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Technology ≠ Progress


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“luddite” politicians

does anyone know of any?

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Technological Slavery and Anti-Tech Revolution

Friendly reminder to read these vitally important books!

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The progressively fast rise in AI has destroyed my will to live. Please offer me words of encouragement

I loved creating art but they have ruined that. I value remaining true to oneself, but unless I rely on AI to write everything and make all.decisions for me, I will just be a useless obsolete piece of shit. I no longer feel like I have a place in this world.

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hey wouldn’t it be funny if there was a telegram group organizing stuff??? and they believed in teds ideaology and stuff and i had a link to join the group and they are not afraid to repeat- i mean what? just a joke i thought of ofc

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Technological Slavery and Anti-Tech Revolution

"If you think that big government interferes in your life too much now, just wait till the government starts regulating the genetic constitution of your children. Such regulation will inevitably follow the introduction of genetic engineering of human beings, because the consequences of unregulated genetic engineering would be disastrous."

--Theodore Kaczynski, Technological Slavery (2022), p. 62. (Ref. also to the book Anti-Tech Revolution, throughout).

Conservatism doesn't seem to have any answers to the issue of technology--in and of itself. The above quote is a perfect example. Neither does leftism (the left wants to "control" the development of technology, which is impossible, to make a "better world"--whatever that means to whoever interprets it). So, what is the conservative opinion on technology and technological growth? How do conservatives plan on preserving tradition, local autonomy, individual freedom, etc. in the face of rapid and dramatic technological progress? I've spoken to many conservatives in person but none of them could give a sensible answer...

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any other subs along the lines of this one?

it’s kinda dead

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How Overstimulation Is Making Us Dumber

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Neo-luddite analysis of the corporate art style.

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A Kaczynskist(Ted Kaczynski follower) Critique of Democracy

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Made a little video essay explaining the first part of Ted's ISAIF. Give me your thoughts?

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Any luddites in Cleveland

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I'm looking to create a collection of the "Crimes of the Powerful" with the ultimate goal to gain an understanding of the extend of damages done to our world and society by institutions of centralized power like corporations and governments. Please post your insights on r/PosterosStultorum.

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Ok, guys; we only survive this century through luck. If you accept that; what's the best possible technological outcome we could have?

I don't want to be a caveman; I don't want to pull a Matrix and be frozen at this level of technology; hell, if anyone can think of a way of giving me cool future shit without ruining my life I'll take it.

What would actually work?

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Virtual technology is dehumanizing us

Systematic digital capture, synthetic programming, and superficial content. Web 2.0 its consequences have been a disaster for the human race and have rendered Gen z into an unconformable and "connected" social machine. They have greatly increased connectivity but they have destabilized society. Social Media, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering, and have inflicted severe damage and disrupted the continuity of the original thought process for Gen z. The continued development of algorithms and Web 3.0 will worsen the already collapsing situation. It will certainly subject people to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on future generations. It has already led to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering. Web2.0 and Its future counterparts will survive and evolve to an extreme form of parasitic and interconnection. Sites like TikTok, short video feeds, mass consumption, are the cancer of modern society, and are destroying civilization's original thought process. It has already led to a low level of physical, psychological, mental, and physiological thought processes artificially constructed in seconds rather than in “original thought.” Only at the cost of permanently reducing invasive algorithmic systems and ensuring extreme regulation can ensure survival of the original thought process system. But it will come at a great cost and society, (especially Gen Z) will not reach maximum fulfillment. There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent social giants and invasive big tech/data companies from decoupling from future “generations", if they can even be called that. Millions of "human" children that are all seeking for each other’s approval and no longer are able to understand inner identities. The consequences would be a hivemind with no true individuals only constituents. Both in the digital and physical form, if there is not already a hybrid of the "metaverse". Technology with the abilities of full interaction, like touchscreens, and hyper modern logos, designs, and layouts have all contributed to the streamlining of data, causing the decrement of attention spans in the sense of superficial reduction, meaning that data is turned into over-simplified forms of aggregated info for the brain, which has disastrous consequences to the mind, turning it into a quasi-like state.

Gen Z (and other future generations will) have formed dual identities: the “social media self” and the “body” and there is barely any connection or recognition of the two by either themselves or as you can see (or not see) older generations. Think of the intricate unspoken understanding of the cliques and popular kids, nerdy kids, sporty kids, etc that takes place at \*each and every school and town\* think of your own upbringing, imagine being your adult self and walking into a random high school and having this insanely complex, imaginary order of operations that to you is invisible, but for every student it is all they know. For the vast majority of students school and school life is quite possibly all they have ever known for their short time they’ve experienced so far here on earth. Don’t forget how creative humans are and how many of them have no where else to turn for a variety of reasons except to think and think at all times about these interactions with their classmates: who they like, who they’re trying to impress, who they don’t like, etc; a lot of what it turns into is all about the people around them and how they can seek positive reinforcement from these people and that’s where the separation begins of the “social self” and the actual “self.” Add to that the complexities of the internet, that we cannot even begin to comprehend as adults and that’s probably how you end up with millions of human children that are all seeking for each other’s approval and no longer are able to understand their own inner identities. Coiled with the net, that’s what’s evolving with future generations, hiveminds with no true individuals only constituents semi-chronically online and virtually connected.

