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What is RPA exactly?

  • Robotic process automation is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence workers. This sub is dedicated to discussion of robotic process automation, rpa tools and the field in general.

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Powerautomate/PVA with SharePoint and ChatGpt

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to powerautomate and pva. Recently, I have started to work on a small project to develop a pva with powerautomate that searches documents on sharepoint and return document urls. I want to take this a step further and integrate it with chatgpt for enhanced tuning of search results. Has anyone created such a flow where you can use chatgpt api in the process? If so, how did you achieve it and what was the outcome. Any insight is appreciated!

Thank you!

01:15 UTC


Power Automate or UiPath - setting up the first RPA process in the organization

We are currently in the process of selecting an RPA tool for our organization, and are evaluating between UiPath and Power Automate. The top criteria are speed to launch, cost and developer bandwidth. If you've had hands-on experience with either UiPath or Power Automate, please share your thoughts and any pros and cons you've encountered. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable in helping me make an informed decision.

07:01 UTC


What is your company charging (internally) for RPA hours?

I work at a company large enough to have global IT departments that charge departments internally for their services.

Today, I was really surprised to find we’re charging $6 per hour for RPA usage.

Given that it’s running on an Azure VM (I’m almost positive) and that run cost is at most $0.40/hour for a light weight VM (I’m probably over estimating), the total cost seems outrageous.

Yes, I know there is support and redundancy but more than 15x?

21:44 UTC


RPA VS intelligent automation

The main difference between RPA and Intelligent Automation lies in their capabilities.

RPA automates repetitive tasks, while Intelligent Automation combines RPA with AI to handle complex processes, adapt to data, and make decisions, offering more advanced and versatile automation solutions.

More differences in the table:


14:09 UTC


RPA in next 10 years

As the title says how would the field of RPA change in up coming years..

Will it diminish? With new things come up ?

13:38 UTC


RPA Career Planning

Hello r/rpa,

around 6 months ago I joined the RPA team of my company after wishing to to transfer out of the Testing Role, which I did not enjoy in this environment. I have 6 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Test Automation with Selenium and other commonly used tools. At first I felt overwhelmed with automating the Accounting processes of my company, since I have no experience in the field and I had my problems with Micro Focus UFT, which is the tool that my company uses for RPA. But with the time, I have started enjoying writing scripts and have become more skilled in using Visual Basic and built in functions to automate long and complex processes.

Do you think that RPA will become more widespread and smaller companies will be interested in automating complex accounting and business processes in the future? There are not many job openings exclusively about RPA, but I am wondering if this can be leveraged into a career path in the future. What are your thoughts?

12:19 UTC


RPA UI automation design patterns?

I have several flows built in Power Automate desktop that runs in unattended mode. From time to time it misses a click or doesn’t fill a field and as flow complexity increases, these issues become more impactful.

Are there any good design patterns for building more resilient UI automations? I’ve started designing idempotent flows (not always possible) and designing flow with the expectation of failure but success here is still hit & miss.

Will appreciate any insights from experienced developers on their approaches?

01:54 UTC


Exploring RPA Solutions: Seeking Recommendations

Exploring RPA Solutions: Seeking Recommendations

Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to automate some personal processes and am on the lookout for solutions that are akin to Automation Anywhere or Python RPA. Specifically, I'm interested in tools that:

  • Allow interaction with web pages
  • Reading emails
  • Triggered by incoming emails

Ideally, I'd love to find a solution that offers a free deployment option, perhaps something that can be utilized on an Amazon AWS EC2 instance.

Has anyone ventured into this territory before? Any recommendations or insights you can share would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

18:35 UTC


Random Question - Labonia??

I just had someone text me. They are on a Zoom call and asked me if I was familiar with an RPA tool name "Labonia." I am not, but got curious. My Google skills have failed me. I'm guessing something got lost in translation. Does anyone have a guess what the heck she might be talking about? I'm kind of invested in figuring this out now. I'm sorry. I'm aware this will be the dumbest post in here all day. Thanks.

16:46 UTC


Is possible to have more than one people in the same project in Automation Anywhere Community Edition?

In trying to develop a bot with more than me in the project using the Community Edition, but I dont know if its possible.

