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The book "Manna - Two Views of Humanity's Future" describes two possible futures as robots and automation take more and more jobs in developed economies. The /r/Manna subreddit is an open forum where people can discuss the issues and ideas raised in the book.

What sort of society should human beings design for themselves once robots and automation are doing all of the work? What happens to our economy once the idea of "a job" becomes obsolete? These are the two of the questions explored by the novella Manna - Two Views of Humanity's Future. The book is available in two places:


Read the book and then join the discussion - possible topics include:

  • Advances in robotics and automation
  • Issues around capitalism
  • Advanced societies
  • Societal change
  • Concentration of wealth
  • Structural unemployment
  • Labor displacement

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20 US Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Kill.

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Project Neom

Eeriely similar to The Australia Project from the book.


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Have you been directly affected by a funny Manna-like situation, it'd be interesting if you shared your story.

For example, I had a colleague who repeatedly was being given work he hated and he'd get out of the way quickly. The funny thing is, he didn't realise, that him doing it quickly was the signal to the bot' that gave out the work, that he was always the right guy to give that type of job too!

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Do you manna-bomb?

Now it's starting to happen, when you see a video or whatever about something related (such as robot headsets or kitchen bots) do you drop a link to the Wikipedia article so as to bring people to the debate?

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CNBC report on flippy, the fry-station bot

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When your Boss is a Robot

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Autonomous robotic flying fruit-pickers

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getting fired from your job as an Amazon worker by an app.

Amazon has recently replaced its middle management and human resources workers with artificial intelligence to determine when a worker has outlived their usefulness and needs to be let go. There is no human to appeal to, no negotiating with a bot.


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Felt like this fits here…

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Trying to convert my company basically into "Project Australia" anyone want to join? Memberships are free right now to build momentum

Hey y'all, just heard about this sub recently and pretty psyched it exists. I've been a big fan of Manna for about a decade and feel like it's kinda now or never to create something like Project Australia. We're in the early stages of this 3rd industrial revolution and based on past trends the gains from this revolution will go to the top 1% and the rest of us will miss out. We need to band together to create the purchasing power necessary to invest in these new technologies and leverage them to create our own universal basic income because I don't think we can rely on the government to do that in any real or timely manner. So I'm trying to do it using the same general model as in the story, sell Memberships for $1,000 each, but that gets you plus a friend in for life. The go-to-market plan as of right now is to start with a 3-5 MW solar+storage farm, because solar PV is such a beautiful form of automation with few moving parts and minimal human labor once built. Planning to do it in San Diego where I'm based because electricity is VERY expensive here, sunshine is abundant, and we've got our eye on cheap land outside of the urban area but within a mile of a substation that has high congestion pricing and is connected to the whole SD grid. SD has also initiated the process of moving toward a Community Choice Energy model where the municipalities are negotiating the procurement contracts as opposed to the utility company, and the utility company is also getting out of the generation business (wants to focus just on transmission and distribution). So seems like the stars are aligned. Plus solar at this scale is often sold via a 20-25 year Power Purchase Agreemenent, a type of contract very well known to banks and very leverageable due to the guaranteed and known amount of revenue over that fairly long time period. So the idea would be to leverage this first solar+storage system to finance a 2nd farm plus purchase or lease a 3D house printing robot, or buy a fleet of self-driving cars if they're Level 5 autonomous in any regions at that point. If all that goes well then you could get into real estate development, tools/equipment/consumer product manufacturing, agriculture etc.

For now we're just giving away little m memberships to the initial people who join until we build the critical mass to go through the somewhat expensive legal work to be able to sell big M Memberships like in the story. We've only got 20 members so far but hoping we can do the legal work to make this legit somewhere around 50 members. Anyone want to sign up?? www.corona-enterprises.com/sign-up

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