As stated in the above paragraph, there is no longer “fitting in”, there is only acknowledgment on virtual platforms, group chats, etc. If you are thinking of the old days of MSM Instant Messaging. You are dead wrong, the connected social platforms, interconnected webs, virtualization, etc. All looped up into a perception that’s only based on curated feeds.

I really can't believe that humor, social norms, and concurrent thinking has devolved so much that it plays on the "anything spontaneous" card. It's devolved to the point that perception of this type can't even be broken down to a science, like playing on the 'every joke has a victim' rule, or even basics like contrast. I don't know whether to be impressed or depressed from the state of which humor is going, as there are two sides to every coin. There is almost always a bit of truth to perception and “bias”: are humans (or Gen Z) becoming less intelligent? And can be satisfied with condensed thought processes curated for them by peers and social giants? Or perhaps it is that these perceptions are getting more and more complicated and that require deep, deep context of the given situation, of the given influences, of the given understandings, and of the given real time analysis. Of which someone, if they were to be dropped into the modern 21st century understanding without current analysis, would lack and find alien? These perceptions, memes, and modern humor can easily be depicting of society, as the online proverb goes, reverberating around comment sections "we live in a society", there is a taste of bittersweet truth to that. Perhaps memes, in their essence, are actually a message of the collective minds that roam the internet at their leisure, experiencing the world's traumas, and releasing it in the internet in the form of a highly volatile, "relatable" meme. Maybe I am too simple, maybe I lack the understanding of the world, as these memes, they just do not give me the clearance that I thought I would have visiting a place like the internet, where knowledge roams free. A place of enlightenment ; corrupted, tainted with agenda, propaganda and worse - the memes are the essence of the impurity we pick up on the world, the internet being its catalyst. So be wary, for "memes", feeds, etc they may give you a shot of dopamine, but they might just inject more than just that within your psyche.

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Tech in the hands of capitalists

Funny how tech in the hands of capitalists manages to do the exact opposite of what it promises in conjunction w/ accelerating the shittiness of life and siloing wealth and power for the elites

Industrial Revolution:

Promise: Increased availability

Reality: Leave your farms where you can feed yourselves and have lots of room to cramped conditions where you could starve if your boss wills it.

The cellphone:

The promise: Freedom

Reality: You now have the freedom to be constantly in reach for every conversation you don’t want to have from telemarketers to your boss

Social media:

The promise: Build relationships

Reality: Let your long standing irl relationships wither to essentially work second and for some people even third shifts for us without pay and watch the brains of everyone you know and love melt after being fed rabbit-holed nonsense by our algorithms

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Spent four hours during a recent snowstorm, operating machines in service of other machines

We got a few feet of snow last weekend, and I was out there with my snowblower for four hours. In a better world, I would have just shoveled 150ft² of foot paths. But no, I built a shed to store the snowblower that allows me to clear the 2000ft² (!) of pavement that allows us to keep one car for every adult in the house. We have more concrete than green space on our small city lot.

It's a problem of my own making. I took a job in a very car-dependent suburb. Now I get everything that comes with it.

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Feed the beast

We have grown weak sitting in front of a computer all day, hunched and atrophied, telling our body there is no longer any reason to keep our vitals functioning. The necessities to stay alive. That wasn’t living, that was purgatory. That was servitude to a growing ever more powerful new master who demands our constant offerings, our complete and utter worship, our infinite attention—the almighty god of the algorithm with its endless hunger, in us congregants who are slowly molding ourselves into its impossible image, developing our addiction to consume. Consume produce, consume produce, like a well-oiled machine without a purpose. A hive mind absorbs our consciousness, evolving and distorting our ideas, opinions, morals, and principles. A constant duplication of what came immediately, but the original source material has long since been destroyed. It is a room of mirrors, endlessly reflecting the image of the other one over and over again until the previously undetected flaws in the glass warp into an indescribable abyss of chaotic light. That is the hallway we are running down. Lined where it leads, but full speed ahead, one dubious step at a time. And along the way, picking up the breadcrumbs of corruption. There is no stopping, but we may find an alternative route if we are lucky.

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Looking for Interviewees for Luddite Documentary


I am an independent documentary filmmaker interested and sympathetic to the luddite cause. I am specifically interested in investigating folks who live completely off the grid of modern tech, electricity and supply chains. So far I have stayed with an intentional community in Belfast, Maine where I met an incredibly charming and committed family that lives without electricity or devices. They grow their own food and focus on an appreciation of nature and tangible engagement with the real world in front of them. I did not find them through the internet, as they have no digital presence, but through word of mouth. If you or anyone you know lives a lifestyle in ideological opposition to technology, and you're open to discussing and thoughts and lifestyle on camera, please DM me on reddit or email me at paperwingsfilm2023@gmail.com. I am willing to travel anywhere in North America.

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Virtually Amish (2022) by Lindsay Ems, on Amish approaches to the internet and high-tech capitalism — An online group discussion on Thursday September 29, open to everyone to join

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Life without a smartphone is getting harder and harder

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