pay the government.

I have been with my company almost 10 years, I work part time but at the corporate level.

After I got my job offer I found out at my current job the people they are hiring for the job I had 10 years ago (I have been promoted 3 times since then) are making $15 an hour, same as me now.

I also found out my coworker who has been with the company for 40 years makes $18 an hour. What.

The owner compliments my work, calls me out to thank me at big meetings, seeks my opinion on stuff, and then looks me in the face and pays me the same as an entry level employee. I am so bitter, I can hardly hold my tongue anymore.

02:40 UTC


Back in the job search market again and it feels like online dating

Context I am in my 40's, bored with work and the manager I have to deal with - so have booted up the old word processor to get a resume together. It's been a while since I have got my last few jobs by word of mouth and have not had to really sell myself because of recommendations and good references. And now, as I sit here thinking about what comes next, the thought of going through interviews and sitting in front of panels again turns my guts. We really are just pieces of meat to the machine. Can not wait to retire, if I even make it that far.

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02:36 UTC


9 to 5 rant as a 22y/o

I’m only 22 years old and the prospect of a 9 to 5 is pretty draining.

Studied a maths and economics dual degree at Uni. Coasted through with minimal effort. Never any idea what I wanted to do. Put a little effort to get decent enough grades in a couple final year math courses but honestly I hated study.

Took 6/7 months off after Uni and chilled. Started taking weightlifting seriously, joined a powerlifting gym, worked casually. This is what life was meant to be.

Found a good job with 0 experience/0 connections because I think the guy took a liking to me & figured I was smart enough. Pay is alright. Probably ~75% of grad jobs where I am fall in the 55k-70k salary bracket (AUD) so 72k isn’t bad. Everyone says how lucky I am.

But I don’t know how anyone can be passionate about such a lifestyle. And here in Australia nobody can afford to move out and rent is crazy. I can’t do this for more than a few years without a break. Maybe do some travelling. And you see all these influencers online making millions. That annoys me too.

How do I find solace in this system?

02:25 UTC

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