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A subreddit focused on the technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity.

A subreddit focused on the technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity.



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What the world could look like in the year 2070

22:37 UTC


If you genetically engineered a mammal to be more photosynthetic using say retinal would we still call that a mammal?

Perhaps we could steal a trick from these bacteria. If we did make a mammal who could get some level of caloric benefit would that still be strictly a mammal. I know we make an exception for vitamin D which is kind of strange. https://youtu.be/LMfYAFOy-Eg?si=9g5ifHVIaMbcS0vW

21:49 UTC


Growing Meat in... Gatorade?!?

02:23 UTC


Is the Future of Linear Algebra.. Random?

19:47 UTC


Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile

1 Comment
16:37 UTC


DeepMind AlphaFold 3 - This Will Change Everything!

16:41 UTC


Travel/Space Tourism to Jupiter with Project Orion- A Nuclear Ship

10:51 UTC


Lab-Grown Meat Company Says Ron DeSantis Ignoring Republican 'Basic Values'

19:03 UTC


Moon Updates! How Is Japanese Mission Still Alive?! + More Exciting News

01:38 UTC


The welfare state

04:42 UTC


#TodayILearned: I was very wrong to think we don't have interaction-rich AI yet. Am I late to the realization?

I’m in the middle of a 1-month deep dive to learn more about AI agents, I want to catch up on the industry cutting edge, and I’m sharing insights as I go in case they help anyone else too.

Today, I learned my expectations on AI agent interactions were very wrong. Have any of you found AI apps or tools that also feel are very interaction-rich?

  • Day 1: I thought most AI agents would just offer basic text or voice interactions. I had good reason to think I was right too. I have a degree in HCI, I’ve worked at multiple major tech companies, and I’ve tried tools like ChatGPT. The tools felt useful, but still so far from being rich with interactions.
  • Finding Replika: I promise I’m not a Replika salesperson, but gosh the Replika app was the first one to make me admit I was wrong.
  • Interactions: with Replika you can text, talk on the phone, share pictures, configure “Memories” that the AI has from conversations with you, configure “Diary” entries that the AI writes when "alone," bring the AI into your space with mixed reality, buy gifts for your AI, and more.

It’s still not “a person” and to each their own on if AI is "good, evil, etc," but this was the first time that "AI companions" felt very possible and near-term to me rather than just being "futuristic sci fi." Has anyone here seen an AI agent that also felt very interaction-rich?

22:13 UTC


Wow futuristic. This is amazing check this out

17:11 UTC


Computational biologist and aspiring transhumanist - what do I do with my career?

Hey y'all! Looking for some career advice on what I could do to further transhumanist and futurist causes on the R&D side of things. I'm a longtime believer in the concepts of transhumanist and futurist philosophy put forth by Max More, but it isn't enough to just support the idea, I want to actually use my life to help realize those ideas.

I'm graduating with my PhD this summer; I'm a biochemist and computational biologist with lots of interdisciplinary experience in biological and computational sciences. I'm also currently stuck in Canada, which has, as far as I know, traditionally had pretty dismal prospects in biotech.

I unfortunately also have a serious chronic illness that prevents me from being able to do bench work for the time being. There is a curative surgery, but it isn't covered by provincial health insurance, so it's out of reach for now. Remote or hybrid work would be best, given this, but there isn't a ton of demand for computational biologists or scientific programmers in Canada.

Any ideas on where I ought to look for opportunities in biotech or other transhumanism-adjacent fields? Please feel free to DM or reply here, and thanks in advance for any help!

1 Comment
05:50 UTC


ASI using earth as a nature reserve?

I was thinking a bit about the potential far future scenarios that an emergence of ASI would bring and had an interesting idea.

I haven't put much thought into it, but once an ASI emerges and is able to be fully independent, wouldn't it want to set up it's main data center up on the moon or mars and use earth as a sort of nature reserve for study?

For example it could oversee the processes that drive evolution and how organisms influence the environment and adapt to it over millions of years. It would probably also want to analyze natural geological processes, but that could be done on lifeless planets as well. Once it had a solid understanding it could start terraforming planets to create improved environments for novel intelligent structures and lifeforms that it would create to understand the universe better. In theory this could go on indefinitely eventually completely dissolving the difference between artificial and natural intelligence and filling the universe with life. All that life could also be in someway connected to it, with conscious structures spanning distances we couldn't ever comprehend.

Basically some wild stuff might go down that natural lifeforms on earth would not be able to see at all in their planetary reserve. As for the fate of human-level intelligent lifeforms, they might choose to to live lives in accordance with their nature in a well balanced ecosystem on earth, or choose to merge with the superintelligence and explore the wonders of an increasingly livelier universe. Merging could work in a sort of spectrum, ranging from a hivemind to semi-individual creatures with limited connection to the superintelligence.

There's a lot more to think about and refine in more detail but I'll leave it here as a starting point for discussion, curious to hear what you guys think :)

01:02 UTC

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