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  • Robotic process automation is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence workers. This sub is dedicated to discussion of robotic process automation, rpa tools and the field in general.

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Comparison of platforms

Can anyone help me put together a highlevel cost and technical comparison of the leading platforms (power automate, UIPATH, automation anywhere) for a medium sized enterprise? Approximately 6 medium complexity processes that will each excite 50 instances a day per day (not in parellel) and take about 1m per instance.

03:17 UTC


Introductory Guide to using UI.Vision to Control Desktop Apps

Hello r/rpa!

I’ve recently been using a lot of UI.Vision’s DesktopAutomation XModules, and have made a lengthy and detailed guide on using it to create macros which control more than just web apps.

No prior experience is needed, but the guide will quickly ramp up to more advanced commands. I would recommend using this guide alongside UI.Vision’s Official Documentation. The guide contains a lot of step-by-step examples and reference pictures, and it should be easy for you to quickly pick up this functionality of UI.Vision to make your own procedures.

The guide also links a lot of further resources you can use to further increase your understanding.

(Just unpack the .zip and open index.html to open the static html page)


I’d love to hear from any feedback or issues anybody has with the guide!

16:58 UTC


Looking for a quality rpa demo video.

I'm in a semiconductor industry and I need to educate and introduce rpa to the management team. I'm looking for a good quality rpa introduction video , any recommended sites ? I've checked in YouTube but noticed a lot of demo around finance process, so I'm searching if there's other areas too. Please share links if there's any.

Thanks in advance!

07:28 UTC


Has anyone implemented Ai+Rpa or GenAi related usecases in their organisation? Please share

I’m looking for usecases related to RPA+AI or GenAi

02:58 UTC


How to Start with RPA ?

Since I'm approaching my 30s, I've told myself that in the coming year, I would like to make a decision and focus on a certain direction into which I would invest my energy. As I'm more interested in tech, specifically analytics and automation, I would need some tech career advice. Currently, in my job, I work most of the time with Excel, which has led me to VBA. This has allowed me to create many macros/projects that have saved quite a lot of hours/days of work for the whole team. I've also delved a bit into Power Automate where I've created a lot of flows and one PowerApp that helps our team as well.

Since VBA is not a widely used language, I've started thinking about how to continue with my career. I really enjoy working on projects that are focused on automation, so I found out that there are RPA positions available. These RPA positions include Blue Prism, for example, but I've also heard about Python libraries like NumPy or Pandas. However, I'm not sure if this is the right way to focus. How would you proceed further? What would you focus on? Is Blue Prism, Power Automate, or any RPA software future-proof?"

19:10 UTC


How is power automate cloud flows priced?

With Power Automate, how are the API cloud flows priced compared to regular RPA desktop flows? Is it transaction based?

01:39 UTC


Uith or Zapier/ Mark?

I'm curious guys, which automation platform is more valuable im a bigginner in automation amd somwhat confused of which platformto engage? I want to study non code automation so that it can help me in one way or the other, land a job or start an automation agency. I will need your sincerely contribution.

22:22 UTC


How to make it company wide?

Hi stupid question... So far I've tried using Power Automate to do some automation, like reset password, creating account and stuff...

But I have to do it on my laptop, how do I allow user to like key in their username and the reset password process will be triggered? Instead of triggering by myself

Hope I explained that well, sorry if I didn't 🙏🙏

10:12 UTC


Recommendations for RPA platform to test workflows within game development

I am looking into a what RPA options are available that might be best to automate testing specific workflows within tools used for game development.

The goal is to test each step of a standard workflow that utilizes multiple game development applications/tools and verify each step along the way.

For example, being able to do and verify each step of a workflow such as: Open Maya, create a cube, apply a texture to the cube, build/view the cube in game, and then open a material editor, make a change to applied texture, and verify that change is seen in game.

From what I've researched it seems like UiPath might be the best option to do all of that.

Wondering if anybody has had any experience using UiPath to do this or something similar, or has any better alternative solutions? Or general recommendations?


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21:15 UTC


How can I make money from developing uipath bots?

I currently work as an rpa developer for a company 9-5 5 days a week but it's too much.

I want to choose my own hours and days a week to work including weekends.

Is there platform or a way I can log on, code for x hours and get paid per hours?

18:49 UTC


How do you go about convincing IT Sec to approve RPA use cases?

I work in an organization that is very heavy on "old school" security, meaning "this is how we've done it for years, don't change it", but am being asked to find ways to take advantage of RPA technologies in IT ops to reduce "costs".

The challenge for me is that, for example, even a simple use case like a password reset or an account creation being automated gets roadblocked by IT Sec because they have a policy where the roles with those privileges are human techs with named accounts for accountability/responsibility reasons, and trying to ask for a generic privileged account so that an automated process can take those actions is apparently a big security no-no.

I've tried arguing the benefits but I'm being ignored so far. Wondering if anyone has successfully navigated these kinds of conversations and how you were successful.

