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    HELP: Custom-shaped Stainless steel bottle manufacturing

    Hi y'all –

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm looking for a North American-based stainless steel fabricator/manufacturer to create a custom container for liquid hand wash. The shape is irregular and similar to this, but cylindrical. I've found a lot of foreign manufacturers but their MOQ is north of 15k and I'd like to keep production within USA/CA for logistics/to support domestic manufacturers. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or fabricator?

    Any help is appreciated

    22:36 UTC


    I'm looking to take some online training in LEAN

    My knowledge on LEAN is pretty limited and self taught. I don't have a mentor in my company but have suppyfromnthe president. There are so many classes certifications and certificates that it's hard to sort through. Does anyone have recommendations for me? I'm an engineering Project manager in a manufacturing environment.

    1 Comment
    17:49 UTC


    Clothing manufacturing; Turkey vs Pakistan

    Hello. I wanted to know if anyone has undertaken any clothing manufacturing in both these countries and which they prefer and why please? If you have any supplier recommendations, that too would be most welcome.

    09:04 UTC


    QUESTION: Tubing pressed/stamped into flat 90 degree bend

    I am trying to reverse engineer this automotive bracket for remanufacture and I cannot seem to figure out how to represent/model this 90 degree bend in ether CAD or on a drawing. It is a steel tube pressed into this flat shape and bent at 90 and the end flange is at 6 degrees. What is this even called? Is this a certain callout or standard brake?


    1 Comment
    00:20 UTC


    Does anyone have experience stamping 410 stainless?

    Im trying to figure out if I need to start with annealed material and then heat treat after forming. Obviously I would like to avoid having to heat treat but im worried the material will be too strong to form.

    If I need to heat treat, what would the process look like? Do I need to quench and temper or can I get away with age hardening? Looking to get 38 HRc minimum.

    19:31 UTC


    Technical Design Resources for Aluminum Manufacturing

    Hey all, I'm a structural engineer (as a rule, light on manufacturing background, but I personally enjoy fabrication/machining as a hobby) working for an aluminum window and curtainwall company. I'm looking for references and resources around technical design of aluminum forming and extrusion processes. Does anyone have any textbook recommendations or other pointers?

    We mostly work in 6061-T6 and 6063-T6 extrusions (and sometimes try to stretch-form those), or in 3003-H14, 5005-H32, and 5052-H34 sheet and plate (lots of brake operations).

    Thanks all!

    19:21 UTC


    Where can I find more information about how to select a motor for drilling steel?


    I was asked to design a drill that can make a hole through steel for a small university project. However, I am ignorant of any equations or methods that can help me find the required power my motor must have and the recommended speed of the motor.

    So, I was wondering if any of you know of a good book or chart where I can find such information in detail. And any other tips are more than welcome!

    I know the tensile strength of the material to drill and the chemical composition (steel strenx 700, 900 MPa).

    Thank you! :)

    16:17 UTC


    In request of export of handicraft, antique, handwoven artistry items.

    Hello, I am a manufacturer based out of Rajasthan India, I hav just started manufacturing / trading the artistic cuts bangles, ha draft and all kinds of pottery items.

    Where do I find the bulk buyers or export r of these? If you are one of thrm, we can connect. I can share some sort of samples too.

    I want to export these items from India as we have been doing this in my area for a little ng time and it is known for that only.

    07:24 UTC


    How did the Pottery Barn manufacturing gods make this aluminum dish?

    I got this at a tag sale the other day, and it intrigued me. It literally has a Pottery Barn sticker on the bottom. But it’s not sheet metal and it certainly couldn’t of have been a hog out. It really has the feel of a forged piece but I can’t imagine a forging could be cost practical for Pottery Barn. Anyway, just curious.

    03:27 UTC


    Trying to track down an anti-slip product

    We have a process that makes the floors very slippery. We have been using a replaceable anti-slip mat, but it has run out, and nobody can figure out what the product actually is.

    It is a fairly thin mat that comes in a big roll. Its blueish on one side with grey adhesive on the other. It is applied with a large red roller, about the size of a pushbroom. I think its made by 3M.

    If anybody knows what this stuff is I would really appreciate it, we need to apply it before that station becomes a slip 'n slide.

    16:25 UTC


    Manufacturing Month!

    14:51 UTC


    Plastic tote material tracking solutions for clean room

    My company uses plastic totes to move material around our facility. Some of these totes enter a clean room. We currently use stickers on the totes to maintain material traceability however I am looking for other options that support sanitization. The product moves from dirty totes to clean totes and the material identifier needs to change totes with the material. Any solutions?

