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Hard to predict but what Tech and Things do you think People Born in 2025 will invent?

00:55 UTC


2035 Predictions

  1. In 2035 a lot of the world will be People Born 2001-2035 (Ages 0-34) (21st Century Borns) they will change the world in a big way and do things the world have never seen before
  2. VR will be very big
  3. There will be a cure for cancer, cure for diseases, cure for disabilities, cure for blindness, cure for deafness
  4. Internet will be available everywhere there will be no more issue of there being no more internet
  5. Animal translator which will allow us to translate us animal languages to human languages
  6. Self driving cars will be very common
  7. New form of transportation will be introduced
  8. There will be no more limitations with gaming games will be able to reach their full potentials without any tech limitations
  9. School system will be changed and overhauled
  10. Work system will be changed and overhauled
  11. There will be robots which can do things for us such as clean the house, make food for us, clean us, etc
  12. Woke culture and inflation will be gone
16:54 UTC


December 2026 SpongeBob Meme

We still got 3 years and 4 months to go until December 2026 still a while away damm

05:14 UTC

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