18:36 UTC


Unidentifiable field name best practice?

Hi I am trying to do UI automation on "Power Automate" but I realized on my company's webpage, some fields like Anchors are not recognized..

I am using the "Click Link on webpage" connector for most of it but some just doesn't work, I replaced them with Mouse position and sending left click but afraid it may not work sometimes if the UI somehow changes

Hope I explains it well... Sorry about it if I didn't 🙏🙏

May I ask if there is any best practice to handle such scenario?

19:34 UTC


Excel as DB

Hi experts, I am using Excel as a DB for my current learning use case. For that,Microsoft Access Database Engine is important. But I observed that, I am not able to connect Excel as a DB if Microsoft Access Database Engine's version is above 2010. Even if it is new version facing same issue. Is it mandatory to use only 2010 version to connect Excel as DB. I am using Automation Anywhere as my RPA tool.

Please advice me here.

08:18 UTC


I, naively, thought that getting a certification in the field would guarantee a position

I won't bore you with a wall of text so I put the general theme of it in the title.

It's been 4 months since I took the exam and I've exhausted all the openings I've found.

I guess this is more of a venting thread, as the experience left me somewhat disappointed and frustrated as I eagerly was hoping for a career change.

I'll start learning python and try getting into 'normal' automation.

If anyone is in a similar position or wishes to vent, feel free to use the opportunity.

16:23 UTC


Should I do or not do RPA? The conclusion about it.

For those of you asking if you should get into RPA or not, you doubt it future. Know this and have peace of mind. There's nothing you are doing as a career that the future is known. Even the almighty Artificial intelligence on the trend, we know not of the future. What ever is trending or current, do it. And never forget to pick one or two coding or programming languages alongside. Everything will come and go , but coding skills will always remain and be helpful, unless otherwise.

20:39 UTC


How could I create an rpa in python that can read the details of several invoices and sort them into a text file?

How could I create an rpa in python that can read the details of several invoices and sort them into a text file?

05:13 UTC


Friend recommended I learn RPA, but I have no background experience as a developer at all.

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who is a senior engineer at a Japanese tech company recommend I learn RPA when I was talking about ways I could get back to Japan. I am always open to learning new skills, but I have no background in developing. I learned the basics of Python years ago, but never really progressed beyond that.

I know that going from zero to employable on a new skill while working a full-time job can be tough and take a long time. I'm currently researching RPA and gauging whether it's realistic for me to go into. I currently work as a data entry specialist at a clinical research facility. I have some IT support experience at my last job as an office admin, but not much to offer in the realm of tech.

Minus the getting back to Japan thing (that's a personal goal), has anyone been in my shoes and considered going into RPA with no prior experience? My degree is in English and useless in this field, but I realize things are going the automation route as well and know I need to get ahead of it to stay relevant, especially as someone who works in data entry.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Upon further research this feels like a worthy cert to pursue regardless of personal goals. Can see it being useful in many different ways!

Edit 2: Still in cursory research mode, but after taking a look at the UiPath Academy learning roadmap and seeing some beginners like me try to tackle it and struggle... I'm thinking I'm going to have to go back through Automate the Boring Stuff With Python or something to re-learn the basics of programming I've no doubt forgotten by now. Or maybe I should tackle C# instead...

16:14 UTC


API's & EMR Vendors

How insurmountable of a task is it, getting EMR vendors such as Meditech, Cerner & EPIC to allow access to an API call with their software for RPA solutions? Is this the elephant in the room?

15:00 UTC


Use cases for RPA that cannot be solved by conventional automation in IT


Does RPA necessarily mean that there is a bot software that executes either attended or unattended processes or can the automation of processes with the integration of external systems such as ERP via triggers such as webhooks and data transfer via API interfaces also be used? Is it a mandatory feature of RPA that third-party systems or programs do not need to be changed? What are the actual uses cases that couldn't be solved with conventional automation?

Thanks in Advance

12:56 UTC


RPA Solution to Learn First

I am experienced in infrastructure and cloud but not in RPA. I don't have a background in C, C#, VBA, Python, etc., but I am working on that. I want insights from those already working in the field, so let me ask a loaded question: Which RPA vendor would you start with if you were in my shoes? Thx

21:38 UTC


What am I missing-can’t get my foot in the door

i’ve been an RPA developer in the US for the last two years using Windows Power Automate, I’ve been a Office systems developer for three years prior to that, and for three years prior to that I worked managing automation and servers for a radio network, but with no formal education in the technical space (e.g. no certs or degrees). I’ve been applying to about 10 jobs per week for the last two months, so far only landed one interview. I’ve even been turned down for several junior, RPA developer roles. I can’t even seem to get my foot in the door to talk to anyone or sell myself.

If job experience isn’t enough to get me there, what do I need to add to my résumé to make me a no-brainer for someone who’s hiring?

