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A subreddit focused on the technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity.

A subreddit focused on the technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity.



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A personal note on volunteering and robots. (kinda)

As I look towards the future, my growing desire to volunteer is informed not only by an understanding of the need for sustainability and community but also by a keen awareness of the changing landscape of work and leisure. The imminent advancements in automation and their implications for our economy and daily lives highlight the importance of meaningful, community-oriented engagement with human connection at its core. I see volunteering not just as a way to give back but as an essential component of navigating and contributing to a world where the economic value of human output may diminish, yet the stewardship of our environment and the nurturing of our social bonds become increasingly paramount. My journey has led me to the hope of being part of and learning from a forward-thinking community that holds these values dear.

Thank you for your time.

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Upload your consciousness?

If you were given the opportunity (if it was ever actually developed) would you have your consciousness uploaded to a computer? Why or why not?

19:01 UTC


Sympathy for the Machine

18:04 UTC


Find interesting discoveries

Link intelligent and interesting sites and videos and other sources of progress and related info. This world is sad and so backwards. We need the future


Also if you know of anything towards this goal below:

Borrow any books from any of the university press publishers. Each press are part of different universities. Do you know of anyone that would know where you can do that

Or do you know of some service or company to do this?

Looking for new knowledge, thoughtful knowledge, and interesting knowledge. Useful is a plus, but understand that useful when it comes to knowledge is not very common

Books (or other sources for much better info). Would like to read a rare lesser known book a month

Don't want papers or similar, too dense and not readable. Looking reader friendly and well written sources of info

About anything and everything. What other places to find rare books do you know of that isn't university presses

Brain is dying and dehydrated from lack of anything worthwhile from being on this sector of the internet...

Do you know of anyone that knows. Just link

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Generative AI Art Bad? I Disagree.

EDITED VERSION ( AI generated - as requested by smooth brains - with manual edits for accuracy ):

Is Generative AI The Real Threat? I Believe Not.

Some view the challenges faced by artists due to generative AI as an intentional plot by the capitalism machine. However, this perspective misses the broader, beneficial impact of such technological advancements. Critics often depict generative AI as a tool for deception and theft from artists, but this view lacks imagination. The same underlying technology is revolutionising fields beyond art, such as healthcare in India, where it enhances diagnostics and reduces mortality rates.

Consider the analogy of Mount Snowdon's train track: despite the easier route, hundreds of thousands still hike up each year. They seek the satisfaction that comes from the effort, the physical process, highlighting that art transcends mere commerce or expedience. The real issue at hand is the pressure on artists to monetise their work for survival, not the technology itself. It's time to question our economic model, rather than demonising generative AI, which, like any tool, can be used for liberation in the right hands. Angela Davis said, “Radical simply means ‘grasping things by the root’.” Let's apply this to how we view the intersection of technology, art, and economy.

After Thoughts(20/02/24):

  • Nobody is crying about the lace making machines anymore. Those few who still make it by hand are either doing it for the personal satisfaction or get to charge artisan premiums.
  • Training data absolutely needs to be ethically sourced, focus on petitioning governments to regulate that.
  • Would you deprive the world of - otherwise excluded - physically disabled people having a medium to show others their incredible imaginations?
  • Is GenAI only making it harder for new writers to break in who aren't willing to leverage the ways it can help them improve their craft? I know I've learned topics much faster by asking the question "What if I treat the AI like a personal tutor and ask it to check my work and suggest areas for skill progression?"
  • Some of y'all need to take a deep breath, or ask GPT to give you an interpretation of writing you don't understand before crying about your confusion in public. Sheesh.
  • Thank you to the people engaging in thoughtful discourse, this was the aim and you make me smile. <3

ORIGINAL ( my sub-optimal word-vomit writing ):

Generative AI Art Bad?

I disagree.

I'd argue that what artists are suffering is an unfortunate side effect of some really quite fascinating and impressive scientific breakthroughs, and I ask you to bear with me while I figure out how to explain why all this panic is misdirected and counterproductive.

Framing it as 'capitalism's response to their inability to lower artists' cost further' is grasping at an unintended outcome, claiming it as being part of some master plot, and using it as further fuel to anthropomorphise an economic system and push fear-mongering rhetoric. ( kinda worldwide-shadow-government woowoo vibes )

Claiming it 'serves no other purpose but to cheat the public and steal from artists' is just shockingly unimaginative. The same underpinning tech is already supercharging India's medical infrastructure by improving diagnostic process, lowering mortality rates - saving lives!

Going back to art, think about this: they built a train track up Snowdon yet over 580,000 people still choose to walk it every year ( according to a quick search ). You could say they achieve the same goal, but those not content to just admire the view - those who pay the sweat toll to gain their fulfilment - they tell me what it's all about.

They tell me that art is not meant purely for commerce.

The phenomena of artists being able to monetise their creativity in order to live is what is under threat. Go back and replace 'being able' with 'needing' and chew on it. You still think the generative AI is the problem, or is us being angry at it just another distraction from pointing fingers at the conductors of our large-scale exploitation?

You ever think "Hey, perhaps we need to rethink this whole economic model, before there's nothing economically productive left for us fleshies to do?".