14:28 UTC


AI Tool for Automated Custom App Development

04:42 UTC


How to increment variable position in an array at the time of the creation

in this linq query how to set the position of temp0.ToString in the array

    dt_output = ( From r In in_InputFile
    Group By z=r("Country").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group
    Let temp0 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals(currentItem)).Count
    Let newRows = New Object() {grp(0)("Country").ToString,temp0.ToString}
    Select dt_Output.Rows.Add(newRows)).CopyToDataTable

the scenario is that as the temp0.ToString is set at index 1, it is overwriting the values that is already there

so my idea is to give it a position based on a counter

this code is already in a loop and has a counter variable called Count, the currentitem as the var that is holding the value inside the .equals(currentitem)

The previous scenario includes static values so the previous linq was like this

    ( From r In in_InputFile
    Group By z=r("Country").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group
    Let temp0 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("ABC")).Count
    Let temp1 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("POR")).Count
    Let temp2 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("PQR")).Count
    Let temp3 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("DEF")).Count
    Let temp4 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("wxy")).Count
    Let temp5 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("Avr")).Count
    Let temp6 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("ABc")).Count
    Let temp7 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("MNP")).Count
    Let temp8 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("GHI")).Count
    Let temp9 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("xyz")).Count
    Let temp10 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("FHI")).Count
    Let temp11 = grp.where( Function(x) x("Designation").ToString.Trim.Equals("STV")).Count
    Let newRows = New Object() { grp(0)("Country").ToString,temp0.ToString,temp1.ToString,temp2.ToString,temp3.ToString,temp4.ToString,temp5.ToString,temp6.ToString,temp7.ToString,temp8.ToString,temp9.ToString,temp10.ToString,temp11.ToString}
    Select dt_Output.Rows.Add(newRows)).CopyToDataTable

as u guessed the currentitem  is holding the value that is used in `.Equals()`

as u guessed the currentitem is holding the value that is used in


Input and Expected Output

Using UiPath

11:54 UTC


2FA with PAD?

Hi guys,

I was wondering, is it possible to bypass an application's 2FA with PAD? What are some tips to do it?

Thank you so much!

07:47 UTC


Ways of implementing RPA.

Hi !

I was wondering how RPA developer manage to implement their RPA solutions on the clients's computer. Does they take control of the client's device from their office or do they go in the client's company and work on the computer over there ?

23:10 UTC


AA Copy multiple files to new folder

Hello Everyone,

I am running into a problem, I need to move/copy multiple files into a new folder using AA 360. Which would be the correct method to do so? Running a loop for every item in the folder? How would one be able to use the Copy from Desktop action for each file?


16:55 UTC


Business model for B2B company implementing RPA.

Hey everyone,

I'm launching a B2B company offering RPA integration services for other businesses. As part of our offering, I'm keen on introducing a "continuous support" service for our existing RPA solutions to address any potential issues that might arise post-implementation.
I'm considering a monthly subscription model to ensure clients receive prompt, efficient, and prioritized maintenance. However, given the varying complexities of automation across different businesses and the time invested in maintenance, a one-size-fits-all pricing doesn't seem fair.

I'm inclined towards an hourly billing system, but I still want the predictability of a monthly subscription since it's a proven and effective business model. Is it feasible to combine these two pricing strategies (hourly billing within a subscription model) to ensure effective support for clients? The goal is to have rates that reflect the workload, quality of service, and are tailored to the financial capabilities of the client.

Has anyone in the community tried merging these two pricing models, and if so, how did it work out for you?

And if you were in the shoes of the client company, which model would you prefer and why?

23:11 UTC


Open source Python over proprietary RPA

Hey everyone,

As someone working in a financial institution (so, we have our concerns about privacy), we've been relying on proprietary RPA solutions, like UiPath, to automate our processes. They've served us well, but it's 2023, and I've been pondering why we continue down this path when open-source alternatives, like Python, offer a different perspective.

One thing that has been on my mind is the financial aspect. Proprietary solutions often come with hefty licensing fees, which can strain budgets and with open source, you're not beholden to a single vendor's roadmap. You have the flexibility to shape and customize your automation initiatives as you see fit. It's a level of control that can be a game-changer as business requirements evolve. Also, open source democratizes automation. It's not just for large enterprises with substantial budgets. Smaller businesses can harness its potential too, leveling the playing field in the world of automation.

