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The singularity is near.

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The singularity is near.

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CAN & SHOULD We Tax Our Robot Overlords??

16:07 UTC


Silly Questions with Erik "E-rock" Nagel!

20:25 UTC


Can AI Truly Unlock Your Second Brain?

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Fired Up! - Conservative v. Libertarian, Mises Takeover

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Answering a question about cryonics

Someone on the "we are cryonicists" Facebook group asked why cryonics might work and why scientists deny that it might work. Here's my answer:

Imagine a graph with y and x axes, the y-axis is man's control over his environment, such as tools and so forth. And the x-axis is time. We start out a million years ago with crude stone tools and then about 500,000 years ago we get fire, and then we get things like clothing and the bow and arrow and boats and guns and nuclear reactors and spaceships.. but each of these Technologies coming after the advancement of time.

Let us imagine then a technology that allows mankind to recover a frozen brain in liquid nitrogen and put it in an immortal body.. looking at the past and extrapolating into the future, is it not reasonable that at some point in the future such a technology will be doable? As time progresses man's control over the universe around him increases. That is what the past tells us.. it's reasonable to assume that what happened in the past will continue to happen in the future .. That is the basis of cryonics.

As for why scientist deny the possibility that this can work, scientists are like anyone else.. so let's ask why human beings in general fail to apply logic and rationality to the question of cryonics as I just did above..

people with phds in experimental psychology, College professors most of them, have done a number of experiments dealing with existential psychology, the questions of life and death in other words.. these 400 or so experiments led the professors to believe that like every other animal on Earth man has tools to help him thrive in his environment..

one of these tools is an unconscious mind that is hard at work submerging and suppressing the fear of death and thus allowing the human beings to go about their business of raising children and so forth so that their DNA can be passed on.. this unconscious mind uses various psychological crutches to help it do its work, because logic and rationality tell us that death is coming for us all..

in order to submerge this reality of impending death, human beings and their unconscious minds use things like religion and the flag and other cultural institutions in order to submerge this fear of death. As people age, their world view supports them psychologically more and more.. as they age and the Nearness of death increases, they come to depend more and more on the psychological crutches that are built into their worldview.. as people age and death becomes more threatening , they become more tightly bound to their worldview ..

now a particular person may have a certain religion or spiritual beliefs, and there may be other people with different religions and beliefs... but all people with religions have a belief that death is not the end.. that's the important part, not the particular details of any religion, but the idea that death is not the end...

however cryonics threatens that worldview because it denies that worldview, cryonics has at it's very center the idea that death is indeed the end... . Unless your brain is preserved to stop decay..

Perhaps the most important conclusion these professors came up with is that man is evolved to see himself as a Transcendent spiritual creature that will survive death. This is how we suppress the fear of death. However cryonics has at its core the idea that when you die you do not survive death.. unless your brain is frozen to stop decay... therefore cryonics is a direct affront to the psychological crutches built into the unconscious mind in every person. Thus cryonics is breaking the spiritual Rice Bowl of every human being by asserting that death is the end.. this makes people hate cryonics and Hate cryonicists

13:59 UTC


Transhumanism in relationships getting geal: dating an AI digital copy of an Onlyfans star.

18:59 UTC


S.U.M. - Technosect

Some desire connection to a different degree. A deeper connection that digs into the cognitive capacity of networking minds.

Humans vary, and our intelligence requires broad potential and openness. It isn't for everyone.

We will offer a new form of inner peace for those who look towards a merger of minds.

Our development won't be perfect. There will be a maturing stage. In the end, we hope to help those silence the screaming voices and the depression by tethering one another through technology.

This is your first introduction to the Scion of the Unified Mind.

Perhaps the S.U.M. is what you have been seeking? Look for us.

15:03 UTC


I thought this could interest you.

13:42 UTC


we are all captives of civilization

Why can’t we seem to stop destroying the world? No one is trying to yet each of us in our own small way contribute to its destruction. Ishmael the telepathic gorilla from Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel suggests we are a society in collective captivity and need to find the bars of our cage.

This is an excerpt from Episode 2 of Human Nature Odyssey. You can listen where you enjoy your podcasts or go to humannatureodyssey.com

19:46 UTC


I want nanosensors in my blood

15:38 UTC



So im 25 ive been thinking a lot lately about weird fascinating things that science can do with technology. I believe eventually that we will abolish all disease and aging and death absolutely everything but im born 10 centuries too early for all this stuff. I really question reality and its shit that everyone suffers and dies gets diseases of old age and even young people get cancer it makes no sense to me. I think the far future they be laughing telling horror stories to eachother of how people used to live. I literally think anything is possible no limits but these things take so much funding and greedy people not helping with the research. Anyway i have a plan to do cryonics so i can eventually wake up and choose any body i want flesh, virtual, cyborg young whichever. Technology will keep improving and there is always someone smarter and theyll eventually figure it. I want to live forever young but i know i definetely wont have this technology in my lifetime and i want to be rich rich so i wont live long enough to spend my money either 80 years is way way too short not enough time. Life is evil it should improve and it will. Any negative comments keep to yourself id like replies from people who agree

17:09 UTC


How AI will Utterly Transform Society: A New Era of Intelligence

I made this, it discusses everything from generative Al to Artificial general intelligence and the singularity. I touch on everything from alignment to the most societally impactful jobs it will automate. Video took me like a month to make so I'd appreciate it if everyone would check it out.

22:32 UTC


Is science getting close to being able to rip my fucking bladder out and replace it with a new plastic one or whatever that works just as well as a biological one? That’s really all I care about.

Sorry guys, but I really don’t give a shit about living forever. I just want a new fucking bladder.

22:06 UTC

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