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Welcome to FutureTimeline.net and our official subreddit. Here we discuss future predictions – from the near future, to the far future and beyond. We also post the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, as well as relevant political, economic and cultural changes that have the potential to shape the course of history. Suggestions for the timeline can be discussed, researched and voted on.


The Rules


1. Articles regarding:

  • important technologies that have the potential for drastic change
  • political, social, or economic trends
  • major environmental changes
  • space exploration

2. Questions asking about users' opinions about themes listed in 1.

3. Links to sites/videos that discuss these issues.

4. Discussions about the operation and presentation of the subreddit itself. This sub should be sentient enough to improve itself.


Use your votes wisely and don't be jerks. The community is as fun as the users are willing to be friendly and post responsibly.

It's ok to get into an argument with someone who holds an opposing view point. But be mature, control your anger, and simply skip if it becomes too much. Don't get into a slap fight.

Don't post articles that belong in a museum. Keep this place relevant.

Don't post information articles with bad sources and obvious bias. You can post opinion articles, but make sure they're flaired, and obvious.

Anyone can get a user flair, but don't make it extremely inappropriate.


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01:48 UTC


Guys I wanna create Ai future timeline videos Wich app is the best or Wich webpage is the best?

22:02 UTC


Why SpaceX Rocket Development not posted in Futuretimeline? Soy overdose?

13:13 UTC

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