Are we born just to be economically productive?

Replace neo-liberalist capitalism by all means but don't mistake generative AI for the true enemy of art, for it is but another brush. In the hands of the oppressed, the tools of the oppressor can be repurposed to carve out a path to liberation.

“Radical simply means ‘grasping things by the root’.” – Angela Davis

This was prompted by a tweet by "@Voxels" on Feb 16 that I can't find anymore but I have a screenshot of.

21:10 UTC


Meet Apollo, the real-life robot who wants to give you more free time

20:15 UTC


OpenAI Sora - Text to Video

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How to SURVIVE in War (This includes things like drone attacks lessons learned in Ukraine)

19:31 UTC


The Last Super Bowl in 2D?

Posted previously on Apple Vision Pro being a game-changing medium. This gets more specific on how it alters how we will view big events.


16:33 UTC


Why did the futurists change their view of feminism?

Here I will quote another Reddit post which has gotten no attention and yet basically asks the same question I am:

From the 1909 manifesto:

"We wish to destroy the museums, the libraries, to fight against moralism, feminism and all opportunistic and utilitarian meannesses."

From the Futurist Party manifesto:

Equal suffrage for women

Equal wages for women

Wives should have legal independence from their husbands.

Easy divorce

Gradual devaluation of marriage

Free love

A thread on the Italian futurist politics

In 1919 Marinetti became a fascist and merged the Futurist Party into the nascent Fascist movement. Did fascism change his views on women's rights?

00:03 UTC


What do the advances in electrolysis mean for the potential of lighter then air ships?

I have this vision in my head of a ship that was covered in solar cells, and also had the ability to use light to split the water.


"Overall, the newly developed NiFeMo-P-C electrocatalyst requires very low overpotentials, or energy required to split water, for HER (87 mV to achieve a current density of 10 mA·cm–2) and OER (196 mV to achieve a current density of 10 mA·cm–2). The cell voltage, or difference in voltage between two electrodes, required for water electrolysis using the catalyst is also only 1.50 V at 10 mA·cm–2.

The team is optimistic that their discovery will make clean hydrogen production a reality. "Unlike most bifunctional catalysts, NiFeMo-P-C can achieve excellent catalytic performance without complicated preparation steps and elaborate nanostructures. Besides, the superior durability without any [voltage] attenuation within 50 hours... makes NiFeMo-P-C an ideal [non-precious metal catalyst] candidate… for large-scale hydrogen production," said Tang."

So it drinks the rain for fuel. It is almost alive in that it needs light, and I envision a world where maybe we go a bit slower. However we move with both style and wisdom. Planes are so freaking boring.

22:23 UTC


If the iPhone ate things like maps, calculators, and wallets, Apple Vision Pro could make big-screen TVs, stereo systems, and mobile phones obsolete.

01:08 UTC


What's the Craziest Idea You Believe to be True That Most Will Disagree With?

What's the craziest idea you believe in, despite the crowd of skeptics? We all have that one (or fifty!) notion that we're convinced holds water, even when the world raises an eyebrow.

That's the spirit of The Frontier Letter, where audacious ideas roam free, and the uncharted territories of innovation are our playground for thinking.

In my latest issue, "The World's Most Experimental Newsletter - FL #11," I've curated a collection of 50 ideas that will either make you nod in secretive agreement or shake your head in amused disbelief. From simulation theory to the future of AI and beyond, each concept is a conversation starter for the curious and creative. These ideas range from ones I just thought of now to ones I have been thinking about for a while. They are a blend of speculative thought, playful exploration, and thoughtful conviction.

Here's a sneak peek into the rabbit hole:

  1. We're in a simulation; the Big Bang was pressing the on button, atoms are bits, the multiverse theory is accurate, and the other universes are simulations running parallel on the same hardware. Some of us are NPCs (I hope not me), and others are ported in from outside the simulation.
  2. If we get the value distribution correct, and people can maintain the same or a higher standard of living, then AI replacing most jobs is actually exciting to me.
  3. 99% of the truth is still in the unknown
  4. The rabbit r1 device is a more significant innovation than many think; I believe I can increase my productivity immensely with r1, and they're just getting started. If you're curious about how I will do it, drop a sub! I will track my first 30 days of getting the device and what I can do with it (some insight if you're interested).
  5. A psychedelic revolution is impending and necessary.

Check out the rest and subscribe if you're someone who thrives on groundbreaking tech and revolutionary ideas, or if you love to challenge your brain. This newsletter is your ticket to the edge of innovation.

Read it in full here

So, what's your wild idea?

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If yo created your own simulation, are there any limits of what could happen in it?

What about the possibility of putting someone from this world into your simulation (aka transferring consciousness)? If so, could you interact with them from this "realm"? If you put a dog into the simulation, could you program them to speak english?

18:15 UTC


Apple Vision Pro everyday use

18:51 UTC


DeepMind’s cutting-edge approach gets neural networks on the brink of universal prediction

18:08 UTC


The Venus Project

Has anybody gone lately? (Post pandemic) how is it? Any tips for going?

01:09 UTC

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