Now, I want to emphasize that UiPath and similar platforms have their merits. They offer user-friendly interfaces and a wealth of pre-built activities. But as we march forward in this tech-driven era, it's worth taking a step back and pondering whether open source could be the beacon guiding us toward a more cost-efficient, agile, and vendor-agnostic future.

What you guys are thinking of future of automation?

19:02 UTC


UiPath Unassisted Task Mining

Has anyone used UiPath Unassisted Task Mining?

Does it automatically generated automation opportunities if you just let it run on a desktop for the whole day?

How much input did you need from the subject matter experts?

15:48 UTC


How can Docker be useful for RPA ?

I've been exploring Docker recently, attempting to gain a basic understanding of it. So far, I've grasped the concept that Docker creates an environment ideal for development and seamlessly transfers that environment to production, thereby eliminating issues related to dependencies, version mismatches, and environment discrepancies.

I've been wondering whether Docker could serve as a potential replacement for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the context of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Is such a substitution feasible?

10:07 UTC


Is RPA a good long term career?

I've been working as a UiPath Developer for the past year, but I'm uncertain about the financial prospects of a career in RPA or even starting a business in this field.

On the side, I'm also an Android app developer, and I enjoy creating and publishing apps on the Play Store for fun. However, my skills as an app developer are still at a beginner level and not enough for a full-time job.

I decided to take the RPA job for now, and I'm enjoying it, but I'm unsure about the future of RPA and, more importantly, my personal growth in this field.

To sum it up, I like making apps as a hobby or side hustle and don't necessarily want a job in that field either.

I understand it might sound a bit confusing, but I hope you can provide some guidance on what I should do.

09:55 UTC


Freelancing in UiPath

I have been using UiPath studio extensively for the past 8 months and continue to use it. I have had a classroom training for UiPath studio and other UiPath technologies from UiPath experts. I want to know how to get into part time freelancing and how to get clients?

04:20 UTC


Anyone move out of full-stack development into RPA?

TLDR; title

Context: applied to an internal RPA position on a whim. As of Friday made it through 3 rounds of interviews. Networked and studied my ass off and apparently impressed the hiring managers (according to second hand information).

If I got the offer it would be better pay, a big title jump, and better WLB.

Has anyone left “standard” full stack engineering for RPA? Wondering if anyone has insights, opinions, or “regrets”?

17:32 UTC


Has the rpa market reached maturity?

I've enjoyed developing a few uipath robots for a customer and would like to continue working in rpa, is this a good idea? What do you see as the future of the market?

12:52 UTC


Why so few Automation Anywhere users?


I'm just curious why there is so few AA users in this sub?

All discussions are related to UiPath or Power Automate. No doubts that UiPath is main player on the market, but as far as I know Automation Anywhere is still in top 3 of the RPA market. Maybe it's only pretty well known in my bubble?

I'm working in company from automotive industry (tbh one of the biggest there is) and pretty much every branch in every country decided "yes, Automation Anywhere is best solution for us". That's why lack of AA related question is so weird for me.

What are your thoughts about AA? Did you tried it? Why are you not using it? I'm curious if it is only because of our particular use cases? (We always try to work in the background, if bot needs to do anything on the GUI - it's pretty much failure for us).

I additionaly think about little bit of freelancing in RPA using AA outside my regular job. So those questions are even more important for me.

Let me know! Thank you!

22:44 UTC


How easy is switching RPA tech?

I’m researching this space as a salesperson and I’m trying to understand the level of effort required switching RPA vendors?

For example systems of record ie ERP, CRM, HCM, EHR rarely has a rip and replace - if it does it’s because of enterprise getting more strategic with a tech partner.

Additionally in this space if someone is working with AA does it tend to be ‘good enough’ and there’s typically not a big enough reason to switch to UiPath or vice versa?

Assume I’m referencing Fortune 500 accounts.

02:08 UTC


Creating qr for google photos video.

I’ve been struggling with a problem and someone suggested uipath as a possible solution.

What I’m doing manually is : I drag and drop a video in to google fotos. When it’s finished uploading I select the video, create a link then copy it.

I then open a QR code generator and paste the link in. I copy the generated qr image.

I open open office and paste the image into a template I have made then print.

I’m not looking to be lazy asking for help, just confirmation this is possible as I’ve never worked with this RPA stuff.

18:23 UTC


Career Doubt

I want to start my career in RPA, so what are the basic things I need to know like roles, tools, and knowledge?

12:09 UTC

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