    13:58 UTC


    How do you scrap broken equipment?

    I run a fabrication business and we have machines that havent run in years that will never work. Starting some process of selling them or scrapping them is a little daunting. Where do you go to get rid of 10< machines that weigh over 10,000lbs

    12:41 UTC


    Cap hopper

    Anybody know why sidel cap headers are terrible pieces of equipment! I'm at a beverage plant and my one line is running at 15

    1 Comment
    19:34 UTC


    Injection moulding quotation software

    I am after some software, that i can upload a component CAD file to, input the material info etc and it can calculate the piece part price for.

    Tooling info would be nice also. But mainly after a component quotation program


    12:13 UTC


    Do electrical safety certifications for one device carry over when the device gets integrated into another product being brought to market?

    If I wanted to integrate LED strips into a fixture I want to manufacture, would UL and other safety certs of the electrical device carry over to the product it gets integrated into?

    I know people sell products that integrate light strands and epoxy resin or what-have-you on Etsy and imagine they don't recertify, but they don't modify the light strands.

    I'm not sure if my product will be able to get away without being modified, I'm trying to coordinate connectors on LED strips with the connector system for my product, but at worst, I would install a quick-connect splice.

    If the certs do carry over, but only under the condition of non-modification or addition of electrical devices, that would be about what I'm expecting, but I wonder if there is an allowance for permitted field modifications, like with the LED strips you're allowed to cut and splice at home. I'm not even sure if certs still apply in the case of non-modification though (like in the case of installing lights in an acrylic box and doing nothing else).

    I couldn't find another sub that seemed relevant to this issue, I apologize if this is outside the scope of this sub's focus.

    06:35 UTC


    Why can I get miniature 2mm copper posts made with maximum 50um tolerance?

    I need to get mini Copper bars made that are approx. 1mmx1mmx2mm. They need to have no burrs and a good tolerance (+-200um isn’t good enough)

    Do any companies offer services like this?

    21:28 UTC


    6 inch diameter bpa free pipe

    Greetings Manufacturing!

    I'm designing a cat toy that will also store treats! 🍖😻 Part if the cat toy involves two circular, plastic pieces that are 6-inch diameter, 1-inch in height. I was thinking of making these pieces by cutting off 1-inch sections from a long pipe.

    The only 6-inch diameter pipes I'm seeing are PVC. I was hoping to find something BPA-free but BPA-free pipe doesn't seem to come in 6-inch diameter pipes.

    Does anyone know kw where to source 6-inch BPA-free pipe?

    22:27 UTC


    Does anyone know what this type of bolt is called? Two different diameter opposite threads. Usually used in clamps.

    12:32 UTC


    Need help sourcing rolling carts

    I’m in Aerospace and am having an extremely difficult time finding a cart that fits my needs. The black cart is perfect; except for the 90 degree arms. I need arms that look more like the green arms pictured. Anybody have a better source? I’ve looked at Suburban, Grainger, and Uline.

    15:02 UTC


    UL listing / certification? What to know? How to get?

    If something is made up of off the shelf components - a computer and a pump. With some other parts using / connecting. Ultimately making less than 500 “units”. The individual components are UL listed. Does the assembled final product also then need UL involvement? The client wants it for insurance purposes, but this is all new to me. What steps should I be taking and does anyone have a guess as to costs involved with my vague description? Edit: this would be for a specific industrial purpose, not mass market consumer.

    12:40 UTC


    How Do I manufacture this? What is the Idea>Shipped Product Pipeline?

    ball bearing with two join pieces with flat surfaces. rubberised faces on the outside

    so for context, I'm developing a game that involves rotating your mobile device.

    I'd like to offer a safe and affordable accessory to play the game.

    I've mocked up the above model as more of a visual sketch than a 3d build file, and started communicating with a number of ODM manufacturers.

    As I am new to manufacturing physical hardware, I'm clueless about any standardised practices for these things.

    If you can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!

    My intuition says there more to it than 3d model prototyping > ODM manufacturing > packaging > delivery, but I'm in the dark. What should I be thinking about? I am in the EU and have a budget.

    Thank you for your time! Have a great week.

    (related: game footage to illustrate use-case https://twitter.com/made_by_chris/status/1705966516716397045)

    06:05 UTC


    Automation - Where to start

    Hello! I am looking to automate elements of my factory line where we produce FMCG products.

    Which elements of my process should I be automating first. I would love to know which area of your processes you have automated (if any!) and what you manufacture and why you started in that area.

    Thanks everyone!

    22:59 UTC

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