* if you’ve been hired recently or your part of the RPA hiring process, what do you think a candidate needs to have in order to get into round one of interviews?*

also, there have been several jobs I’ve applied for that have been government agency positions, but all of those typically require some level of security clearance. I’m wondering if my lack of existing security clearance or previous clearance makes me a no-go candidate for those positions?

16:04 UTC


Best practice - Documentation

We recently introduced RPA in the company.

What is the best practice when it comes to RPA? Is documentation necessary? Is it necessary to create flow charts? What should an automation process look like from start to finish, what steps does it contain?

If you could write me some advice, I would be grateful.

07:36 UTC


RPA Agency a good idea?

Hey guys,

I've been diving into the realm of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) recently, particularly with Python and considering utilizing a VPS along with various endpoints to automate repetitive tasks for businesses. I'm particularly interested in applying this automation to the accounting aspect of businesses.

I've been exploring the possibility of using open-source tools to create solutions that can streamline accounting processes, such as invoice processing, data entry, reconciliation, and reporting. My goal is to potentially offer these automation services to businesses as a means of generating recurring monthly revenue (MRR) or a One and done type of thing.

Do you think utilizing RPA with Python, a VPS, and endpoints is a practical way to earn income by automating business tasks, especially in the accounting domain?

Have you or anyone you know attempted similar endeavors? What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

09:10 UTC


Future in rpa??

So I'm a student and don't have any coding experience can anyone tell ne is there any future un rpa in india like are there jobs cuz i want to start a career in it but if there are no jobs than I would rather not start it because there are other options too right?? So is rpa a good choice for financial career?? And can anyone also tell me the roadmap for rpa please

06:47 UTC


I’m getting mixed messages about rpa.

So I’m hearing people say rpa is dying and reading some of the comments in here make me think should I waste my time getting into RPA. I’m coming from sales and looking to move into a technical role but I was leaning towards rpa because of learning curve and I’ve talked to a few RPA developers or architects who are saying I should definitely get in. One is making 200k in his role the other is overemployed making about 280k with 2 jobs and he says he works about 2 hrs a day for each job. I’m just conflicted on should I get into the industry or go another route?

I purchased a udemy course and was starting uipath developer program.

Should I look into a different direction?

01:00 UTC


UIPath vs Zapier/Make/etc.

I stumbled across RPA while doing research on workflow automations with Zapier and Make. I know UIPath is one of the big players in RPA, but what is the difference between UIPath vs Zapier/Make? I can't wrap my head around why someone would pay for UIPath when Zapier/Make are much cheaper.

I am just automating workflows between all the different app I use for my company, but I'm not understanding how this is different from RPA?

18:12 UTC


Career Thoughts

I currently work in a non IT job. I don’t hate it but I don’t exactly love it either. However the pay and benefits are really good and work life balance is awesome. I was recently offered a position with another company as a junior RPA developper. I have no experience in the field but they are willing to train me from scratch. (I have been self learning coding and loving it for the past year or so). The problem is, it’s a 25k a year pay cut to start, going from 90k currently to 65k. I think I can make that back up in a few years after gaining experience and moving up out of the junior level (I hope- I live in Utah and it’s becoming pretty competitive out here). I feel like this is an amazing opportunity and I’m really excited about it but the pay cut part is holding me back a bit. What I’m most concerned about though is, are the skills/knowledge gained as an RPA dev transferable to other IT roles? If RPA disappeared in a few years, would I be screwed and unable to land a job because the work I was doing as an RPA dev was so unique/niche?

16:49 UTC


GPTs and other AI assistants to create workflows and learn RPAs. Which are the best

Which AI assistant like ChatGPT and Copilot do you find the best when it comes to creating projects or workflows with Alteryx, Power Automate, and other RPA tools?

I am using ChatGPT to learn and code in VBA, Python, and SQL and was wondering if it will be as effective with RPA.

10:54 UTC


Career help into RPA

I stopped doing B to C sales and switch to studying aws cloud computing, and I'm looking forward to getting my first certificate by June in SAA. I want to go in for RPA ( robotic processing automation) with a career gold of becoming a solution architect. I do not have coding skills, but I'm enjoying the cloud course. I need your sincere advice. Is RPA a good field to get into? Will some concept in AI take over RPA? What is the future of RPA in ten years to come? As a solution architect, is cloud and RPA a good combination?

I do not want to make a career mistake and would like to get a good job before the end of this year.

I was thinking of going deep into AI, maybe machine learning. But I need something that will take me three months to study from now and that will land me a job at least above average of $. After analyzing RPA and ML, I realized RPA is easier to understand. Please, I will need your sincere advice.

Notes: The reason I want a second skill apart from aws cloud is to stand firm in the Dubai job competitive market.

01:52 UTC



Hi experts, I am using automation anywhere , Open command from Excel Advanced is not working on my machine. But the same command is working on different machine with same office liscnece and my user. I have also check the session and everything, all good. Please share your thought!

19:56 UTC

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